Monday, October 26, 2009

218. ChangingMyJob...

yes it is sunday when the sun rises this morning,
but yet i still woke up at 6, dang!!
fried me self some nasi goreng but no one eatin it
till its noon enough for everyone to think that there
will be no other option. Eat or die kinda situation.
(And today is 26thOct people, no wonder no one
went out to buy the roti canai from Perda)

since i dont have anywhere to go, i started cleaning.
(For the same excuse as the roti canai above)
see pictures attached.believe me if i tell u that those blades were not white before this.
It was as black as any tyre from any vehicle out there running on the hiway,
Dang!! i had to use a sharp metal thing to scrape off 4mm of thick dust before
i can even use cloth.
wahahahah, wonder of dust yaah,
and they told me that dust is originated from people's dead skin cells,
Which makes me think again, so i was inhaling people's skin just now? waah!!

doing this job makes me think,
how does my makcik been feeding her family with this money,
this cleaning job money,
when i've almost give up after my first blade cleaning session?
according to her, she got her weekdays full!
and she did mentioned somewhere dat she did two houses a day,
10 house per week?
20 houses per month? (Considerng cleaning twice permonth)
400 ringgit per house?
(I dont know, how much do u pay for your cleaner out there in kl?)
dat would be 8000 per month!! ooii!!
Doing cleaning anyone?

so... to those who hate your crappy job right now, what if we consider?!)
n for those who are not doing their job but reading blog early monday morning,
what if we consider. heheheh:)

me? considered and rejected.
i almost called the cleaning service after my first blade,
n u want me to do this job daily!!?
i dont think so...:) i guess i'm just simply malas :D

happy monday pocketeers!!
its monster day!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

217. Origami Napkin

Sepatutnya pocket sambung jer cerita ketiga dan juga cerita terakhir utk the series...
215. FirstChoice
216. SecondChoice

Tp somehow pocket nak post benda ni n nak post jugak hari ni,
or else it would be meaningless.
inspirasi nya datang dari berita hari ni kul lapan tadi.
lukisan pocket hari ni tak cantik kerana tak diperkemaskan.
Excuse the yawning pocket since its 3 am in the morning
and i'm working tomorrow 7am ^^
but for me this is worth it.

Origami Napkin utk jadi lilin.
korang pernah gi restoran yang orang orang nya makan loqlaq sangat sampai kena pakai napkin tu tak? yg diorang taruk kain atas meja utk taknak bagi baju silk diorang kotor tu,
dey makan la cermat cermat kan.. hoh!!
banyak cara lipatan, ada yg simple sangat tak der iasan langsung,
lipat pat n letak jer balut camca n garpu nyer.
ada yg over creative sangat la plak.. jadi lilin!!
tp pocket rase tak banyak, pasal susah nak bukak n
bila dah bukak... nampak cam baju kurung yg baru basuh, (Keromot?)
nampak macam nak sterikaaaa jer napkin tu heheheh
so since pocket tahu camana nak wat lilin ni, pocket nak la tunjuk kat sini :D
sila lihat gambar satu, setiap bucu kain napkin dilabel ngan a,b,c,d.
1) lipat dari bucu d ke bucu b (Iaitu melipat garisan lurus antara a dan c)
2) then lipat plak skali lg mengikut garisan putus dalam gambarajah 2
3) pusing ke belakang seperti gambarajah 3 n lipat mengikut garisan putus putus,
4) sampai setakat ni, rupa napkin anda harus jadi seperti gambarajah 4
(Without the 'pocket' watermark overthere of course)
5) bucu c yang dah dilipat keatas seperti gambarajah 4 tu digulung
mengikut arah arrowdlm gambarajah 5.
6) bila dah abih roll, patutnya jadi gini lah..
nak nampak dah rupa lilin nyer..
dimana bucu b dan d patutnya jadi api nyer lah kan :D...
lipat hujung a mengikut garisan putus putus tu n selitkan
la lebih kurang, yg ni pocket pun tak tau nak taruk dlm
gambarajah camner... tp gambarajah 7 tu adalah rupa lilin
yg pocket nak tunjukkan...

