Thursday, February 28, 2008

28. DreamBig

So Pocket,
this is the first time me comp can actually be connected to the net in a week.
excuse me for the long absence. it was unintentional
the phone bill was unpaid for RM250. dats why the t*l*kom cut me line.
u know pocket...
i just got married. The wife dont wanna let me
out of her side even for 10 second.
(well...cant blame her... newly wed syndrom la katakan)
but the problem is i may need to go to Singapore
again next week. To audit another supplier which
will be making a chrome part for General Motors
Car Audio. Wow...
So How haaa?
I got this crazy idea that i'm gonna pay for her
flight ticket and request her to dress up as my
PA(Private Assistant)
How is that? what is she gonna do all day?
she can goreng bihun for me.
she can just be there and look cute for me.
she can always do the audit with me!!...
dont know lah...

Today i've dreamt of Mr Big.. which is a big deal
since he is one of those character u dont wanna
have in your dreams. The dream was...
I was imitating his voice,
everybody was laughing
and he turns up standing at my back!!
hands on the waist biting his lips.
'ooo.. ini yer kerja awak pocket!!'
I panicked!! gave him all the excuse i could've think of
he was mad at me, start to marah marah...
what did i do?
i mimicked his speech
i mimicked his gesture
n i turn to see all me frenz, they're actually
enjoying the show...
laughing ... clapping ... smiling
wah wah wah wah... n i woke up.

i've told to me colleagues about this dream.
he is not from the same department.
he laughed...and asked 'hang takut ka kat Mr Big?'
well ...its not takut... but more to respect.
i mean he is the captain anyway...
'heh...aku tak takut sket pun kat Mr Big'
well easy for him to say, he's not from the same
its not fear la pocket...
its more to segan...
its more to hormat...
its more to looking up to him as a captain...
Well then why do u imitate his speach?
That was a dream lah pocket
did u ever do it in real life?
aaaaaaa...... i dont wanna answer dat:D
So Pocket.. u got your own Mr Big ?
Do you imitate their speech? their behavior?
just to make fun at their back?
hummm...just do not kantul lah pocket...
The increment is at stake.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

27. Romanticly Pocket

Dey Pocket,
its saturday and i'm working...
i know most of the pocketeers out there works
on saturday except for danisha, since she even
works on Sunday... hahaha....
Btul kan danisha?

So today i've came slightly late, got a bit of quarrel
with the misses last night on who's gonna get out of
the warm bed to off the light.
'u laa...'
'u laaa...'
'alaaa... u laaa...'
'mana buleh ... smlm i, takkan ari ni pun i'
'tp u baik kan...'
'u laaaagi baik...'

(Actually this was only my fantasy, its not true. i picked this scene up from a novel by Cecilia Ahern . the title was 'P.S. I Love U'... just thought its nice if i can do the same thing with the mrs, the thing is usually the mrs would doze off first regardless of the light in the room or the sound of my World of Warcraft Online game on the computer)

which come to the point of what i wanna babble
about today. People say that those who dont read
lovey dovey novels is not romantic.
I dont read romantic novels
(P.s I Love U is my first)
still i think i am romantic
Hell I am born romantic.
When the doctor who delivers me during my birth
gave a pat on the buttocks...
it was not that much painfull...
but i cried anyway just to be romantic...
(Now pocket... u know this is not true)

on my first day out with Ms Yati,
if i can remember her name right,
back in 1997 (thats like 11 years ago!!)
we've went to see that movie where john travolta got
this brain tumor dat makes him superpsikik.
He can learn new language in 2 hours, he can moves
thing psycho kinetically. i can still remember that
we've watched the movie at REX infront of kotaraya...
for lunch we had McD. Big Mac lagii..
She did say how unromantic it was to have a BigMac as a lunch during a date.
but i refuse to take her opinion into consideration.
nothing beats Big Mac during the lunch dat time.
(now pocket... u have to remember that it was 1997... they still sell roti canai for 30 cents then)

my first luv was siti fazlizah
(It was 1991)
i did bought a casette for her to express me luv.
'Engkau lah yang satu..
idaman hati kuuu...
sucinya cintakuuu...
milik muu...'
hell i cant remember the song anyway.
Who sang dat song haa?
Now if u call that as not romantic...
i dont know what is ...

regardless of the contoh...
i think... from my point of narrow view.
(I am blessed with a narrow view... ask banji,
my eyes only opens up for 7mm during normal condition.Mr Wahid eyes is 11mm)
I would have to say that the saying
'not romantic if not reading romantic novels'
is wrong.
Look at me, am not reading those novel but still
am dang lovey dovey me self.heheh

Deep down inside, DaPocket is actually feeling that he is a non romantic person.
That is why the whole karangan above was written.
self assuring karangan
Just to feel good with himself again
As long as he sleeps soundly at night

Friday, February 22, 2008

26. IdeaInAPOcket

I have this saying.
an idea.
its not much of an interesting idea,
not much practiceable anyway,
its just an idea.
but still i wanna tell u bout it pocket.

