Thursday, September 29, 2005


Dey pocket!! today got nooooo time to tulih anything, but cause i think i need update dis blog every week, so .. this will be it lah.. gomennee.. anyway, this is a pic of me on the frenz wedding day, it was merdeka day also..
Kekawan tak der gambo baru? sipi sipi pun jaaaaaadi lah..


Huh huh huh huh… yesterday was G Day, I should have been happy but since got soooooo much thing to buy and pay, already in a bankrupt condition lah pocket. My money management is not so effective? Hummm dunno lah.. maybe it’s the thing that I do monthly is the major problem for me.
(2 kfc, 1 beef steak, 3 chicken chop is healthy right?)
Maybe I got a big appetite..
or just simply I’m a big old boros!! Hoh!!
Need to improve on the money matters lah kan..
A friend wrote this somewhere..
Control your money, not the other way around
Something like that la kan yankiut.
Baruuuu jer cabut kutt.. hoh.. bulan ni pun tak dapat jgak.. Another person got it, you see. Our kutt doesn’t fix on who’s going to get for sept and who’s going to get for oct, there will be pulling straws the next day after G Day, the lucky person will be getting the little papers and get to smile all day. Huh!! jelesnya.. I’ve already got my first head, another one head to go.. huh!! hopefully I’ll be getting it before raya .. heheh bleh raya sakan sket…. What did I bought the first time I got it haa.. I’ve spent it in Indonesia hoho…. Datte.. dapat sari sebelum gi Jakarta siut heheh… mana bias tahan maaaasssss hehe..
U know what pocket ? the only thing I can remember bout my Indonesia visit was.. I got stomach ache after that.. maybe the water kut… the mee ayam was delicious..the ‘ayam’ was also not bad^^; heheh..
Bottom line, if u’re ever doing any kutt… make sure u buy something ‘remember’able with the money. Or u’d end up feeling the money was spent unwisely .. hoh..
(spending in Indonesia is wise? No such thing la kawan)
Guys… bought something lately? Went somewhere lately? I need a vaykay laaaa…huh!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It is always a wonder how light and sound can affect your feelings, thought, physical condition. Background music from a movie that can make you feel sad. Exotic light inside the disco that can make u feel happy. I heard that u can lift more kilogram in a green environment than in pink.
Sounds like ….
Ce : waaaa makin tebal yek kat sini (touching at my belly)
Me : heheh.. buleh la tahan.. u pun apo kurang nyer…
Ce : mine’s different. This is meat inside here. Yours is lemak..heheh mentega.. heheh
Laughing like a hyena
Me : hummm.. yer laaaa…
Making my way from that place..
Why do we make such sounds? People get hurt with such sounds. Maybe it’s a joke for them but for me it’s not. Different sounds react differently to different people, the word janda will never hurt me but not for that kakak.. the word bohsia will not cause a scratch to me but not to that girl. Since different people will have different background with different story behind. Why does people cannot think before making any sound. Like ‘feewiiiitt!!! nice racks’ ….this maybe amusing for some bitch but not for a library girl right?
The feeling will last until the rest of the day. U’ll feel uncomfortable all day.
Huh!! why? Why? Need to do something wit this belly o mine.heheheh:D
2006 nenn ni Brad Pitt ni bakemasu you ni =)
May I transform to Brad Pitt in 2006 hohoooooo!!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Today I came to work Eventhough they don’t let me, its Saturday, but I’m still at the kilang, hoh.. me with my ‘no life’. I’ve even came early, arrived here at 630 am.. hoh!!got soooo many thing to do. Need to clarify that debit, need to finished some reports, need to smile at her and her and her hohoho:P haaaaa.. not to forget need to review this novel from Axy who are thinking of writing…( reviewing a friend’s novel during work time… what a good employee I am^^; )
Speaking of starting a novel, once heard that the Cute Sister once tried to write.. how was the progress Cute Sister? Hopefully I can get the first copy with your signature on it :)… Pocket.. u know what .. me too wanna try writing once.. why? Cause I wanna tell stories so much.. but nobody wanna hear them.. but my capabilities in writing is limited (in other word i suck in writing heheh)… so.. instead of writing novels.. write blog lah!! Hehehe..
Tte ok kanaaaa…
I truly wanna give my blog add to Axy, just to interest her in writing more.. but thinking of how my past life will then be reveal to her .. (and of course, to the whole kilang.. u know women..^^; ) yameta.. if such thing happen, I wouldn’t be writing honestly no more… leave this particular and that particular .. hummmm.. tak besh la pocket..
But bundle.. do u write sunaoni?
Well pocket.. I try to .. but of course a few secret is best to be left a secret. I think u also don’t wanna see my kurap right?=) hehe… but these stories I tell, this thought I write.. is mine and as sunao as can be..
hope u guys can react to it as sunao as can be also la kan=) hek..
so guys (not to forget sisters).. cant wait to hear your stories.. your thought.. your lunch..
done any sin lately? Any triumph lately ? any new love lately? Heheh…

