Tuesday, June 19, 2012

557. Pengechut!!!

...atau kalau omputehnyer...'Chicken!!'
tte apa la kaitannya antara pengechut ngan ayam..
maybe pasal ayam memang pengechut kuat kot.
asal orang gemparkan sikit, daah lari lintang pukang.

anyway tadi pocket nyer experimen
menunjukkan peningkatan.
Dari segi rasa ...gagal
Dari segi masak lembut ke tulang?
haaa... kita tambah lagi 5 minit kot....
Dari segi hiasan? ohh.. sure la lagi gagal kan..
Pocket tak der daun saderi kaler ijau so...
taruk la cili api! apooo la kena mengena kan :D

Chicken wings - 4 kepin
kicap ABC - ikut suka ati picit
Kicap Kipas Udang - Ikut suka ati tuang
lada itam - 26 bijik
bawang puteh - 2 ulas yang bessar punya!!

tumbuk bawang puteh ngan 26 bijik lada itam sampai lumat.
Sila jangan gatal nak taruk kicap sebelum tumbuk,
nanti hitam abih mata puteh ku.
bila dah lumat, taruk kicap ABC and Kicap Kipas Udang
ikut suka ati mak kita ajar.
amik larutan yang sikit lagi buleh buat menyicah mempelam
tu dan taruk dlm plastik yang berisi ciken wing.
Momi momi momi plastik tu sampai ayam tu considered
berlumuran dengan kicap-Garlic-26-Pepper tadi.
dan peram la dalam 30 minit.

panaskan oven mahal anda ke 200darjah selsius,
susunkan ayam anda yang telah diperam tadi diatas tray.
dan dengan sepantas kilat, masukkan ayam dan tray tu
kedalam oven. sepantas kilat pun sepantas kilat lah jugak
kan, jangan sampai tegolek dog oven oven tu skali.. mahal tu!!

set the timer to 30 minit.
alihkan upside down pada minit ketiga belas.
hiaskan ikut suka ati, hatta hirisan kunyit idup dan kereta mainan
hotweels juga buleh menjadi tarikan.
Cuma sure chef jehan miskin mengamok punyer :D
so selamat menchoba ya pocketeers... :D
kalau menjadi tu bagitau la kat pocket yer :)

Tips Tips yang worth mentioning.
-garam tu bior berasa dalam larutan peraman.
pasal in the end, rasanya jadi kuraaaan sangat.
-panas tu! jangan gatal makan terus selepas
oven bunyik 'ting!!' melecur lidah tu kang!!
-entah kenapa susunan dlm oven juga penting,
sila susun elok elok, takut nanti ada part yg 
'macam tak masak

Saturday, June 16, 2012

556. Roti Canai Favorite

today i went to eat roti canai at the usual joint,
the mamak was a little 'marah-marah' today,
blame it to the new boy who kept on taking orders,
without cleaning the pinggan mangkuk.

and i sat there on one empty seat observing the other
customer, there was one indian guy who finished his
sarapan talking to the TV
'alaaa cakapsenang laaa!! cuba buat tengok!!'
 there's another two who came just to chit-chat.
(Their teh tarik was half full)

there was also another table with one father with nice
looking misai trimmed by pro's i guess, sitting more
obviously as their skin color is fairer then all of 'us'
with his son who's hair was a bit like that guy hujan.
Helmet cut kot...
they were talking like they were enjoying their moment,
waiting for their sarapan to come.

'Roti canai please'
'having here or take away?'
'humm one having here, 3 to go'
'original or spicy?'
'ehh!!? silap kedai ker?'
No.. the last 2 line was just my imagination.

just after 2 minutes, my roti canai came.
eh? why is it that the father and son's order havent came yet?
ohh..now i have the feeling of being frown upon...
i can see that the son is asking his father something
and the father looked towards me. I guess he's asking....
'daddy, why is it that that guy got his roti canai first?'
now what do u think his answer will be?
ohh.. tak nak bayangkan...
How awkward the feeling is...

We are living in a world where favoritisme is practiced
everywhere, in restaurant, roads, the que to buy your icecream,
work place and even under the bridge where homeless working
hard to find a place to lay their kotak for the night.

I wonder if they too felt the same way when they're
being choose upon just because their race is the same
as their boss's.
The same way as I felt when my roti canai came first before
theirs.... The same way as that guy who got promotion
before everyone elses just because he is a....... 'RaceName'

What about u pocketeers?
Will u feel awkward if u are chosen just because your name
got 'binti' in it... Because your boss is also a lady, so she
promote another lady rather then the opposite sex.

will u feel awkward?

turned out that the father and son ordered a roti canai telur. 
that is why theirs came later then mine. ooooooooooooooo

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

555. Yess!! finally!!!

Metaforical story, Bad Bad me...
Lets just say that me and farid are working here
in this company making artificial color for paint.
(i'm not... but just as a way to tell u this story
without jeopradizing my personal life on the line)

Me and Farid as u know are the best friends ever,
We were circuimcise together back in the 60s,
Ran from tok mudim and hide in hutan pisang with
nuttin on other then a t-shirt and a kain pelikat.
(iyer la! nak pakai apo lagi?
snow cap? ingat korea ker aper?)
We went to school together,
selling petai together,
Fell in luv with the same lady,
Hating the same teacher,
and now... thanks to him, I got to work
in this kilang making paint.... together.

There was this project that our management came
to announce the other day, a project that if I win,
it'll change my life forever! its big!! huge!! gigantic!!
I can even consider buying a two storrey corner lot
house by the end of next yer if I win this,
ohh i want this so bad. I would do anything to win this...
and so all of us did.
we slept in the company for 2 straight weeks!
worked all the juice in this small brain of mine
till there is no more juice inside, I ended up
having a hard time deciding which way is home then after.

but the result turned up not as forgiving as I hope.
I ended up number 2, Farid was the winner.
Well I am happy for him of course,
now he can become the manager to a new department.
Waaahhhh... Pas ni buleh la nak menumpang AUDI :D
Congratulation Farid.