'friends is like knowledge...
Good or bad, best to know it all'

knowledge can help u when u'r having problems.
knowledge about what? well u'll never know till
u meet the problem. If the problem is about
understanding your spouse.
Then a bit knowledge about psychology would help.
Maybe a bit about those virgo, scorpio, sagitarius
thing would give a pinch of solution.

now if the problem is healthwise, then Biology
Chemistry of Kemahiran Hidup might help.
(btul ker?)

now that goes the same with friends,
u'r having problems, one friend can help,
another can give an idea on how to solve the problem.
u need all the friends u can think of
to solve your problem.
Now i'm not saying that u'r so unreliable enough
that u need help in everything u face tru out
the day. i'm just saying... 'it helps'.

so friends being same as knowledge must be hold
dear by us. good or bad... they'll come tru for us,
dont never ever forget a knowledge cause u never
know what might laid waiting for us in the future.
A problem might struck u in the head and the
solution may only from a knowledge that u've once
(same like maki hamun kawan tu sampai dia tak mau
kawan dah..hahah... ayat budak darjah dua)
then u'll have to solve the problem using other method.
other connections.

how to keep your knowledge fresh?
well, keep on studying the subject.
practice it tru out the day.
how to keep your friends connected.
Well basically salam everytime berselisih bahu,
teh tarik ocasionally
knduri kawin, knduri berkhatan, knduri keshukuran

So now i'm writing a list of people who i'm going to at
least try to go to their wedding.
not to say that others i'm not gonna try but these guys
will get first option should the wedding clashes.

Monday, February 18, 2008

25. AmInPain

Dey Pocket,
am now in great pain, am feeling pain on the
side of me head. just above the ear. If i
massage the area, felt more intense pain followed by a brief relieve.
am feeling a slight of temperature difference from my arm pit to other
surface of me skin, a certain feeling of weekness, helpless, powerless
in my movement.
felt the urge to just fall down and curl up on the floor. a certain
kind of coldness shivers trough my vain,
cough!! cough!!
my head felt the pain when i cough. maybe i need a cough syrup.
maybe i need a panadol
maybe i need a hug
pocket... i think i'm demam.

in this state of pain, i always remembered a friend of mine.
He use to enjoy his pain, according to him,
'how do i enjoy my state of health
when i dont remember how it is to be demam.
when i dont remember how it is to be down with fever, sneezing every 12 second.
when i dont remember the pain inside me lung when i'm struggling with cough.'

so whenever u'r down with demam... enjoy it while it last. n by doing
so u'll appreciate your health a little bit more.
so pocket... since i'm demam, i think i wannna call it a day lah...
ta ta...!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

24. ItWasAHecticWeek

Dey Pocket,
It was a Hectic Week, i am soo beaten up that i dont think
i can walk straight now.
maybe u've known from Banji's blog bout the whole wedding thing.

Well its not much to tell about. other than the same old...
Akad Nikah ceremony was entertained by a rushing mice.
The Pengantin ate full heartedly on the main table. (Control la skeet!!)
The ADUN in our area came to my wedding (Or was he something else?)
The Bunga Manggar was soooooo pathetic looking (As usual)

All and all, i had a great time.
Thanks to Banji and Dafilantera who makes it a successful ceremony.