Friday, September 23, 2005


Today is the third day I’m having lamb curry. Dunno why but the lamb curry here is so delicious, never failed to salivate me…and I always fall on the seduction of lambs lemak huhuuuu… I always take a little sum of nasi only, but I concentrate on the lauk. Three piece of kambing, one tlur goreng, two scoop of sayur and kuah taruk atas.. rm5.50!!! Haaaaaa!!!!!
It turns out that the kambing was 150 per piece.hoh!!
Our canteen doesn’t have to fight for customer (since we are their permanent customer) they don’t have to pay for the gas and water. They don’t have to pay for the building.. but still they’re taking 50 cents for sunny side up and 50 cents for one scoop of sayur. The kambing was 150 sounds cheap considering outside restaurant would usually charge u for 2~3 ringgit perpiece, but the volume of one piece is different… here is toooooo small,
Only dua jari gurai…
They’re taking too much. We could not comment, its pricy but the food is great and much more better than the past canteen. They even did something to display the food. Yellow light and nice wall, the ‘5S’ also nice, and not to forget the cashier is damn cute.. hoh!! U just cant argue,
‘dik ni mahal sangat la dik’ and the cuties just make a kecian face and …..
Huh!! So nobody comment on the prices. Everybody just kept to them self only.
But what to do.. need to eat.. need to fill my self with 50gm of protein everyday.. hummmmm niss.. how is your canteen? Mesti besh kan..hehe ado menu lembu tak?
For da cute sister , most probably u’ll cook your own lunch or just buy it from a nearby stall.. how is the food? Nice?
No need to ask grifindorz.. since her meals is magical( kat hogwarth la katakannnn hehehe) but still I need to ask la .. besh ker kat saner ..?
Bottom line.. miss the eki soba.. hoho!!


Today I’ve went to Isshin, a Japanese restaurant nearby to eat with the customer. Well u see pocket, everytime customer came to visit us, it will be our honor to belanja makan at a nice restaurant. Which is usually mahal mahal one, so at this isshin, I’ve eaten shishamo, gyu bata yaki, torikaraage, sashimi (my fav.)sabayaki, and of course cawan mushii.. hohooo!!! Mati kenyang la pakciiikkk!!! Heheh..
My brother once said to me like this “masa dek*** duk kat jpun dulu, cam tak tau apo kabo,, mati ke idup, sihat ke idak… sumer orang kat sini mati kutu jgak, apo la kono eh jang? At least antar surat ker .. kalau pun nak phone tak der wit sangat pun .. at least ….kitorang dah start pikir yg dek*** dah…..“
And he stops there. Its like it was sooo hard the time when they were missing me . hoh!! Missing people is like that haa.. but me , in japan .. I was busy thinking of my next meal.. my next keja .. my kouriki ni.. I think bout them all the time , but maybe its just not enough..
missing people u love is like hell kan .. cam siksa jer ..
I have a kawan, we’ve been kawan since standard two, he was my dearest friend. We were like brother. When I landed in KLIA last spring, I wanted to call him. His mother says that he was undetectable. What? His mother says that he was undetectable, I was upset, what kinda son who goes missing without telling the mom.
Think of it … kena atas batang idung sendiri
Lately, since I’ve started dis blog kan pocket… frenz started to write something to me.. atleast I got feedback, this is nice. And then it comes to me… the feeling.. its actually the feeling of knowing that ….
…the sisters down south is loving her son and living a happy life..
…the brother in the middle is bz giving ELI a bath every Saturday and happy doing it ..
…the sister who are doing kancil bisnes somewhere in rawang is happy with her life.. tulih la blog …=)
…my brother, da banji.. is reading this Eventhough he never comment….
Is realy nice.. felt like at least I know that u guys is still alive and well..
Guys.. lets keep this.. till they burn down :I heheh

