Wednesday, March 26, 2008

34. Saraba KoboriSama

Dear Pocket..
the other day i've went to Kobori san's
soubetsukai(farewell party). we held it lightly,
well the budget was quite low and most of us
wont come if the required RM is too high.
the party was held at 6pm. after work, i've run
back to me place to take my 'dewi' to go with me.
the cloud seems like its going to rain...
so i brought the rain coat with me.
as i was speeding with my EX5 the rain started to
fall. i had to stop. took out my rain coat and as
i was just going to wear them i realised...
Me Dewi!!
i can heal with a few panadol down my throat...
but my dewi would only heal with money spent
for maintenance.
so i've decided to wrap her instead of myself.
protecting her delicate body rather than
my living skin.

so off i went with her being safe from the pouring water...
as i arrived in the farewell dinner venue.
everybody was waiting.
there were three more arrived later than i am and the
party started at 710pm.
They prepared a fair ammount of food on the table.
the menu was :
mee udang,
nasi goreng udang,
sate ayam,
kueh cara

it was nice. the food was nice since i'm wet and hungry.
I've taken photo of the whole majlis...
so i couldnt eat more than one piece of udang dat day.
(well actually i shouldnt be eating any udang since am infected with 'resdung')
but basically i was kept busy.

'how was the food?'
'nice... i like it'
'dont u think its a bit salty, or the taste a bit thick?'
'well... i think its a bit of a kick in it, but u cant take this everyday'
'well...u will die, see... everything in this
world should be taken in moderate.
because everyday u are eating a special cuisine, it wont be special anymore'

hummm... btul jgak tu pocket...
tetiap ari makan lobster...
mahu mati resdung pakcik...
n then if i ever goes to a nice dinner with the Mrs,
n they're serving lobster... i'll puke and vomit lah kut.
I wonder what is the favourite food for those salmon fisherman.
i know they'r eating the salmon should they run out of food supply.
i'd say it'll be nasi la kut... heheh...

reviewed back the phot i've taken, i'd have to say the lighting
was not enough and direct flash is just not my style.

Monday, March 24, 2008

33. NakLa Jugaaakkkkkk

Dey Pocket..
lets go, before we go to have the 1901 Hot Dog,
lets meet Bendul for a while,
cause he's ere in our area having lunch with
the family.

N then we went to restoran wahdah...
there, i saw bendul just finishing up his lunch.
(Did we kept u waiting bendul? sorry for dat)
then for the first time i've laid my eyes on bendul's son.
tomey nyeeee... sebijik cam bapaknya jugak...

i know he'll grow up as witty as the father...
the family members were all clad in orange.
ada colour tema la plak...
we talked for a while and off we went on our
way. its a pity i didnt bring me dewi with me.
or else your orange colour will shine me dark n
gloomy blog. huhuuuu...

then and there... ado terasa...
nak la jugak satu...
kalau boleh nak la dua kan...
tiga pun ok jer kot...
tapi dapat satu dulu la ...
satu jer dulu...
n then nombot dua tu nanti nanti pun ok.
banji dah nak dapat satu dah...
mama dah ado tiga..hahahah...
da pocket nak la jugak.
jeles la suma orang ado sorang sikit...
karim lagi besh ... dia dah ado pat...
Mak nasir dapat yang ke 10 masa nasir amik SPM
takkan aku tak leh dpt satu?

am going to Kobori san SouBetsuKai(Farewell party)...
dont worry ..there's no booze and naked woman included in the menu.
will be there just for the pic.
so i'll show some of me colleague faces ya.

n guess... which one is Mr Big:D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

32. Consortium

Dey pocket...
kenapa? kenapa?...
apasal lak aku bleh dpt ticket yang utk besok?
dalam tiket aku ni
tertulih terang terang apaa...
14thMar'08 kul 1230 tgh hari...
apasal lak jadinya besok lak!?
dah tu nak wat camana nii!!?

tak per abang...
kitorang yang buat salah nii...
abang buleh tunggu
lagi sejam tak ...
lagi sejam ado bas lain datang ...
n we'll fit u inside
dat bus accordingly,
n guess what... just to your luck...
we have
three seats inside there for u and your mother...

tapi aku tak buleh gi kul 130!!
aku nak naik bas kul 1230!!

yer la bang ... camana kami nak wat ...
orang kat sana tersilap tulis...
this is the best we can do...
atleast abang buleh jgak sampai KL
malam ni jgak...

bak gantirugi 50 inggit!! kata pocket mendesak

yang tu sy kena tanya tokey la ...
bukan hak saya nak bagi wit gantirugi.

tapi mamat yang tulih tiket kitorang ari tu yang silap tulih,
tolak jer la dari
pocket dia... sayer tak kira..
sayer nak jgak gantirugi...

ok ...saya full refund..
tapi tiket abang tak der lah pas ni...
abang gi cari tiket

the conversation ends there...
apasal yek? aku ker yang bersifat ke'customer'an sangat ...
bukan beza sangat pun lamat sejam...
kalau aku pakai main senyum jer dari awal ... will the
condition be OK? i doubt it.
they'll keep on taking their customer for granted.
'alaaa... berlambak lambak lagi orang nak naik bas aku'

hummmm... anyhow... celaka ko consortium bas....
memoga ko nyer bisnes tak besh pas nii... heheheh
(Pocket cuba nak curse tapi tak pandai ... hahaah)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

31. Kon's Engagement

Dey pocket,
The other day, i've attended Kon's Engagement Ceremony,
Well Kon would be my brother in law,
a nice bloke with perfect manner and aiming high in the star.
I think he just might get there.
We went on friday on the Consortium bus. I'll maki the buss after this post, Crashed in Naboo's place and got acquainted with her beautiful daughters. One looks just like her mother while the other picks up a bit of ere and there from both their parents. Both could have passed for angels walking on earth.

