Sunday, July 31, 2005


hai pocket...
long time no write.. sorry.. today i went back to da kampung, do some gardening .. which makes me feel happy even though for a while only.. life has been very penat .. but then again .. if u're not doing dis life of yours.. who's going to do it for u? kan..:) Pocket!! this month she will coming back from japan .. wowiiiii.. like happy bangat.. hehe.. missed her alot.. like alot .. thinking of her .. missing her ..makes me feels sakit at my tulang rusuk kiri.. like my hati is actually react physically to this feeling of 'rindu'... how? dont ask laa.. i'm no doctor..
Actually i got nothin to tell u today poket.. sorry lah.. lately to much things happening to me .. and i dont think i can think straight right now.. i think i just wanna end this now lah..
ps: have u ever wonder how much one little thing can do to your life.. little thing.. little news.. somebody's marrying somebody.. somebody died.. that guy cheated on his family... that girl is pening to think bout her new born baby's name... this guy ran over a child wit his car. the grief.. the sadness.. and of course not to forget the happiness and the joy............. these and those thing will effect u .. what if ?what if happen to me? how do i bear it .. huh!! (PS tp panjang nak mampus)

Saturday, July 23, 2005


hehe,Dey pocket:P
don’t u just luv those pocket pinggang, I mean those little bags that u hang to your belt .. not the kind that have its own belt(in other words, pouch).
At first I thought that thing will never hang around me, why ?because I don’t think that thing does anything to you, its not like you don’t have any pocket any more right .. handphone? Inside the pocket la, but then again .. after browsing the shopping mall for a few times, me too got the demam for that pocket pinggang. Bought my self two already..heheh.. already browsing for the third one.
Which makes me think. When u were still a child pocket.. da mama never let u eat the second telur goreng right .. or the second ayam goreng .. why ? because there’s not much to go for everyone else .. but until now even .. I am still having that rules inside me saying that whenever u eat out .. never have two ayam during nasi lauk .. or two telur goreng .. or even two pieces of palm size daging kurma.. huhuhu.. why? Its not like there’s not much for all the family to have or anything? U pay for the ayam laa.. have two .. u just have to pay more .. hehehe..
Well that’s the beauty of it all.. heheh.. da mama restricted u to that rules so that u’ll be better with u’re life.. one piece of ayam goreng is enough to serve the purpose of making your nasi lauk more delicious.. so u wont be needing the second one right.. heheh silly me:P
Come back to the pocket pinggang, why do I need the third one then?hummmmmm… tell me pocket. Dunno da answer already.. heheh
Anyway .. to all dos pipo who gi main bowling.. heheh.. baper dpt score? Dah power ker belum.. blk my kang kita lwn...huhuhu

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Today i wanna introduce to you someone that have been the pain in the neck to me for quite a time now. yeah .. he's the guy in da photo, why is it that he is da pain in da neck? well .. lately he have been eating like nobody care.. n gotten fat.. which is terrible la kan .. so i need to do something la bout this guy.. need to force him to wake up early in da mornin.. n do some jogging ker .. or .. skipping ker.. or .. simply do not have any carb after 8 o'clock.. huhu
Eh pocket.. sory lah .. but today .. i'm not telling u any story nor any lies..hahah .. cause i got to do something la afterthis.. anyway.. jinsei tte subarashiii..

Friday, July 15, 2005


Today I’ve got a chance to talk to dis hot chics, well a friend o mine, name axi, of course da name is not axi. Something like axi laa.. so she have this wonderful bf, going to get engage in a month or two. But still she’s having a crush on somebody else. The guy she’s having crush on is also a friend.. a happy go lucky kinda guy who do sport, nice looking specky.
So axi asked me what to do , seems like her bf is da best but this guy is also ‘always on my mind’. ‘Why?’ I asked. ‘mamat ni macam amik berat sangat apo kita wat n apo kita rasa .. kalau cam terlanggar samting tu .. dia tanya .. “sakit ker, Ok ker tu” tak macam bakal tunang tu. Kalau ngaduh sakit sket .. “allaaaa.. tu pun nak sakit.. cam bdak bdak!” dan mamat ni cam hensem lg .. n ofcourse not to forget.. dekat ngan I tak cam da bakal tunang tu jauuuuh sangat .. (Alor Setar)’. So pocket, i told her to be true to your heart. ‘Which one is da best?’ And the answer is .. ‘da tunang la’ ‘and what about dis specky?’ ‘ tu yg susah tuuuuuu’ making her cute muncung.. heheHeheh.. so my advice to her is .. ‘layan jer la , jangan sampai sndiri sangkut dah la, kang tak leh nak lupa lak de new one.. and on the same time have to get marry to da tunang one’. Sorry la pocket .. but I don’t think that the nasihat is a good one .. I mean .. she suppose to stick with the one la kan .. n sceptically thinking.. what if the same advice was given to my girl.. how would she handle it .. hummm.. how would I handle it if I found out .. huh!! Don’t know la pocket..
Hopefully not lah pocket.. hopefully not..(^^;

