Wednesday, April 30, 2008

47. GiManoMuPocket!!

hok ni bghapo ghial pocket?

pocket... am going to kelantan today, its Labour Day
and i am going jalan jalan a bit.
Will be back by Sunday Morning.
Till then POcket... will be posting soon.

My target this time would be matahari terbit di tepi laut.
dont know i'll manage to wake up or not...

Monday, April 28, 2008

46. Pocket Evaluated

humm humm pocket...

so pocket the other day i've got me evaluation for the whole year of 2007.
Have to admit that i am not satisfied with a few of the marking they put on me.
There were a few which was outstanding but then again when u take a look at
the comment u began to wonder,
was that a good comment or was it a cynical one.
for instance,
I got a full mark for punctuality but the comment was
'a fully punctual staff in any time related issue, meeting, break time, scan in and out'
now now pocket what does that suppose to mean?
when its time to eat... i'm the punctual one to arrive at the canteen?
(come to think of it, yeah .. i do!!)
when its time to scan in... i'm the punctuall one to arrive at 0659 or 0700?
(come to think of it, yeah .. i do!! even scan first and then park the
EX5 and change the shoes, sit my sorry ass on the office seat at 0720!! wahahaha)

when it come to scan out, i'm the one who scan out first?
(Come to think of it, yeah .. i do!! am the one standing there at the scanning machine
at 358pm waiting for the number to change to 4pm)

anyhow pocket, regardless of however misreable i'm feeling right now,
(come to think of it, yeah i deserve those 1 point for my lack of good quality in this and that)
even if my evaluation was marked with good points
(well at least i think its good, it can always got worse)
i am hunger for better evaluation mark next year.
(i will be aiming all 5 points)
soo.. this is april and today is a new kick start for me new project.
The 5 star pocket

My last project went well... The 40 Hari Mencari Cinta
so next one will be ... The 5 Star Pocket
although i will not be putting the periodical update on the project
ere in my pocket.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

45. Flirting Pocket

I was walking,
walking with her in the production line,
we were walking briskly after some discussion
at the meeting area. The conclusion was made
and everybodys happy.

she is the production people,
am not sure of her post but the
line's process effectiveness is on her shoulder.

A sharp girl, pleasant way of presenting herself.
fair skin with a naked lips,
watery like u can squeeze a fluid out of it.
very nice looking with tight outline.
Her tudong is kept smart and tidyly tucked
underneath her collar.
(cause the company says so)
She is one of those people who ammend their company uniform,
most of them do,
ammend the size making it tighter,
changing the fabric from normal to stretchable,
This gives a very obvious contrast on the outline of their waist...
and any other part connected to it.
I wonder why...
maybe its a ladies thing kut.
felt nice and breazy, easy to move and ofcourse...
tormenting those watching eyes.
just like the catwoman clawing and whiping her
lash with a suit soo tight, u'd think she just
painted her body black.

'mak oih... wangii nya diaaaa..' i said just to fill the silenceness.
'apa yang wangi tu? sayer ker perfume sayer?' said the catwoman giving a smirk.
'dia lah yang wangi... perfume tu additional jer' i said,
well what better answer do u think there are?
she let a small chuckle and smile, just then she came
to a junction where she have to take a left turn.
walking, still keeping her speed,
she looks at me and said
The intonation is too sweet for my ears to bear..
just like a little 4 years old girl holding a candy
with her two cute hands asking, 'nak?' to her first crush.
just like your girlfriend having a cake in the street of paris,
taking a spoonfull of the cake and ask 'nak?'
and i replied... 'Nak!! Nak!! Nak!!'
so loudly
so clumsily
so abruptly
that it took out all the sugar in the conversation.
took out all the sweetness of the mood. Oi Oi Oi

She smiled and keep on looking at me from the corner of her eyes.
tilting her head a little.

am in the cloud now.
smiling to myself for about two hours already
and still feeling my heartbeat pumping the blood through
a vein near my neck.

Oi Oi Oi... girl flirting is destructive...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

44. BusinessPocket

This way pocket...

i have a supplier in Thailand.
flying there quite a few time already but
this was the first time i'm flying business.

My first impression of flying business was
just simply they're gonna give u a better
seat and a better food.
well that's exactly what i've got.
Better seat, served with same food but
better pinggan mangkuk.
other than that...
same air sick,
same cramped toilet,
same rough landing.

