Monday, March 30, 2009

154. Smile...

..was wearing a dark colour shirt, long sleeve with white lining on the side.
It was quite tight showing her outline like u'r looking on a silhouette of a naked girl.
Walking carefully inbetween the seats, trying hard not to bump on people's head.
Economy cabin seats, what do u expect?
The waist end was short. Short enough till u can see her 8packs.
But in her case its not 8 packs.. cause she was quite plump or meaty but not fat.
enough to see her belt gripping into her flesh.
Her low waist jeans was rediculously low.
so low that the top of her V-Line was visible to her audience, drooling.
My seat was at her 8 o'clock.
the view when she was taking her seat
was too grotesque for me to explain here.
lets just say the scenery kept on flashing in
my mind like a nightmares.

..was wearing a comfortable cotton trousers.
Not slack or denim, not even khakis or cargo pants.
Its those cheap track suit like cotton trousers.
Just like what nyonya in GC would wear to
kangkong farm in the evening.
A brown t shirt with collar white hair,
white beard like he forgotten to shave this morning.
minding his big ass obediently following his daughter
not realising that she's the main attraction of the whole flight.
He sits on a different rows from his daughters seat.
Rows on the right hand side. Isle seats.
Well the show ended when she sits, no more candy for my eyes...
but i couldnt help it to notice that the father was a little awkward
in his seat. CabinCrew handing out nuts and candy bar,
he would turn back to his daughter asking wether he's alowed to take em.
He was happy to have the drinks,
but her daughter forbid him from taking the milo.
would make his tummy hurt was the reason.

The flight..
.. was from penang to KL at 645am,
the sun rises from our left window somewhere in ipoh. (i think)
He was at my 2 0'clock, just infront of my seat.
Happily enjoying his pink guave when the source of all light came to shine,
he turned and smiled.
The old man was smiling, as sincere as u can ever witness a smile.
His eyes is either watery out of happiness or the sunlight was too bright for him.
He is an old man with teeth randomly missing and wrinkles decorated his seasoned face.
But yet i swear to you that his smile was beautiful.
i dont care about the sunrises anymore,
His smile was my sunrise that morning.
But what disturb me was his seat. it was an isle seat.
He was expanding his neck peeking through people's window
to enjoy his view. His daughter should have gotten him the window seat.

And somehow the scene when DruBerimor's
elbow got hit by the drink trolley from the
Wedding Singer came to my mind. I
t was her first time flying but her BF insist
to stay on the Window seat.
What a cruel thing to do to a first flyer.
Have a heart la!! (DrYan ingat tak filem ni?)

Most us definitely have once or more flew,
Some of us is not that lucky.
I myself still fancy flying.
If u ever fly with a first timer..
Give him or her the window seat please.
If the ticket was to be the isle seat, a little ...
'excuse me sir, but my father is a first time flyer,
can u let him have your seat? it would mean much
to him and to me' ... will not hurt.
Pocket yg emo tak tentu pasal:_D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

153. Jauh oooo...

First of all, pocketeers..
mintak mahap la bebanyak kerana tidak mengupdate
sekerap selalu kebelakangan ni, kebizian melanda dan
internet connection pocket masih lagi belum bersambung.
(Remember 147. PocketYgPatahJari?)
Teramat la tensen nyer sebab rasa ketinggalan jer,
rasa sunyi pun ada gak,
rasa cam orang yg membuang hajat besar tp tak abih.
yes, pocket memang berhajat.
berhajat nak beli laptop,
dan nak online 24/7
cam bangun tetengah malam (Baik dengan bantuan jam ataupun mimpi ngeri)
dan post about the dream i just had.
Most probably the post will be like tis...
'pocket mimpi, jalan jalan, banyak air, banyak hutan,
ada awek... kebaya.. ada nepal... tgh masak roti tempayan,
ada optimis prime, tengah menyabit rumput...'
even though i know u guys will not be interested to read those ...
tp kalau pocket ada laptop dan broadband celc0m tuh,
maybe i would.

so pocketeers sekalian,
just nak post kejap bagi tau kater...
pocket nak gi johor besok.
landing kat Changi kul 1020...
pusing kat jurong jap,
gi tido kat hotel di johor.
besok nyer pusing pusing lagi...
balik penang ngan flight 1920 dr Kay Ell Ai Ey
(Sapo sapo in the same flight? lets meet^^)
heharapnya pocket ada masa nak citer anything about
my trip there on sunday for your monday sugar.
harap harap nya....

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

152. Spark...

pocketeers, i've once read in the Book of relationship by the title of
'Men are from mars, women are from venus' about points reward and deduction.
From what i can understand, it is like this...
Every time a man do a good deed...
holding hands,
open the door for her,
show up on time,
taking out the garbage,
...he will be rewarded with one point and not more,
regardless of how big the deed was.
As she gets happy with him, he'll get points understand?
Now it will not make any different if the man bought her flowers
on her birthday or bought her a vios. The point reward will still be one.

