Sunday, October 30, 2005


Yesterday I’ve went to nearest university to do some testing on our NG Sample, the test can only be done at the univ. since the equipment is sooooo mahal lah pocket.. I’ve went there wit a colleague, arrived there at 1045 in the morning.
As I entered the microscope room, there were student here and there doing their work. My colleague was the one in charge so he was the one doing the talking. As I was browsing along the students project….
And then I saw her… she sits alone doing this project magnifying a belalang. The belalang was dead laaa pocket.. so there’s no chance the belalang would hop around screaming ‘hop for your lifeeee!!!’(although I do hope the belalang would do such thing so that I can offer my help heheh). She stick a needle through the belalangs back and put it under a microscope to take picture. The lighting was insufficient so she have to handle the lamp to make it brighter.
The hand movement…
Some time she finds her tudung was distracting her so she play with it once a while …
The way of her Tudung handling…
The way she move around.
The way she sits.. she lift her hand to the professor.. the way she ask for help.
How she was intimidated by the professor question. She bit her lips showing lack of confidence during answering the professor.
How she laugh…
Heheh.. sorry to say ..
Her cutting..:P
I got a glimpse of how she look..
The dagu..
The pipi
The dahi..
although it was half covered by the tudung.
Her baju and suar.. her kasut even… kasut litup kaler pink.. hoh!! I’m in luv!!!
How is it that it comes to this haaa..
Everything reminds me of her… dunno why but everything … everything goes back to her.. .. I think I’ve gone crazy lah pocket.. rindu la kut ..heh.. balik cpat sket b

Friday, October 28, 2005


On the 26th Oct I’ve gone to Ipoh to do some work there, the trip was fun.. we didn’t eat anything since all of us choose to fast (including the Indian girl). But it was damn exhausting .. so when I arrived at the mother ship, I couldn’t sit well since my job there is also pending. Once the clock strikes 530 I was already on my ex5 running home. Batt Low la pocket..
After my meals, I’ve slept. I thought I will awake at 9 or something but I was wrong… I woke up at 4 in the morning. The EX5 was left out there in the alley behind my house.
(usually I would keep her safe and tight in the living room where there would be like 4 to 5 locks protecting her from harm face)
Well my luck charm has run out. I’ve lost her.
Hell I was panicked, ran to the front lawn hoping my roommates would kind enough to done the job for me but negative. She’s not there..
So I’ve went to the nearest police station and make a report.
The police guy was quite nice to me, maybe since it was me who was the victim… after the reporting done... I went back to my house.. to sit tight doing nothing.. huh.. so I decided to take a stroll to the park .. just incase I stumble upon my motorbike.
And I was lucky.. after 1 hour of strolling.. I’ve found her.. or atleast what is left of her.. they have taken all the part that they can take off her and left her with the ‘tayar’ and the engine only, huh… sedih kan ..
So right now I’m in the process of the claim and everything.. huh.. hopefully my motorcycle wont take that much time to recover… sedih kan..
Moral, take care of her… let her sleep safe and sound in the living room. Give her medication once a while.. treat her wounds right away so she wont get cranky.. and hopefully she’ll stay with you her whole lifetime. Wont go dead or stolen by some punk.
I know this… but I’ve learn it the hard way…
How long is her lifetime anyway?15 years?:)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Today I have to go to ipoh to go to customer site.. got some work to do, huh.. during pose pose ni kan .. cam tak nak gi jer .. what can I do.. need to go. I’ll be going for only a day, wont be sleeping there even, go and back .. I’ll be breaking my fasting in penang .. so.. to all pocketeers, have a happy life yer ..
Its a pity I wont be eating the Ramly Mee Rebus today, since whenever i went to Ipoh to that particular customer, i'll be eating at that particular place. The nasi ayam is hell besh siut.. heh.. maa.. its ok .. its alright .. its a goooooooooddd try!!! hahahaha..