jadi rupa lilin tak?
jadi la tu...
kalau korang nak bagi cam rupa lilin, memang la lilin,
kalau orang lain kata nampak cam apa apa objek lain yg 18sx pun...
korang kater la lilin n explain about the bucu b dan d tu, 'itu api nyeee...' kater.
letak berdiri (Buleh berdiri) atas meja makan yg fancy fancy,
tetengah tu ngan pat batangnyer, memang nampak macam lilin,
or atleast people would say its resemble a lilin,
abih takkan org nak kata cota kot...
cota kalu pakai kat pinggang bukan
atas meja fancy restaurant.

sebab kita manusia ni believe what we want to believe.
and not believe the truth or believe what have been told,
regardless of the info, regardless of the fact, any foretold story,
or any chances from natural causes,
we still believe what we want to believe.

Apa yg awk nak kater ni pocket?
pocket nak kater napkin ni buleh jadi lilin, kalau dilipat nak jadi lilin.
nak lipat jadi gajah? meh kita usahakan... :D
menolak kemungkinan yang positif?
terpulang... buleh jer kita pikir positif, lilin lah!!
n not a cota or a pensil or... a gear stick.
(POcket buleh jer tulih bebenda lain yg lebih negatif,
tp ada budak bawah umur dok baca.. so better not ^^)

What do u think pocketeers? Lilin?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

216. SecondChoice

'adeehhh, sakit sakit!!'
'tahan la sikit, awak kan ker jantan, heheheheh' non stop chuckling.
'awak buleh gelak lagi kan?'
'Usaha awak impersonating a sea lion tu nak bagi saya terhibur kan, so saya terhibur la nii, heheh.. tp renangan awak memang dah improve, kira laju tu awak berenang,yer la nak lompat dari dalam air ke atas darat just by one leap.. i'm impressed hehehe, cuma part gi langgar besi tu saya tak paham hahahah'
'sakit tau!'
'yang pi langgar hand rail tu buat apa!? heheh awak tau,
bunyinyer macam gong tau, seluruh swimming pool ni tgk awak.. heheheh'

'masa sy tenggelam tu yek?'
'hooh! buat malu sayer jer! humph!! tp tak per.. terhibur tgk singa laut melompat langgar besi'
and she kept on applying ice on the swollen forehead.
'tapi sayer berjaya membuatkan penonton sayer senyum kan?'
'oh farid, u are so sweet, this is one penonton that will miss u lot'
The chuckling persist.

Farid was enjoying the closure,
despite the pain in the forehead for hitting the handrail, he was proud.
Ayu was sad and dull earlier today, she came by the pool not in her
swimming suit, a sad girl clad in baju kurung with big flower decorating all over.
but now she is smiling, thanks to the sealion-hitting-the-handrail stunt,
she's smiling again. The pain? was well worth paid with her sweet smile.

They became closer and closer then after,
even if she's not swimming, she would come.
Just for the sake of seeing him,
an odd thing luv can do to a person,
they let u believe that an action for luv is worth the effort
regardless of how far u have to drive, (Johor to KL just to give a b-day present)
how long u have to wait,
how painful it is u have to bear.

They took their time though,
changing numbers only after a month of 'stumbling'
each other during swimming session,
nutting about luv ever crosses their conversation.
Both of them was just accompanying each other.
Getting to know one another better,
laughing away the sea-lion incidents together.

But regardless of the space she was keeping,
Farid secretly thought they had something going on,
until one day she was gone...just like that,
she stop coming to the swimming session,
the phone number somehow does'nt work anymore,
No face book to leave messages,
just farid crying her name everytime he drives through BKE hiway on his EX5.
as if that will ever gonna work,
n the lonely sealion kept on swimming every tuesday and thursday hoping to see her again,

yes pocketeers.. wait for the finale.
i dont know how on earth can i finish this story,
but i'll try my best... to entertain u.
Just like a sea-lion. :) (If only its that simple)

Monday, October 19, 2009

215. FirstChoice

hiii!! pruuuu!! hiii!! pruuu!!
hiii!! pruuuu!! hiiblurblubblub, kohek kohek!!
kohok!!! buwekk!! mashin!!
now farid is on his feet, coughing away the water
dat got into his respitory system, standing in the
waist deep water of Seberang Jaya Public Pool,
let me rephrase that, standing in the shallow area
of the swimming pool, going from one end to another
making sure he can still reach the floor every now and then.
he cant swim, yes but we must honour his effort people,
show some spirit laa..

