Thursday, August 28, 2008

97. LongLostPocket

it has been 3 days since my last story to you.
I am sorry for my absence,
i was sent to Johor for an audit at Ulu Tiram.
Much have happened,
so little time to think about it,
so many stories to tell u,
a few stories i didnt get,

How are u guys?

bought a book by
m1tch @lb0m - 5 people u meet in heaven.
Read my first 15 pages inside the J0h0r bound flight.
Finished the whole book by this morning
(MrG took the book and finished it in 3 hrs...
tte oooiiiii!! cepat nyer !!? ker aku yg lamat?)

Luved the way the story was told.
Emotion involved was described
in a way that would melt anyone,
well at least this non english speaking
pocket was in tears when reading the
part about eddie and marguerite.
But u have to read it for yourself to know more,
Thanks to ayaq for proposing this book for me.
Now pocket have a new flavor. heheheheh

I'll post my stories again tomorrow.
till then it a bye bye now (For a while)
This is the pocket...
prewriting his post in MH1166
that is flying in heavy rain,
which explains the 'cakar ayam'

It's Fixed!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

96. SorryPocket

eh!!.. sorry pocket!
tte susah sangat ker nak cakap!!
yer la .. aku tau, hang duduk seat yang bagus!!
tp kalau hang dah tau seat hang tu tetengah,
masuk la awal... tak dak la nyusah kan orang!!
yaaa betul, aku pun pernah masuk lamat jgak,
tp tak la buat muka kering saja sambil menyelit,
berlaga abih lutut orang, ganggu concentration org
dah tu tak kata sorry pun!!

apadia!? hang ada kata? bodoh la hang ni,
dalam wayang mana buleh dengaq kalau setakat
decibel lagi rendah lagi dari hang duk bisik
kat telinga bini hang malam malam dlm kelambu!!
Ahok sungguh!!
dalam wayang, kalau masuk lambat,
hang buat gesture cam nak mengadap sultan tu,
tapi ngan sebelah tangan saja, tunduk sikit,
baru nampak la macam hang mintak mahap,
at least hangin kami ni buleh la sejuk sket.
'aaa at least dia mintak mahap' gitu,

hang tau apa yang menghangin kan aku?
cina sebelah aku pun mintak mahap masa dia nak keluaq,
'excuse me' dia jelas kedengaran kat telinga aku,
dan masa dia kata 'excuse me' kat orang hujung sana
pun still aku dengaq,

menganggu? mungkin, tp baik sikit daripada hang yg keluaq
kencin sejam selepas movie start, duk pijak beg orang,
pijak Camel Active aku tapi langsung tak kata apa apaa tu.
hang tau!? masa hang pijak Braun Buffel chinese lady sebelah
kanan aku tu, aku dengaq ada bunyi patah. 'ktapp!!' kata.
apa yg hang dah pijak? spec dia? henpon dia?
ada hang kata sori?
takkan hang tak perasan? bukan nya hang pakai boot pun,
masa aku sadung kaki hang tu, aku buleh rasa canvas shoes,
muka miskin macam hang takkan hang pakai
converse all star yg 160 ringgit tu,
converse all american yg 29 ringgit tu la kot,
tak pun penguin yg 12.90
naa padan muka hang terjatuh kat lutut mamat tu,
sakit muka hang kena lutut dia?
aku duk harap hang kena plastik tpt letak cawan tu,
kut kut buleh calaq sikit muka hang tu.
paih tu duk wat ushar aku pulak lagi, ambooiiii
jumpak kat toilet lepaih wayang awat hang tak buat apa pun?
baru sedaq yang hang tu 20 cm rendah dari aku dan 40 kilo
ringan dari aku? hang memang buleh tumbuk muka aku sampai deform,
tp aku buleh duduk ataih muka hang sampai petang sabtu satu lagi nu!!
The thing is pocket,
everyday we try to live in harmony.
every friday, muslim male hear preaches about being good muslim.
Movies and drama showing good ethics to follow bad habit to put aside,
I myself kept on restraining myself not to hurt anyone intentionally,
and pray to god that i wont hurt anyone unintentionally.
but people kept on hurting others 'kering'ly hummmmmm...
to fall asleep that night, i kept on saying to myself
'dia tak sengaja tuuu, tak perasan kot'
or else am regretting it that i didnt pop one time on his face.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

