Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hui!!Hui!! pocket,

Today was the wedding day. Last night I have went to the bride’s house, why? Cause I have to know the way first, its better that I got lost in the middle of the night than to get lost this morning and start to call everybody who is already busy with other arrangement.
So last night I’ve went there, they were doing the inai so I’ve joint them. I’ve got a biawak and a fish bone on my handJ I’ll show it to you after the photo of it is developed. So this morning I’ve arrived there at 8 in the morning. Had my self two roti canai and a nasi lemak, and there I was terpacak in front of the brides house. She told me that she’ll be going to make up at this place, where the make up person is so good. He even done Siti Norhaliza’s face. And he is the private make up artist for Bienda (Whoever that is lah) if the Bienda ever comes up here ( to the north side) Ok back to the me terpacak waiting for the brides to invite me inside.
Then after I have met the brides family, sit myself on the floor watching the merdeka march, waiting.. waiting.. already 920 but still waiting.. then I’ve got this call.. ‘eh aswan!! Sory kak husna tak ingat kan aswan, kak husna dah sampai dah kedai makeup nii haa.. kang ado orang gi amik aswan yek..’… and u know what pocket, I was supposed to take the b4 and after make up photo of the bride but she forgot about me.. how come?
HEHE , maybe the akad nikah thing was all in her head, she could not think of any others kut. So after the make up (which cost about rm80) and the bersiap baju and the tudung. Here comes the groom. So off we went to the nearby masjid. The imam is already at his place, the groom take his place and the khutbah starts. By then I’ve already starting to take the groom’s pic. And also not to forget the imam’s. then here comes the lafaz. Hehe.. at this point.. the masjid was berkelip kelip with the camera’s flash light. Huh.. and the groom handsomely lafaz the akad nikah wit one breath …’sah?’ asked the imam, ‘sah’ answered the saksi. Hohoho.. takuuuuuutttttt.. if it was me in that situation, I would surely have gagap…
Somehow kan pocket.. during the akad nikah ceremony, I couldn’t stop smiling. Dunno why.. some day it’ll be me on the grooms place shaking the imam’s hands swearing the oath and the ‘I do’… well of course for my case ‘ aku terima nikah nya siti norhaliza binti taruddin dengan maskahwin 25 ringgit suku tunaaaaaaiiiiii’ huh!! That’ll be hard pocket!! My heart starting to beat tango rhythm just by thinking of it.
And the make up that the bride have to go through, she didn’t have any food for the day just because she didn’t want to ruin the lipstick.. hoh!! Maybe I’ll think about this matter in some other time lah pocket.. hheheeh.. nanka kowaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

