Tuesday, March 30, 2010

279. HangatHangat TaikAyam

i set my mind today that i wanna post something,
I was suppose to post something about Martian and
venusian yesterday but something happened and
i simply slept.So i got this craze to shoot people lately, i guess its this
urge i've developed after being bullied in the cruel world
of work. But in this world of law and order, u'r not allowed
to shoot people, unless u think that spending your last
moment in this world being locked up eating crap is a
vacation. Well u dont have to tell me that.

So how to shoot people and still be alive
to shoot again the next day?
PaintBall was the first word that comes out of my mind.
A friend of mine in the FesBuk is so into this PaintBall thing
that he bought the whole shabang, Looking at his photo
makes me felt like a little kid wanting to sign into the scout.
Everything looks great, the gear, gogles, gun... outfit.

Well boys will always be boys.

waaaahhh!! tu tak tgk dia pegang senapang lg tu:D

browse along on the gun and gear, hell its quite affordable
considering what i'm making monthly. well 12times payment
of course :D but still this urge to shoot people actually driven
me far. Too far... i'm half melting the ice that kept my credit card
from me already. (remember The confession of a shopaholic people?)
But then comes the question, will i still be shooting people
the same even after the gun is in my room, the gear is stinking
wet with my sweat, and i've won a few tournaments?
Will i be shooting the same?
How do u keep the passion, the enthusiasm, the habit?
40 hari mencari cinta? i dont think i can do 40 time or 40 weekend
of shooting bro.. people have limits.
Senapang yg maybe pocket akan guna.. nanti... nantiiiiiiiiiii..

shooting chicken with the sniper gun instead?
well that is something, but where's the fun in that?
I have tried so many things just to spend and failed.
I guess i got that from my father's side.
He was someone who abandon things.

so how can i stay the course..
stay with the same love..
shooting people (in the tournament of course)
enjoy the same thing i've started.
atleast for a while.. 40 years more maybe?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

277. Pocket menjadi Saksi: ibu buang baby

Kelmarin, pocket gi tpt supplier ni,
on the way to mengulat kejap minum cendol kat tpi
jalan tu, cendolnyer sedap la jgak...
nanti pocket buat review yer.

so sambil sambil makan cendol tu, pocket ternampak
benda bergerak kat rumpun pokok tu, mula mula ingat
angin tiup plastik ker aper.. Almaklumlah rabun kan.
Skali tgk tgk.. mcm tangan jer tu.. !!
oh!oh! mungkinkah!!
letak cendol tu baik baik jangan tumpah, kang rugi plak
singgit 60sen pocket. n pocket cuba menghampiri 'plastik'
bergerak tersebut. bila dah dekat..
memang nampak sangat lah..
Baby!! diorang buang kat rumpun pokok!!
waah!! panic pocket.. dah tu masih gerak gerak lagi plak tu!!
kesian dia.. tp kat situ tak la panas sangat so dia dok gatal
ngan tanah yg dok melekat kat badan dia la kot.
pocket nak la amik trus dia kan.. bersihkan dia..
Tapi orang kat situ kata jangan kacau lagi,
takut kang jadi kes polis kang diorang nak tgk
keadaan sebenar bayi itu dijumpai.. mana la tau kan,
nak kena check cap jari ker aper.. so pocket biorkan lah..

Tapi duk tak tau nak talipon polis macam mana,
dari henpon buleh talipon 999 tak?
lepas tu, makin ramai dok mengerumuni bayi tu,
ada yang kesian.. gi amik air mineral n titik kat kat mulut dia,
cam nak cuci lah tanah tu dari melekat kat mulut dia.
Yang kesian lagi tu, baby tu macam duk cuba nak masukkan air
tu dlm mulut dia.. dahaga kot..
alahaai kesiaaan nyer anak buluh betung nih..
since orang pun dah ramai. pocket yang masih lagi dalam keja
tu pun bebawak beransur la dulu. Orang lain buleh repotkan kot.