95. Susah lah bila...

susah lah bila baru jer nak start buat keja,
'oh oh oh!! dia bergerak dah!!nak wat keja la tu..'
perli pulak depa

susah la bila baru jer nak memujuk,
'eh, awak.. kita makan eskrim nak?'
'hah!! nak pujuk la tu!! tak yah!! gi duk jauh!! hoh!!'

Susah la bila kita baru jer nak menyucuk,
'Rugi tak dgr suara sexy dia ari niii...'
'Hah! mula la tu! ni dalam miting lagi ka?'
(menukar tajuk)

susah la bila kita baru jer nak me'nyesal'kan
'tp sy datang dari jauh ni, dr ipoh jauh jgak ngan EX5...
takkan awak tak leh dtg jap jumpa sy?'
'alaaa... u jangan la make me feel guilty... i tetap
tak lehjumpa u. i ada jrawat ... segan ah'

susah lah bila punya la kita pulun buat keja, tp Mr Big buleh kata
'Yes i know that we are busy, (browsing the audience) oh i take
that back, all of us are busy except for POcket. but we still need to bla bla bla..'
n suma orang gelak...
hummm... what was that Mr Big?
a joke or a cynical sarcasm to the pocket.
sunggoh sunggoh depressing and demotivating.
tp positive pocket are taking it as:
i havent heard from u that much,
whatcha been doing?
u did that thing i told u about?
why didnt i see u that much lately?

So Mr Big, will be working hard some more!!
and next time all my mail (Even the stupidest one)
also will be CC to u

*Pocket tengah makan ati cicah sambal belacan
sedihkan diri , jeleskan orang tu makan ketam^^

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

94. Pelik bila...

Pelik bila pocket perlu menaikkan volume untuk filem
hantu korea kat tv walaupun pocket tak paham cakap korea.
Bukan nyer paham pun kalau dgr dia kata apa...

Pelik bila girls are alowed to hold hands when walking
in the park or in the shopping mall, but we men will be
frowned upon if we do the same. tte why?
(Now dont get me wrong, its not like i wanna hold hands
when i'm walking with friends, uweelk!!)

I was walking on a road,
approached a junction with a signboard.
hell to the left, heaven to the right,
the demon inside me urged me to the left(Hell)
(well, men and their adventurous life..)
an accident happened stopping me from proceeding my path,
with that i stayed to the right and hoping that i'm going
to heaven. (I'm practically saved!!)
Pelik bila pocket masih terasa rugi, menyesal,
kept on thinking 'If only i could...'

Pelik bila kita suka makan pedas tapi kita minum air utk
ilangkan pedas, ja ..jangan la makan cili!!

Pelik bila korang ada henpon yg buleh tangkap gambo tp
korang still nak beli DigiCam. korang kena la pilih,
nak satu satu ker? nak semua dalam satu?
Pocket is 'satu satu' kinda guy
ada henpon yg buleh dgr cakap n sms jer
ada mp3 player yg buleh play stop n voice record jer
ada 'dewi' yg buleh tangkap gambo jer,
baru la betul!! eheheh:)

Pocket pukul orang ari ni, adik comel indonesia yg buat
inspection tak paham tapi tak nak tanya.
(Actually pocket tak pukul dia, pukul dia nangis serupa jugak)
Pelik bila, she deserves it but i'm the one feeling guilty
(beli eskrim kalu buleh pujuk awek tu tak?)
tte kenapa ya pocketeers sekalian?

