Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Pay it forward...
Its a DVD that someone bought for me as a birthday present. Luv this present... luv it soo much dat i've seen it soooo many times. its a story bout a boy who had this idea of a perfect world.

where one would help other three person in advance and the helped one would be obligated to help another three person.... Pyramid theory....
its just not money.. but help..

I've lost my handphone today...
my very usefull handphone...
i dont know how to go on with my work without it.
i've already called Celcom to cut off the handphone
usage... am thinkin .. i've lost it...
but then just to my surprise...
the guardhouse called me...
'dey anee... nasi kandar tiga... all sotong n kambing naa... '
'Come to the guard house cause your handphone is wit us...'
It seams like some punk who found my hP n gave it to the
Guardhouse... the punk can always take me hP n sell it...
wont sell much... but still 50 ringgit is guaranteed.
but still he chooses to return it to the owner... the hP was
found lying near my EX5. what a luck...

Filantera dropped his Wallet at the carnival...
panicked a little bit but having faith in people.
went to ask the 'Urus setia'
The wallet was there.. with all the money n the cards safely
intact. So the founder of the wallet gave it to the urusetia...
He or she can always take the money inside but he/she chooses
to return it to the owner.
(a very good lesson to the Mira n the girls...)

In a way... i would say that this is most similar with the
pay it forward concept.
To start a better world.

So Pocket... should you ever find a wallet lying somewhere...
pick it up n return it to the right authorities...
cause u'd do the owner a big favour :D

Luv Pocket

Puteri Tagged me, so here it goes
21 criteria i need inside me luv one...
but first i have to ask ... why 21??? :D
cause i dont think i can finish the whole 21...
but i'll try to elaborate.

1. One who are a female (yer la kan... heh)
2. One who can converse in Malay
3. One who can understand my passion for Photography.
so jangan la jeles kalau kita duk shooting awek model memano :D
4. One who jealous... but never doubt me.
5. One who can cope with my level of 'childish'ness heheh...
6. One who can leave me with my self every once and a while.
7. One who can stand me putting my family first.
8. One who are also putting her family first.
9. One who Understand me having my carrier.
10. One who also having a carrier.
11. One who dont try to like what i luv. its enough for her to understand my luv for it ...
12. One who dont add on extra unnecessary words to her complaints.
'umph... orang dah ajak dia gi dari minggu lepas lagi ...sekarang tak leh la plak ...bukan nya tak leh arrange... sajer je tak nak usaha ... utk orang lain bleh la plak...'
loose the 'utk orang lain bleh la plak...' tu bleh tak? cam perbandingan jer ... kalau orang lain tu family ...lagi la terasa sangat di hati ni ...
13. One who ask... not assume blindly n kept to herself...
'awak call tadi?'
then buleh la kita nak cerita and explain... assuming 'awek la tu' quitely to herself would only makes things worst.
14. One who Luv Chicken
15. One who luv children
16. One who are not a smoker nor a drinker...
17. One who are not attracted to Ferrari... Cause i dont think i can buy her one :P
18. One who are not Camera Shy... cause i like to take photo...
19. One who are not working in the same place as me...
20. One who dont put dat much make up... cause 40 microns of 'foundation' on the cheek is to much for me already :/(is dat what u call that skin coloured habuk u put on your cheek?)
21. One who didnt read this list... or else she would try to fulfill the mention item above. where's the fun in that? its a list i want... it doesnt have to be a list the world will hand to me on a silver platter...

fuh! ... there u go pocket... took me three days to fill this up... heheheh...

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Yesterday... i've went to the Carnival of sungai petani... it was quite nice if u're bringing kids less then 15 of age... if u came with your girlfriend which both of you are in early 30's ... u wont enjoy that much...
if u are 30's and still wanna enjoy this place... come with the boys club only... then enjoy the 'scenery heh heh...