Photo of the Baby

pocket terpaksa taruk link untuk external photo source.
somehow blogspot penin sikit, so.. check out the photo..
gambo nyer tak la ngeri sangat sebab the baby is still alive
so there is no gut spilling, blood or inside out grotesque photo shown.
Tgk lah untuk kesedaran diri sendiri yer..
Sayangi lah baby anda.
hindari lah dari kerapuhan sistem kekeluargaan kita.
tak paham nasihat nasihat yg ayat puitis?
jangan jadi binatang.
Romen macam tikus, bela macam penyu.

Ada Macam tali ijau kat belakang tu,
tali aper tu yer agaknya?

Monday, March 22, 2010

276. Cinta?

...and so i've asked about love, yes as funny as it may
sound it amazed me too:D I sounded to be inlove
when i posted isnt it? Well that is about a natural
thing to think about a man with a blog.

But the thing is, as much as we would like to believe
that there is a happy ending, santa clause do exist and
dreams are a path to pursuit...
As much as we would like to believe in those,
i dont think much about true love anymore. (Uuuuuu... ayat kan..)
For me its just a stage u lift yourself from another stage,
which is 'friend stage'.
its just like u move from kenalan stage
(u seems familiar, but what's your name again?)
to friends stage (hey where u at? lets do lunch)
and abang adik angkat stage..
(Pi laaahhh!! adik angkat konon, pas tu angkat benda lain.. hoh!!)
and then its suppose to be true love.

But there is no such thing as true love people!
its this whole idea we come up trying to balance
things up with ourself, like the 'happy ending'
we hope for in the end of every movie.
Yes they do happen in the movie,
Percy Jackson is simply Harry potter's copy and he
too smiled playing 'pedang pedang' with Annabeth
daughter of athena the goddess of wisdom.
yeah yeah.. they just do dont they?

But in life.. they dont, and in love..
the true love we hope to find just like in the movie
or in the books we read? may as well stays in fantasy.

Can i say that there is no love without the effect
of chance and opportunity? and not to forget the
weigh of commitment. If u'r not living in the same
location as your love one..
will there be any chance of u two meet?
MiRC? Blogs?
ok, u've met, if there was no time that allows u to get acquainted,
a chance for u to have lunchs, movies, picnics..
will u be more then friends?
ok, u 've upgraded.. six month of being together
makes u think that u should make kids together.(The making part.. i like)
If there was no opportunity for u to get married..
no money, the father didnt approve.. will there be bonds between u?
and the worse part.. if there was no weigh on your shoulder,
the whole mahkamah shariah, paperwork,
little kid running around motherless or fatherless...
will u stay?

Its ugly and i feel ugly just by typing this
but i dont think there are True Love
and since i am typing this can i just say a bit more,
is there love?
or it was more to attraction between opposite sex?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

275. TentangCinta

Apakah itu cinta sejati?

yes yes, pocket tau, punya la soalan lama..
macam la selama ni kita tak tau,
tp kalau skali tanya, pastinya ada jawaban
yg berbeza..

so nanti bila nak jawab dalam ruangan komen nanti.
sila jangan tgk jawaban orang lain.. kang template jer
jawaban korang suma :D

dan pasal soalan ni pocket tak nak elaborate..(Maybe next post)
pasal kalau pocket elaborate, nanti korang akan jawab
ikut apa yg pocket elaborate..
n kalau ada sorang tu yg tak baca tp komen jgak tu..
pastinya dia akan jawab... 'Setuju!!' tu jer >:(

tp pastinya pocketeers sekalian buleh bagi contoh..
cam contohnyer cam brad pit ngan angelina jolie dlm pilem mr and mrs smis ker,..
n bagi la elaboration sikit.. pasal diorang sama ganash :D
suka sangat filem tu:)

so pocketeers, soalan yg rasanya berbeza jawapan nyer ikut orang.

apa itu CINTA SEJATI? TRUE LOVE, CINTA SUCI lah apo apo jer lah yg korang nak panggil :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

274. Nuffnang Money

This is the usual post one blogger would
stumble upon every now and then so i dont
wanna write dat much.
U'd see this kinda post everywhere, from a
blog owned by a guy who have a traffic like
the penang bridge 8am in the morning.
Or maybe from those blogger who have
himself as the only audience to his own writings.

yes yes, as what u can see there, i got my
chance too. bendul got it years ago,
Jard is getting it one every two weeks.
So jealous of her for boasting about it in her post:
'Setelah dua minggu ku boleh cash out lagi...'