Bendul awarded me wit dis!! and therefore am entitled to a HaagenDazs iceCream perasa MacCha
Thanks bendul, will be commenting more!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

93. Dreaming There Again

I've been seeing a dream, same dream
i'd say i've been seeing this dream since 1998,
seldom but memorable, frequent but barely noticeable
Same dream about the same river, freaky ha?

i'm traveling, sometimes i walk, sometimes i'm on a jeep,
the travels seems like climbing a mountain or higher ground.
cause i will always see cliff or view from higher plane.
after traveling for quite a while i notice that there's
a river on the side of the road.
the water is flowing gently and slow,
crystal clear till u can see huge fish swimming inside.

i felt panic, the road becoming tough and challenging.
i can see the water is also starting to turn wild,
its not gentle and slow anymore, ferociously rough instead.
The road going up and up and i can see the stream forming waterfalls..
high and white. Got the feeling of wanting to get there fast..
'apasal tak sampai lagi ni'.....'lambat lagi ker nak sampai?'
sometime the water even flow on the road i'm taking,
or on the rock i'm climbing, flowing down like a stream
and sometime falls from the trees like rains.

In the end i will come to a nice and quite place where
a tree is standing mighty on the margin of a lake,
with branches spreading shade all over the lake,
well it is not a lake, the river actually broadened
making a lake-like scenery.
THe tree is huge!! trunk as big as an oil tank,
a 'buaian' is strapped to the branch.
(That's how i know its the same tree every time i'm seeing this dream)
there is a plateau near the tree,
a slab of rock just enough for 5 people to have a picnic on it.
there will definitely be people there, usually friends or family,
when i was in japan, i've seen Yan and the GaijinSan
having picnic there, so does mummyvaio and ounis,
i didnt join them, usually i'll be looking from afar.
The menu is nice :) Chicken, fish and jelly,
i can remember yan taking a spoonful of coleslaw into her mouth..
ooh so delicious. happy and laughing, enjoying their picnic,
beautiful and elegant clad in white dress.
in other occasion i do seen Banji and Mama having nasik lemak
with filantera. Abah was not there, well no doubt about that,
and the dream will end there, i'll wake up smiling,
smiling because i've seen people smiled.

The thing is pocket,
last nite i've dreamed this again, but there was no one having picnic.
and i woke up not smiling, cause there was no one smiled.
menyedihkan... i wonder what is the meaning?
the water
the hill
the waterfall
the picnic
why just now no one picnic? gi mengundi? lamat lagi kan...
Hummmmmmm....duk tak duk tingat lagu ni...
*Senyum umpama suria yang membawa cahyaaaaa
senyum lah dari hati dunia mu bersemiiiii
senyum umpama titian dalam kehidupaaaan

ku tersenyum, kau tersenyum kemesraan menguntum

seeeeenyuuuummm, kepada semua
seeeeenyuman mu, amat lah berharga,

seeeeenyuuuummm, membahagiakan,
dengan senyuman, terjalinlaahhh, iiikataaaan


Saturday, August 16, 2008

92. Summason!!

I promised a friend to attend to her on one fine day,
It was a special day for her, and i wanted to be there,
did a few arrangement here and there to ensure
my attendance to that function.
Even asked a fellow blogger to join me there,
Gas and Toll fare will be on me. (Let the detail be anonymous)
but men can always plan, Allah decide.
(kita boleh merancang, tapi tuhan menentukan)
The Mama is coming back to Kedah, departing the same day
attending to MakCik Faridah's sick condition.
I need to be there to pick her up,
when she's arriving either ere in
penang or up there in kedah.
Mama's arrival ere will be the same time as my friend's function.
Tried to pull every string i can pull to make my plan work,
but the decision is fixed.
There it was, my plan to attend a friends function is ruined, and for that
My utmost apology to you dear friend.

how i Wished i could be there sis,
how i've been Longing to see u,
i wonder what will u wear, a One piece?
sharp and handsome, yes surely u do.

breathing shallowly i am,
Thinking about u,
the function i failed to attend,
Am regreting this, yes surely i do

pantun pat kerat, tte buleh dak?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