So ... first of all...let me introduce the club...
From left... the Chocolaty macho G-Han... the next top model Dek'ah... G-Nan the 'BonApetite' ... Mira the cute... n ofcourse.. our friendly Wira... DaFilantera!
So basically we arrived there at two pm... thought that we were late ... but there were still people standing in line to buy the ticket. we had to pay for 3 adult and 3 children... G-Han is considered adult.. hummm.. i seriously doubt it heh...
Once we entered the premises ... the girls cant hold their horses anymore... was askin... 'can we lompat already?'
hahah... we let them run first.. got changed to our swiming outfit n off the adult team go!!...
I was fascinated with the girls wit... cause they're like soooo brave to try all the attractions... some of them really did scare me a little bit.. but it was them who asked... 'can we go on the blue slide?' hoooooo.... takuuuttt... (Or is it me the pansy ere?)
First we swam around the river like pool... its goes round and round... got a few of fountains and waterfalls along the way... (just a mere water fallin under the bridge..) then there was this area with some wave effect... i did enjoy that area...Cause u can really get sea sick when u ride the waves on your pelampung... I tried to swim my way tru the waves... no luck... its just too hard...

This is not the blue slide i was tellin u about. This area is just for kids n i asked them to come here for Photo Session (IceCream can be a good bait to 8 years olds..)

All and all ... it was nice..
I did enjoy myself attending to the girls...
I did enjoy myself watching all the angels swimming ere in this Human Made water attractions. If only i could ask for their name n number... i'd be busy callin 8 of them a nite the whole week tru...

lastly after all the battery has drain out from the swimming.. we went to Pizza Hut. Seems like Mira was longing to have the sausage dip the end of the eating session... Mira did say,
'Ari ni Mia sooonoooook sangat... :D'
N this touches me inside. peh... sentimental la plak...

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Dear pocket..
it have been quite a while, sorry
i have been demam... couldnt cope with the speed of today's life.
its too laju for me... n to my luck... i'm crippled along the way.
heheheh... bottom line ...sorry ...
i've went to a restaurant serving indonesian delicacies in bukit mertajam.
the place is clean... the food is too simple... no garnishing.
the place is filled with white light... the food looks dull in white lighting..
the place is soooo indonesian...which makes u think twice before entering the place.
when i tasted the nasi ikan keli... my jaw fell down... its just basic white rice
with sambal, but it was very very nice. u just dont get it ... why does a nasi
without any kuah ate with ikan keli can be so sedap... they did place a bowl of soup
on the side but i didnt touched it .
(For your information Pocket... i hate ikan keli... i basically hate ikan darat)
the fish was lightly salted, crispy on the tail side, cooked perfectly without those
smelly ikan darat smell... the taste? as simple as it can be... ikan keli original...
i'll be putting the photo here next time i'm there...
it wont be long cause am planning to go there again this ahad...
Pocket... mangan nasi gelih yok!!

Monday, August 06, 2007


amin buat karipap
karipap amin dihantar ke semua restoran zamri
seluruh negeri.
karipap amin teramat laku.
kenapa karipap amin laku...
kerana tepung nya gred A
kerana daging nya hampir 40% of the inti mass
kerana production nya total cleanroom.
kerana Pekerjanya yang bersih dan cekap

zamri menerima aduan ada lipas dalam karipap.
zamri membuat aduan kepada amin.
Amin's Customer Service Investigation concluded
that the lipas was not originated from amin's.
this is because :
the lipas is still alive
(How come lipas still alive after goreng karipap)
There was a hole on the karipap skin.
(The lipas might sneak in at zamri's)
The lipas inform them during interogation.

tapi zamri cannot publicly agree to this.
this will cause
buisness collapse
kepercayaan customer.

so after taking all the necessary action on
preventing the lipas from sneaking into karipap
again... Zamri went to see amin...
'amin... hang tulung mengaku sat kata ni salah
hang... takkan aku nak mengaku lipaih tu mai
dari kedai aku kut... hang pun paham la kan..'
'umph... ok.. hang habaq je apo yg aku kna wat
dalam hal ni'
action have been taken...
paper have been forged...
effective date : july'07
So ikut kertas nya rasmi lah amin yang salah..
zamri tak salah..

duk tak duk.. perbadanan kesihatan negara
nak datang audit amin the karipap maker.
so isu lipas tu menarik perhatian badan audit
tersebut. soo... amin terpaksa la buat semua
document terbabit...
wujudkan yang tak der...
ilang kan yang wujud...

record dari exterminator saying ado sarang lipas dedekat ngan kilang amin...telah dihapuskan pada july'07
record aduan dari jiran tetangga yang amin actually buang sampah merata rata sehingga lah
record internal menunjukkan lipas control was out sehingga lah july.
dan banyak lagi...
untuk apa?
sebab nak jaga nama zamri restaurant...
sebab zamri restaurant adalah customer...
sebab zamri restaurant will always believe in
amin's quality.
penat woooo nak wujudkan yang tak wujud...

