Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Hypocrite to your self… is an idea that comes to me in 95…
Satu keadaan dimana kita takut kan sesuatu but we don’t want to admit to it, dan kita amik action lain yang boleh menghindarkan kita dari ketakutan itu. Tapi action itu tidak kita umumkan sebagai satu langkah utk menghindarkan diri dari ketakutan itu ..tapi satu action yang tak de kena mengena dengan ketakutan itu..
Contoh dibawah adalah sama dengan konteks diatas..
Bukan ‘takut’ tapi ‘suka’
Bukan ‘menghindarkan’ tapi ‘mendekatkan
Si Ali suka Ila
Ali tak nak ngaku suka Ila pada suma orang
Ali tak nak ngaku suka Ila pada diri sndiri
Ali nak jumpa Ila … kalau bleh tetiap ari
Tapi Ali tak mau mengaku pada diri sendiri yang nak jumpa Ila
Ali tau Ila makan kat kantin tetiap 1030
… duk tak duk Ali tingin nak makan karipap..
Ali gi la kantin nak bli karipap..
Ali bli karipap n ‘terjumpa’ Ila.. sempat senyum kat Ila ..
so Ali balik ke klas ngan hati happy,
‘Eh tolong sket.. aku bkan nyer ke kantin nak jumpa Ila.. aku memang tingin nak makan karipap..’ kata Ali
Pada diri sndiri..
Pada sapa sapa juga yg tanya ..
Satu contoh hypocrite to yourself..
Think bout it people..
And it comes in many different flavours..
Takut.. Suka.. Benci.. and many more

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Ari ni tgh meeting, duk tgk kawan nyer diary. Dalam diary company bebesor.. ado la maklumat maklumat yg besh besh.. so dlm diary kwn nii ado la list of cholesterols inside a list of foods. Heh.. just wanna share it with u guys.. heh.. although MsCuteDream knows better… tak gitu kakak?
(Since your latest hamarimono is reading health books)
Food Calorie Content
Egg 75
Egg white 15
Egg Yolk 60
Rice 263
Butter/Margarin 216
Cheese 96
Vegetable Oil 265

Tomato 20
Carrot 37
Apple 55
Banana 90

Beef Steak 304
Sausage 326
Fried Drumstick 344
Ice-Cream (big/small) 109/68
Hummm menakut kan .. and I’ve run on the treadmill. It took me 20 min of running to burn 100 cal. Around 6 km of cycling to burn the same amount(according to the machine la kan) Huh… makes u think twice before slurping on those juicy telur merah from the telur setengah masak kan heh:)
Anyway.. happy eating… heh..

Friday, November 25, 2005


This Sunday I’ll be going to watch the Harry porter again. This is because the last time I’ve went to see the movies, I was occupied with the boy who went there with me since he wanted to answer the call of nature(and he’s 10 so I cannot let him go by himself soooo… ). Guess what I’ve missed? The most precious scene, Hermione appearance before the ball dance. Hoh!! That’s the main cherry of the whole film janai!! But its ok .. since its not that boy’s fault.. I’ll be going to see it again anyway.. this Sunday:) heh.. hopefully I’ll get good seats this time.. my last seat was E1.. far to the left.. hoh…

Bebaru ni dapat la peluang gi Singapore, heh.. cam besh jerk an keja aku ni pocket.. kekadang gi johor minum air kathira.. kekadang gi Singapore.. ari tu gi Jakarta.. heh.. all in a days work lah .. nak kater besh sangat tu tak la jgak tp kna la enjoy the work kan .. heh..

Pada 23 hb tu bertolak la dari kilang ni naik picanto.. huh!! jeles jeles.. berlepas dari airport sini dan sampai ker Singapore pada 12 tgh ari.. makan nasi ayam dulu .. huh.. cam sodap kan .. mahal nak mampus.. tp bleh la tahan .. ado terasa cam beras yg dipakai tu lain benor jer .. heh..:P

Orang temasek cam comel comel belaka .. heh.. (dedulu diorang panggil Singapore temasik kan .. )will somebody tell me why is these girls wearing this kinda skirt to work? Where do they work.. anyway… anyway … they’re damn cute lah.. but ofcourse.. for those yg tak sesuai ngan skirt.. tu memang nampak tak sesuai la kan heh..:)

Yang pakai baju itam tu kwn yg gi skali ari tu.. n why in the hell is that guy wearing the blue shirt would think that silver tie goes well with blue shirt?.. n the janggut .. come on laa.. heh:P
So you guys.. done any travellin lately? Heh..

