Friday, May 26, 2006


Lately I have been busy, got a lot of things happening around me which requires a lot of my attention. I could run.. but who’s gonna do it for me.. hell I just have to do it then..
Actually all the stuff that have been bugging me is my sin… my needs… my lust… my luv… ( my hump… ^^; )
My sin… it’s the gemuk thing… no need to explain more..
My needs… I’ve been trying to work on the camera thing… bought a few new item to add in my collection…27 and 28 will be the day for me to perform with the kak non…
My Lust… I’m hooked with ‘charmed’… u know … the tv series where cute sexa chics is the kicking ass witch… showing some skin… heheh.. watched like 4 series per night .. how do I ever manage to do my homework … only god knows.
My Luv… actually not bugging me .. but the condition of her being near… (well at least much much nearer to me than last years) but couldn’t see her that much just torment me… bak kata traxex ‘will this ever ends’
My Hump!! Its actually some kinda ruam that is making me itchy around the neck… it’s a ruam from a bug called ‘cali’(?) anybody ever heard of this? Please tell me how to prevent this bug from bugging me ….
Then again .. thinking bout it … I don’t think I’m a busy guy.. but why does all those stuff from the pindah haven’t been unpacked yet? Why does my house is not well developed yet… why do I don’t have any decent couch to ‘potato’ on yet… ?
Maybe I’m just simply out of focus….

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

‘Forgive me farther for I have sin’ tte konnano itte ii?
My sin have come to me, come haunting me on my back, on the gut, on the chest while I’m sleeping. Thinking bout it tormenting me every second of my waking life. Comes to my dream from time to time.
Doing sin is fun. Usually a pleasure to the eyes, to the heart and to your inner self. My sin is the one that I know I wont get caught. Why pocket? Cause I’m good … and I have all the source there are in the market. People wont know.. no body will know.. other than me and u pocket..
U know bout this but why don’t u say a word!!?
Well I think its because both of us enjoy this sin..
I’ve tried…
Ohhh I have tried…n become tired….
I’ve tried to stop doing the sin.. don’t lecture me bout not knowing which is right and which is wrong.. I know.. I’ve lived the life without the sin… but coming back to Malaysia.. makes me forget.. enjoyed the sin even more… its hard to stay ‘sin’less here in Malaysia.. the world where there are so much thing that u can do … n most of all.. nobody have to know bout it.. living here all alone in penang..
N imagine the availability of the products.. huh!! countless..

Dalam bahasa melayu nyer .. tak terpermanai…
Hoh… kna kurus la camni.. duk wat dosa jer sepanjang dua tahun nii … datte
Charkoeyteow… (kdai nyer bukak malam jer n lg sedap kalau makan kul 11 mlm)
Ayam masak lomak cili padi (With extra santan)
(Note. : santan is 23% saturated fat)
Daging bakar!!!
KFC (takder benda ni kat jpun dulu … bli dua ktul br rm5.57… hot n spicy lg!!!)
Nasi goreng kampong…
Nasi goreng cina..
Nasi goreng ikan masin..
Nasi goreng daging merah..
Dan lagi lagi barangan goreng yg sewaktu dengan nya…

Actually tak bagus sangat kater makan tu satu dosa…
But then again.. if the makan makes u over slept till u burnt your subuh?
If the makan makes u felt not energetic to get more and more rezeki halal?
If the makan actually makes u not fit enough to compete with the outer world?

Tte.. dah lamaaa sangat tak citer kat ko citer citer baru yek pocket…
Tak per .. tak lama lagi ado net kat umah… bleh la nak update selalu sket..
Kalau tak DotA la kan..haahahahahah