91. DillemaKicap

sesungguhnya aku ada satu masaalah,
lebih kepada dilema sebenarnya,
bagi ku besar la jugak, tp tak tau la pocket rasa camana,
seperti contoh, kalau aku pergi ke rumah bendul utk
makan nasi tengah ari, dia masak kari ikan ngan bendi,
huhuu sodap tuu.. eheh, n ketika menghidang, kicap kipas
udang juga tidak ditinggalkan. berdiri tegak diatas meja,
dan aku memang menyukai kicap, tambah pulak makan
ngan kari ikan.. hehh, so aku pun menimba lah ...
kari ikan tu sampai kering lah kuahnya gitu,
bila patut ku taruk kicap ?
selepas rasa semulut kemudian taruk kicap?
nampak sangat kari yg bendul buat tak masin,
mesti bendul terasa ati,

sebelum rasa semulut pun dah taruk kicap ?
bendul akan kata 'amboi, macam dia dah tahu dah
yg kari aku tak sodap, kot yer pun rase la dulu.. hoh!!'

So camner yek pocket? aku pun tak tahuuu daaaa...
(Bendul, sorry kerana aku menggunakan nama anda buat contoh^^)

anyway, recently it is raining award ere in 'ToMyPocket'
Thanks to ya'all , i'm taking this as a compliment.
Will be striving to live up to the standard.

This one from Cheryna Pires, Thank you!!

This was from Yun:) Thanks ^^

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

90. PinkPocket

I have a story, a story about "PINK"
its a bit technical so bear with me yah,
a japanese base factory in thailand making pen:)
there is a pen with part number 04B
(simply white body with blue ink pen)
there is also 04R(well, white body with red ink pen)
now of course blue ink pen is with blue cap,
and red ink pen is with red Cap, obvious right?

now the company decided to make another new product
which is a pink pen, obviously pen with pink ink
should have pink cap right?
Inside the work instruction, it is indicated
'fix the pink cap with 04P part'
but what happened was they produced about 4 batch
of pink pen with red cap.
wrong assemblied packed and sent to customer.
(One batch is about 1000 pcs)
Customer complained!! why 04P is with red Cap!!?
the management comes to search for the answer...
'kak, kami tak marah, kami cuma nak tanya saja,
kalau kak bagi jawapan macam mana pun kami takkan
amik tindakan, malah kami akan bagi hadiah lagi
kalau kami dapati berpatutan'
says the manager of the company (in thai language that is)
to the frightened makcik standing infront of the whole japanese boss.
'err, kak tak tau kaler pink tu macam mana..'
she says trying to hold the tears from her eyes.
'haaaaaa!!!!????' everybody's jaw was on the floor.
the most common sense thing is not known by the thailand makcik,
Now now pocket, i am not saying the makcik is stupid
by not knowing the colour pink, the management should
have shown colour instead of a word "pink",
when they show the blue colour cap to the makcik
'biruu' she answered
'merah' she answered when red cap was shown to her.
'merah hati' was the answer when they show pink cap.
but pocket,
i would undoubtly be saying 'merah jambu' if i was in the makciks shoes.
which would be different with u guys right?
merah muda? merah jambu? merah ubi? merah susu?

my point is, sometime word can be subtle,
requisition or instruction as clearly as
'fix the pink cap with 04P part' can also be misunderstood...
then how would :
'besok i nak balik kampung, tp sesorang cam tak beshnyeee...
nak kena beratur lagiii, takut kena kacau lagiii... u cuti kan besok...?'
'amboi amboi, tgk diorang tu, kecik kecik lg jalan pegang tangan..ihik'
'hoh, penatnya ari ni, kehulu hilir, rase cam nak tido sampah tak buang lagi...haaiiihhhh'
i would never understand those!! can u please be more specific!!
'besok teman i balik kampung bleh?'
'pegang tangan yok!'
'tolong gi buang sampah!'
and my answer would be ...
'macam mana pun kami takkan amik tindakan,
malah kami akan bagi hadiah lagi kalau kami dapati berpatutan'
huhuuuuuuuuuuu :)
anyway pocket, the makcik got a pink hello kitty toaster with an engraving 'PINK'

