Tuesday, September 29, 2009

204. Fantasy Question...

...Humour Me,
U set off to sleep, wearing your baju tido, baju kelawar,
kain pelikat maybe not wearing anything at all.
The smell of mint from the toothpaste still lingers,
holding a candle on a candle holder.
Putting it slowly on the meja, making your bed.
And as u are finally in your bed...
well wrapped in the bedsheet, all comfy and cozy,
u blew out the candle lit.
tali tu berbara sekejap dan padam 6 saat kemudian.
(Kenapa lilin? macam pilem barat dulu dulu plak..)
Tomorrow u wake up to the room u use to woke up
when u'r still 17.
For the pocket, it'll be the white sheet on a wooden bed
with table on my leg side, locker on my head side.
Drawers to maggi supplies at the bottom of bed.
Yellow light from walk way of block C MRSM Beseri 1994

There u are... 17 again...
after confirming the situation,
It seems like all those dompet hilang at the surau,
engagement party and a few hundreds of masak lomak
served was just a dream. (Taking princess Liyana's example)
All those trip to japan, having to meet yana the wife,
Naufal the kid, Bundle the pocket was a very vivid
dream dat happened overnight(bendul's example)
and Filantera... those trip to redang never happened.
(i am jealous of your trip, that's why am writing this)

U took the initiative to confirm. U went on with the day,
following your instinct. The same thing happened as the dream.
Pocket got 18 aggregate for SPM, (Thanks to Lukisan, or else it should be 23 wahah)
failed the first interview to japan, got in by the second.
UM Greeting party from our sempai was ...'interesting'

The question: What will u do?
Will u start living like u use to live?
taking the path u took, meeting the same people,
but with a few inside into the future,
Where u dont leave your dompet in your bag at the surau,
work earlier as an exec at that milk producing kilang just to
meet MrSate earlier, beware of that lorry dat hit titot,
the 3 hari 3 malam story, the speech contest ayaq took,
Strive the best u can in those war dat u've previously lost.
(Regretting the fact that u didnt memorize the 4D number
on each days of the week in your dream, or else 'Pakcik kayoooo!!!')
will u took another path instead,
taking a whole new life,
trying to change everything,
Marry the pilot,
Insist on going to UK,
Take dat offer as a nurse in UK in your early 20s
Play profesional hockey player,
never even took MissSuhana as a student at your school.

hummmm i wonder.. Which will u take?

Monday, September 28, 2009

203. Manekin...

during the hari raya cuti
i've went out to buy stuff
here and there in that
aneka place.
and i've stumble upon this
Comel kan? i know..
lubang idung tu sengaja
di itam kan, maybe supaya
nampak realistik,
entah kenapa matanya
nampak silver sikit.

Gigi? tak der dua puntung.
adehlaaa.. cian nya.
'Pocket' nyer tulisan tu?
guna marker pen
'photoshop' tu :D

How do u think this
mannequin would ever
attract people to buy
whatever he's wearing?
menakutkan nyeeee:(

tingat plak chucky ngan
legacy nyer tuh. hoh!!

dlm pilem confession of a shopaholic, there was
a scene where the mannequin come to life and talk
to her telling her dat the green scarf would do the
trick to get the job.

humm imagine the mannequin look like this?
hummm.. menakutkan jgak,

(_ _;

Sunday, September 20, 2009

202. Raya'09

Why the slouch pocket?
Wit manyak abih ker? :D
Tadi raya,
baju raya pocket dah pakai dah,
Lima puluh dua ringgit semilan kupang,
sebab butang tu datang skali so maybe
baju tu sebenarnya harga 50 inggit gitu jer kot.

Songkok bersaiz 22 1/2 berharga...
lima belas ringgit kat psr mlm perda.

sampin? mama bagi... katanya mahal giler..
so pocket tanggalkan sejurus selepas smayang raya.
nak kena beli sampin murahan buat gi bertandang
raya lah tahun dpan. Bli kaler Puteh!!!!
(Tte lawa ker kaler puteh? tteiuka, ader ker sampin puteh!?

Pocketeers sekalian macam mana?
ada yg post lagi awal tak selepas raya?
(Kesitu pulak jadi persoalan nya... )

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

201. Mortarrrrr....

One day someone ask me to draw something for her,
and so i did...
A few list of item that she required...
One of them was a school,
Background that shows KL,
and a few more...
(Mcm banyak jgak, tp pocket tak larat nak tunjuk sini)
One of the request was "a student wearing a 'heripoter' like cloak with mortar..."
as she puts it, and my perception was like this....
when she was hoping for something like this...
tte silap jang!!!!
mortar senjata ngan mortar pakai kat kepala
masa graduation tu jauh oooiii!!
kenapa la korang panggil dua benda yg langsung
berlainan unsur ni ngan perkataan yg sama..
buat malu pocket kena gelak dalam mail jer...
hoh!! :D

Edited: Explanation between the two mortar
1) Mortar the weapon
a muzzle-loading indirect fire weapon that fires shells at low velocities,
short ranges, and high-arcing ballistic trajectories.