Chotto Kowareta

Monday, October 24, 2005


Today is Sunday but I have to work.. how pathetic is that? Well I got some photo to take, some report to finish.. some investigation in progress… huh… bz me haa..
Ari ni nak tulih bahasa melayu lah pocket, sesekali tukar angin jap .. heh.. semalam cuti, balik kampong ari jumaat tu… ari sabtunyer duk layan bebudak sebelah umah .. blikan si Jihan keter control.. mahal siut tp besh jgak.. heh sebenornye abang dia ni yg nak main.. heh.. tp guna la alasan blikan utk si jihan tu.. heh.. besh jgak kan keter control nii kan .. makan batt macam siut jer .. six hour of running here and there and the batt is already out .. we’ve also tried side parking and reverse parking .. huh!! susah siut nak side parking kan .. pakai keter betul pun susah .. pakai keter control laaaaaaagi susah ..heh:P
Utk nak balance kan balik .. blikan kat Along the pengilap kuku(apo namo nyer tu yek?) heh .. along is just 13 years old .. going to be 14 soon.. she got no elder sister so the burden of teaching her to grow up as a chics comes to this brother la kan ..
(FYI : at the moment she’s a little bit ‘boy’ish)
I thought she wont be interested in gilap kuku, but I was wrong.. hoh!!! Ajar jer satu kuku. Dia dah besh dah tgk kuku tu berkilat.. sampai berbuka duk gosok benda tu .. huhuuuuu…
Girls will always be girls la kan .. heh..
Gi betulkan motor .. mase duk naik motor tu pun duk tengok kuku… mase bli makanan berbuka pun duk tgk kuku … pegang plastic bungkus makanan pun ujung ujung jari jer … sayang kuku katanya.. tahulah kuku ko tu dah berkilat .. tp tak yah la tgk sampai gitu skali.. heh..geli nyeeee… maaa… its her first time having the pengosok kuku.. let her enjoy la kan ..heh.. The ‘geli’er thing is .. my nails also shiny due to demonstration during teaching… uuuuuu
Its nice looking at children growing period… make u recall yours… the sweet memories, those thing u were luving back then…
simply main tuju batu..heh..
(just simply stand apart and throw stones at each other like a cowboy in a sundown shooting duel)
Not to forget Tuju kasut
Aci ligan
Nice kan…:)
Pocket… I think I’m already old lah….^^;

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I’ve went to a frenz place last Tuesday to bukak pose.. she have been asking me to do so since the first day of pose but I was occupied with all my little stuff so I couldn’t go..Last Tuesday.. I’ve make the effort to cancel all my little thing and go to her house to buka pose samer….
Her mother was a canteen caterer, so the leftovers was like too much for a family to handle, so … she invite us to finish everything up. The food was soooooo delicious lah pocket..
Kari kepala ikan
Ikan bawal goreng
Ayam bakar
Kerabu mangga
Gulai kerang wit nenas

(anybody can tell me what’s the different between gulai n kari?)
Ulam dis n dat..
Air teh bunga
And not to forget the most important of all (for me la kan..)
Sambal Belachan
She made the sambal belachan.. the tuan rumah.. the one I call Axy (maybe u guys still remember her from my previous post), so I thanked her a lot for that.. since I couldn’t eat if I don’t have the sambal belachan.
It was raining when I speed my EX5 to go there.. the map got blur wit the rain water. Just to my luck, Axy has done a great job on helping me to get more lost by drawing the map upside down.. right to left.. atleast she gets the Indian temple right..
But some how I got there in one piece (late but still alive:) ) there was a Japanese girl and a Japanese bloke also during that feast.. the bloke couldn’t converse in malay yet so he kept his silence unless he was being asked for....the feast went well.. everybody was happy, and I was full.. teached the Japanese bloke the word sengkak..hehheh it was nice la axy.. thanks to you and thanks to your mama..
Maji de kandou.…