Sunday, August 10, 2008

89. Interview wit the 'ThailandWife'

'so Ms Natik, if u dont mind me asking, how did u come to know Mr Pendek?'
a malay guy feeling awkward talking to a thailand girl in japanese language.
'oh .. just call me natik please:) hummm... it was quite a funny story actually,
about a boy who think he can take on the whole army'
smiling as she reminince her memory..
'I dont know if i should be telling u the story, but u can keep a secret right?
i see pendek is very fond of u, he usually would never introduce any of his
friend to me. Which makes u different'

'oh is it? heheheh' blushing pocket
'we were on a 5P service that day, a rare request i would say but he pays us good money so it was our pleasure...'
'5P?..' interupted pocket.
'yes, 5 to 1 thing..well.. u know'
Natik was making that face as if i should understand what's the
meaning of 5P, U guys do know that pocket is not that sharp right?
'ok, sorry, go on' asked pocket like a standard two boy listening
to a fairytale stuffing the Salmon Sashimi into his mouth.
(Sdap wooo salmon sashimi eheh^^)

Natik looked back to pendek at the back side of the japanese restaurant. laughing and chatting with Mr Hero, Both of them were drunk and didnt give sh1t about me and natik anymore, they were in their own drunken world.
'now where was i, oh the 5P! well that night was a blast, quite energetic for a 50years old man but the poor guy had fallen asleep before he could finish all of us, well what do u expect (Smiles) after he paid us the next morning, four of us left.
leaving me with him. i called the law firm telling that i'm gonna take a half day leave...'
('Law firm' was her first english word for the whole interview)
'wait.. u work in a law firm?'
'yup, been doing clerk there for 6 years!! yeeaaa!!'
giving a peace sign... *Hek enneeee*
'ohh:) OK...why did u stayed?' Pocket kept on the interview
'i dont know, felt pity for him i guess, stayed with him till lunch, i dont have to tell u what he had for Branch (Breakfast+lunch?) but lets just say i'm a satisfied lady and he's a satisfied customer hahahah'
'hahahaha!' since she is laughing, pocket laughed too
'and i've stopped doing my night job and become his "Thailand Wife" ever since!' showing the apostrophy sign by twitching her two finger simultaneously. 'heheheh' Both laughed...

Now now pocket,
there's is still a lot more to this interview,
but that'll be another post,
Question :
1) if u'r working in a lawfirm, why do u still do the nite job?
2) u'r working as a clerk, able to talk in japanese and english as well, u'r suppose to be smart.
but then why are u so 'short minded'? (Pendek akal?)
3) I was in thailand but still having dinner in a japanese restaurant!! apa kes!! huwaaaa!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

88. Alahai...

'ok!! pocket, jam lima saya pi kat pocket,
pocket punya pasal, wokey punyaaaa...'

'eh!! uncle suba, awal tuuu.. 6 setengah boleh kaa..'
'6 setengah kalu lambat woo, tapi tara pa pa,
kita anam setengah juga pigi'

and so he came at 630 the morning i'm suppose to fly,
the traffic was busy. what do u expect? monday morning.
The shop i use to stop to have our breakfast was closed that day.
alahaiii... lapo nyeeee...
i really hope that i can still rush to get some nasi inside me
before the flite. Rushed to the counter, it was a long que,
by the time i got my ticket, the clock is already showing 8am.
No time!! ran my way to the gate. Still no nasi inside me...
alahaiii... lapo nyeeee...
No matter, was hoping that the inflite food is nasi...
but just to my surprise, it was just bread
with a piece of curry chicken as inti.
I guess the oil price increase caused the cost cutting.
alahaiii... lapo nyeeee...
so pocket...
end up starving till lunch time, which was about 3pm Malaysia time. oiiii!!!
anyhow, below is the Cute stewardess who serves me the crappy lunch box.