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Semalam hujan, aku keluar dari sarang utk mencari makan. Burger pon sodap.. sesampai nyer kat gerai burger tu ujan makin lebat.. teringat plak satu kenangan mase kat kayangan dulu… mase tu ujan jgak.. aku baru dpt gaji…
Tingin sangat nak makan nasi belut tuu… sebenarnya mana mana nasi belut pun buleh je tapi pasal ada burung kecik duk bagi tau yg kat situ sedap…jadi kami usaha jugak . malam tu hujan jugak .. samo je cam malam nii..
‘Jum B kita gi situ.. mahal pun mahal lah.. kita kna makan jgak kat situ ..’ kata ku ngan penuh bersemangat.. naik beskal jer .. ngan payung lagi .. sesat jgak dua tiga kali .. gaduh jgak dua tiga kali .. then .. sampai la jgak..
Sesampai nya disana .. for some reason kami tak mau makan kat situ.. baju pun dah basah.. dah tak hensem.. so .. kami decide nak bli jer bawak balik.. so order la yang paling sesuai.. unajyu bento… 2800 yen jgak woooo…huh.. mahal kan.. order dua .. (ker kita bli satu jer ?) then bawak la balik makan ..
Ingat kan sodap la sangat.. tp kan .. hehehe.. cam tak der la sodap sangat .. ker lidah tak cukup jepun lg .. tp somehow ado rase besh.. walaupun tak leh makan kat situ pasal liquid problem… walaupun penat mencari kdai .. walau pun ujan.. heh..
The box to put in the nasi belut was nice right?
Kenangan is something panas ...
Kenangan is something yang tajam dan menikam...
Kenangan is something yang memilukan...
kenangan makes u smile by yourselves
Kenangan mendewasakan...
kenangan proves that u're old
hahahahhah.. keep on Reminiscing^^;

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Harry potter.. who don’t luv them? Gotta think a way to go and see the movies on this coming 18th… heh.. but just to my luck, all the person that I know here is no kaki wayang.. huh… maaa.. usaha jgak la gi cari member tgk…

Asked a fren on pocketing, she said
‘tak der gambo… cam baca surat kabo jer .. surat kabo pun ado gambo.. cam novel. Manoooo la nak menarik minat.’
Hooh.. memang blog pakcik tak der gambo… its because I don’t have any digicam so my photo is kinda late.. n another one from her …
‘mano la makcik nak reti baco English heh… ko mix mix la ngan melayu … bkan rojak.. tp ari ni English.. besok melayu.. ari ni English balik .. besok n seterusnya melayu.. baru la makcik bleh tumpang bacoooo’

Hummm… she got a point there.. tak sumer orang nak baca omputeh tetiap ari…
Its just that most of my ideas is best delivered in English… dunno lah.. any way for a starting .. I’m putting some pic today… I’ll get creative the next time:)
Dan saya juga akan mula menulis dengan bahasa melayu. Walaupun tak selalu, saya akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk berbahasa melayu sebanyak yang mungkin… hehehh…

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I am writing stories to you pocket, to tell u hows my day was, stories bout things… sometime its real, sometime just a fantasy. Simple reverie. Ideas bout thing that goes on through our life… from a simple little pocket pinggang thing till ‘death do us apart’
So as an encouragement of this thing that I’m doing… I’m starting to tell people bout my pocket… not to boast or anything..
(as if there was anything bout my pocket to boast bout)
Its just as an encouragement for me to keep on pocketing… at least I know that ‘that guy will be reading’ ‘that girl will be reading’ so that I will keep on updating .. with new stories.. new ideas… forcing it to come out in the open and expose themselves. Haha!!
But I need a digicam lah pocket.. heh.. datte.. tak der kalu kurang sket la nak isi gambo huhu…
Seriously lately I’ve got really envy wit one of the pocketeers, lots of pic… huuuu… nak la jgak…

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Aaa…aaaa…apocket!!(sneezing sound)