Since i'm business class ticket holder,
i dont have to que with all the economy
class passengers. this felt great :D. i got
served with orange juice just as i got
seated and the hot towel came right after.

have to admit, the seat is bigger,
well enough for me to kangkang a bit.
n the food is better. cause they dont serve
u fruits in the economy class.
heh but then again, the whole thing is
just look better being served in a better plate.
U dont see the aluminium foil they used
just like in the economy.

I didnt take any pic of the main menu course.
i was busy eating heheh...

n then i luuuvv the part where they let us out
first and then the economy class...
but it was no use since the other colleague was
in economy. so we have to wait for him the same.

After our work in thai is done, we head back to
the suvarnabhumi airport.
there i've checked in the same,
waited at the custom for clearance the same,
went for a bit of shopping the same,
the only difference is, i was allowed to enter the
'first and business class lounge'.
macam bagus jer budak yg dapat promotion
35inggit ni kan ...

'excuse me mem, but this is my first time
flying business so i'm quite new in this.
Are all these foods free for us to have?'
i said with a corrupted british accent to
a good looking asian face.
'ya kaaa...first time bisnes kaaa...
dis one all free one...
wanna eat untill cannot walk also no problem one...
hahaha...dats why i like business class lo...
cute girls some more'
replied the lady. singaporean?
cheh!! ngabih kan effort aku try british slang jer! huh!!

so pocket...
the photo is some of the thing that i've found
interesting in the lounge to photograph.
for a non muslim, they can indulge themself more
since the alcoholic drink are available for them to drink
on and on and on...
this explains why there's a lot of drunk people
on board the airplane.

But does it worth to pay extra 700 ringgit... i think not.
For me this time i got the a promotion. 35 ringgit and i can upgrade...
ok la kan :D

Monday, April 21, 2008

44. Pulut Pocket

Dear Pocket,

Mintak mahap bebanyak
pocket... banyak sangat
cerita nak citer.

Mintak mahap bebanyak
pocket...banyak sangat
gambo nak edit...

sumanya nak persembahkan
untukmu... so ari ni taruk
gambo sket as a headline of
what i'm gonna tell u later pocket...

The best part about this trip would be the part where i actually fly business, now maybe for most of u, u dont give a fuss bout it. But for me its a big deal. Cause always do envy those who were on the Business Class but now i am one of them :D

And ofcourse, the food. but i would say that this time, i'm a bit shy when i wanna snap. Dunno why. I think one day with dewi should remind me of those days where i'm bold and brave to go the distance :D

I have to say thats about all for today pocket, am going to tell u more story in Thai next time though. till then pocket... tataaa..

Pasal curi siakap,

kena tangkap,

masuk lokap,

kuar ikut tingkap,

Kop kun kaaapp

Saturday, April 19, 2008

43. The Pocketen Kingdom 2

Pocket!! pocket!! wake up !!

So pocket, i've went to see that movie The forbidden kingdom today at 510pm,
it ends roughly about 7pm. Unlike other Jackie Chan's movie, this one doesnt end
showing the acting Blooper.
(I was actually waited for that)
The story was about a american boy who was
brought back to the world where the legendary
Monkey king was trapped in a statue form.
To release the monkey king, the boy has to use
the Monkey Kings magical staff on him...
(ketuk laaa...)
quite easy aint it? well the Jade Warlord protect
this statue from anyone's harm ensuring the
monkey king will not be release.
The Jade Warlord and his loyal assassin
the white hair witch (Li BingBing)

Well pocket, u know me...
I always fall for the bad girl in a movie,
Luved bellaxtrix lestrange from Harry Potter.
(the one who killed harry's uncle ...SiriusBlack)
No doubt about Sway from 'Gone in 60 second'
(But i thought Angelina Jolie was the good guys)
And of course, for this one i fancied the white hair
witch more than the golden sparrow.
Why haa pocket?
(The wig is kinda disturbing though, cant u just dyed the hair?)

I came to see this movie to watch the
legendary JetLi and Jackie Chan fight,
well that's what i've got.
There was this scene which i think took
about 10 minutes just for the legends to
show their skills.
Both of them just dont wanna give it in,
Both of them got hit by the other just equally,
Both of them did their stunt themselves,
But I have to say that Jackie did a better
drunken master back in his younger days.

Pocket... try to give attention to the foot
steps on the dirt. Now this is a carefully
made movie where the foot steps is
cleaned every time the director yell 'Cuttt!!!'.

Simply different with the movie about a car
drifting on a road with full of tyre mark.
1 st attempt... NG
2 nd attempt...NG
Got it right the third time but with full of
tyre mark from the 1st n 2nd attempt.
Tak leh padam yek?