I'll tell u the details afterwards.:D

Danisha did came to the wedding. it was a pity that i cant take any picture with her dat day.
Hanachan... waited for u but u didnt came. (Or u did but i didnt realize it...)
all and all....
This is me DaPocket...
Posting me first post as a handsome unavailable bloke.
lets tell story a bit more yah pocket:D

Sunday, February 03, 2008

23. MrBig

Mr Big,
Now let me tell u something bout MrBig, He's a very good man i would say.
Why? cause he's very sharp in managing our dept. when we talked, he'll gave
me quite a few double meaning question.
Like a question asked.. the answer will give 'makna tersirat'
and he kept on asking me question like that. I have to think even when he
ask what flavour of drinks i like to have if i go to Mamak Place.
'Are u married Pocket?' he asked once.
'aaa.. not yet.. am planning to but my time just not yet...' DaPocket answered
thinking its a template question just to break the ice.
'now i dont like my staff not being married yet. You bachelor dont have anything
to motivate u guys to work better. U'll end up jumping here and there just
to get more money or u'll end up coming to work just for the sake of coming to work...
not to improve the company,
not to improve yourself,
not to improve your family'
He said with full feeling like he believe in it.
(Well actually anyone would leave a company if one got better offer, the family will have to follow)
Another quality that he have would be his effort on making others shine.
Its like...'his crew shine... he'll shine better'
in order for the crew to shine... he wants everyone on the deck to work
and be acknowledge by the work done.
Some department captain out there doesnt do this.

He prefer his crew to be known to the whole armada as a good and handsome crew.
He once mad at us for not wearing leather shoes to work. Now that is obviously off
his boundaries right... but he thinks otherwise.
He personally brings up the issue of company uniforms being wrinkled to us.
he wanted us to look nice and presentable.
and the ringtones... remember previous post...

Now this is a sample of a good captain. if i ever become a captain. i'll try to do it
as he has done it when i'm under his wing.

Me EX5 rosak ari ni.. entah apasal ntah tak leh nak pergi
lebih laju dari 55 km/j. so terpaksa la pocket meredah
highway yang hujan tadi (Gurun - Sg2 Penang) dengan
kelajuan 50 km/j. theory nyer... 70km ngan 50km/j...
then i'd be taking 1hr24min.
Wrong... somehow i spent 2hrs on the EX5 today.
sakit ponggong!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

22. MrBigMe'naga'

dat day was quite a cursed day i would say.
the day started hot from the morning turns to hell
when the production line found a piece of part which
have an obvious defect on it.
A part of plastic was missing from the part.
How does the incoming do their inspection when this
kind of defect is also undetectable?
To make it worse, the affected percentage was
dang high... 80% NG Part mixed with OK Parts.
To make it hell, the affected parts is assembled and
sent to Oversea.

We are summon to 'mengadap' Mr Big in his office.
once we stepped inside his office we felt the heat.
It was as if someone turned off the air conditioner.
He looks furious.
He tried to smile when we entered but somehow the
smile was not as sweet as usual. All of us comes in...
spread out around him so that should he starts to
draw out a gun n start shooting, all of us would be in
the line of fire.

'why?' as if a dragon growling in a low tone voice.
none of us answered.
'you do know how deep we are right now right?'
'now the delivery is already on the way, how am i going
to answer to the US side?

'Pocket!! have u scold Mr M for this issue!!?'
The volume is at 5 now... if it goes to 10, our ears will bleed.
I didnt answered.
'have u called them to come here!!?' ask Mr Big,

'aa.. no.. not yet'
i said fluttering.

'now thats your mistake there pocket!! u are getting blasted
by me ere, your job is on the line and u still let Mr M stays in
SP sitting in his favorite chair listening to his favorite music...'

'now i dont care if u have to shout to him on the phone,
eye to eye, what ever but he have to feel the heat we are
facing right now!! but just dont do it like a truck driver scolding
a dog!! do professionally.'

bong!! bong!! bong!! the table was pounded by Mr Big so hard
that i think he must have hurt his hand doing it.
'u've become soft... your quality control has gone softer these days...
your grip is slipping'
This one is for all of us...
the room turns to a silent space for a while.
Mr Big paused his lecture
no one dare to speak...
it was soo quite that i think the sounds of the air condition must
have sounded noisy.

and then....
peeee peeee peeee pet!! pe pe pe pe pe pet!!
peeee peeee peeee pet!! pe pe pe pe pe pet!!

the saiful apek song ...
aspalela was on the air from someone's handphone....
it was soo loud that the secretary turn her head to look
inside the office searching for the sound origin.
i had the urge to smile, but i just couldnt...
'tukar' Mr Big warned the handphone owner.
No Intonation, no feelings,
'it doesnt reflect your credibility as a good.... bla bla bla bla... '
and the lectures goes on till 30 minutes.

hahahahah.... when we got out, we couldnt keep it anymore...
we laughed at the Handphone owner and starts to mimic the
sound of the songs intro. hahahah
had a good laugh by the end of the day :D