'gambare!' sing a girly voice from behind.
A voice dat would torment him a year after,
a voice dat would create a chance of a lifetime
but he dont know about this yet.
And before farid could see the voice owner face,
she swam away, farid could saw that she was wearing
a light green one piece, that is all he could see.
His vision was blurry by his own goggles and the
splashes she make pushing kicking the water. he followed her,
she was freestyling fast, while farid was slowly
taking his breath every stroke of the kuak dada,
drinking the water every four stroke, n before he realizes it,
he is in the middle area of the swimming pool,
'Alamaaakk!! dah tengah la plak, mampos aku'.

He is out of breath! but he know, that if he panicked,
the whole world would collapsed down on him and
the next thing he'll be seing is the paramedic,
that is if he's lucky. So he turn his way,
trying to reach the nearest edge, his step is failing him,
was it the leg first or the breathing first? then when do
hand comes in play? he's struggling now,
making half kuak dada, half butterfly and even tried to dive.

N then comes a soft finger to his throat,
pulling him with whispers to his ear 'shhhhh shhhhhh'
like a mother trying to calm her baby to sleep,
before he could panic n struggle,
the soft voice whisper again in his ear,
'do not move, u touch anything i'll personally drown u, ok?'
so close dat he can feel her breath on his cheek,
and so farid was breathing normally again,
looking at the stars,smiling, enjoying the sweet feeling
of her touch under his chin, trying hard not to move,
regardless of how tempting it was to move his hands around
hoping to 'accidentally' touch anything that is worth drowning for.

It was about 12 second till they've reached the edge,
a short indeed when farid was hoping she would pull
him about three time around the swimming pool.
just as he felt the floor by his feet,
immediately he stands and say
' thanks!! sy buleh jer berenang tadi tu,
tp dah awak nak tarik sy kan..
besh jgak kna tarik skali skala nii'
'elleeehh, mcm orang tak tau jer sikit lagi dia nak jerit "maaakkk!!" tadi'
she said mimicking a panic pondan drowning.
'sy ader jerit ker tadi?'
'mcm pondan'
'macam la u kenal sangat pondan jerit camana?'
'hey orang kenal lah!! ' smiling on the side of the pool,
splashing n spitting pool water like pocahontas did. addoi laaaa...

...and here i have to end the first part of this story,
its going to be long. Farid as usual tells his story with
back ground music and hand gesture that i think its
worth the time for me to write it here.
'hang tau, paih tu aku punya la kelepiaq nak sampai tepi tu,
dok nampak batu nisan dah, paih tu hang tau...
sekali kena sangkut kat bawah dagu, puuhhh.
lembut nya tangan diiaaaa!! ghoti gardenia
yg baru masak panaih panaih tu pun tak lembut lagu tu!!'

was some of his actual words:D
so next post yer pocket :D


Tuan Pengarah, tumpang gambo sekeping yer :D
as per mentioned above.. pocket cuti balik kampung,
skali deepavali diorang kasi cuti panjang wooo!!
Jumaat (Force OT)
Sabtu (Tp kna Force OT lg)
Ahad (Line stop.. thank god)
Isnin (Still kna Force OT jgak... ooiii!!)
korang tgk!! pat ari pocket dpt cuti.. yeaaaa!!
so since jumaat tu pocket ada kelapangan sikit,
hantam gi tgk jgak PAPADOM!!, kalau tuan puan perhatikan
ticket itu, pastinya dpt perasan bahawa... pocket nyer schedule
ngam ngam jer ngan smayang jumaat ... heheh silap sikit jer sangkoottt!!