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Hoh!!Da Air Katira was damn sodap siut… heheh.. I think I’m gonna marry a ‘johor’ian lah ..hahaha.. it’s a pity I get to have the Air Katira for only one plastic only… if only I could stay for few more days.. I’ll bloat myself with the green liquid (is it suppose to be green?) till I drown myself hahaha..
We went there by bus (can u believe it?) depart from here at 9 pm, arrived there at 7 the next morning. Have ourselves a bath at the larkin station and off we went to the factory we suppose to be doing our work .. the factory was damn hot. Work till 430 and cried tears of joy upon seeing the taxi to take us to our hotel. We didn’t went straight to the hotel though, we went to a small pasar Ramadan instead. There’s not much stall at that ‘param’ but we managed to bought us a bags of delicacies, murtabak, nasi goreng johor, ayam panggang, ayaq nyioq and not to forget the katira…
We arrived at the hotel Grand Blue Wave at 6 o’clock.
Checked In.
Took bout 5 minutes only but our two rooms were to far apart.1905 and 1405. so I’ve asked them to change it .. 1405 to 1904 hoh.. and they done it for me, so I have to wait till they prepare my room for me. While waiting for the room to be prepared, I ‘Lay Parked’ at the girls room to berbuka posa sesama. Peh .. the food was tremendously delicious looking siutttt.. Azan jer .. trus capai air katira ku, rasenyer cam santan, lemak n manis, got some biji selasih .. and some more thing like the one the put inside the lee chee kang..
Huh!! sodap siut .. maji de rasa nak kawin ngan johorian and live there till raya…and the next years posa and so on .. hehe.. datte katira dake ga suki dakara.. hahaha..
My nasi goreng johor was also not bad, remembered che fida used to cooked us the green fried rice.. how ya been doing girl..?
As usual we didn’t finished all our food, nak simpan mkn sambil tgk movie la konon.. the murtabak, ayam panggang.. cam bazir jer kan..
Forgot to tell u bout the room lah pocket.. it was 19th floor, the view covers all the north area, cheh!! Tak leh la nak tgk Singapore!! Hummmm.. after buka pose, I’ve went to my room, mandi .. make up.. and sleep.. never thought I’d be so exausted .. the girls wanted to go out jalan jalan so they called me at 9 something. Went for a stroll and returned to the nest frustrated, the swimming pool was 8am~8pm only, the karaoke room was not founded. Nothing in the area to look at.. the girls does stopped at the gym to look at the muscle inside though.. (For 20 min!!) cheh .. jeles la niii.. aku ni diorang tak nak tgk!! Huh:P
Slept at 11 something and woke up for sahur at 4
‘bangun sahur awak !! jum sahur jum’
The sahur was quite great. Nasi lemak, bubur kanji, kellogs cornflakes, telur goreng.. heh
we did our job for the day and flew ourselves back at 640pm, got a little time at the KLIA to pusing pusing and buy some stuff. arrived at our place at 11. it was an exausting experience but it was worth it. At least i got to taste the air katira.. hehe..
two days outstationed, I got loads of report to finish.. maybe cant update stories to you nomore lah pocket (atleast for a couple of days) but never be sad. I'll find the time..:P

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


So it has come to this condition where I have to go to johor tomorrow. Hoh.. got some work to do over there, dunno how long da work will be, but hearing the qty.. I bet its gonna take a loooonnnggg time to finish.. hoh.. well I might as well enjoy myself la kan.. rather than duk maki why does my life have to be like this.. its not that bad actually, get to meet the person that u’ve been talking to through phone.. understand the work process in customer places. Just the heat and the panas pose jer la kut .. then again I can try one of those air katira ..hehe… katernyer besh hehe… I might be staying at the grand blue wave.. dunno yet .. but most probably.
Wish me luck lah pocket.. hopefully I can do my work efficiently. Meaning no update la for the next three days.. huh..