So lets take this as a semangat baru for the pocket,
A form of wake up call for me :D
Not to miss my daily post again:)
and to increase my creativity in telling
stories.. a good one.

So to end todays post.
pocket dapat wit dah!
pocket dapat wit dah! :P

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

273. The Ugly Truth..

the otherday someone posted about a luv story,
about someone who found a new luv after she got engaged.

well what can we say, shit happened heheh:_)
but people, can i make a statement that say
'luv and marriage is different?'
first of all, u wont marry a lousy jobless taik pit even
if u luv him like u luv your H20,
breathing in and breathing out everyday.
(Well some of us ere in kampung actually do.. pity them)
second .. a couple in luv can always marry someone else,
still having babies and grow old together.
Even if it was a kawin paksa.
I am disregarding the drama u watch every now
and then showing ho faithful the man is to his
tru luv by not 'touching' the kawin paksa wife,
that is fantasy people... wake up.

Marriage is a stage.
A stage where one have to face just because we have to,
with who? preferably someone we love, but ...
a reliable guy,
a good attitude lady,
a man who dont cheat,
a lady who knows her way around the kitchen,
Someone who happened to be there when u're in need.
...is an essence u would consider acceptable over love.

i mean why must u marry your tru luv, the jobless bum
when u can marry the SelKom CEO minus the luv?
(COnsidering both are crazy about u of course)
why must we choose a slut from the back alley whom u luv
when u can marry a girl from the surau.
disregarding any other factor of course, she can be a member
of the 'window-meeting' and u'll find the curry is still undone
by zohor due to the sembang tingkap is not yet finished :D

ok well, i guess it is kinda mean for me to say this but...
somehow the situation that we're living in right now shows
that luving doesnt have to end with marriage,
and marrying someone.. may not be due to luv.
(I know most of u pocketeers will not agree to this...)

yes yes, i know..
its ugly, i'm feeling ugly just to type this, but pocketeers..
if this is the ugly truth, can we admit to this?
if this is not the truth, are all luv ends with marriage?

i refuse to take this as the truth.. i just refuse..^^;

Saturday, March 06, 2010

272. Menyabunkan Diri..

Korang pernah gi makan nasi kat kedai nasi lauk tak?
korang makan pakai camca ker tangan?
surely korang makan pakai camca nih... tak per...

kalau makan pakai tangan, korang basuh tangan korang
ngan sabun yg disediakan tu tak?
kalau sabun main tekan, tak la jadi persoalan sangat..
nih kalau sabun cam gambar nih..
yang seketul sunyi jer kat tepi sinki tuh,
bg pocket patut jadi persoalan sikit..
bukan nya apa..
berapa punya banyak tangan dari seantero donia duk pakai sabun ni,
abang melayu tu pakai, ngan tangan main jilat jilat,
abang mamak sana pakai, ngan tangan bulu bulu,
abang apek sini pun pakai, ngan tangan mana korek pun tatau...

kakak? well kakak selalunya buleh bayang yg bersih sikit :D
tak contagious ker? lalu ker korang nak pakai sabun nii?

tp sabun tu menyucikan..
so patutnya sabun tu sndiri tak affected lah kan,
cam dia sentiasa suciiiii jer, suci dari segala kekotoran
donia fana nih, suci dan dia menyucikan...
Wah!! cam iklan sabun jer..
so patutnya tak der masaalah lah!!

yer yer, maybe dia menyucikan,
tapi tangan yg pegang dia tu..
tak la suci sangat soooo...

valid tak argument nih? pocketeers?