Masuk wayang terasa jgak la kekurang orang nya, tp still boleh dikatakan
sweet spot dalam wayang tu penuh la .. sweet spot jer!! bukan seluruh panggung,
wayang start ngan boria.. peh, actually pocket yg duk kat penang ni pun jarang
tgk boria, skali boria yg memulakan cerita, teramat la syahdu nya..
Boria menghiburkan apa Cherynaaaaaa!!!
n mula lah penyiksaan peparu pocket kerana lawak yg banyak sangat
tak henti henti memang tidak sihat utk peparu ini :) heheh,

I enjoyed the movie, it was a simple movie, a story about a stalker.
Everything starts with Saadom a nasi kandar cook who have a lovely wife...

Eh i'm not going to tell u bout the whole story!!,
u guys go and find out for yourself!!
n lets talk together somewhere :D
put your handphone no here and maybe we can talk :)
not adviseable but adore such a daring move :D

The movie was simple enough for anyone of us to understand,
it was not like LosDanFaun where it leaves u with question for
someone else who concentrated better to answer.
Although a question like 'eh bukan bini dia dah mati ker?
camana bleh dok jadi tukang kebun sama nii?'
is only for those who dont have any imagination.

Ihave to agree with Cheryna Pirez about some little details
was not put into consideration by the Pengarah tersayang
like how UiTM Shah Alam doesnt allow jeans to be worn in campus
(Betul ker nii?)
n i've just noticed dat Saadom is a penang guy who say..
'abang keje ni kan, kejap lagi tak boleh ker?'
when it should be 'abang kheja la, tunggu sat lagi tak buleh kaaaa?'
but he must have his reason and the question
'does the little detail be damaging the whole movie anyway?'
would be valid.
if we are so into details dik.. then the beruang in the last scene should
be a better beruang dont u think? CGI maybe?
Tapi pocket, dalam post hang dulu 43. ThePocketenKingdom
u did mentioned something bout little details kan?
yes, it would be better yes, so afdlin shauki, please consider :D

But then again, for me as long as
The message goes accross and it doesnt change the whole story by such details
would be ok lah kot kan^^
Yer la kalau ada scene Cik Miasara bersampan keluar dari perkampungan
hulu banat dan berjumpa ngan cik wajib tayang before they even masuk skolah
baru tu adalah terlalu menyesatkan lah, naik sampan dari maner? sungai dua?

Kepada pocketeers sekalian, selagi sempat masa wajib tayang ni,
silalah gi tengok. jangan jadi macam farid.
dia cakap terang terang lagi..
'hang nak pi tgk citer melayu!!? awat?' buleh tanya tuu, adoilaaa.
'aku suka afdlin shauki, n aku sokong industri perfileman negara'
'aku tak tengok filem melayu kat wayang, raya aji ni nak kuar tv dah poon'
'raya aji tu lamat lg...'
'DVD addaa apppaaaaa'
humm hummm,
kalau kita tak sokong product kita, org diluar sana lagi la..

Friday, October 16, 2009

213. Selamat Bercuti,

... N berhati hati di jalan raya,
pocket nak balik kampung,
so it'll be a long cuti for me,
the next time i'm posting would
most probably be next monday nite.
(For those who are not feeling like working tuesday morning.)

till then people,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

212. Dah Citer Daaahhh...

'acu hang dulu masa dia kecik dulu duk jaga kambing,
dia duk sembang dengan kambing,
duk baca buku bagi kat kambing dia,
bawak bejalan, bawak pi minum kat sungai,
tak la banyak sangat pun, orang suruh dia jaga,
ada la dalam 10 ka 20 gitu,
lepaih tu masa raya korban,
tuan kambin mai amik kambin acu hang,
bawak pi korban... acu hang waktu tu darjah pat ka lima
dah kot, tapi dah reti la nak sedih sedih,
dia pi tgk tempat semeleh tu, aku dah habaq dah...
jangan tapi dia degey.

