Monday, August 30, 2010

309. Ha Lam Lam...

...that spells HALAL in jawi symbols.

people, i think this is the next thing to boom,
and people will write about this in the text book
of children 50 years from now as a turning point
of Product Preparation Standard.

So why dont we follow this closely?
its like when we ask our father or grand father..
'Abah.. were u there when TUnku Abdul Rahman
held his hand high and yelled MERDEKA ?
how was it like?'

but in our time our grandchildren will ask us..
'abah, were u following the HALAL rules back then
like we use to do now?
when the HALAL Standard was introduced,
did u actually stopped going to your favorite restaurants
just because they dont have the HALAL mark like
we've never go to that place near the junction?'

Hope this goes through to the whole world just like kosher foods,
exceeding their standard even.

but to do that, we need to stop going
and start recognizing.

..tte pocket pun tak baik sangat,
tapi for the good of the future,
kita usahakan pun bagus kan :D
bukan nya susah.. banyak lg tpt
makan lain ^^

Thursday, August 26, 2010

308. Rahsia Summary

yesterday i've finished the story i had in my mind
for quite some time, wanted to tell the story
to someone but i dont think anyone would understand.
Its a japanese movie by the title Himitsu
it was then remake with david duchovny acted as
Ikmal the father in a movie called The Secret in 2007
The remake video trailer can be view here
its not the same but it can surely gives u ideas
bout the movie.

Story summary,
Maria and Ikmal is a married couple with a
20 years old beautiful daughter misia,
One fine day, Misia and maria got involved in
a nasty accident that killed Maria,
misia survived after a short coma.
they gave maria a proper burial,
just as ikmal and his daughter thought
they could go on with their life,
Maria woke up inside misia's body in the morning.
and start to whine about how bersepah the place is...
Maria then realizes that she is in Misia's body
(Sama cam freaky friday) and lived her daughters life
by going to school, but its not permanent.
Misia the daughter sometime woke up in her own body
and starts freaking out about her 'long' sleep.
Hence the diary to keep track of things.

after a while, the frequency of their changes shorten,
until one day, the mother told her husband that
this is her last night,
tomorrow on it'll be Misia waking up and not her.
She told him that 'she can feel it' yeah right.

Ikmal the father was devastated by this,
but he couldnt do much. Its misia's body anyway.
Maria the mother departed.
or at least that was what
ikmal the father thought had happened.

and so he live on with misia living in her own body
until the day misia tie the knot.

on the day of the wedding,
with one quick move,
the bride break it to him that...
it was maria the mother who were living
in misia's body all along. A speech of
'sorry i didnt mean to hurt u but this is the
only way we could have live on after what happened'
the father smiled though,
punched the groom in the face just to clear his senses.

for those who are in japan,
try to look for Himitsu.
i u can download the original movie with subtitle,
it would be better.

there u go pocketeers,
the summary, so tell me where did i do wrong
in my karangan? long and winding?
it was suppose to be long.
any details missing?
tell me..
so i can improve myself :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

307. Rahsia Fin

The ceremony went on fabulously,
Being the daughter of a CEO for the only instant mee
company in this country must keep the standard.
people were filling up the hall as well as the tent.

Half of them were obligated to come due to
business relation, another quarter just wanted free lunch
and the last quarter were from those who knows the
bride n groom by heart and sincerely came to congrats
the couple.
all were clad in their finest attire.
having the feast happily chatting about how beautiful
misia look on her grand day.
lots of happy faces, smile and laughter decorating the hall.

...but no one could see Ikmal the bride's father,
the tuan rumah..
Pengantin was all happy and smiling, taking pictures
with the guess or by themself, throwing arm onto each
other like as if they're going to make out there..
while the father was all alone in his room,
Tears flowing from his eyes like pouring rain.
His dearly beloved just got married.

It was just for an instance, he knows it all,
everything came back into his mind like an oversize
download that usually took 4 hours to finish a movie,
but this one finished in 26 seconds.
Memories came back to him like those moment when
u smile upon sniffing the sweet smell of grass after the rain.
faces and scenery come flashing in his minds.