Comei la plak!! heheh:)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

87. Award

It was an uneasy feeling,
i have to accompany the japanese boss for a massage session
near the emporium plaza, a few reason why i'm not feeling
comfortable about the whole massage thing was :
1) i didnt really like people touching my foot
2) the masseuse was a guy, i prefer otherwise:)
3) it was our only 2 hours of free time,
and i prefer spending it on Pocketing.heheheh

and so i've went out early. gone into the Emporium Plaza,
there got 80 baht per hour CyberCafe there.
The connection was not that fast,
but i dont have any other option.
So i've surfed on...checking the comment by pocketeers
I got 9 or 10 reply from my previous post,
and one of them was from HanaCHan about an award i got from Amy,

went to see the award mentioned,
i was surprised by the nice looking award icon.
felt 'dup dap dup dap' when i'm scrolling down
wondering what will i get.
and just to my surprise mine was.....---------->

It is a heavy award.
But yet i am happy to be awarded as such
Thanks Amy, Will write better to live up to the award achieved. :)
and i stand corrected about the
' Kekadang kena berulang kali baca. Lepas tuh baru la paham.
Ada juga yang tak paham, tapi buat-buat paham jer. Hehehehehehe.....

heh heh :D

Monday, August 04, 2008

86. RiPocket OConnel

This post is supposedly on
air on the monday
4thOfAugust '08by
Blogspot timer.
By this time, i am trying to
sleepin Four wing hotel.
Feeling cold cause i dont
knowwhere is the shut off
button forthe air cooler :)

I am posting a movie
review,for those who hate
spoiler,please stop here
and press theback button
but for those who wishes
to proceed. I thank u:)

i have watched the movie 'mummy3'
it was friday and filantera came all the way from kedah to watch the movie with me.
hohoooo... i bought the ticket before going to my friday prayerjust to make sure we're getting the best seat there are available.

The Movie
When u'r longing to watch a movie, u have set certain item to watch in mind,
for instance the ship they have actually built for 'Titanic'
the transformation from car to men shaped robot for 'transformer'...
For this movie, i was hoping to see....
but i was disapointed when:
1)Jet Li's martial art but there was none,
Instead he turned into a yeti and killed
all his enemy's
hek enneeee....
2)A long and painful last fight but all ends
in less than 10 minutes.
(Well atleast i've felt like dat)
3)Rechel Weisz with her beautiful english
accent ...but they cast somebody else instead.
why!!! huwaaaa!!
4)Somehow i have a feeling of 'relaxation'
through out the movie, No heart pumping
scene, no panic moment. why haa?

a few of this and dat about the movie
from a pocket point of view,
if evaluated like Gangstarz,
i give the movie 1 star.
but then again you guys
might have your own opinion
about the movie,step right up
and speak (or type) out your mind:)

*i might be 'muak' for Complete CG Movie?but if thats true,
i'd think the same with Transformer and ironman. But i luv transformer.
Felt like i'm standard five again:)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

85. FlyingAgain

i usually post a story here on Monday,
This is because on saturday (which usually i'll be doing overtime)
i have extra time to 'mengulat' and let
the finger dance on the keyboard.
But not for this monday i dont, cause am flying again!!! wahahaha...
it has been quite a while since my last stamp on the Passport!!
but then again, it is just another working trip.
(As usual)nutting much,
audit audit audit
finding people's fault.
Will not be sleeping in Grand Tower Hotel this time,
cause they've booked the Four Wing Hotel!!
yes yes... i know... u'd ask 'whats the different?'
lets put it point by point:
Grand Tower
1) is a three star hotel
2) full of japanese practically living there till u can only
have Japanese Breakfast
(Not that i hate japanese breakfast. its just puzzled me that i'm in thai but taking japanese)
3) I Cant see any swimming pool
4) Good Point: its in the middle of Bankok!!
-SevenEleven is just around the corner,
-CyberCafe for me to pocketing,
-things for me to 'shoot' with dewi:)
Four Wings Hotel:
1) is a five star hotel
2) told to have the best breakfast ever
(Considering this info is told by a guy who travels to china, japan, thai, singapore on a daily basis)
3)It was told that they have an LCD tv on the
side of the bath tub.. hohoooooo!!!
4) Bad Point: nobody informed me about any
CyberCafe or anything that matters to me nearby.
But pocket!!lets just do my work,
and enjoy any luxurious experience
i can pick up along the trip.
Life is just one big kindergarten anyway:)