Perbadanan Kesihatan Negara :
'Zamri.. camni punya supplier pun hang buleh
layan jgak noo... heran aku apasal la ni kali
pertama ado komplen lipaih dalam karipap...'
zamri restaurant :
'umph... selepas drastic measure yg amin the
karipap supplier amik pada july lepas ... kami
percaya dengan quality product yang dibekalkan.
no doubt...!'


Sunday, August 05, 2007


ari ni gi tgk the simpsons... besh film tu ...
lawak every five minutes... hilarious ...
so pocket.. kalau ado masa.. gi la tgk...


i did felt 'lama la plak film ni ... bila nak abih yek?'
cam armageddon... tak rasa pun lama ...
cam transformers.. tak rasa pun lama ...
cam harry potter... tak rasa pun lama ...

tte.. apo la makna nya tu kan... heh:D

about the japanese class...
i'm opening another blog for it ...
the Juppun jepun...
meaning ... sploh minit jepun heheh
hopefully the blog can go on. harap kat korang jgak pocket...

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Pocket... tomorrow is sunday n here i am writing to you.
its not that i dont wanna go jalan jalan malam sabtu nii...
but the thing is ... i dont know where to go... heard a fren
busted for bringing an underage indonesian to clubbing.
even sangkut for pills also... seriously speaking, it got
worst for him since he got terminated from his job, the
girls who sangkut for pills was sent back to their home
country. Poor them
dunno bout u pocket..

i felt lucky i'm not the one busted for clubbing with
underage girls who also do ecstasy pills...
i felt jealous cause i never had a first hand experience
of that kinda adrenalin rush... clubbing

although i know its better dat way :)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

i got this idea of me putting some japanese language basics here along with my 'acuman' heheheh... so i'll basically put in some verbs and tatabahasa... hopefully pocket... u can speak japanese too....
if u take note lah kan :D
and u have interest lah kan...

the first lesson...
Ayat penyata :

watashi wa hito desu
saya adalah orang
(heheh.. cam la tak tau kan... )

watashi wa otoko desu
saya adalah lelaki
(buleh digunakan masa orang ragu ragu anda
lelaki atau pompuan heheh... bila la agaknya tu yeh?)

ayat penyata negative
watashi wa neko dewa arimasen
saya adalah kucing bukan
(Direct translation... please try to understand
the susunan)

anata wa onna dewa arimasen
awak adalah perempuan bukan
(Kalau ter blind date ngan pondan hahahah)

heh... so buleh paham ker pocket?
kalau dah paham ... sila buat latihan... gunakan perkataan dibawah utk membuat satu ayat masing masing...

kata ganti diri
saya ... watashi
kamu ... anata
dia(L)... kare
dia(P)... Kanojo
kami ... watashi tachi
mereka... karera (Jarang digunakan)

Kata tunjuk
ini ... Kore
itu ... sore (within sight range)
itu ... are (out of sight range)
sini ... koko
situ ... soko
sinun ... ano

kereta... kuruma
pensel... enpitsu
buku ... hon(g) basically bunyi cam 'hong' jgak :D
lelaki... otoko
pompuan.. onna

Small lesson :
A no B menunjukkan 'A punya B'

seperti contoh
watashi no hong
saya punya buku

anata no neko
awak punya kucing

banji no kuruma
banji punya keter...

happy japanese pocket... heheheh

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


he got married again... i cant believe it ... he already have like two wife and still he got married again. Whatever in his mind... only god knows. Dah la tu... yg gi pinjam kamera orang tp bila pulangkan tu tak padam balik gambo yg ko dah amik mase wedding ko tu apasal? alahai anak omak.... tak der la .. cam kalau nak wat jenayah tu .. make sure la pakai glove tak nak kasi fingerprint sangkut...
tp kononnya bila ditanya kenapa.. alasannya mudah jer... 'servis tak bagus'
sendiri nyer alasan jer kut tuuu...
tak tau la .. mintak simpang malaikat pat puluh pat...
katanya no dua tak tau tentang yang baru nii...
memoga kekal idup sejahtera dan bahagia ke akhir hayat ...
wish u all the best...