The moment when farid shook the imam's hand,
'aku terima nikahnya Misia binti ikmal dengan ...'
it was then when ikmal realized the bride was in tears.
There and then he could see her again, it was her.
She was the one who cried.
Ikmal knows her crying pattern,
The thumb to the cheek like trying to shed more tears
by pressing the tear container. It was her!!
she never left!!

Ikmal's assumption was right,
and the note from the bride tells it all.

Thank you and sorry,
I hope we can still be 'daughter' and father.
Jangan pukul farid.
dia tak salah.
I still love u
and i hope the same from you too.


...somehow tak tau beza
antara 'COME' ngan 'CAME'
berkecamuk dah usage nyer.. hoh

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

306. Rahsia 3

Thursday evening,
lots of people, most of them youngsters wearing orange t shirts
that ridiculously showing the wedding planner's logo at the back
somewhat looks like the halal logo.
Tent standing up,
table arranged,
purple and silver drapes decorated high with
plastic flowers stapled here and there.
its going to be a hell of a wedding tomorrow.

Looking at this from the window of his office,
Ikmal was puzzled, thinking ...
'i dont think i look good in purple'
he took a deep breath,
as he exhaled, the pen start to dance...

Harap nya surat ini sampai ke tangan mu
sebelum majlis akad nikah besok,
abah ni manusia yang tak pandai nak buat speech,
apa lagi nak mengatakan perasaan hati depan misia.
nanti terlintang pukang plak ayat abah nanti,
langsung kena gelak.

Di hari begini, abah teringat kan ibu,dia mesti
tengah kalut gaduh ngan wedding planner kan.
Dah 6 tahun semenjak ibu sudah 'benar benar'
pergi dari hidup kita, how we missed her a lot.
bersyukur abah kepada tuhan kerana memberikan
peluang untuk ucapkan selamat tinggal untuk ibu mu
buat kali terakhir di tempat yang aman damai.
terasa amat sebak hati melihat senyuman isteri tersayang
pudar dari wajah misia, meninggalkan jasad misia
lena dibuai mimpi.
jasad yang besok nya bangun sebagai misia,
dan tiada lagi ibu. Abah sayang sangat ibu mu,
Misia pun tahu kan.

Maafkan abah, tapi walaupun jahat abah sejenak ter'doa'
agar ibu yang bangun.. dan bukan misia.
Tapi kemanalah cinta abah kepada wanita
yang muda belia lagi muka macam anak sndiri...
comel melampau pulak tu,
Pasangan ini pasti jadi cemuhan masyarakat.
ibu pasti nakkan kehidupan yang selesa,
nak kan masa depan yang baru.
cinta kami tak kan kemana.. jadi abah redha.

Jaga laki ko tu elok elok,
dia tu bagus... keja tak la bagus sangat tp
buleh la tu, jangan gatal gatal dalam fesbuk.
jaga rumahtangga sndiri.
jaga makanpakai dia,
heh, tapi abah tak risau,
misia pasti akan jadi macam ibu,
Farid pasti beruntung dapat misia,

Ikmal put down his signature with a little note
saying 'abah sayang misia' and fold the little purple
note in a fancy envelope. Slid it into his daughter's
makeup box that is big enough to look like treasure chest
in most pirate movie. hoping she would get it tomorrow,
hoping she would read it.

Monday, August 23, 2010

305. Laa Terlupa la plak!!

i am suppose to post about the third story from my 'Rahsia' series,
but i cant, cause the story was in my 'other' computer and i cant
retrieve them in these hours. therefore to whom ever been following
it, i am sorry, it'll be continued in my next post ... Maybe.

From the comment of pocketeers, i found that
most of u guys dont understand this that much, i think
its totally my fault cause i am too attached to this story,
writing it like the readers knows the story... when u are not.

so as short as this post could be,
post again tomorrow ya pocketeers,
(Bila nak sampai 'Rahsia 17' kalau duk jadi gini nih.. hoh!)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

304. Rahsia 2

Regardless of the silence, she woke up.
Its usual for her to wake up earlier then everybody else.
there was no alarm, she dont need one.
the darkness woke her up.
The clock on the handphone showing 5 am,
Breakfast preparation time.