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Dan mungkin bila nanti..
kita kan bertemu laaagi ..
satu pinta ku jangan kau cuba tanyakan kembali..
rasa yang ku pintal mati..
Everyday Pocket, I have to go through 3 traffic light and a traffic jam. Well it doesn’t change much with me and the EX5 la kan , since we can sui sui cilok through the traffic jam. Well at least that was what I thought. For this traffic jam, its different. Why ? cause it was from utara selatan highway, transit to penang bridge. Got people from the north and another road came by to join in the crowd , from butterworth. Bottom line .. quite a mess lah..
So whenever I go to work in the morning, if all the traffic light turns green as I goes through them, I’ll be feeling like that day is gonna be fine for me. Somehow I will think like that la .. dunno why lah pocket.. it’s a human thing .. but if the traffic light turns bad on me.. hoh.. then I’ll think that the days is gonna be merciless to me. If all the traffic light turns red on me, hoh.. I’ll turn back to the house and take MC hehehe.. well no lah.. of course I’ll be going to work but with full precautions of what is going to be happening to me during the day.
Why do I think that? Because the day of the presentation in Japanese, I was stopped by all the trafficlight and the traffic jam was a mess as usual, almost hit a car once:) hehehe..
Huh!! I know in our religion there’s no such thing right.. but .. some how makes me think that there are related. Heheh like an early clue or whatsoever. Adding to all the frustration, the beautiful scenery already wore the company’s uniform, (New staff have to wear own baju for the first two weeks) so .. no more nice scenery for me la kan.. hummmmm….
Think of it in the big picture..
da japan incident was a clue for me to be a better man?
Da SPM incident was a clue for me to go to japan?
All da main main during pmr leads me to go to MRSM Beseri?
Question : Am I a better man? Hoh!!!

Pocket pocket… I miss da old days la ,, what about u guys? Sisters?
Don’t u guys miss da good old days..
mkn eskirm at da haagen dazs :P heheh.
Tgk wayang.. Rasa Sayang.. rokuroshii
yakiniku on top of the world.
Saat semua disiniiiii….

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Somebody talked bout sunyi lately, so here goes my versions of sunyi…
Sunyi is like going to clubbing but nobody knows you…
Sunyi is like going to sleep thinking, how are you?
Sunyi is like having your lunch alone but the table next to you is riuh rendah
Sunyi is like opening your e mail but no new e mail
Sunyi is like sitting on the beach where lovers sit and holding hands, alone
Sunyi is like watching movies by your self(Mr & Mrs Smith)
Sunyi is like asking for movies that u luv at the counter, but they don’t have it….
They’ve never even heard of it…(tte samishiiiiii)
Sunyi is like giving aisatsu kat boss but he didn’t even look at you
Sunyi is like opening your blog, but no one write’s any comment:P heheh
Macam orang tk baca pun apo celoteh kita ni kan pocket..^^;
Actually u suck in writing la bundle!! That's why...
Shut up lah pocket!!
To da sisters yg kiut, biler lg nak nulih blog?

Saturday, September 17, 2005


Yesterdays story.
Yesterday was quite a very panic day for me, this is because of our customer came for process audit. Making things worst, our customer’s customer also came (the more the merrier right? Heheh^^; ) the Customer’s customer was from a car manufacturing company. I wont enclose from which company they were, just ‘padang matsu’ will be enough for you to know lah pocket.
So there were 6 people from their side ( all Japanese ) and 6 people from ours (4 japanese , 1 melayu and 1 chinese) .. now may I note that these japanese is da bomb, like bosses from some biiiiggg department. If u hear them introduce themselves lah pocket.. hoh.. terasa keciiiiiikk sangat pangkat supervisor kita ni..huhu…. After a lot of introduction, which they spoke in Japanese. Come to my part, the quality related area. I’ve prepared my doc for the presentation but they were all in English. Since there were more Japanese inside the meeting room, the big boss told me to present it in Japanese. Huh!! panicked.. I couldn’t do it.. if everything was written in Japanese, it’ll be ok la kut .. at least I have something to refer to.. but due to my report was in English.. I have to translate it as I go along.
I’ve choked!!
Dalam bahasa jpun nyer .. ‘Kanjatta!!’
There were a few times of total silence for more than 5 seconds during my presentation. Hoh!!
(radio housou chuu nara mou ‘housou jikou’ ni narimasita neee..)
Hummm.. da boss didn’t say anything bout the presentation.. but I couldn’t forgive myself .. I can speak freely during the Q&A .. its just the presentation part that turned kacau one. Hoh!! Just when u think u’ve known your things kan… hummmmmm..^^;
Question to all da brothers and sisters … u guys still using your Japanese?
How Much? A little? Very much ?
cause I think like I’m losing it lah pocket..