Kambin, memang la masa menunggu tu ada ayaq mata sikit kan,
acu hang dok ingat dia sedih... start pada tu, acu hang
tak makan kambin sampai la ni, kesian katanya.
hang try tgk tipu dia bagi kambin. mau dia muntah keluaq ada'

...was the story that have been told again
and again and again by maktuk.
among hundreds of other story,
big and small, some are so important till
its the root of our existence or
a simple story like how she use to wash
and swim in that terusan wan mat saman,
how allegator use to swim beside her
without noticing that she is 'dinner'.

we know the story, but yet we keep on listening.
Its not that the story is that much interesting,
(How i hope she would tells story like
a story teller would with the hand gesture
and background music... jeng jeng jeng..gitu gitu heheh)
i guess maybe we just dont want to hurt
the storyteller feelings.

but pocketeers, dont u hate it when u'r starting to tell
a story of your past Girlfriend / boyfriend / 'api' or
simply about some random girl u meet while waiting your
turn to buy nasi kandar.
and your friend interrupted by saying...
'pasal clerk tu lagi? aku dah dgr tiga kali dah la wei,
citer lain bleh tak?' or something like dat.

Hek enneeeee,
excuse me for winding about same old story.
but even if u dont like it, dont have to be rude kan...

but then again.. how do u tell people that u've got sick
with the same story and need him/her to stop?

hummm a tough question. i dont think i have the answer.

n with this post, even though shawal has just left us,
i am asking forgiveness should i ever bore u with the
same question and story, my reason would be...
'i just cant help it' heheheh:)

Monday, October 12, 2009

211. It Is Obvious..

...yet i still need to let u 'Teka'
Teka apa makhluk ni?
n how did pocket tangkap gambo ni? :D

Ada dua pocketeers dah pernah tgk
dah gambo ni so tak la benda baru

tp since ari ni pocket mandi malam..
terasa ngantuk sikit..
so malas nak post anything yg berat2..
Maka Makhluk asing ni jadi mangsa
exposure dlm donia net yg serba
canggih ni. hahahaha

buleh ker kasi alasan itu?

Happy TUesday
yg bday ari ni tu, happy birthday.
sila lah sedar yg anda perlu menukar
nombor yg slalu anda tulis dlm
rehsuumeh semasa interview.

moga tahun ini akan jadi tahun yg fabulous utk anda :D

210. OneWouldKnow...

...If one is hated.
Usually one would know if one is hated,
when every one else puke just by the sight of him.
Well not to that extend of course,
if u'r a beggar wearing a mangy shirt with pants
torn off here and there, smelling just a slight better
then a non mantained public toilet.
Well then people would puke indefinitely,
but i dont think my reader ever goes to that extend isnt it?
heheh, (Pointless kan perenggan ni..^^)

Usually one would know if one is hated
when everyone else picked up their trays and leave
as one sits on the stool of that long table at the canteen.
Cant it be more obvious?

Usually one would know if one is hated
when everyone leave the building just by the news of him
arriving there. Alamaaakkkk,
he's coming to this party,
he's expecting a lot of people there.
but as he arrived, there was no one,
just the party throwers making a sad face,
'haaa, mai masuk mai masuk, yang lain balik dah,
tinggai hang sorang jer la kan, tp mai la makan apa yg ada.'
isnt it obvious? when the party thrower start to give lame
excuses of why this guy left. and why that girl suddenly
having an aunty who got sick from food poisoning.
cant he feel it? he felt it, but he is just too sad to
take any action about it.

Usually one would know if one is hated
when SMS replied only with 'K' for OK. even after a long sms..
'dik, abang tak sempat nak gi bli lg, nanti abang blikan.
musim raye ni jalan jam sangat, harap adik paham'
and her reply was...'k'
(ok, not hated but she might be sleeping heheh)

when he starts to give lame excuses for not seeing u tonight.
'abg kan ker celcom, sepanjang musim perayaan ni tak
leh call sayang, sorry laaa.. dah tu sangkut Jam plak lagi'
(Eh? dah macam betul punyer excuse jer nii?)
when she is not calling u in return even after 12 miss calls.
'maner ader u call?'
or just by the sound of those long exhaling sound. 'huuuuuhhhhhh'
(Dlm bahasa jpung nyer 'tameiki')

humm humm

wan would know when wan is hated.
but its too painful to act like one.
too lonely to stay away,
too hard to stay together,
to choose between own family and family-to-be
is just excruciating

but then again pocketeers,
wan knows... wan would stay away,
wan did stayed away, am staying away,
but he dont.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