Yesterday Farid got involved in an accident.
his wife called me at 11pm.
'...so please datang yer,
dia dengar suara abang cik mesti dia ada semangat
nak keluar dari koma dia, abang cik datang yer..'
'ok ok.. abang datang sekarang' I replied.
As I was placing the gagang, I smiled.
'yess!!' my hand clenched a fist holding it high
the outdoor aquarium room by the side of my
2 storrey's corner lot house seems within reach now.

end story,

pocketeers, jahatkah pocket?
kawan dalam kesusahan tapi first thing yang pocket
pikirkan adalah apa yang buleh pocket profit
dari kesusahan dia.
Now now... remember that this story was a metaphorical story,
I am not working in paint factory,
there was no pertandingan,
there was no farid,
there was no audi...

but there is someone whom I am hoping him to die,
not from the office but from my real life, 
there is a price that I would be getting if he
crash and burn on the kilometer 6 after SgBuloh
and there is an outdoor aquarium room that I was hoping to establish.

Pocketeers, Pocket Jahat ker?

Saturday, June 09, 2012

554. BringMeToTheCircus :D

waah... its the mid of the month
and i'm broke, then out of a
sudden a light came shinin on
me, I got RM80 from my past
business travel claim.
(Which I forgotten about already)
and so there I was, waiting in
line to buy the popcorn for my
(Laaa.. simpan wit tu wat makan
20hb nanti pun tak per..
apooolah pocket)

anyway... I went to see that movie madagascar3,
yeah.. I know.. I'm old but still young at heart,
what can I say.. blame it to my housemat who wanted,
to see this movie so bad...
that they already counting days from March!! pergh!!

...anyway the movie was a total entertainment!
I was laughing all the way and KatyPerry's Fireworks
was well played with 'AFRO's dancer.
put aside logic,
Zebra will not be friend with a lion,
a tiger can never jump tru a small ring
(Regardless of how 'slippery' u are with olive oil)
and madam duboix is far too great to be a 'human'

...and watching this movie, u have to burn away the
story line as everything is soooo predictable.
when the zebra lied... I thought already that
his lies will come tru, but how will they do it ....?
is the thing to wait for :D

...but u can always relate the scene to any real
life tragedy u've once stumble on your way here.
-Working hard, sweat blood and tears to get something
but when u've got it, u've come to realize that
its the journey that matters.
-Afraid of failure till u hide behind a fierce
face hoping people wont know. people wont ask...
-and the best thing of all... a lie is always a lie
even if u have good intentions behind it.

all and all it was a good enjoyable movie,
laughter from the beginning till the end.
go on and watch, or download or pinjam member punya
DVD... and tell me what do u think :D

Voices just dont age do they?
melman's voice is just the same as the first MADAGASCAR,
I hope my voice wont age too :D
Hey!!! some say my voice is 'merdu' u know!!
give me your phone no and u can listen to some sample ^^
(Adik adik sekalian, sila ignore usaha pocket nak
mendapatkan fon no kamu yaa)

so what is next? BRAVE!!!!
always have a thing to 'small-small' lady^^;

553. Untuk Apa Kita Bertemuuuuu...

Untuk Apa Kita Bertemuuuuu...
...jika hanya untuk berpisaaaahhhh..

gini ker liriknyer? eh?? macam tak betul.
loh!! pocket dah tak ingat liriknyer!!
tapi kan.. come to think again,
apa salahnya kalau bertemu hanya untuk berpisah.
pasal perpisahan tu 'ada' lah yang menyebab kan
masa masa bersama tu rasa precious.
Macam kalau tengah dok ber'back-packing' ke europe
ngan english kokak kokak tu dok tak dok berjumpa plak
ngan student kat sana...
n spend the whole jalan jalan together,
sharing foods together, inevitably having feelings
towards each other, just to know that i will never

be with you and to be separated by the time the
sexy voice calls 'panggilan terakhir, panggilan terakhir,
kepada encik Albert Pocket Kuruentulesque, sila
hadirkan diri ke pintu B5 untuk keberangatan segera'
(Gitu ker diorang kata?)
apa salahnya?
Atleast buleh la nyanyi lagu KatyPerry - The One That Got Away
Untuk Apa Kita Bertemuuuuu...
...jika hanya tuk sementaraaaaaaa...
(Gini ker lirik asalnya?)
ohhh... sementara tu lah yang besh tuuu...
bila kita hanya buleh ingat cerita jer tentang
orang tu, bila kita dah tak der pun phone no dia,
bila kita hanya buleh cerita....
'satu hari, aku naik bas... sebelah aku awek comel,
aku tak berani la nak tegur... until la sampai kat
sungai perak nyer RnR.... lepas tu kitorang sembang
macam dah 10 tahun kenal jer, sekarang pikir balik....
kalau la aku tahu, naik naik bas lagi aku dah mintak
nombor talipon^^'
(Bodoh!! ko jumpa yang dahi licin sikit, terus mintak
nombor, terus dia mintak tukar seat la sangap!!
apoooo lah... TACTLESS betul!!)

tapi rindu... the question of 'WHAT IF' still remains,
what if during that 3 hours we came to fall for each other
and ended up tying the knot. Would this life be better,
or will i fall into the divorced male statistic.

...Untuk Apa Kita Bertemuuuuuuu....
...... Jika Hanya Untuk Ceritaaaaaaaaaa....
heheheh yang ni pocket wat sendiri.
Untuk apa kita bertemu pocketeers?
Jika hanya untuk bercerita...