Monday, January 28, 2008

21. HujanEmas

Dey Pocket...
hujan emas di negara orang,
hujan batu di negeri sndiri,
lagi baik kat negeri sendiri.

Cam tak betul jer pantunyer kan... tak der la,
selalunya pantun ado pat kerat kan .
tak pun dua kerat.
cam pen merah pen biru, u marah...i luv u
(tte singkat nyer pemikiran, pikir la samting better huhuuu)

bebaru ni gi singapore. cam besh la jgak gi negeri orang ... its just the timing was not soo good for me, cause i was having another arrangement but i have to cancel it for the trip.
But then again ... i am glad i did went to the trip.
Cause if not... then i'll wont be stumbling upon Mizot.
Which i dont wanna disclose u her real name.
Mizot...still waiting your comment in this blog. i know u're reading this:D

what does it tells u when in singapore :
A lot of nice cars on the road. Mazda, jaguar, mercedes, BMW
A lot of MainLand Chinese foreign worker.
The police hardly take 'wit kopi'
There is no such thing as free parking
People who works in Singapore sometime lives in Johor.
The water was told to be recycled. (I Refuse to accept this^^)
Lots of singaporean was told to have their second wife in Bartam

I dunno lah pocket... there is pro's and cons of living anywhere... everywhere...
how do u make the best of the situation is what matters.
Kambing and Pocket.
I dont know why but i have this problem when going to singapore, my cholesterol level will shoot up. Cause its quite hard for us who are entertained by chinese people to go to malay place. I dont blame them... if u have to entertain chinese friends to go for lunch... where do u brings them pocket? so they always bring me to food court. There my choice would be limited to mamak's place. N mentioning Mamak...what comes out of your mind pocket...
Kambing!! hahahah...

Cheap Is Good
'So we have another 2 hours of time to kill before our boarding time... minum?'
says CikGuTan
'umph...ok... any idea where?' asked pocket...
'anywhere... what about those cofee place over there?' CikGuTan pointing to a distance papan tanda i cannot make of what was written on it.
'I know a cheap place ...i dont know its good or not.. but its cheap'
'cheap is good... lets go!!' ordered CikGuTan
So off we went to the second terminal... lower level than that the burger king near the escalator.
if u guys ever stuck at changi... u guys better went there to eat. cause the pricing is better.
the food aint better cause its just stall style... but its ok since Cheap is Good :D

Ketam ... i think i did once pronounced that crab and prawn can be considered as lipas and scorpion.
cause if u think that :
the big and mighty whale is the underwater version of an elephant
the fierce and carnivorous Shark is the underwater version of tiger and lions...
the colorful fish is the underwater version all the beautiful birds.
Then what are crab and shrimp?

Anyway... i have tasted the ketam goreng with telur masin, basically the boiled telur masin was tossed inside the minyak during tumis, then the telur masin was mashed and scattered tru out the tumisan and then comes in the ketam. quite nice... next time i'll try to cook this :D
Cause the one i've eaten there in 'the negeri orang' was dang nice^^

' la negeri orang n bawak balik hujan emas diorang'

Friday, January 25, 2008

20. Unmei to Deai

tte.. translate nyer fate n encounter
(Tak romantik nyer translation)

I was scheduled to go to Johor dat day, have to travel to Singapore
the next day. Got some Audit needed to be done. Some people to see.
Woke up early dat mornin to a phone call from Uncle Suba,
the usual taxi driver who was an hour early.
Knowing dat Uncle Suba is waiting downstairs,
makes me haste up all my make up procedure which then i
realize that i've forgotten to shave.
Dang u Uncle Suba!!
I arrive in the airport early, 0645 hrs awaiting flight to KLIA.
I thought my flight was at 0850.
But after my long conversation with Mama talking bout her trip to the Doctor on checking her BP. I realize that my flight time was actually at 0800.
I checked in at 0745
(Its a good thing they still let me on that flight..well i'm not that late^^)
Dang u Uncle Suba!!
Since i was a bit kalut the whole trip,
i realizes that i've misplaced my KL-Johor boarding pass when i was waiting at KLIA.
No Problem... i can always get a reprint.
Dang u Uncle Suba!!

So i walked from Gate A07 to the transfering counter somewhere near Gate A01.