209. Loving Money...

'wah!! Saper kat blakang tu kak?'
'Budak baru Store, dia under farid'
'Owh, nama sapa kak?'
'Haai, sampai nak tau nama nii... bekenan la tu?
hati hati pocket, comel ada makna tuu'
'Kenapa plak kak kata gitu?'
'Cause she has made her intention that working here
is just a stepping stone for her to get married with
some rich manager and to live rich n famous'
'Regardless of The manager tu gmot, tak ensem,
tua lagi botak asalkan kaya?'
'Dia kata?'
'Dia kata.. after we've warned him dat
MrLarge is married with two kids'
'Then saya tak perlu risau kan.'
'Kenapa plak?'
'Sebab saya hensem, muda lagi macho,
rambut yang segar bugar... cuma tak kaya jer :)-'

waah, ada jgak yek yg announcing it out loud that
she's cheap kan. Tapi cheap ker?
well, cheap on luv i would say...
cheap on luv till cinta dia buleh
dibeli ngan wang ringgit.
Tak kisah ngan sapa plak tu? wow..
cinta buleh dipupuk.

Tp pernah dgr filantera citer pasal a 27 year
old bum who got married with a 32 year old
pensyarah just because of the money, alih alih,
laki tu plak jd suri rumah .. ok jee,
cinta perlu tolak ansur.

tp dia comel, sikit lagi cheryl samad tp pakai
tudung ngan mata garang cam ziana zain gitu gitu.
idung mancung cam fauziah latip.
definitely she can get any guy out there with
just a blink of an eye, but why go cheap sis?
luv dont put the food on the table, money does.

yes, tapi perlukah duit sampai gitu skali?
'Ko bayangkan betapa hancurnya ati ko bila dengar
anak ko duk gaduh tak nak gi skolah sebab kasut
dia koyak, n your wife is trying to pujuk dia jgak,
making promisess she cant keep'
'anak ko balik nangis nangis kater dia kna buli
pasal orang kater dier miskin, baju dia koyak
berjahit walhal orang lain koyak tukar baru.'
These were my words againts some mamat tabligh who
questioned money over beliefs
Now it hit me back on me forehead.
Luv will find its way

so the question is, if someone who's large enough
to come to her and say...
'be my third, i'll take care of u, u'll have a maid,
a gardener and me on the third week of the month'
regardless of tak hensem, botak n tua..
would she say 'yes'?
Would she say 'yes'?
Would u?

Where is the love - black eyed peas

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

208. Dekat Gulai Itik Tu Kan?

pernah makan gulai itik tak? ... pernah makan itik tak?
pocket tak pernah.. or maybe pernah tp tak tahu yg itu itik.
apa la beza nyer itik ngan ayam kan? paruh?
orang tak makan paruh laa.

Tp ada la satu restoran ni
glamer bagai, bukan la
restoran sangat,
lebih kepada gerai yg org
buka dpan umah,
nak mengisi masa lapang
selepas persaraan, but it
turned out the place got
so many fan,
till it became a landmark.
'eh kat mana umah?'
'alaaa.. skolah kebangasaan tok kandu...'
'dkat ngan nasi gulai itik tu?'
'haaa situ lah' gitu gitu
Sedap sangat ker gulai itiknyer? pocket tak makan pun.
Senang je nak gi, sila lalu hiway utara selatan.
Bila dah sampai satu satu nya roundabout nak gi
ke kulim tu, sila masuk kearah kulim,
simpang pertama (Jangan naik flyover) masuk ke kanan.
Nampak jer shell tu parking la, walking distance dah tu.
Kalau dari selatan, pun sama.. just masuk kanan ke kulim,
n kanan lagi ke uitm or bandar perda, :)