All and all, i'll put the summary of what i think of the movie.
- A great movie cause i luv JetLi and Jackie Chan,
- U just wanna start doing kungfu right after watching this movie
(Who doesnt? but no worries... it'll fade off in an hour or two)
- Hilarious?
- Although i like Li BingBing character better, but Crystal Liu FeiYi
is a dang jaw dropping, cute and most of all hottest chick in the movie.
(She is the only chick in the movie)

So pocket... gi la tgk !! n tell me what u think :D
Right after the movie, just to my luck ... i've met Danisha,
She was waiting for 'Congkak'.
At first i was amazed with her bringing her 'selimut'.
At first i was thinking 'why selimut? cant it be a jacket or something?'
In the end, i do think it looks nice on u sweet heart...
Thank for jumping in front of us :D

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

42. The Pocketen Kingdom

Wachaaaa!! pocket..
i've seen the trailer in TV,
Jet Li n Jackie Chan is meeting
up in a movie called
The Forbidden Kingdom,
am always luved Jackie wittiness,
and couldnt get over the cool and
slick JetLi,

Am going to Thailand tomorrow,
Uncle Suba will be coming in
another 6 hours, which makes
it 4 hrs for me to sleep another
two for me to prepare.

Therefore, i'll be going to watch
The Forbidden Kingdoms on
Saturdays evening ere in Sunway.
N i'll tell u about the synopsis
a bit ya pocket... :D

Hopefully this trip to Thailand is prosperous with photo of nice chicks n foods.

till then pocket... wachaaaa!!!
Guess what... am flying business class this time... Yeeeaaaa!!!!
'aaa... ow stewardess stewardess... whats the on flight movies today?'
'ohh... its called "i'll never made luv to a woman on a beach again" u moron!! shut up!!'
- petikan dari C0N A1R - Nicholas Cage and John Malkovich -

Monday, April 14, 2008

41. Nenek Pocket

Dulu aku ada nenek,
dikala aku masih lagi darjah 2,
dia masih lagi sihat, dia seorang
yang kuat lagi
hubungan ku ngan dia? basically cicit
aku ada mak (Mama)
mak aku ada mak (Maktuk)
Maktuk aku ada mak (Nenek)
kiranya dah tua la nenek aku nii,

dia suka cabut rumput, katanya pasal
dia tak mampu nak guna mesin rumput n
chop off the rumput, memang la kan
jadi dia akan tunggu ari ujan,
pakai payung,
pegi duduk di laman tu
dan mula mencabut.

pernah cuba sekali... memang besh
pasal tanah nyer dah lembut so akar
akar nyer tercabut skali ngan rumput
ada sikit lagi sama cam perasaan lega
lepas daging yang tersepit di celah
gigi berjaya dikorek ngan toothpick,
heh heh.

'nek... nek umur berapa dah?'
'entah la, masa nek lahir dulu depa
tak buat surat beranak lagi.'
'hummm, masa muda dulu orang jalan
pakai keris ka dak dah nek?'
'hoih!! tu zaman melaka... P'ramli
ngan puteri gunung ledang tuu...
hang ingat aku umoq pat ratuih taun ka!?'
aku plak yang kena marah
'hehehe... mana la nak tau kan...'
kata ku sambil terus mencabut rumput.
'aku ingat masa aku anak dara dulu,
masa tu kami duk kat tanjung (Pulau pinang),
pak aku duk besiap nak pi peghang ngan
orang puteh, aku kena buat bekai utk dia,
dia kena angkut meriam masa tu' kata nenek
sambil mata nya memandang keatas mencari
cebisan cebisan kenangan.
aku hanya mengangguk

kejap kejap, Sekarang pikir balik
Pulau Pinang perang dengan orang puteh
would be.. francis light?
kejap kejap, Sekarang Google balik
Check check sejarah tingkatan tiga...
francis light jajah pulau pinang tahun 1786!!
aku darjah dua pada tahun 1984, 85, 86 gitu
gitu.. nenek aku umur 200 tahun dah la masa tuu?
tp dia anak dara masa francis light datang.
back then 9 tahun dah anak dara dah...
lets consider that when i was standard 2,
me great grandmother was about 210!!! and she was
still alive and kikcking, pulling the rumput ...
(Simply orang puteh yang lain kut!! takkan la francis light....)
dia pulang ke Rahmatullah masa aku kat jpun ...
tahun 2000 kut.
Rindu la pulak kat nenek...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

