Wednesday, October 19, 2011

416. Grave Digger...


People have stories, some are told daily,
some they have to take to their grave. <-this is the only connection with the tajuk okeh!

Stories like :
-I was the one who change the ubat
that resulted the patient next to me died,
-My friend's second baby was actually mine.
-I still love u.

But some story are high level security
that is often told to your dearest friend only.
-That guy did it once with a lady from abroad.
-That lady fancy ladies.
-Her recent picture struck a left hook punch to
my cheek that sent me pening lalat all over her

This story i'm about to tell u is a top level
security story, a story Farid will never tell
his wife, nor will he ever brag with his family,
but he told me.... and i?
will always tell good story to u pocketeers,
keeping the details of who he is locked deep
down my pancreas.

Once Farid went to thailand with
his boss, all four of them from the
country that often dub as the
'negara matahari tubik'
(mana datang pelat kelantan plak nii?)
They did their work that ended with
a very delicious dinner that consist
of food Farid never thought of eating.
Sea Urchins sushi with Tuna Sashimi.
I am envying his story as he was telling em.

After the dinner, it seems like the boss
wanted to get some massage nearby.
And farid being Farid who never suspected
anything out of the ordinary thought...
'Hey! I kinda need some massage myself,
as it was a long day and the muscle is aching.
This is thailand anyway.. they're famous for
their thailand style massage, so why not?'
and so he agreed to go with the
bosses to the massage parlour.
According to Farid, the bosses kept on
talking in their language and repeatedly
asking him. 'u massage ok? ok?' with hand gesture
of massaging someone's shoulder.
He notices them making their weird faces,
as if shocked that he too are 'OK' with
massages. Why not? since when massage is
a forbidden thing to do by any nation?

he just kept on saying ok and smile.


for those who know where is this story going,
lets keep it under the lid okeh :D maybe some
others are still wondering, how is farid's fate
after this.

some people are not exposed,
they are best in the way they are.
u over there!!
have u ever wished that u were
never exposed to the 'dark'
side of the day?
let this heart be as clean
as it should be?
well i do, oh let there be sunshine



Anisa Hang Tuah said...

Close ur eyes and tmrw I'll miss u


Mya said...

ouhhh. and let the sun shine :)

fairuzniza said...

err..apsal pemikiran suci ni x paham apa yg pocket cuba sampaikan ni? :p

Pocket said...

umph! am going to close my eyes now:D hoping to wake up with my bulu mata jatuh^^

and shine brightly till there be no shadow.

kamu memang suci dik,
kamu agak agak farid nak kemana?

Aemy Shamy said...

you know, i start to think "yellow" know what i mean :p ok, ok scratch please continue the story soon, will ya? hehe.
i love your last line ^^

Pocket said...

Yellow will be the right colour,
u are on the right path.

yes i will try to finish the story sooner then the usual one day per post sis, hope can finish before the weekend :D

anamizu said...

u are my sunshine,my only sunshine =P
u better sambung cepat ini story pocket =P

cik ana

Dhiya Fariza said...

people easily get infected with hep B in thailand. be careful if farid know what i mean LOL. better go check if the story leads to something that i thought of.

Titisan Hujan said...

matahari tubik
ambo suko bena ayat ni

fairuzniza said...

errr...rumah...err.... :p

Akue Achik said...

Farid, semoga kamu dilindungi dari.. heheheehh

Some secrets are meant to be kept forever.. macam janji..huhu

Saiazuan said...

aku sblah thai je bro.. tp x msk2 lg..haa

Pocket said...

pocket sambung 2 kali sehari okeh :D

Hepititis B? macam selalu dengar jer penyakit nii.. eh penyakit nyer camner yer dik?

yes, if farid was bright enough,

tu lah, dok maghi ghumah mu lamo doh, tapi gapo kopi tok tubik tubik lagi nii?

Err rumah .. rumah..
rumah sakit!?
orang sekarang panggil rumah sakit as sepital la dik :D

janji kan..
pocket tak rase janji tu patut dirahsiakan, pasal kalau tak mampu nak penuhi, tak ker jadi tanggungjawab yang masih idup ni nak tunaikan?

ker salah?

Kamu memang dekat sangat dah,
sampai pocket rase, sekarang thai dok banjir tu, patutnya kamu pun banjir sekali :D

sila lah masuk sekali.. buka mata sikit :D

Anonymous said...

nak baca sambungan,n3 pasni.hehehe.

rozeeta rashid said...

secrets could haunt you for the rest of your life. =)

Jue said...

apa..farid dah kawen?ok, trus kasi strike hahaha

Pocket said...

pocket menpercepatkan tempo post pocket. jangan la sampai 5 post sehari.. tak sempat la heheheh:)

n u cant sleep,
u cant eat..
come to think of it,
secrets are like luv.
in the negative way.

that is why we blog sis :)
Poor farid, he should blogg too ^^

masa ni belum,
masih bujang terangtangtang :)