Which is different from what we men think...
because we put value to the gift.. i mean the gift doesnt grows on trees u know...
effort and money need to be spent.
Time consumption to stand in the line for Rihanna's concert ticket. Have a heart la
(tetiba pocket emo plak)
anyway... this point needs to be mantain daily,
Sunday i've earned 44 points with Aleya, Dewi and Kathy.
Monday morning.. its back to zero. hustle up bro!!
Its just like reality tv show where u have to keep
performing or else u'd be eliminated.
For Aleya who i've just come to know her, (About two months only)
the point to keep is 14... not that much,
call her up.. sms a few..
maybe evening walk or something would get me 14 points already.
(Considering that i have to open the door, wipe the seats, get her flowers,
run all the way to the otherside of the park to get her an aiskrim palit)
But for Dewi, it has been 2 years already. Daily points will be higher.
maybe 52 kot... What if i dont get the daily points?
well, it'll be days till she say bai bai,

Now we have talked about point reward.. what about point reduction?
every game show must have a penalty right? let me ask u on this one...

There u were walking down in your best dress to the front door
to find him waiting in his best suit(One point).
Opened the door for u(One POint)
'i am going to bring u to a place i've always wanted to try.. brace wit me ya'
the smell of perfume just fine (One point)...
u'r there on the table already, white cloth with flower.
high class french restaurant.. (Point rewarded till this stage was about 23)
during the dinner, he went to the toilet leaving his HP on the table.
It rings with a beautiful face on the screen, incoming SMS.
Out of curiosity u checked 'u left your jeans here sayang, how did u get home?'
tell me girls, how many point will be deducted by this one?

ok, the example are a bit too much,
but if u are going to deduct points from incidents as such, how much will it be?
-for not answering the phone?(Regardless the reason)
-for answering phone with suspicious background sounds (Girls chuckling)
-for coming back late from buying the nasi goreng?(Got stuck at the CC)
-for going out to have a ketam dinner with a dang attractive angels from heaven.

every good deed, a flower blossoms
every bad behaviour, a spark of fire
now how is it wrong when we are doing everything within our power to avoid the spark?
cause somebody's point was down to negative 94 that saturday night...

Sunday, March 01, 2009

151. AnotherInteractions in...

the first day i've started to blog was the day i felt that there's so much story in me
that i wanna tell, but the people within my vocal distance just wont understand it.
Then in 2004, to layan this urge of story-telling, tomypocket came to life.

But just as most of 'melayu' mistake in business, is the lack of advertisement.
I wrote my story, but never went to other's blog to comment or making friends.
Which resulted the first two years of my blogging days was without any comment.
The reader would only be 3 people. 1 of them commented. And i never replied.

And then someone told me that i should make friends,
go to people's blog and start commenting. with this only
that someone else would start reading my crap.
So i did it, start to bloghopping.
At first my intention was to leave my link just to let people see me.
but then i've changed... something grows inside of me and i start to
actually read other peoples daily story,
someone's broken heart,
someone's beloved MyVi got hit,
someone's love story
Trip and adventure storyand i luved them,
commented as sincere as i can and with that
people started to come to me blog.
Thanks pocketeers,
each one of u lit up a candle in this dark life of the pocket.
Now i can see my toes again.

Commenting and posting in not the only interactions in blogging nowadays.
We've gone a step further, bloggers now meeting other bloggers.
Which brings me to the actual story for the day (Panjang nyer intro)

Saturday,28/2/09 was the day

N'imi and
Miss RibenMerah
had too much sugar and ate too much ketam:)
We've went to kuala Smilang to eat there,
change venue to mee ketam pak su (Ker namer nyer shaka?)
and had a good get together we can have.
We had kerang bakar, mee ketam for me,
nasi goreng ketam for everyone else.
Why is it that everyone elses menu was way better than mine? humm hummmm..
I never know about n'imi and eliya shaka,
tny and riben merah is a regular pocketeers,
knew filantera for 28 years already,
and bendul have been around from 1996...
(Which makes it sounded like i'm somewhat 40 years old kan.. heheeh^^)
Regardless of first time meeting them,
we had so much fun from our conversation and interviews,
Even come up with our 'dwibulanan' plan.
A great company to be around with.
Am definitely looking forward for our next meeting in alorsetar,
(If i can overcome the 'spark' issue)
Details? i'm sure that u can find the details
in their blog well updated with pics and all.(N'Imi posted 'blogger-days-out')
But what i can type here would be,
how glad i am for blogging. By blogging only that i'm able
to meet Angels that stunned the viewer just by the mere glimpse of them,
a macho Purchaser who are older than me but looks 25,
a prson who actually hates history thinking that u wont learn anything from em,
a lecturer who can lecture :)