40. thPost

Dear Pocket,
Today i had an idea of what i wanted to post today.
but when i see that the running number has hit 40.
i remembered, that this was the campaign i've been
trying to do about two month ago.
'40 hari mencari cinta'
its basically originated from banji's post
'40 hari equals habit'
which tells u that one same thing that u do daily in
the same condition would become a habit.
n to stop a habit would felt awkward.
(Just like the feeling u feel when u consume the first
ketupat pagi raya after a whole month of fasting)
basically this campaign ended up with me addicted to
you pocket, just can get enough to tell u stories.
(Although i cant do it daily lah kan, dua ari skali bleh tak? heheheh)

So bendul, u did mentioned about starting something
and commiting to it... well try to do it for 40 days directly.
n tell me about it afterwards. Hope u can stick to the habit.
so many habit that we wanna start...
good habit such as :
plain water every morning,
jog every evening,
swim every evening,
finishes up work every working day ends,
Simply simpan duit 1/3 of gaji in A5B monthly,

hopefully all of us can :
- start the habit,
- strict probation period for 40 days,
- and stick to the habit till our death.

anybodys up for any chalenge?
wanna share? :D

Thursday, April 10, 2008

39. OutThereInChina

aiyaaa pocket,
so pak nan is now telling the HR personnel about CHina,
He went there to audit two of our supplier there.
His story was something like this
(Although i have to warn u pocket... if he's lying...then this is me lying to u lah pocket)

Everyday the operator came to work and they need to
brush their teeth in the company area.
Seems like there's a sink located on the side of their hallway
for them to brush their teeth.

Before the operators start to go into the production line,
all operators will go through hygienic check which include
breath smells and finger nails.

The whole kilang is just like a fortress which includes the
production floor (normal la kan)
Canteen (Normal la kan)
Surau (Normal la kan)
Hostel (Kebelakangan ni macam makin banyak)
small convenience shop(Gerai kecik jer kut)
Recreational centre (huuuuuu!!)
Padang Bola (huhuuuu!!)
Even a dobi place.

The Management handle not only the operators MC,
KW5P (Ado ko kat china?) salary,
but they also handle the staff marriage and bulan madu.

The food in the canteen is free.
money only needed for the Convenience Store

hummm...pikir pikir gitu, lagi ganas dari sekolah asrama penuh!! kiranya ...
macam masuk tentera.
macam negara ter'sendiri',
negara yang namanya Sa*Sung or So*y
A small country with 4000 citizens

Boring nya keja gitu.
kecik kecik, mak tak kasi jalan (Kna kurung)
sekolah... (dah kena kurung)
gi keja ... (kena kurung lagi)
abis keja (Which is pencen) baru buleh enjoy life.
by then u'll be 55!!

That is what i was surprised about ch*na
worker, how they diligently follows the
rules and regulation.
Their determination
Me, i'm refusing to wear this cap they've
enforced us to wear.
The effective date is today
But i'm rejecting it!!
Cause it's simply hideous.
Dah la tak macho lagi tak ensem,

memening kan kepala plak tu,
lagi kalau ilang kna bayar 7 inggit la pulak...
Antistatic konon... phuiiiiii.... Huh!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

38. PuchiPocket

Dey pocket,
i wanted to download Mighty Joe Young with Charlize theron as the main actress.
basically this filem lah...

but instead i got this

tte apo la malangnya nasib nih...

three days of downloading... (On and off la kan)
all those waiting...
all those hoping...
last last filem 1949.. hek ennneeeeee

Saturday, April 05, 2008

37. Poke

Now now pocket...
isnt that illegal?
'wei... ina, hang tak pi makan ka?' said ramli
smiling from one end to the other while he
was changing his shoes to go to the canteen.
Ramli is a very nice lad fond by all the
staff in Pocket Pte. Ltd.
Maybe its because of his wittiness.
maybe its because of his attire.
maybe its because of his humble and polite
attitude towards the elders.

a very well build body with short and tidy hair,
kept his shoes clean and his breath smells minty.
Who doesnt like a bloke like dat?

'hummm... tak mau ah... malas, lagi pun kan ker ujung bulan... kiter bukan nyer cam dia... dia supervisor... gaji ribu ribu'
replied Ina.
a cute straight hair chick not taller than ramli's chest.
A kind chinese-like face decorated with a sincere smile
even as she sleeps on her secretary desk.