Friday, September 16, 2005


Making life more interesting…
A friend wrote this somewhere.. considering life getting boring and boring, we’ll have to find something to do to make life better.. I think this concept is just the same as my old concept which is.. bosan la nak gi skolah, tp ado awek tu so just pikir nak gi tgk awek tu jer lah.. the school is just an excuse to see her. Hummm I think this idea is quite popular also.. afraid to go to japan, think of all the nice car we can drive if we go there..(well this doesn’t apply to me la kan ..)
Life does get boring from time to time, why haaa.. work is not interesting .. of course la kan .. unless me doing kitchen design.. hoh.. It’ll be heaven for me.. people would beg me not to do any over time .. heehh.. why? Cause I’m so damn luvin it .. heheh.. but now .. just doing Quality relative work.. huhu.. I’m not allowed to do any design any more…huh!!
So what to do? Find an interesting thing in this mess to cheer things up la kan .. hummmm.. interesting thing? Like gardening? :P like body building ? like learning new language? Of course we cant go places like pangkor or tioman cause of the job.. I’m sooooo interested in photographing so … I would very much like to go places and tangkap gambar like nobody cares.. but quite hard also lah since my only cuti is ahad .. sabtu have to do the OT (Some time la kan).. what to do haa kekawan? Bowling like that guy? Don’t have da frenz to be gila bowling again la plak.. maybe I’ll stick to gardening…. Seems like fun ..hehehe what to do haaa.. kak yg kiut?.. what do you do in your free time haaa griffindorz? ..
Hehe.. anyway.. have a fun life lah!! Heheh… whatever it is u’re doing… :)

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Today I was late again, the morning meeting was held at 815 every morning(except for Friday due to assembly).. as a result the boss shows me the grinning look again. Hoh!! Not a good start.
Heheh,, this story is just for boys, have u guys ever wonder why is it that women can really know where do you stare, its like they actually looking intently at your eyes while u’re having a conversation with them. They can really know if u’re interested in her stories or just playing ‘I’m all ears’ (in other words, I’m listening but thinking bout that damn nice looking car that pass us just now). Maybe it’s a fact that us men cannot do multiple thing in one time, wanna scratch ..scratch…don’t sneeze..hehehe..well something like that lah pocket…and we cant lie, kitto bareru.. Question : can men really lie? We all know that women can be really tremendously good in lying but can men lie? I don’t think so.. cause I’ve always kantul in few of my previous attempt huhuuuuu!! ok this was the real story….
I was staring to this beautyfull 'scenery' in my office, as I was getting khushuk ….
Kak Hana : Haaaa!! Mano tgk tu !!?
Me : Eh tak der lah.. tgh duk pikir pasal report nii haa..
Kak Hana : yer la tuu.. cam la orang tak tau mano dia duk usha..
Me : mano ado .. report ni haa.. cam tak kuar ayat la plak..
Panicked and starting to pretend like typing something….
Kak Hana : Huh!! nampak sangat anak mato dia td kat mano.. jangaaaannnn tunang orang tuuuuu
Me : Hehehe… ado ado jer la kak hana nii.. ^^;

Huh!! am I that obvious?
Woman can really know where is your focal point when u’re talking to them. At her eyes … her nose… her dagu … not to forget a little bit further to the south. Hummm dont want to elaborate more on this points, I dont think the sisters gonna like it.. heheh..
what other quality that u find amazing bout woman haa pocket? hummm for me, it'll be the kesabaran during doing the hair, the face, the tudong and the accesories. Huh!! ganas kan.. they can spend one hour just doing the preparation for a date and all we can say is
'lawa awak ari ni' with a little smile :)
me? i'm botak cuz i dont wanna do my hair.. niss still wit da long hair?