The ceremony was scheduled at 11am on the 15th Morning. We were hustling that morning. well... since there's too much thing to be done,
getting the sireh,
getting the fruits,
getting our make up on...

after lost a few turns ere and there, we got there safely.
Fatin, u did a good job driving the waja, a good thing the cake didnt crash
(Actually it was my fault also cause i was dozing off)

well... i think thats about it for my today story pocket,
would have tell u more of the little thing dat have happen dat day,
but i think i'm gonna call it a day.
am having a mental block now due to demam... hahahahah
MC again tomorrow? we'll see.

checked again the pic, there was no pic of me.
People can always say that ... the pocket never attended Kon's engagement party.
hummmm... its hard being the cameraman, u'll never be inside any of the pic u've took.

Unhealthy Pocket

Dey Pocket!! why the long silence?
well pocket... i've been away lah for a while.
am posting this from KL at Naboo's place.
will be comin home tomorrow.
N will be updatin some of Kon's engagement's pic.
so u wait yaa...

huhuuu... this is soooo unhealthy lah pocket...
leaving your blog unupdated for more than 3 days.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

30. Pockelitic

So Pocket...
now i'm not political... i dont even know the
name of my area representative. its not that i
dont care. but it more to i'm just not
interested. yes... that is a bad quality one
citizen can have in oneself. but what can i say,
i have my own liking.

i dont like UltraMan... why? its because ultraman
is not playing it right. He have the ultimate
weapon. once the bright light on his chest start
to blink. he'll cross his hand and...
comes out a killing ray that'll cut the monster
in two.
U can see this in TV...
The news sound halfsided.
there's even songs for the whole election thing.
There's even Comercial done on the election.

THe monster does have their own killing ray. but
its just not enough. ultraman either can stand
the ray, or simply the ray will not hit him.
He can jump quite well...
all and all..the monster will die in the end.

after giving a good fight...

but we can say that the monster is also playing
a dirty game.
Always attacking the private parts.
Isu tido...
isu pegang pegang...
isu rasuah sana sini...
isu meletup sana...
isu angkasawan sini...

well it seems like this series, the Ultraman did
received a fair beating. Hopefully he'll
be more powerfull the next series.
(and of course doing his job untill the next series)
which did you vote pocket? hummmm....

Friday, March 07, 2008

29. PocketBerbalut

So the other day i have been told to go to johor for
some audit at the supplier side. The audit will be
done in two places, Two companies.
We've departed from penang Bayan Lepas Airport.
Had a bit of evening snacks with the mrs and off I
went inside to board the plane. We were quite late
so the 'abang' who takes care of the ticketing was
starting to nag a bit.
i've brought a book for me to read. Just for
appearance reason, i covered the book with brown
paper i got from a torn off sampul surat.
well at least i thought it looked nice. what the heck...
'oh... my father use to do dat' Mr G said pointing at
my book.
'Do what?' I replied...
'covering your book so dat no one can knows what u're
readin' Mr G said if full queen english. he's known with
his fluency in Queens English. Japanese just cant understand
'now why do i have to do dat?'
'well according to my father, people tends to evaluate people by their appearance. N with a guy in a suit like u holding a book with the title that reads 'World of Warcraft- the history' doesnt sends a good message'
'Well i can always be the designer of world of Warcraft'
'naaa... more like a father who want to get close to his son
by playing the dang game'

hummmm... people tend to evaluate their surrounding yah...
now pocket..what do u think?
looking at a guy who's busy with his laptop would make u think....?
looking at a guy limping would make u think .....?
looking at a nice looking mother holding a cute son without the father would make u think....?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

28. VDoPocket

Dey Pocket,
I'v saw a vdo just now.
A very distracting vdo
A very harsh vdo
A very brutal vdo.
(well atleast for me it is...)

to tell u the truth pocket, am not that much of
a brutal guy. i cant stand seing blood. people kept on sending me mailbox vdo's of
internal organ spread out on the road.
Bodies cut in two.
Decapitated body.

i dunno pocket... am a bit upset of the whole thing. me stomach cant take it. i mean ..why do people like to look at those nasty thing anyway? well those vdo's about accident makes me realize that i should keep a strict order of my self to follow the rules.
Remember your luved one

But i've also seen a vdo of a girl got beaten up by a few men, her head was smashed with a 60x30x30cm rock. What ever she did for deserving that must be quite serious. but what? what kind of crime deserves that kind of punishment?
mencopek dompet?
cutting in line?
merampas suami orang?
simply shoot the prime minister?
maaa... the guy who was furious enough to lift the heavy rock must have the answer. as for us pocket?
lets lead a healthy life
an obedient life.
a life which follow rules and regulation.
dont start upsetting people.

and hopefully no one would smash me head with a rock.

Am going to johor today.
640 flite, see u selasa pocket.
i'll come back wit some Pic hopefully:D
(since i've come to notice dat lately i've been kedekut photo huhuuuu^^)