Maria went on to the kitchen and saw Nasi Lemak's material
was all freshly cut and packed neatly.
'Oh.. Lodi nak masak nasik lemak!? humm i patut biarkan jer kot :) '
which reminded her of Misia, the diary...

ibu, nasi lemak abah seddaaapp sangat!!
misia dah mintak abah masak lagi besok untuk ibu,
itu pun kalau ibu yang bangun besok dan bukan misia,
tp kebelakangan ni memang dah jadi harian kan.
dulu masa bebaru lpas xciden dulu,
ada jgak selang pat lima ari, baru kita bertukar.
Apalah yg akan jadi nanti kan ibu?
mungkinkah ibu akan pergi utk selamanya?
nangis jgak kekadang memikirkannya.

misia rindu sangat kat ibu sekarang.. misia tahu,
kita takkan boleh kembali macam dulu,
jasad ibu dah pun dikebumikan,
tapi misia bersyukur, misia masih ada ibu
biarpun selang sehari.
hingga bila? misia tak mau tau,
biar kejap, mahupun sampai tua,
misia tetap ada ibu. Misia sayang ibu...

Check henpon tadi, amboi amboi...
Jangan pakai ketat konon,
yg baju itam ibu pakai semalam tu tak ketat?
ibu gi shopping ngan ayuni yek?
makan kat TGI Fridays lagi!! mana aciii!!
mentang mentang ada kad kredit sndiri.

anyway, love the fact that u'r enjoying your
university life again... jangan lari sangat!!
Ayuni kata u ran to most of your class
regardless u'r early.

Update for today...

1) tolong usahakan agar farid tak kacau misia lagi,
benci ngan dia sekarang... jantan gatal..
pompuan murahan mcm pulut dakap tu pun dia suka hoh!!
2) anak pemandu bas yang eksiden dulu datang jumpa misia,
dia nak personally mintak mahap katanya.. misia tampar dia
(Sambil dramatically nangis.. hoh malu malu).
so kalau ada lenguh kat wrist kanan tu, pasal tu lah.
3) Stop calling abah 'Lodi' in public.
Itu panggilan manja korang jer.
yes i know the 'ikmal jual ubi' story and 'maria mambo'legend
but that is my body
u'r calling from.
Ayuni kata ibu ngan dia tgh jalan n
saw abah buying
some groceries. U called him from
20 meters distance.
adehlaaa.. susah misia nak kaver ari nih..

4) cikgu kadir nyer homework...

and the list goes on, even though they're living the same body,
the note never gets shorter.

303. Rahsia 1

after the third time i'm trying to write this story,
below is the only way that i find easy to understand
and hopefully a more interesting to read.
so its either short and boring like this...
'a ada anak, anak dia gi jalan jalan ngan mak dia... '
or below... long and winding, but i hope its worth the time :)
Here goes...

The light started to shine from outside, the bird
chirping like they're enjoying their happy morning
although if we would understand bird tongue,
we will know that they're actually cursing the human
for removing their newly built nest.

misia comes to her senses, she is awake,
still covered in her comfortable pillow and blanket,
trying to figure out what day is today, her whereabout
and what's that nice smell of cili tumis will turn into...
mee goreng? nasi lemak? humm humm..
she reaches her diary nicely placed on the cofee table
near the sofa she's sleeping in. All the answers will
be there.. these past few week have been hectic, crazy
and even ridiculous if one hears about em...
The diary was marked, Misia opens the diary to read
her mothers writing, blue font with decorative flower
inbetween paragraphs,

misia, ibu bangun pagi ni dengan bau abah duk masak
mee goreng, bau udang kering yg tengik sangat sangat,
mesti dia tak basuh dulu lah tu, dia cranky sangat
pasal dia ada problem besar yg berlaku kat tpt keja dia,
mee segera baru dalam development katanya...
ibu pakai baju misia yg pink tu hari ni, inner puteh ngan
cardigan pink tu, mak suka yg longgar longgar,
misia jangan pakai yang ketat sangat tau!
ibu gi kelas.. duduk sebelah ayuni macam biasa.
Dia tengok mak jer dia dah tahu.. owh owh..
the adult misia is here for today. humm..
which makes me think that u'r definitely be acting childish
all day kan. anak ibu yg comel nih..

si farid kacau ibu lagi hari ni, dia tanya kenapa tak pegi
somewhere.. misia ada janji apa dengan dia semalam?
lenkali kalau ada apa apa janji, bagi tau la dlm diari nii.
nasib baik ibu pandai kaver heh.