Today is Monday, heh.. as if u don’t know kan pocket.. got sooo many person from our dept gone to places during past weekend. Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and so on lah. So it has been a custom for those who have gone out somewhere to buy a little bit of tit bit for everyone.
I’ve done it too…(occasionally^^;…)
But this tit bit is really tormenting me right now, since this is a fasting month and I couldn’t bite the little devil. Hoh!! anyway, that was a cake from taiwan (box on the left) some mochi from Japan(the round one) and some gula gula from taiwan also ( the one in the green plastic)
I’ve went back to the kampong on the weekend, is nice to have the breakfast at the kampong once a while since it is sooooo samishii to have breakfast all by my own here. So last night I have the yong tao fuu, some murtabak, kanji .. karipap.. soya cincau.. and not to forget .. the kopi maktuk.. hahah.. sounds nice ye.. heh.. menyesal trus pas abiskan makanan tu sumer. Kenyang sangattt…heh..
‘Ish aku teringaaaat kat abang hang, katanya susah sangat nak bli benda berbuka kat sana’ says the maktuk.
‘hummm.. btui jgak kan, camanaaaa la dia nak gi bli lauk kat pekan tu kan. Dah la jauh’
Hummmm.. to my bro.. everybody’s is thinking bout u.
Hope things treating u right down there..

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Got a campaign lah pocket, so we need to pose an X gesture to indicate ‘no’ to something lah pocket.. its like no to dadah or no to cigarette. Haha.. well I’m one of the person in the photo la pocket.. can u identified which one is me? Hahah.. sure u can:)
I would like to introduce them to u guyz but I don’t think they would like it.. but anyway, these people is great. They treat me great, the’re like the best pals.. buy me things.. going out for dinner once a while.. But then again, I’ve once heard this saying :
If the job is great
(good prospect, making progress, making money)
Then the people will be like shit…
If the people is great
(great support, nice to hang out with, easy to talk)
Then the job will be futureless..
Dunno lah.. how true is this..?
Niss… da PV is great!!kandou la plak…

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Another posa is coming, but it’s the same old me. Alhamdulillah I’ve completed my last posa and hopefully I’ll be completing my posa this year too but whether with full mark or not .. that one only God knows. It’s the dosa kering that make points deduction.. all the nice ‘scenery’ that walk around here and there.. hoh.. hope your pose is fine lah pocket.
During pose, we get to evacuate(as if in balik ngan ceria nya..heh:) the building at 530.
On normal non posa days, we’re only running home at 6 o’clock, that is if u’re not doing any OT.
I don’t wanna do any OT during posa month.but if I do , then I get to breakfast at the good old canteen yg tak shdap tuu… well at least the cashier is cute. Heh heh..^^; one day I’ll be taking the cashier pic to show to you pocket.
Dunno if she agrees or not la tp kan..hehe
So after 530, I’ll be going back to the house. Its not much but it a place I lay down to sleep. Remembered the days in japan, I used to decorate my room, with cute spider plant on the tv(yeah pocket.. that plant is called spider plant) and picture on the wall(miss u hikki) .. not now .. I don’t have the money and the galakkan to do so. Maybe it’s the environment. Dun have any frenz to show my room to … my house mates is like hal kau hal kau lah .. hal aku hal aku. Sooo not encouraging. I think I have to change all this.. anyway .. I’ll show u also the pic of my room b4 n after..
(after my makeover la kan..which is going to be a loooooong way to go.. heh)
How do you guys living?

Monday, October 03, 2005


Me?I’ve been sleepin, how was your weekend pocket? Hohoooo.. its like a total relax, and vedge out, without any positive activities. Watched some movies and just lepak ratah ayam goreng ayamas hohoo..:P
Watched ‘Ungu Violet’, it’s a story bout a guy who luv dis girl but don’t wanna go on with the relationship because he got some stomach ache(?) hehe.. well I don’t understand the film that much actually, got some teladan and sempadan la tapi, for those who watched the film, u may understands below sempadan n teladan.
Too much air condition will wrinkle u’re skin..
Kemaskan bilik sndiri or your awek will..
Never put wine glass to near to the tables edge.
Heheh.. tu jer la pun, anyway.. the soundtrack was nice..
Aku tak bisa luluh kan hati mu..
Dan aku tak bisa … nanananana..
(dah tak tahu lg dah) ^^;
Also watched ‘Banliue13’, it’s a story bout this guy who can really jump that goes jumping around to save his sister. Really nice movie u know, makes u feel like wanna go lompat.heheh…
Anyway, u guys don’t wanna feel like lompat lately? I know da niss is smashing the shuttle cocks once a while(lompat la kut )
Anyway, u guys ado tgk film baru lately?