Monday, September 12, 2005


Yesterday was Sunday, I’ve went back to the kampong to look at my garden in the beginning. All my ‘awek’s is growing happily, heh.. its quite nice see something growing. Tahun lepas cam baru kecik,, skrg dah pun tinggi orang hehe…
In the evening I’ve went to the gerai centre to buy some roti tmpayan (nan). Just as I was entering the area, I saw Ruhaidah with her waja .. huh!! She’s driving waja already. Hummmm......So let me tell u a little bit bout Ruhaidah la pocket.. she used to be my class mate during form 1 till form 3, She’s not that cute but I kinda had a crush on her .. dunno why lah.. somehow back then kept on falling for the talkative girl. She doesn’t change much from 14 years ago.
She still have that teeth (jongang)
Still chubby
Still cukur kening (huh!!)
Still mulut laser(must be..)
Ngan sapo la dia tu nanti nak kahwin agaknyer.. hoping the best for her.. we actually kept in contact even when I was in japan. Went to her house during previous hari raya. She actually ask us to sit on the floor while eating the rendang because the sofa was brand new. Bought for 3 or 4 thousand datte… hoh!! We’re still frenz. I haven’t called her for 5 month though but we’re still frenz. During that brief glazing at each other on the simpang of the gerai centre, she smiled. Which means she still knows me lah.. even with my helmet on.
“Evaluate your self, today must be better from yesterday. If u’re not, then u are among those who are rugi”
Early ’05 the Ruhaidah didn’t have any driving license yet, but yesterday she was driving waja.. huh!!
Early ’05 I didn’t have any driving license yet but yesterday I was riding my ‘EX5 dream’ Am I among those who are rugi?
Pocket? Am I rugi? I don’t work hard enough? I don’t work efficient enough? Am I malas? Huh!! sob sob..sob sob..

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Today is da soccer match between our factory’s and our customer’s. This match actually triggered by some crap talking of me and our customer during chit chat time.
Cust : u ada team bola ? bebaru ni kami lawan ngan ‘XYZ’ menang la plak.
Me : Hoh.. kira nya team u kuat la yek?
Cust : hummm kuat la .. kalau kat melaka ni antara yg plg kuat apa…
Me : hoooo.. (nodding)
Cust : nak lawan?
Me : I’ll have to discuss with the management first laa..
Cust : then discuss la.. tell me the outcome minggu dpan..
We’ll be sending the formal letter asking for the match..

Huh!! Just like that .. already set for a match. And I am da organizer for dis activity, well at least a part of the organizer lah.. I’m the contact person between our customer and us… hopefully our team can win lah.. so for our team member.. if any of you reading dis(most unlikely).. score 1 for meJ
Next week will be dead bz for me lah pocket.. customer coming.. some outstanding issue have to handle.. I don’t think I’ll be able to tell u any of my uninteresting stories no more. But some how I luv writing, maybe I’ll try to squeeze in to write some story jgak lah…. To all my readers, write la comment.. It’ll be encouraging to listen to others feedback.. huh... I’ll try to write some in your’s too.. hehe…
Niss… tingin la plak nak jumpa eli… mesti comel kan..:P heheh

Friday, September 09, 2005


Yesterday customer came, two Indians from Johor. Sharp, nice and talkative kinda guy. The boss let me handle their visit to our factory. I dunno why la but I think I’ve handled the factory tour awfully. Its like I’ve lost my word. Somehow… boss if you’re reading this ( which I hopefully not ) sorry banyak banyak lah for letting u down.. need to study more lah.. huh!!
After the Visit. As our courtesy, we have accompanied the customer for an early dinner.. it was a dinner at a place call Ayuthaya (Thailand Restaurant) we ordered a tomyam, green curry , udang in pineapple sauce , ikan rebus or something.. soft ketam deep fried and the simple Kailan Ikan Masin. Hoh!! Just listening to the menu again reminds me of the exquisite taste of all the menus. The tomyam was especially sedap. It was quite sweet compared with all the tomyam that you can eat in a normal gerai melayu. The udang was big and full of pineapple flavor, it was even served in a pineapple kulit as a container for the udang.. hohoh… the green curry was sedap also but that one was just for one bowl so could not makan banyak banyak. I could not pig myself with the ikan since the customer wanted to have the fish, so its like tolong serve kan customer. Any way pocket I was full.. I think I’ll go to that restaurant again with u la pocket.. and we can pig ourself wit the tomyam and the udang .. hoho.. (Gaji day heh heh)
Is it wrong if we use our good money for treating ourselves after a month of hard work? Can but within reason la kan :P you’re getting 2000 every month and you’re treating yourself with a rm1500 worth of trip to Thailand is unacceptable right? Heheh and everymonth?? Out of the question…

