Sunday, October 30, 2011

430. Tengok tudung tu.. comel kan,

soalan mudah,
soalan betul punyer nak tahu.
post pendek.

Camana nak bagi tau cik adik
kita yang kita suka pompuan
berambut gini gitu,
(i want to put a picture of the
girl with the 'head' i love but
if she's reading this then it'll
look like i'm meng'gatal'ing)
Compare ngan kakak ni kira gatal tak?

or kita ada fetish sikit
ngan pompuan berskirt
panjang gini gitu,

or kita suka sidia yang
bertudung gini gitu.

the worst was,
kita suka awek yg berwajah
anak mami gini gitu.

Tanpa berbunyi bagai membandingkan.
Tanpa berbunyi bagai,
'Kalau kamu tak wat rambut gini,
aku mungkin akan berpikir dua kali
tentang hubungan kita'.
Tanpa berbunyi macam gatal.

Pasal memang tak pun..
Come what may,
kamu nak berrambut panjang sampai
ke tulang sulbi pun.. pocket tak kisah.

Pocket nyer taste would be like this.
And i would like u to know dat.
lets try out..
if it happen to be nice on u,
why not make it permanent?

But let me assure u,
that even if u dont make it permanent,
i wont be going out there trying
my luck on somebody else.
am loving u just the way u are,
of course!!
u know me..
do you?
u dont?

anyway that is not the case here.
how do u tell your spouse that
u would like to see him in a round neck instead of a v neck,
that i would like to see her in long skirt once in a while.
without sounding too harsh or too comparing.
how ya pocketeers?


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

bertudung biar lah ikhlas

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

u ckp lahhhh i teringin lahh nk tgk u pkai skirt pjg...if u dun mind to wear it.but its sokay if u dun want to wear just giving my not trying to change ur style..

Akue Achik said...

tell her directly..
kalo dia rsa tbka ati nak pki,insyaAllah,dia akn pki..

anyway,it`s worth waiting.. tp smpi bila, tak tahu.. :)

zonaku said...

just say it sincerely.....
as what i used to discuss with my former, its easier if we speak openly.

but be aware of her sensitivity.... you know her better than any of us here who comment.

syabab said...
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syabab said...

if "she" ur talkin about are sexy let her be sexy bcos in the end of the day when u like her u accept wat her weekness or her good things.. if im not mistaken itulah yg gurlz will said... ade satu incident dimana seorang suami ni kawin ngn isteri dia which is fat... but he accept her the way she are... do u knoe how's the guyz tellin her to reduce weight without being harsh?is like dis.. satu hari tue tika perempuan tu tgh rehat kt katil.. the husband ask her.. "how much ur gain now?" then she said like "200pound".. the husband see trough her eyes n said "hey baby,u knoe i luv u rite i wanna spend the rest of my life wif u but seeing a lot of peoples death bcos of diebetics really make me sad by think about u.. will u be life for me?" guess wat the wife said?she was touched by the hubby's she make the diet plan n try to control her diebetic issue.. yeah dis is real story happen to be hollywood actress which i cant remember her name..hmmm... so back to yor question about dat?is is better somethin dat really sincerely from yor heart trust me she will understand if she really luv u.. best of luck pocket.. kalo da berjaya belanja2 erk?hehe...(^_^)Y

Pocket said...

betul tu, biar bertudung terus!

buleh try tu,
tapi nanti dia tanya plak..
'maner dapat idea nih?'

umph, worth waiting
kita tunggu jgak!

that is the problem,
if we ask her to cut her hair,
she'll think we're comparing.
if we ask her to wear tudong,
she'll think we being sarcastic
'as if u'r that good anyway'
gitu gitu :)

heheh, the thing is, its not about her weakness. its more about my taste.
like i like milo instead of horlick,
like i prefer to wear shoes rather then slipper going to themalls :)

if it was a weakness,
then we can explain it to her.
like your shopping trend is too much, or too much chicken will be sticking on your 'ponggong' forever.

if it was a 'taste',
then she'd be wondering...
'where did he get the idea that short hair would look nice on me?'
any of her ladies friend having the same hair?

uh oh!! comparison!!!

syabab said...

then makesure u dont sound comparison..hehe... put it this way... i gues yor gal should knoew dat guyz are beyond the idea when come to imagination...jz said u imagine her like dat in yor dream.. hoyeah dat doesnt sound comparison unless she feel jelous wif her own appearance...hehe jz try pocket... hehe.. i guess u should tell her wat u like it should be win win situation bcos looks like pocket mcm mengalah jer byk for dis time lets fight for it..tiny tiny litle things i guess she will understand...kih3.. (jgn gaduh sbb idea syabb sudah la..haha)

Ayaq said...

