Tuesday, October 25, 2011

424. Makan Berhidang Bertajuk

Previously i did write a post dat was describing
blogging like serving a dish on the table,
here we go pocketeers, its the same ayam
masak merah all over again but with a different
question to it.

Pocketeers, when we serve our dishes, we do put
the sign up and high right? thanks to the
system of our dish serving, people can see the
dishes name in their bloglist. how we thank
technology for that right? now come the strategy
that was done by writer of metro,
the paper u bought early morning.
We write the title 'BIG'!!
Rendang Rozita CheWan
BigBall Bolognaise
Kueh Batang Cantik (Bukan batang buruk)

waaahhh.. people can really write the title
nicely kan :)
i however find it 'jahat' to write an exploding
title without the content that actually
explodes, like writing an artist name but
actually putting someone elses faces wearing
the same baju as the artist from some movie,
or ...
'bertandang ke rumah michelle yeoh'
but the content was just some picture of the
blogger posing infront of her house,
with the guard giving their fierce look.
'get away!! this is a private property!'
Now now i'm not saying anyone in particular,
but this is the only form of 'exploding' title
with a 'nuttin-much' content i could have think off...
(If i ever did hit someone, sorry bebanyak yer,
betul punyer pocket tak tahu sesapa yg wat gini
or bermaksud nak perli ker aper..)

but then again it doesnt have to be about the
rich and famous world only. A lot more 'exploding'
title that one can actually put,
with the 'nuttin-much' content.
like 'lucah' tajuk..
like sensitive title
and many more...

Now here was my attempt of being 'jahat' previously.
The title was not that much of an 'exploding-title'
but just a 'pop' sound like when u pull out the cork
from the wine bottle.
and apparently i could not find the third one that
made the same sound. Ohh..

i'd say its quite frustrating when i was lured
to a blog with a tittle about RealSteel movie review,
but it was actually filled with pictures of 5year old kids
hitting each other in the lawn with their cute faces.
Not that i actually found this, but this is the best
example i could think of.

hey hey, pocketeers who are very much better blogger
then i am, what do u think?
'Exploding' tajuk...
can we call it deceiving?
or is it just a matter of good writing?


littledolphin said...

if it's like the example you gave,title=real steel review but ended up being a set of pictures of five year old boys hitting each other ,then it's really annoying.
that is very out of the topic.but kalau ada kaitan sikit-sikit,then maybe ok kot.

Akue Achik said...

i dont know whether my posts have exploding titles or not bcoz i think it all parallel with the contents..yet, indeed..i ever read some not-so-interesting contents bcoz i fell for its catchy titles..

i think the exploding titles appear to catch readers attention..

eman said...

i guess sometimes peoples put exploding title to catch others view.. it kinda of the way u try nk pikat makwe la..kalo wat bese2 die xlayan..err cmtu la.. like yor examples td i must admit i really thought ur witnessing buang bayi...but i guess u only witness buang tikus... kalo xsilap r pic uh tentg anak tikus..haha... btw sometimes it is annoyying if the content doesnt suit the title but then if the content can be catchy i guess it will be no probs...hehe..

una berry said...

they did it for the SEO
so they said
tak retilah nak letak tajuk2 gitu

~SaL IjOu~ said...

Hye Pocket..^^~

ahah..it is really annoying when the title is like "whoah,really a??!!" but then when we go tru it.."ek eleh..amende neh"..but for me,its not a big deal lah..people will do anythin for the sake of attention~ ;p

Saiazuan said...

hmm agree with ~SaL IjOu~ they are lookin for traffic.. i hope my title didnt annoy u..hehe :D

plus it can also be SEO

Dhiya Fariza said...

when people lured us with title-not-related-to-whats-been-written, its quite frustrating to me. hati rasa macam heklah, never again will i enter this site gitu. but if the content are good and dishy, then it'll be quite different.

Fatin Mraz said...

hot n spicy!!


'exploding' tajuk? mm.. sometimes thats the intention & sometimes it just a coincidence.

in your example tu mmg directly untuk attract traffic.. mm..
do agreed with sal ijou & saiazuan..

apapun, ini lah contoh 'penjelasan' kepada.. famous proverb, 'dont judge a book by its cover'
...n dats y we need to read the book.

it just a matter of we will be annoyyed or sebaliknya after baca the whole story..


Asyila Zainuddin said...

hakhak! no komen.. lol :p

dhiera said...

saya pernah buat entri pembunuhan bersiri di kl tapi sebenarnya satu novel yg cerita pasal pebunuhan bersiri dekat kl. rasanya tak lari sangat dgn tajuk kan? hek

mmg ada blogger yg suka buat tajuk gempak macam keluar dengan artis atau tajuk lucah tapi isi nya tak sama dengan tajuk. mula2 macam menyampah nak baca tapi lama2 dah biasa sebab itu style dia menulis~

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

skt hati bile bc tjuk gmpak nk mati tp isi die hmpehh.haprakk.pffttt

Anonymous said...

cara nak attract visitors.tp kdg memang annoying and frustrated bila isi tak segempak tajuk. apa pun tu cara masing masing.

Anonymous said...

hee. the big problem for me in blogging is what to put on post tittle,cuz im too scared if it doesnt suit my entry very well. huuu.