Nak buat post mudah,
skali mudah sangat daa..
Happy Sabtu Pocketeers,

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

271. TandaCinta?

Farid, yes yes, aku tahu ko baru kawin, tp perlu ke menayang kiss mark tu kat sumer orang? alamaak, tahu la korang ni pasionately in love pun tp kena ker?

the question was 'why' wasnt it?
then let me ask u, 'why not?'

why not? alamak, takkan nak menunjukkan kat semua orang kot yg korang baru romen semalam, ok aku paham, ko br kawin and everything, usually orang baru kawin ni macam switch lampu jadinyer, pantang sentuh sikit, menyala lah lampu nyer.
tp perlu ker tayang? bukan kita patut menjaga rahsia perkahwinan ker? rahsia suami isteri, and rahsia suami isteri tu pada pendapat aku termasuk la..
bila lomen,
camana lomen,
kat mana lomen,
berapa kali lomen,
Posing masa lomen,
keganasan masa lomen,
kalau sembang ngan psychiatrist maybe la kot kan,
dia tu doktor, certain secret can be shared.
tp kami suma yg menengok ni bukan nyer doktor!!

alaaa, aku buat ngan isteri yang sah appaaa.. kalau aku tak kawin lg tp ada kissmark ni tak betul lah tu.

Lagi teruk!! lagi la ada bond, orang tahu dah isteri ko yg buat, takkan mulut ko sndiri muncung sampai leher ko n buat kiss mark sndiri kot.
kalau ko tak kawin lg, maybe la trophy atau sticker yg perlu ditayang macam keter lumba menayang sticker penaja tu. n pelumba lain akan jeles ngan keter ko yg banyak sticker.
mcm banggaaa jer, 'i just got lucky again'
gitu gitu, tp ko dah kawin beb!! tak rasa malu ker?

loh nak malu apa?
lagi aku nak menayang, yg kat dada aku ni pun kalau company bagi aku bukak, bini aku punya kiss mark pun kalau buleh aku nak tayang, tp kang nampak abih bres dia plak so tak leh la kan.
ngan bangga jer aku nak menayang,
menunjukkan yg aku ni happy,
biar pun dah tua dah tp still aktif,
buktinya ada, niiii haaaa ...
Tanda Cintaaaa!!

alahaaaiiii pocketeers,
buleh ker?
tak der hukum ker?
morally dibenarkan ker?
ker pocket jer yg kanak kanak sangat tak leh terima?
tp kalau dibenarkan,
kenapa orang mencemuh bila nampak?

Monday, March 01, 2010

270. It was gooood

In 500 days of summer, Tom was in an elevator
going up with Summer, he asked 'so how was weekend?'
'oh well,' stutter a bit, took a deep breath,
exhale and a smile that ends with a chuckle
'it was gooooooodddddd' emphasizing on the 'good'
area half singing the word with high tone in the
middle, lower tone on the 'G' and 'D'. Lower octave.
And by this Tom the greeting card writer connects the
whole 'good' as her way of describing
kinda 'good weekend' and starting to think that she's not available.
Which is actually not true, all you pocketeers do know
that woman describes 'gooooodddd' in nearly anything
they enjoy, it may be a long and kinky night or
it may as well be a short cheese cake session all by herself.

So, men can get confuse with intonations,
ladies make the best intonations rather then men,
that is why some men actually falls for a lady friend
just because she say ... 'Ollloooooooo' long and winding
with shoulder gesture just to complicate things up.
'Sayer?' abrupt and short with a smile and a bit of
lips biting gesture, blushing a bit...
now hearing this, a man is already thinking bout
the bed or the ring and how many month of maggi
for dinner does it take to buy them.
When the lady is actually asking a polite question
of who is going to drive her to the kenduri tomorrow
if he is not.

Now pocketeers, if one can even get confused over
some words fully embedded with intonation lovely as
a song in them, imagine us in this non'intonation'
world of blogging.

One can write 'sy suker:)'
but another can read the same words like a politician
saying 'saya suka' with eyes half shut thinking how can
he benefit from this.

And another can read the same words like a girl confessing
her love with 'awak' at the end. 'Saya suker awak:)'

So lets this be a word of advise to me,
let us be true in our words.
Let there be no hidden meaning in what we type,
and let us not jump up and starts to bersilat over
some seems-like-offending banter.
and enjoy blogging world as we are now :D

happy monday pocketeers:)