Well, in my case, if I want my guy to wear something, I'll just say "You would look so good in this." Tu jer. I won't say that I like this and this on guys ker apa. Just straight away that. And most of the time, it works... :)

rozeeta rashid said...

"boleh tak awak pakai macam ni? saya rasa mesti sweet kalau awak pakai." boleh tak ayat ni? hehe

fairuzniza said...

guy: macam mana eh rupa syg klu syg pakai tudung ni?teringin abg nak tengok. (with the tudung or skirt or baju yg dia nak wife dia pakai)

leave it on the bed or me,when u leave her alone in the room,she will try it on. :)

sLayZzcHe said...

how about if u just showing her this entry?? hehe..let make her ponder what she should do next. hehe. i guess

littledolphin said...

i have no idea. o.o

maybe maybe u can just be honest.

ok seriously no idea.bye.haha

Nadzirah K. said...

terus terang je dgn die :)
klu die x nak terima,tu lain cerita :)

Fatin Mraz said...

sebelum ini FM free hair..
my partner get me nice shawl..
then from then on FM pakai..

so, caner..get the idea?

hanaahmad said...

kalau u pakai tudung macam ni mesti cantik. i teringin nak tengok.

*perempuan suka kalau laki puji-puji angin macam ni. cubalah.


zonaku said...

if a muslim lady feels u bein' sarcastic talking about tudung............... paham sendiri la.....

x pun lepak mana2, observe manusia, then komen, sambil2 tukar idea if u wear this, if i wear that.....

Ain Atika Zailani said...

wahh pocket pandai menggatal. hahahhaha..hmm semua orang ada citarasa masing2. =)siapa lah tu ye... orang istimewa pocket ni..

Pocket said...

heheh, cerita tentang bayangan dalam mimpi kan, yes, maybe buleh try tu :)

gaduh kang aku sebut nama kamu
'err.. tak syabab tu yg suruh abang kater gini^^'

u look so mengancam in that baju melayu of yours too sis :) but dont wear those going to queensbay okeh ^^

yes, i guess that trick would do.
try! try! try!

'kenapa pulak? kawan kawan u dalam blog dok pakai gini yer? u dok tengok saper nii?

daaah maut ditempah. ohh

buying it maybe a good way,
and yes.. girls would try it out,
but i have to match it with some of her stuff then... ohh..
purple matching ngan kaler aper yer?

hahaha, the best about her is ...
she dont read blogs ............yet

hahahaha, kamu sunggoh kejam :)

Nadzirah K,
dah try dah sekali,
turned out to sound like i'm comparing.
daaaahhhhh dpt silent treatment 2 hari..

so i have to make it a nice 'something'
it would be nice if that 'something' is something to wear..
what about haircut? oh oh

puji puji yek,
okeh.. buleh try tu,
kena maniskan mulut sikit lagi lah :)

yes!! did tried that!
but the whole session turned out to be a
'critic-session' and worst, it became a fun 'critic-session'

'oh tengok la kakak tu, nangka nyaaa'
'mak oi kecik nya seluar amoi tuu sikit lagi nak nampak..'
'serabutnya shawl kakak tu!!'

oh camana nak mintak mahap balik kat pedestrian yang lalu lalang tuu

menggatal memang satu kewajipan utk lelaki.
kami dicipta dengan 12% of otak hanya untuk menggatal :)

fairuzniza said...

hahaha.nak selamat beli je warna itam or cream or putih. :p masuk dengan sume kaler. :)

Anonymous said...

cakapla u pakai skirt nampak langsing, elegant,bla bla bla. pompuan suka dipuji. jd nant dia rasa kalau dia pakai long skirt dia adalah pompuan terlangsing di dunia kalau spouse dia sendiri puji. betul ni.

Dhiya Fariza said...

Girls love compliment. Start with a compliment then get to the point of what exactly do u want from her or what do u wish for her to do.