EF50mm f1.8 EF50mm F1.4 USM

Lately it’s been raining here, I don’t know weather it’ll be raining on the day. Hopefully everything will go just fine lah pocket.
I wanted to buy this lense, huh.. what do you think? The right one or the left one, both of them is 50 mm. f 1.8 the prices is 300 something. Fell in love with this thing the moment I saw it at Midvalley kl. Why do you need this ? well if you go to a party where no zoom is needed. Then why bring along your 80 mm sigma zoom? When you go to a place where the light is limited, u’ll be needing a lense that can provide u with aperture as big as possible. Which this lense will provide u with such aperture. So in other word.. I want this lah..heheh.. I’ll be taking photograph at this akad nikah ceremony this merdeka. I thought I’ll be the plan B.. but I was wrong.. I was the plan A.. meaning they actually hoping for me to take the photo for such ceremony. Huh!! I’ve never seen any akad nikah ceremony yet… I don’t know the moments.. this pressure is really getting to me. So I’ll need the lense by today .. or .. I wont perform effectively. (heheh.. as if I don’t know u .. If u want something, u’ll be tergedik gedik to get it till u cant sleep) Ahhhh diam lah pocket!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Hoh.. pocket, today I’ve accidentally scolded a colleague. Its not intentionally... its like this. I want this thing to be done this way. Send to this area first then some body will come and settle things up and then bring this thing to that place and everything will be settle in the most efficient way la .. well at least I think this is the most efficient way la kan .. but then she just wont understand. She just kept on asking why this and why that.. why don’t u do this and do it like otherwise.. I’ve given her my reason.. why not this and why not that. But she just wouldn’t understand. Huh!! How haa.. and then .. I wanted to explain thing easily so I wanted to draw it to her.. she take this as an insult and she says ‘ alaa .. jangan la lukih lukih.. cam sayer ni bebudak lak .. ‘’ memang la ko to cam bebudak!! Benda simple gini pun aku nak kna lukih kasi paham’ scolded me in high pitch. It was an accident. I swear. Didn’t mean to hurt her feeling.
Then she was just diam and nod anything that I’ve said. ‘ok tak?’ I asked, ‘ikut suka ati ko lah’ tte. I’m feeling guilty. Hoh.. guilt can really can kill kan .. Pocket.. its hard to do work.. especially if your work demands u to hope on somebody else’s work. Then u would want everything to work the way u want it to be.. the way u want it to be.. and u forget .. that others also have opinions ..others also doing work to get some gaji at the end of the month.. huh!! Seriously susah la ..
Its 745 in the evening and she has gone back.. to her husband, to her kids… I think I’ll call her up and apologise lah.. should I or shouldn’t I ?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Just arrived from KL this morning at 5 o’clock, huh.. ngantut bangat sih. Seriously exhausted beb, but it was for a good cause. Wanna hear my story?The story goes something like this.
I went to kl on the midnight of Friday, it was rainy and I was full. Ate a nasi goreng ikan masin at 8 and a magi goreng at 1130 huh!! Added up with teh tarik besar, still I bought an air kotak wit some almond for the road. The trip to kl was quite cozy, since I slept all the way. I was exhausted from my whole day work.. what do you expect? Reached my destination at 6 in da morning, the local bus already in business and I missed the first trip. Well what da heck.. wait for a while and off I go to the kerinchi. Walked to mama’s house and as soon as I reached there the mama is already waiting for his son. Huh.. a warm welcome to this lonely travelers.
I didn’t sleep after that , since the mama have a lot to say and tell .. stories, secrets, thoughts etc… at 930 the Amira woke up, and things lightened up at that dull wooden house with her cute smile. Echoed with her laughter and her high pitch voice. Quite a doll I might say.
At 10 she wanted to go to ‘schwimming’(six years old’s tongue), well why not? Then we went for a dip in the Public Swimming pool just beside the Univ. LRT Station. Just to my surprise, she already good in swimming, well with the help of the papan polystyrene la of course. After two hours of swimming, we got back to the house and have our self some nasi lemak and only then did I had my shut eye. Huh.. woke up at two, rushed my self to KLIA to see her for the first time after 8 month. Huh!! Rindu bangat beb..
Peh .. panjang sangat la plak pocket.. I’ll continue my story the next time lah.. besok ker lusa.. anyway, have a happy cuti pocket. Eat as much as u can, just don’t get bigger dah lah.. For me my visit to the house of pain (Gym) will be continue as usual.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Hahaha.. last night I have gone to drink drink wit da frenz.. and arrived at my house at 11 in the night. Then slept until 730 in the morning with the underwear still intact..huh!! I even slept with the same outfit as I went out wit da frenz.. hoho.. kalau la ado bini .. mesti kna leter nyer lah.. hehe..
Pocket pocket… what do you think bout frenz and girlfrenz.. is there any different.? I don’t, why? Cause I think if u wanna be sincerely frenz wit a girl or a guy.. then u shouldn’t treating them as if there have jantina loooo.. why.. then u’d be cam control.. ngan kekawan pompuan pun cam nak ngorat jer layan nyer ..Some time I had chances of going to karaoke wit those who are famous in the ‘office’. Have to admit there are cute and body lawa and everything.. but somehow no sparks. No Chemistry.. I didn’t even treat them as girl even.. hantam jer .. like they also boy like me..why? because we’re only frenz heheh.. am I normal?
Eh Pocket!! Tonite I’ll be going to KL to meet her tomorrow.. a little bit tak sabar sket nii.. hehe.. so babai la pocket..keep on hunting.. for one day.. u’ll find da right one.:)

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Tomorrow I’ll be going to KL to meet her.. well I’ll be meeting her on the sabtu petang.. huhu.. tak sabar la plak nak makan kfc.. (although yesterday I ate two pieces of those evil chicken leg deep fried in hydrogenated oil) but still.. KLIA’s KFC will taste better .. hoho..
I don’t have anything to write to you today pocket.. other than that my life is still penat .. and money just wont be enough Eventhough u’re doing ot every sabtu ahad and everyday until 8.. why? The curse of utang.. huhu.. but still u have to live your life la kan .. hehe well u have to stop on buying things u never needed.. for instance da pocket pinggang.. don’t even think of buying the third one.. I’m warning u
The banji is already reading my blog lah pocket.. so watch out what u say.. don’t be telling off our secret yek.. but even if u’ve write anything in here which is our secret.. well It’s ok la kut .. cause da brother understands.. huhu.. terasa segan la plak ..knowing da banji is reading this.. but then again felt like wanna pulun to write more.. why?.. well now that somebody is reading ..have to write often la kan .. hehe.. hopefully all my other frenz also can read my blog.. then I’ll be writing like two times a day hahahaha..

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


HekHokHekHok Pocket,
I’ve been going to gym for like three times a week lately. Well I’ve paid my good money 50 ringgit per month. So I have to go at least 10 times a month to get 5 ringgit per entry right.. which is still damn mahal cause normal gym would charge u only 2 to 3 ringgit per entry.. worth it? Hummmm dunno lah.. but I wanna look good for her.. wanna dress the baju she bought for me.. wanna be as macho as can be so that all da other girl who sees us together, would jealous like hell .. and say ‘where did she pancing a guy like that?’ heheheh …. Pathetic ? yeah but I know she would do da same to me also.. heheh
So this gym I’m going is quite fun .. got a little area for aerobic.. two thread mills ( the lari machine) 4 bicycle that bring you nowhere ( I dunno what its called) a few other weight lifting machine. I thought I’ve got a hang of weight lifting.. but I was wrong.. last night .. I got pening lalat that nearly knocked me off the floor.. it was after the 15 minutes lari.. then I’ve gone for the 20 kg barbell.. done that do some crunch for the perut.. and then .. just as I was gonna do something for the triceps.. the pening lalat come.. huh.. I could not balance my feet and almost fallen to the ground like nangka.. hahah.. but some how I could reached for the machine to hold on to.. and cover macho like I was just resting.. huuhhu.. takuuuuuttttt…. Next time .. I wont be doing any of those serious lari no more. Just 10 min.. then stop ..then lari again three time.. hai .. manja kan .. hummm I know.. lagi pat tahun la nampak nya baru nak dapat cutting brad pitt..ehheeh
Anyway .. happy nyanyi, lapar nak makan kfc kat KLIA..:)