Tempat ni glamer ngan itik dan ayam yg digoreng panas panas,
punya la besh nyer ayam ni, tak der la apa yg special sgt pasal
rasanya. cukup masin, cukup kunyit, tp cara goreng nyer pocket
rase ada special sikit, ada plak deep fried in different temperature
to ensure crispy diluar lembut didalam.
Peehh!! pakcik!! Spec temperature control nyer berapa? +/- 10degrees?
Pocket being the QUality person he is.
Kedai ni bukak dari kul lima, kalau pocketeers sekalian sampai
kul 8 malam, makan nasi ngan kuah gulai jer la, pasal abih dah
lauk nyer.. sampai gitu skali nyer sedap.. tgk la gambo diatas tu.
Notice the ligamen pulled off by the force of the cutter, showing
how well done the chicken is cooked, but yet the flesh stays
juicy. How juicy? well that is for u to taste

Sambal belacan nyer besh!! nak meremang idung pocket yg ada
resdung nih .. hahahah, pedas nyer belen ngan masin belashan
nyer, n ada rasa manis manis buah gitu kat ujung ujung lepas
kita dah telan, punya la besh, ayam yg dlm gambar tu adalah
second serving. (Notice that there was no nasi around?)

Tapi kan... Satu prob.
Toilet staff nyer depa pi letak kat sebelah cashier,
dkat sangat ngan meja utk customer nak makan, sampai kalau
nak keluar dari toilet tu, kena mintak excuse ngan orang kat luar
kalau tak, abih la terlanggar abih tulang pinggang org.
Maa.. memang la pelanggan pun buleh guna toilet tu,
tp setakat ni pocket baru nampak staff pakai.
pocket duduk bebetul dpan pintu tu, masa pintu tu terbukak..
pocket duk tgh sedap menggigit lah kan.. skali haruman asing
menusuk idung, eh?

masa tu pocket gi gatal tengok kanan plak lah kan..
n nampak la toilet yg diorang buat lebih kurang tu,
ngan bata puteh berhabuk sikit tu sebagai dinding,
abih berlumut ijau dah dinding tu pon!!
Paip PVC nyer dah pnuh KuroKabi (BlackMold) dah.
kalau nak pegang paip tu,dinasihatkan pakai la glove.

Toilet tu terletak sebelah ngan cashier,
masa pocket gi bayor utk makan pocket yg tak abih ari tu,
pocket still lagi dok bau gas ammonia dari toilet sebelah tu,

Sunday, October 04, 2009

207. Iklan SIlky White

Pocket terpaksa menonton iklan ni over and over again, just to get the right smile, the right moment of pic to put here, (Guna printscreen jer poonn..) tp kenapa pocket still download masuk henpon utk tgk lg dan lg?
Ting Tong
'heeei, cantik nyer neck...lace' (Haaapp! tgk mana tu?)
'thank you, mak punya, j0m jumpa mak'
sambil lari lari bukan anak sangat
'ehh!ehhh! bunga awak!!' jerit si BF kepanikan,

'hai auntie,'
'that's granny la' balas sigadis dlm kabaya merah
'hai auntie,'
'that's aunty meilin'
'maak' kata sianaknyer menegur mak nyer yg baru abih letak teh.

n mak nyer punyer appearance shot diorang buat ngan angin angin nyer lagi, konon nyer nak enhance keindahan middle age woman. Best shot tu, tp rambut tu kenapa nampak banyak sangat? tak melayang plak..

si BF nyer ter'bagi' bunga tu kat mak nyer,
kan tadi duk kater..'eh eh bunga awak'?

'thank you' kater maknyer,
entah kenapa ada telog cam omputeh sikit.

si anak nyer plak perasan yg BF tu dah terinterested ngan mak nyer.trus merajuk... n lari berharap dikejar, nasib baik dafi kejar, kalau dilayannyer mak tu sampai petang? tak ke haru?

'tungu tungu' sambil mengejar,
'mak saya cakap, kalau nak tengok rupa isteri kita bila dah tua, tengok mak dia, bila saya tgk mak awak tadi, senaaaang hati saya'

dan saripah senyum kembali,
buat muka comel muncung sikit. ahai comei..
ngan mak dia lalu lagi kat latarbelakang,
slowmotion n senyum nyer yang tak la normal sangat,
menjeling ke penonton...