When she walks...
The clock ticked slowly to match her graceful shigusa(Gestures?)
The air breezes gently to her straight hair decorating the whole scenery
The sound seems enhanced, amplifying any sound that produced by her.
(masa ni ado lagu ayu - V.E as a background)
Sounds of her foot step.
Sounds of her fingers fidgeting,
Sounds of the textiles on her sexy body rubbing again each other.
haaaiiiiihhh...the author sighs.
'Takder duit? tipulah, tu ada' jokes ramli with his finger pointing to
Ina's shirt pocket. Which was luckily positioned at her left beautifully
shaped 'chest'.
Unlucky part was that the finger doesnt only pointing.
its also unintentionally touches the fabric and opened
the shirt pocket revealing the 5ringgit note inside.
'ehhh... duit ni ina nak wat duit minyak la balik kang...tak per..ina
tak lapar puunnn.' smiles ina taking a step back 0.7 second after ramli's touch.

'umph.. ok..kalau gitu aku gi makan dulu'

'umph.. jumpa lagi lepaih depa kenyang...'

they've departed without any bad feeling between them.
somebody else watched the 2 minutes drama. Told ina's father bout it.
The father interrogate ina later that night... and somehow convinced her
that ina should be feeling abused by ramli's finger touching her left breast.
The police arrived at Pocket Pte. Ltd the next day...
The HR ask ina...'do u feel abused sexually by ramli yesterday?'
and ina ...
out of guilt (maybe)
out of shame (maybe)
out of confuse (Maybe)
... said 'Yes... uhuk uhuk uhuk' breaking into tears.

Ramli was then sacked 24hrs.
No police report was filed out of the victims family courtesy.
So bendul... be careful where u poke
(Why bendul? i dont know..)
Now i dont wanna blame ina for being confuse, pressurize and ashame
now i dont wanna blame the father for making ina think the way she do
do we blame ramli for being a good sport who accidentally touches a forbidden area?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

36. Sekaya...

Dey Pocket..
the other day i've got a leave, it was tuesday
therefore all the banks and post office or
other office for what it matters are open.
meaning as if in buisnes.

Since i'm on Cuti, so i understand the fact that
this bloke is eating roti canai at a nearby stall
at 10am.
but what i dont understand is there was a few
other early 40 of age pakcik who's also relaxing
and enjoying their cup of tea.
they're not going to work?
they're dont have anything to do?
they're simply work in the night shift?

but then again...why dont i simply sangka baik?
maybe... just maybe...
they're having passive income.

Now pocket.. what are passive income?
well basically its when u'r having money flowing
into your account without u working hard getting em.
F1xed Deposit.
Skim Cpat Kaya (Hahahah)

i know a person who's 55 of age, have 200k inside
his A5B. (After 20 years of hard work)
now if u'r talking about 6% of interest yearly...
he'll be getting 12k per year.
now thats 1k per month.
nice for a warga emas who live all by himself having
roti canai every morning with his cup of tea.

well that's for A5B.

FD? hummmm.... bank ra*yat gave 20% in 2008.
wah! wah!...

SkimCpat Sekaya?

now banji did say this before...
'You see an opportunity, you grab it'
(Click to see text)

so... i'm going to make a very slow move towards
becoming a bit richer by joining some
Skim Cepat Sekaya

wahahahah..... how haaa?
any good one u know?
The 42inch LCD TV is just crying my name again again
and i couldnt stand it not having one in my place :D

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

35. DriveShaft

Dey Pocket...
the previous weekend was
filled with work and
Woke up at 7am do the
laundry, while i was doing
the laundry, i was also
watching a movie.
the title was 'shoot em up'
i know the film is just a
fantasy for gun enthusiast.

Then when the laundry washed.
Its time for me to hang them.
By then i was also watching the
film 'ChakDe' with Shahrukh Khan
as the main lead wahahah!!

A story about some girls trying to win the hockey world cup.
I promised me self not to go tear myself but i've failed.
ado jugak menitik sikit sikit.

Then its 11 pm already.
The laundry all hanged up to dry...
so off we went to the mechanics place.
The drive shaft is making so much noise,
u'd think the kancil is 14 years old already.
The staff does his diagnostic of the car problem
by driving it around.
It is confirmed then that the drive shaft was the problem.
He jacked the car and both the front tyre is lifted into the air...
he examined the drive shaft...
and found the rubber part is torn.
I saw this malay kid, most probably in his early 20s moving the tyres
(Which at this time dingling from a lifted car)
so freely as if the tyres is sooooo light.
So when he went into his garage to take some tools,
out of curiosity i've tried to move the tyre myself.
wahahah just to my surprise... the tyre was so dang heavy...
i had to hold my breath to move the thing.
is that kid strong?
or am i the weak one?

i think its better for me to take it that he's the one who are normal,
but i'am the one who are weak.
then that would be better for me to improve myself.
do i need to start lifting weight pocket?