Friday, August 05, 2005


Hahaha.. guess what pocket.. I’ve went to that gym I was talking about.. quite interesting .. quite penat.. of course la kan .. a gym is a house selling pain.
Went there yesterday. After work, parked my Honda nearby and climbed up that stairs, the gym was fourth floor, hwaa.. getting there also needed some effort to burn fat.. hehe!when I entered the gym, everybody’s know me already.. ‘this was da guy who come twice but didn't enrolled in’ heheh.. ofcourse la kan .. u need the time to think of all the thing first.. da money .. da time .. da work .. and then after signing some documents.. received this lousy t-shirt.. and start da workout lah.. heheh this is where the pain starts.
The instructor told me to run for 15 min.. and so I did.. run on that mesin lari for 15 min.. I thought it would be a kacang one.. but I was wrong.. it was tougher than I thought. Maybe my veins was all filled up with lemak from all those chicken I’ve been eating .. I got dizzy, I couldn’t run no more. Stop and jalan jalan around to relax myself.. hahaha.. pathetic right? Hummmm…
Then comes in the instructor .. he teaches us on the appropriate stretching.. at this point I was having muscle pain already all over my body. Huh!! Am I that old??!.. then comes the barbell.. this one was 20 kg, he told us to do 12 rep. two times. Hohoho.. this one kills the bisep.. and then comes more and more torture.. haha.. I was so sakit tangan.. I couldn’t straightened my hand. Bengkok jer.. after done with the torturing.. every body was given free time.. I spent mine by the water machine… heheh.. penat beebbb..
Sampai rumah by 11.. and I was pening already.. huh.. am I going to do this for at least another three month?hohoho..
Pocket.. no pain no gain they say.. well don’t wanna gain anything then .. but that brad pitt cutting.. huh.. yatte miyou kaaa…. Sankagetsu gurai.. heheh

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


DongKaDong DaPocket!!
Today have been quite a hectic day, after this I’ll be racing my way to that superbly delicious bihun sup at the pasar malam. I luv da bihun sup lidah, seriously make your lidah melt.. hahah.. have to stop describing bout the delicacies I’m going to pig myself to, cause I’m starting to ‘terliur’ already J
I’ve read her blog again today, the way she’s writing her blog.. just like talking.. just like novel .. with every words arranged like it was a play. I’m infatuated. Me liking her? I don’t think so, why? Cause I hate all the things that she’d written bout herself. From my point of view.. she’s like so getik and so perasan lawa.. n so on .. my list wont end.. bottom of my list.. it’ll be like during my day in MRSM, I was once public humiliated by one of those kinda girl. Huh.. hate every moment of it..
But every day I’ll read her blog. Why ? cause I like her English.. I like the way she’s writing.. the way she express herself, even though getik but still interested me. Dunno lah.. pervert ? hahaha.. that I’ll have to admit.. I am pervert.. heheh.. is pervert a sin? Somebody please answer this.
Is it a sin to read others blog without the owners permission.? I don’t think so..Do you like it if there were other occhang reading your blog every night with that creepy smile on his face.. huh.. thinking like that would really give me a creep lah .. I’m not ok with that condition also.. hummmmmm
Ps: tgh duk henpon de talking wit u.. really miss u..

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


heheh.. hai pocket.. today have been quite hectic for me.. all the works.. all the things have to be settled.. you'll be terkejut besor if i tell u what happened to me today. of course i wont tell u .. why? its embarassing..
ok ok .. i'll tell u lah.. jangan la marah.. so today i went to this gym.. and they have given me all their bull shit .. sweet talking to me into signing up for their three month subscription. hehhe.. and the worst part is .. i fall for it.. haha.. how do i ever have da time to do such thing.. and the cash that i have to pay for this three month is like too mahal lah.. 150 for three month.. is it ok or not..
But the thing is .. i have been doing dumbbell for almost two years.. but still cannot see any result.. well any serious result .. so i think i have to make that first move lah.. maybe i'll not be as macho as bradpitt.. but if i can be kurus sket pun dah ok ..
Humm i know what u're thinking.. 'still wit u're hangat hangat taik ayam kan.'. hummm maybe.. but i'll try as hard as i can .. so that i can reach my goal. wish me luck lah.. okeh .. babai.. see u next time when i'm macho as hell:P.. hahaha!!