1) suka sangat ambut saripah yg ni,
saper saper yg wit dis haircut bleh tlg
angkat tangan?
nak tanya.. camana korang kabo kat
mamak gunting ambut tu?

2) punya la bangang nyer alasan,
'senang hati saye' konon
pocket pun tak percaya kalau the condition reversed. ada ker sesapa diluar sana buleh percaya ngan alasan gitu?

jangan kataaaa,
ramai young bloke fall for
a more matured woman nowadays,
humm hummmm...
but in my case,
she'll have to be somewhat 55 lah,
ooiiii!! tak buleh tak bulehhhh...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

206. Hangin...

Pemanduan berhangin oleh mat bangladesh
yg pastinya datang keja sini mencari rezeki halal.
kat maner dia kutip nii?
ker big boss dia bagi jer kipeh angin ni utk dia baiki dan guna?

camana pun... cara bawak kipeh angin yang macho bro!!
i wonder how do u carry 42 inch flat in that basikal.

mengingatkan pocket kat yap,
dulu sebelum semua orang pakai guna jer
sekoler yg ciput tu n bli tv ganash ganash.
kitorang slalu jer gi kutip tivi kat tpt buang
sampah. Yap lah initiator nyer. penggerak ninja malam.
kami tak curila, barang ni memang org buang appaaa..

kalau pun dah dua ari kat situ,
kalau kering betul betul kering,
buleh jer function.
Considering monitor nyer tak pecah tiga lah kan.

n ada jgak kutu yg amik peluang buat bisnes.
gi kutip... baiki n cuci... jual balik kat yahoo auction
for 50 hinggit harga permulaan.
good idea kan:D

have a great weekend pocketeers!!
pocket keja besok 7am sampai 7pm.. alahai:(

Thursday, October 01, 2009

205. Gap of...

is where a situation created (Intentionally / accidentally)
letting people around u perceive wrongly.

never let anyone found u runing away from girls dormitory shirtless ..
obvious kan..
no one will ask u, 'what were u doing there? '
they'll just assume... and assume is.. Ass u and me
Ofcourse the real reason is u were fixing some gas
leak. a spark burnt your shirt leaving a 3rd degree
of burn on your body sending u running in pain.
Will people see the burn mark when they've stumble
upon u in your run? no
Its less obvious and less interesting from the fact
that u'r running away from getting caught of doing
'noti noti' stuff
humm humm

Never let anyone saw your wife with blue eyes.
People will not confront her, nor u for that matter,
There'll only be the policeman came knocking at your
door saying..'kami dapat report penderaan domestik
dirumah ini, nama saya farid, boleh encik beri
kerjasama?' showing his batch and his revolver.

The wife to a father of five found an sms in his
Husbands HP saying 'abang mai keja ari ni? Azi ada
problem nak kena bagitau'
-siapa azi yang panggil laki aku abang?amboi!amboi!
-problem apa yg nak bagi tau sampai tak tuleh dlm sms?
... was the question that will lead to serious
allegation when the actual story was...
azi tu jantan yg aww (Nama pnuh dia razif) keja sebagai
supplier utk wahid nak bagi tau QUality issue.

U go to a farewell party just to find karipap and
kueh chara with kopi ais as the food of the day but
u've paid the organizer 15 ringgit earlier.
-mana pi lagi pat blaih ringgit?
-hadiah kot, tp tak dak pun hadiah.
-organizer amik?
-organizer mkn!?
...was the question that will lead to serious
allegation when the actual story was...
lori nasi beriani kambin tu exsiden tebalik habih
makanan, nak buat baru tak dan dah, organizer
keluarkan duit sndiri bli karipap n kueh chara untuk
bagi majlis buleh jalan dulu.
Kopi ais was courtesy from the kilang canteen.
(Tapi sapa nak percaya?)
A girl cries 'habis macam mana dengan i!?' to a guy
in front of all the audience dat matter showing a half crying face.
-ada apa apa ka tuu?
-ada apa apa la tuuuuuu
-nombot berapa pulak tu?

Farid tell pocket infront of all the people in IQA dat MrBig Kirim salam.
-u tell me pocketeers,
u tell me