Huish!!today I was sneezing all day long. Through the whole QA meeting, they have heard my sneezing sound as a background music.. though it was not as melancholy as one should be… heh..
On the second day of Shawal, our jiran was admitted to a nearby Metro Hospital for heart attack, she was admitted at 5 am, we were trying to visit her at 10 am but were shocked to hear that she is already in a critical condition. I was the one driving the car, we rushed to the hospital to see her… but when we arrived there… we were already late.
She has already left the building and gone upstairs….
to a higher level.. much much higher..
I thought I wont be cryin, I thought I wont shed a tear… but seeing the Jiran’s daughter..
Her grandchild weeping for her, hoh… I was touched also lah pocket.. the rain also poured on me.. I weep slowly … covering the tears wit my sunglass though…
Her cucu was starving so I brought them to the restaurant below.. ate a sandwich and one more sandwich and for me .. I ate mee tomyam… they recovered from the sadness of loosing their nenek… what do you expect.. a bunch or 4 and 5 years old..
Well I kinda think … who will weep for me if I …..
It doesn’t apply to life and death only.. also for quitting your job.
I think everybody knows me over here in this small little company, but will they be sad if I leave the company?
Hahaha.. the answer is simple… lets try it out and see… heh:)
Anyway.. I’m demam today .. hell of demam I might add.. cannot think straight .. cannot see straight .. cannot talk straight.. the nose is running.. having quite a time to catch it back though…
Happy Monday … heh.. or is it Thursday?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I have those whitish thing on the nose lah pocket.. what do you do wit dat thing haa.. can pore pack really do the trick? Stick it to your nose and peel it off …
Or those facial wash with micro beads can reduce the whitish little devil? Can anybody tell me? Cause my face looks filthy with it. Heh

Its nice to know that u’re frenz bounced back after dropped from 18th floor heh:)
Pain heal
Scars remain
at least we know how much we’ve bled in your 27 years of life.
At least we’ve learnt. And one more thing.. nice pic of ely. Heh..
Thanks to StarPark for comin here... biler nak wat blog family lak heheh...

I cannot update much though pocket.. got a looooooottttt of work to do lah.. just a simple hai to da pipo.. telling that I’m still here..and got a loads of stories to tell… fantasy to dream.. lies to make believe .. heh and I miss u guys^^; wish I coulda drop this life of mine and go camping wit u guys or something.. heheheh..
But until then, Tata…

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


So today may be the last day I’ll be telling u stories before raya pocket.. next one will be after raya..i’ll be missing u during my cuti raya.. this years raya is without any new kasut raya .. new baju raya.. nor any new awek raya.. dey .. mira is in the house though.. I’ll be sweet topping her all week long lah:P hheheheh
Question wanna ask here lah pocket.. u’ve gone to a masjid to semayang jumaat, somebody stole your shoe, do you wanna take others too..? like an eye for an eye? Its not the same eye but its like even things up…
If u take it .. then you’ll be the same as the person who have taken your shoes. Same level of mind.. same level of crookness.. same low level IQ..sama tak skolah heheh. U’re better than that right? U’ve gone to university to learn to be better person inside right? At least u did some schooling to understands that taking things that is not yours is not good. Your parent also teached u all those shit right….bottom line is u are better …
But if u don’t take it.. then people will always take your shoes, people will always buli u. your need is obsolete… nobody care bout what u feel inside.. nobody care bout moral.. all they care is bout going home using new shoes. Or maybe selling it and make profit.
So which one is you pocket?
The buat baik balas baik .. buat jahat jangan sekali ..?
Or the an eye for an eye… let the strong wins.
Now this question doesn’t linger around masjid’s entrance when u were thinking bout taking others shoe when yours was stolen …only…its goes to all condition..
Also same with people who have been telling bout your bad to the boss while they also was doing the same shit..
Also same with people who takes advantages of people in some office. In some community … in some organization.
Its unfair u know… u felt it torching your heart, slicing and dicing your liver… u wanna do something but… will it be better for you to shit people out too..? will u feel better when u did it? Huh.. question question question lah pocket..

Anyway.. have a happy raya and deepavali varthikel…
Am gonna eat lots and lots of kueh makmur..heh.. not to forget twisties.. huhhh
Will somebody give me duit raya.. need to pay for the EX5 lah pocket..:)
Niss .. thanks for the curi kasut idea … :) heheh…