Friday, January 21, 2011

338. Hai SiCantik...

...Jangan la sombong.

is a word u can always hear when dogs on the roadside
barking to beautiful angels walking by them.
Dogs being dogs can only barks..
they cant go up and make a cute face like
how Antonio Banderas use to win everybody's
heart in Shrek
Dogs are too coward to make a move,
If they're alone, they just put their
head down and look for chances.
But if they're in packs...
they'll bark like hell!!
they'll even chase u down.

Hai Si Cantik.. Jangan la sombong.
Now why is it that si cantik cant be proud of her beauty i may ask?
u and i might know it already that half of beauty is cleanliness..
u just wont look that nice with your soggy hair and torn down
oversize shirt that u cant tell any difference from the towel
abang bangla used to wipe the table with just now.

A beautiful subject must be clean. That is a must.
Now tell me pocketeers, is it that easy to be clean?
I'm a dirty minded pakcik, so i know its not easy.
I'm a guy who never cared if my baju torn a bit on the collar.
I know its not easy.
I'm the guy who only will clip my nail if i realized the black thing
on my finger tips. i know.. its not easy.

Being clean is hard work people!!
Hard work like...
Ironing your baju every morning...
Putting the handkerchief on the bus stand stools just to keep
the stain off my brother's white pants every time he felt
lenguh kaki standing for 3 hours...
Keeping yourself from putting your elbow on the gerai table
when having your mee rebus, just so that no cloudy brown stain
is on your long sleeve JohnMaster shirt...
Checking your face in any reflection u can find in the city
just to make sure the piece of chilli is off the teeth...
All of those is hardwork !!

so if one did those 'extra thing' just to be clean,
and by clean, they've become pretty, beautiful.
why not be proud of it?
why not sombong a little.
what is wrong with a lady letting down an invitation to ride her BF
motor bike, just because she ironed her hair straight this morning?
what is wrong with a beautiful girl refuse to sit the same table
with a trash collector having lunch, just because it would ruin her
smell. Not that she mind, but face it people.
Smell sticks in cotton. Lousy one sticks even better.

i would say... by all means beauty.. go on and be sombong.
After all your hard work lady... u earned it.
I'll send u to your annual dinner, but not to the entrance,
drop u off a bit further... just so that my faded baju wont
effect your bling bling.

Go on girl, be proud... be sombong...
Belagak a bit, show your jaw line sis..
Show your body line wit dat silk dress.
Those pipi was kept gebu without any powder.
Rub it off some of your friends pipi just to let
them wonder...
Enjoy your beauty while it last...

u earned it

Sunday, January 09, 2011

337. This Cuti is...

... tormenting my mind,
sucking the laughter off my face,
and killing me slowly with the
lack supply of cute faces

Update pendek,
-comp rosak lagi, PC Depot cuti jgak so pocket pun tak leh online jgak.
-comp kat office bebaru ni buleh di hack bagi buleh net!!
pas tu diorang block balik.. so skrg ni tak leh net balik.
-i am happy to hear your voice again! cant wait to hear em again.
-duit makin abih, satu hapah pun tak jalan... (Suma salah comp rosak)
-Filantera kawin dah... Ms Riben tak datang pun!!
-berat pocket menghampiri tiga digit dah!! tolong!!
-beli bat pingpong dat cost me 12.5 just to know that i dont play pingpong dat well.

itu jer pocketeers, AJL malam ni!!
go yuna go!!
Pocket nak balik dah.. CC ni bising ngan bunyi meletup :(