Saturday, October 22, 2011

421. AyatAyat Lama

Ohh pocketeers,
it was a long and long storyline with the word
'bersambung' that was starting to annoy people kan :)
sorry, this is not the sinetron ^^

so to ease your mind off things in this
lovely weekend. here are some of the quote
engraved in my mind.
Definitely used it in my comment or my post,
just thought would be nice to share it again.
So that i wont forget.

1) Being in luv with a man
is like keeping a dog.
let him loose, let him run,
he'll come back by the end
of the day to sit by your porch.
loyal and happy, tail wiggling. :D

If u tie him down
or keep him in the
cage, he'll bite the
hand that feed.
he'll try to get
and if he succeed.
he might never come back.

2) Being with someone is like owning the car,
the commitment the money involved.
Yes you will end up owning the best car fit for u.
but hear this, even if u were driving your car,
the cute MyVi or some savvy looking mini cooper :)

u still be looking at the BMW or Wira that
is parked by your side. just to look at that
nice circuit, bumper, spoiler, tinted, leather cover.
no no u'r not going to touch or test drive the BMW,
u're just looking at it in awe of its beauty.

no harm done kan?
(Found the actual post : Cars <- it was so long ago,
about 500post before!! waahh how time flies kan)

3) satu tahu, itu rahsia,
dua tahu, itu gossip,
tiga tahu, itu kabar angin,
empat tahu, itu pengetahuan am.
lima tahu, well u might as well as
announce it in the 8o'clock news.
so dont ever let your secret be known to
more then one person. and that one person is u.

okeh :)

happy weekend pocketeers, drink a lot of fluid,
dont forget the sayur. it'll be a heck of a next week
to swim our ass into :)


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

for me,
being love with man feel terrible, sometimes fantastic

eman said...

may i said i hve no exprience..? im like a virgin... mcm song la pulak... i cant said a word about my opinion but but but if according to wat my pals have experience, i can said that love are like yor stinky pillow... when u 1st time bought u jz use when u need it.. but sometimes while time goes by, u notice without realising how many years yor pillow have been there wif u n u never notice how stinky it was... same goes wif love,no matter how wonderful love u get... if u never feel any bad in love it might be jz like a stinky pillow until the end u will never knoe how stinky it was... so is it a true love?u decide jz sharin a thought... lalalala~~

Saiazuan said...

i like the 3rd one..

have fun with ur weekend pocket... ;)

El-Janna said...

nice one^^

happy weekend pocket^^

EZAN IDMA said...

rahsia tetap rahsie

Anonymous said...

cool and epic LOL

littledolphin said...

hello! long time didnt come here.sorry :)

the third one...seems very unlike me.i have this really bad habit of wanting to express everything to everyone. hmmm..

how am i supposed to get rid of those habits? i just love sharing my stories.and sometimes even personal ones.

Fatin Mraz said...

lovely weekend, lovely entry!
thanks pocket. for those tips & pesan..

happy weekend to u too! ^_^

Dhiya Fariza said...

pocket i love this. siap copy paste lagi ni ha. terkejut tak, terkejut tak, hehehe

Adila said...

nice! haha

quotes nasihat tu!

aemy said...

i love all of the quotes! expecially the 3rd one..i bet they're all come from your idea, right? that's creative. ^^
btw, thx for reminding me to eat sayur..hehe..because i don't really like sayur, except broccoli..
have a nice weekend! ^^

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

ooo...and pocket is always a doctor love! love quotes nieh mmg selalu best, rite? it's just that sometime we think that we know everything (cuz love is unexplainable even though u can write books about it), but we actually know nothing.

Kalau tak, takkanlah masih ada percintaan gagal walau selepas baca Men From Venus, Woman From Mars (saje terbalikkan...ehhee...)

anywayz, good job for reminding bro..

cik pulau said...

once being in love before..but it so terrible..
hope the one after this could fine the sweetnes..

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

like number 1 and 3 . ok bye , haha

filanastasia said...

for me.. broken heart can make u stronger with heartless heart.. everytime ur heart is broken, u'll glue it.. it's become harder n harder everytime.. the glue actually mold ur heart until one time u won't feel anything at all.. if u're lucky enuf, only someone with 'magic' can cure it.. *from experience*

kajaharuna said...

suka mini cooper <3 <3

dhiera said...

rahsia kita hanyalah kita yg tahu!

klo kita biarkan dia lepas kemudian tak datang2 jugak. makna ye dia bukan jodoh kita~

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

hahaha..btul gak tuh last paragrapgh u stated.susa nk tmbat lelaki nih.kne bg penjagaan yg rapiii ;)

Anonymous said...

suka semuanya. semua sangat la benar belaka. esp part secret tu. dah nama secret jangan la nak gebang hebah sana sini kan. pastu ckp ko je yang tau. sampai orng kesepuluh pun cakap. ko je yang tau. aparaaa...

rozeeta rashid said...

suka the 3rd one. trust no one! hehe.

Tny said...

Ermm baru je baca N3 yg ni.. I like ayat no1 the most.. dan yea jugak.. betul jugak untuk ayat no 2 &3.. But Bro.. how if the no 1 tu..wit a lil feeling of insecurity? :( (tp rs nya normal utk terfeeling demikian) Any options or opinions or advices? **plz..based on experiences lebih bagus** ;)