2) Mortar the HeadGear
(Or most commonly known as MortarBoard)

The square academic cap, often called a mortarboard

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

200. Improper Rasanya Bila...

Improper rasanya bila...
... bila mulut ini tetap mengucapkan 'alhamdulillah'
selepas sedawa pasal kenyang lunch di bulan ramadhan.

Dah la tak posa, gi makan plak kat kdai mamak yg entrance nyer exit tu,
abih makan, sedawa bau punya la baguih kari bagi mai...
skali ucapan lagi.. alhamdulillahh.
yes memang la ucapan alhamdulillah tu bagus,
tp tak rasa improper ker?

Improper rasanya bila...
... bila mulut ini tetap mengucapkan 'Bismillah...'
sebelum nak makan makanan yg nyatanya tak halal.

Aorry if there are any non muslim reader out there..
this sentence does not intended to hurt anybody's feeling.
well pocket pun pernah jgak gi singapore yg supplier bawak
gi makan restoran yg boleh dipersoalkan kehalalan nyer,
i dont know what happened in the kitchen, but for the safe side,
i'm sticking to seafood and seafood only.
meja sebelah nyer tu nyata skali melayu,
(dia melatahkan ayat ayat suci bila chopstick jatuh)
tp dia bantai ayam goreng punya la baguih,
skali peking duck pun datang.
aduih la nampak sedapnya peking duck tuuu...
dont let me start on the beautiful bottle placed on the table.
itu jer la pon yg pocket nampak, yg pocket tak nampak, pocket tak nak tulis sini.

tp agak agak dia bismillah tak?
Paku dulang paku serpih,
Ko kata olang ko lagi lebih,
paku dulang, Pucuk paku,
ko kata orang, ko sndiri pun duk situ..
(Pantun tak jadi)

pocketeers sekalian macam mana?
Improper rasanya bila...

Improper rasanya bila...
... bila kita nasihatkan orang tentang cinta,
tp orang tu br je break ngan kita.
Hek enneeeee!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

199. Fes...

i know u guys do play games inside fesbuk,
some of u guys play it hard...
some goes lite and easy,
some dont even care.
Seems like bendul loving fesbuk just for the
'jejak kasih' ability within the fesbuk...
i luv the photo...
somehow i luv watching fresh smiles decorated
on friends faces. U know those smile that makes
the viewer themself smile unintentionally,
smiles that is so sweet that u wanna look at it
more and more.
Regardless of whoever it is, men woman..
kids and their grand father as well.

getting to know what is up with u and u and also u!!
friends all over malaysia,
tru UM connection, Blogga connection, Fukui Connection...

And ofcourse i do play the game inside the fesbuk too.
enjoyed it so much that i even illegally used a forbidden
computer in my company just to online and do mafia wars. heheheh
Loving it so much that I've even asked someone else to
update the game for me, only on certain item of course,
i dont want him to go mingling with my friends and families...
adding friends at his own accord.
Playing the game (Wit my account) till there's no fun in it anymore..
no i didnt allowed him to do such thing..
just the harmless thing.

yesterday when the life is in, (Internet connection is 'life')
when I am connected to the sky tru me own comp,
i found out dat i've lost a few icon in my friends list.
I can only come up with one reason...
The Mafia wars notification is flooding people's
post list. Most of u guys definitely hating it everytime
the notification goes up flooding your facebook main interface.

and someone might get annoyed with those and
just cancelled me from his/her friends list.

therefore even if it is painful,
slowly i am going to stop mafia wars..
hoping those precious icon will start to appear back
in my friends list.
(With me requesting to be friends to them first of course...
and considering they'll accept my request)

so that i can hear from u again,
so that i can see your cute smiling faces again...
so that i have reason to smile again.


Friday, September 11, 2009

198. All Apologies..

Dear All pocketeers,
this post in all about asking for your forgiveness.
Apology of wasting your time clicking at my link
just to see if there was any updates, but there was none.
And for those who have slow internet connection
until u have to wait a maggi mee lifetime,
Please imagine me rolling down on the dirt screaming
'allaaaa kasiiimmmm' like the mak mertua infront of
kassim selamat asking for your forgiveness.

U see,
Previously i have the TiEmNet to blame for not posting,
well its their fault anyway, for not having available port nearby my house.
Then am blaming my comp for burning up,
but then i still have my beloved Citibank Visa,
so getting my new motherboard and new RAM (Dua gig lagiii!!) was a swipe away...

But the last five weeks? it is all mine and mine only,
The comp is fine and healthy, the internet hub or port
is also there, but i havent been paying my bills right.
a swipe away?
well i tried!!
but i cant even pay somebody's phone bills
for 150 ringgit, how one earth i can swipe for 508 ringgit?
Somehow am blaming myself for all this.
I tot i am a controlled guy, who can control everything.
but i guess i am just as weak as others.

I truly hope 5 weeks was not that long for u guys,
jangan la bila pocket gi komen kat blog anda nanti...
'...pocket pun rase gitu jgak...'
'first time here yer? thanks for coming.. am linking u, will u link mine?'


My desktop is clogged with unpost stories,
cant wait to post it ere :) so pocketeers..
whats up ya'all !!?

And to those who got sick wit the mafia pocket below
raise your hand.. i might be thinking of a pirate pocket
soon :) Captain Pocket Sparrow, aye matey!?