Things For u to know:
1) kad library dah settle, tp tak cukup duit.
gi library cari cik karim utk byr lg 32 hinggit.
2) ayuni pinjam cd search in concert tu, sila follow up
3) Abah bli ikan bilis tadi, nasi lemak kot besok...
4) Ms karen ...
... and the list goes on till number 17)
misia stood up and smile while checking the library card
with her own face in pink cardigan on it. A slight smile
just like how her mother would smile in every photo she
had taken when she's still alive.
Pick up her K770i and check on the photo taken yesterday,
including the SMS and phone calls.

This is how misia spends her first 30 minutes every morning
for the last 3 weeks. Updates on her life when she is not... 'in'

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

302. Warming Up

Sis fairuzniza tagged pocket,
its been a while since my last post so lets warm up writing something lite first shall we :)

1. adakah anda rasa anda hot?
Yes, i am totally hot,
wanna blame the weather but its been raining
lately,wanna blame the elnino but there was none,
best that i blame my skin for having too much lemak lately lah kot...
(Related ker?)

2. upload wallpaper pc/laptop yang anda guna sekarang?
3. cerita pasal gambar ni?
pocket ada masaalah ngan excessive picture sebagai hiasan.
So am minimizing it to blackness.

4. kali terakhir makan piza?
macam bulan lepas pernah makan skali,
bli medium size dua keping makan kat umah.
Peh.. miraculously habih.. hahahah

5.lagu terakhir anda dengar?
lets see... zeeAvi-kantoi

6. apa yang anda buat selain selesaikan tag ini?
masak? semayang terawikh kot..

7. selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil dengan nama apa?
kat EmArEsEm dulu orang panggil Lamin,
in short for KeLamin..
Kat UM plak orang panggil Bundle.
kerana tukang bagi nama tu bukak dictionary kat area B... n keluar bundle
nasib baik la tak BOAR kan.. adeh

8. tag lagi 5 orang yang nak kene tag?

1) FIlantera
2) Sha
3) Afdlin Shauki
4) Bendul
5) Banji

9. sape orang no 1 dengan anda?
Adinda sedarah sedagin, sepinggan semangkuk
serumah, sepintu, sebelah, sepanggang, setinggan, setapak.

10. katekan sesuatu kepade orang no 5?
Banji, bulan tiga tahun depan.
kami belanja sate ... kat tawau!! :)

11. no 3 ade hubungan dengan sape?
err, macam dah kawin, anak pun dah ada kot.

12. bagaimana dengan orang no 2?

13. kata-kata cinta kepada orang no 4?
bendul, kita tak buleh bersama, ko takkan tak tahu, kita dua ni jantan!

14. berikan 5 fakta yang anda tahu mengenai orang yang anda tag?
1- sorang pun takkan balas tag ni:D
2- sorang ni tak layan tag tag ni
3- sorang ni tak penah tgk dia buat tag
4- sorang ni tak tau dia nak buat ker tag ni
5- sorang ni duk jauh sampai kat sabah nuha..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

301. BabyComeBack

Come Back
Hia alllllll!!
yes it has been a while since my last post below
with the clown's ass as my choice of deco.
Sorry for not posting ever since,
sorry for the clowns muffin was not that nice
(Pinjam perkataan 'muffin' Sha kejap)

i have been away.. and when i'm saying that
i've been away its not like i've went to dubai
or any place worth to brag here,
Showing photos of me going places,
photo of food that i ate like most us bloggers do.

i am simply not in my head.
I was too busy handling stuff.
her, me and u... Yes maybe.
(How i wish i can show u guys my juggling..
am getting good u know heheh)

so as an intro after my long absence,
I'm putting this short,
got a lot of story to tell,
got a lot of story to read too.
and a tag from Fairuzniza to answer..
humm humm

Selamat Berpuasa people,
dont drink and drive...
Even if u'r stuck in a traffic jam and
azan for waktu berbuka just went on...
Do not drink and drive.
nanti tersedak abih tumpah kena baju:D