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Yeay!! Today I've finished my QA Meeting, the one and only thing that most people hate in the month.. its simply where u present your section achievement. Nothing much actually but the heat goes up when the Grand Manager (Mr.Nagamine) opens up his mouth and starting to ask something. If u can answer them it alright la kan .. but the problem is when u yourself don't actually sure bout the answer. Hooooo!!! Paniiiiccc.. Pocket! What section are u in haa? Well I'm in the Customer Related section. The only section in QA where u can go out to places, eat nice thing and ofcourse not to forget .. try to get the stewardess number. But then again its not all cream and sugar with strawberry on top. When u go to customer¡'s factory (usually due to some Quality Issue) they wont be treating u as a visitor.. but as a villain who just cause them their job efficiency. Its like this...I assure the Quality of my product.. but when there still NG product flow out to customer factory. This will cause their job to be more complicated (lantak ko la kan).. so when you were there to discuss on the matter at hand. They¡'ll be in not a good mood. There are some cases where I was scolded..'U have already told me all this shit.. but still the handling problem flow out to us!!!' something like that la .. So the QA Meeting is a place where all the section inside the QA Dept. present their work for the whole month.. huuuuu.. takuuuuttttt.. (I¡'m not that good in public speaking) anyhow.. today the Nagamine ask me something and I've answered intelligently.. hehehe.. just wanna tell u that pocket.. cause nobody would understand it even if I told them..hehehe.. :P
Anyway .. this is a photo of me when I was somewhere out there.. I luv those guys and not to forget those girls. Really hoping that the time will come again to me.. like a rewind .. and I just awake in the morning in my former room .. in that little room .. where only one person can sleep in it. I'll past u the pic of my room nenanti yek pocket.. really wanna u to see it .. wake up .. and goes to the living room to watch the tamori.. talking to the Bourne.. the lado and the Benn.. not to forget the Ayie. and of course cycle up to get to dat little thing who can really smile:Pheheh.. miss ya! Dey .. enough la for today pocket.. ngantut la plak=)

Monday, July 11, 2005

already know how to put in da pic..!!
I'll put in more..


right now i am listening to that same old song.. broken - Seether feat. Amy Lee. dunno why .. but i like that songs.. why haaa.. ? maybe its just chemistry kut, this is my second day writin to you pocket. hehe.. sorry but still donno how to paste any pic.. still dunno how to make those cool background .. maa.. korekara kanaaa..
So .. what have you've been doing pocket? me ? today i've tried to talk to the japanese teacher from that cambridge language centre, i thought she was a japanese .. but she wasnt.. her name is 'Tin' . listening to her japanese language is like listening to a japanese girl talking to you .. its like perfect .. sasuga sensei .. what about u pocket? me? i can only ask how to go to the toilet only, till now i still dont think i can converse in japanese that well , simple yes no alright .. hahahaha
Any how ..back to my first problem, how do you paste a photo into this blog.. and how do you change all those colours.. realy need to know.. anybody out there .. please help me..

Sunday, July 10, 2005


okeh .. this is my second time doing this.. hopefully this goes well .. i dont think i'll ever have any time to do this thing anyway.. wit the keja .. n all the girls (heheh) n all the other thing i would like to do .. (like gardening.. pathetic is'nt it? lets face it .. i'm an occhang already) hahahahah but still i wanna do this .. why?cause all my frenz already have their own .. n need to compliment them here that their's blog like soooooo damn cute and macho and everything .. hehe.. u just got to have your own when u exposed to that kinda exposure..
But then again .. why is it that u got to have everything that everybody elses havin? u are u sir pocket!! if u wanna have all the thing that others have .. why dont u have their life then .. change your name or something .
Well I would actually .. but i dont think u're alowed to do that .. hehehe.. its not like you wanna have some other life or something .. but u wanna have what everybodys havin .. it like u're going to the kenduri .. everybody is eating nasi wit da ayam ..but u're the only one havin the kurma telur rebus only.. hahahaha.. life have to change.. call the mentara and ask for the ayam ..
anyway .. this is my first time writin in this .. so dont wanna be demented as i should be .. hehe.. anyway .. hello to all the people out there..!! this is da poket .. already havin my own little blog. yoroshiku !!!

Dis is da pocket writing on 22/1/08
Am putting a photo on me blog as a background. so will be putting the photo ere instead of in some other free photo hosting web site...

hows the blog look like pocket?