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I am now, sitting at my place, without anything to do (well actually got so much to do.. but dunno where to start) so what to do.. ?toleh kanan, and usher the new awek who just joint in last week to the shipping dept. She’s Chinese, not so cute, but sexa dakara.. worth sakit tengkuk toleh kanan to ushar for 30 minutes a day:Pheheheh…
That day I’ve went to be a photographer for a friend’s akad nikah ceremony, after the ceremony. 2 o’clock .. speed my self to the kedai gambar to develop the photo. Then run to the kilang to do some of my work (imagine it .. working on merdeka day) at 830 pm.. after work, I gone to the kedai gambar to get my developed photo. Somehow the tauke was not around until 10 o’clock in the night. Huh!! I sure do go a long way to get my photo. Well for a good reason la kan .. the photo turns out lawa bangat..!! huh!! Well for me lawa la .. don’t know what others think though.
Here is me wit my new lens, notice the inai at the tangan. Saper tahu tu gambor apo angkat tangaaannnn!!..( it was a bewak and a fishbone.. please don’t say it was a cicak)
Read a friend blog the other day, he was getting better in bowling. Huh!! Jeles jeles… wanna pulun bowling jugak lah.. its nice to know that your friend is doing something with his or her life. Your friend is actually living their life to the fullest… not being the same old pakcik who go to kerja in the morning and come back routine’ly without any passion to live no more.
Heheh good for you mate..:)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Dey!pocket!! today is soooo penat lah .. dunno why..maybe it because i have been jalan jalan a lot lately so no feelings anymore to do any work lah.. i've taken people's photo during the annual dinner recently. I wanted to make some money, but it turns out that i dont have any time to go and cuci... hoh..and all the person who wanted the photo from me.. will come to me (when i was so goddam bz!!) asking ..'when is the photo will be ready?'.. Dey!! cant u see that i'm in no condition to talk bout the stupid picture.. huh!! ntah hapa hapa ntah.. yeah i know that they wanted the photo to simpan wat kenangan or something.. but please consider la that i'm in sooooo deep shit right now.. totally not in the mood to sell anything to you. so .. can u please back off!!! tte iitakatta kedo .. dekinai.. sometime being a nice guy is very tormenting.
so thats about it la for today pocket.. one of those gloomy day for me.. but .. i've seen her.. i've talked with her.. eaten some nasi beriyani.. beef steak wit her.. so .. its actually balanced out .. all the minus and the plus... keep on senyum and keep on wit da life lah..

Monday, September 05, 2005


Introducing!! MaNuAwek!! hehehe the name is 'birdnest ferns' dis awek seriously can grow, once i've saw the same kind in some taman, grows up to my height.. hehehe huh.. talk bout murah rezeki kan .. there are saying that kalau si isterinyer tinggi lg, then murah rezeki..
She needs to drink every now and then, so as a pakwe.. i'll always ask her to drink like everyday, in the morning and late in the afternoon. she has been quite nice to me lately, spreading her 4th hands since she became my awek. huh.. guess what, she can talk. whenever i talk to her, she'll talk back. but i have to open up my ultrasonic deep inside the heart voice control to the maximum la...heheh..
Haaaa bundle, i've heard dat one.Seriously talk to your awek, or if you're a girl.. talk to your pakwe.. cause these green makhluk tuhan can make tough decision for you or they can be the best 'ear' listening to your problem..hehehe..why? cause they wont bangkang u :P hahahah....
She luv da sunlight, but overdose could cause burn mark, so .. i'm placing her in the best place so that she can get the sunlight only during the evening. so that her beautyfull hands wont burns. If u watch closely, she's already burnt in a few places. huh.... so thats it pocket.. MaNuAwek, dont you be tellin da rina bout dis NuAwek plak, then she'll freak out and start callin me every 12 seconds:P hehehe. To you ma ferns... sory for not giving u all da sunlight u always crave for... its for your own good ... If you're reading dis, just wanna tell u dat i luv ya:) huhu