There... i've laid my eyes upon a very breathtaking scene. (Well for me la kan...)
She was smiling from a distance of about 5 metres away...
i couldnt identify her yet due to my eyesight is rabun.
It has been 4 years since my last meeting with her,
I cant even remember when or recall the scene.
N then she say Hi...
She was as witty as ever,
Her face is as fair as what my memory portrays her,
(I dont think there is ample UV Light there in Japan)
Not to forget as cute as ever.

She was clad in purple dress or somekind.
(From this rabun eyesight... I think that colour is called purple)
Matched with dark jeans, and white Tudong.
We talked a while there, I walked with her to her departure gate after she bought her BurgerKing. it was quite a distance since her Departure Gate was B08
(How i wish it was longer)

we talked ... about how good she look
About how fat I am ^^;
About how Fukui community
About DaGrifindorz
About her being back from Japan but missed her flight (or sengajaly missing...)
to Her Hometown.

'Mesti tak ingat dah nama kita kan?' kata dia masa tunggu burger dia siap.
'aaaa... korang nyer batch ado pat orang... sorang namo ida, sorang lg involved with starpark'
i actually remembered her name all the time but at that point her name just simply didnt come out.
'Mizot!!' i said half shouting.
'haaa nasib baik ingat :D' katanya tersenyum.

I regret it for not wearing my best that morning.
I regret it dat i was 91 kg that day.
I regret it that I was wearing the wrinkled Company uniform.
Dang u Uncle Suba!!
But it was dang nice to see u again Mizot...
Wish we can stumble upon again in the future...
Alhamdulillah for the encounter
Thanks Uncle Suba for being an hour early.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

19. A Blast From The Pocket

Dey Pocket...
sambil tengah duk layan internet
nii... tgh duk tgk blog orang
dlm tv2 ado citer ni la plak...
A Blast From The Past.

Mak Oiiihh... sukanya pocket
ngan citer nii... apsal yek?
the dancing part maybe
the naive part maybe
its not much of a funny movie.
well classic.

so pocket...
kalau u guys never seen this
film before... try to find the dvd.
I dont think they're selling it
anymore. since its soooo dang

Whats the moral of this movie anyway yer pocket???
theres a script in there which i think its sounds like this.
'Good manners are a way to show respect to people
around u,
i've always thought it is a way to show
superiority in front of others'

Pocket... lagi 20 minit the taxi driver will be ere...
gi singapore lg:).. will make the most of this trip.
am bringing dewi wit me ^^

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

18. Tanya la duluuuuu

ari ni balik jer dari 'war zone'... ado phone call.
'Dey pocket... kamis ni u gi singapore... prep this and that..
the ticket is with me, bla bla...'
'eh...? bila masa plak saya kata ok nak gi singapore?'
'well u have to ask Mr Big for that lah pocket...
he's the one saying u're ok with this trip'

loh... dont nobody ask anyone anymore... now i'm not saying
that i dont wanna go. Its just that i had an arrangement on
that day which i need to attend. Now i cant go on canceling my
own private matter everytime the company need me to fly

Ok... even if they ask me
'pocket... u'll be going to singapore this thursday... any objection?'
hell... i wont be objecting ... but i'll atleast propose the whole
trip to be earlier or the flight home to be and earlier flight.
Cause dat thing i have friday nite is on at 730pm

can somebody ask me if i have any opinion on any 'matter'
which consist on me going to places and consisting me on
canceling my own plans just to fulfill the 'matter'

this is me typing my heart out.
so pocket... i'll try to post again tomorrow n after dat ...
it'll be friday nite (_ _)

Monday, January 21, 2008

17. GrossyPocket

Dey pocket...
do u feel those negative eye?
Those eye beam that looks to your excess fat around your waist.
A smirk at the tips of the lips, which spells out 'eiii... gelinyaaaa!!!'
(eiii... how gross!!!)
they're speaking to you smiling but they're actually vomiting inside.
thinking such a gluttony sin u're in

i met a friend just now.
we hardly ever met...
we had some tea n roti canai. somehow looking at
'how pity to me' face his showing... am feeling a bit uneasy.
maybe this is a curse.
a curse to be bear by those who over eat.
a curse tormenting this soul each seconds.

one thing i wanna ask u pocket... and that would be...
if a fat guy eating a slab of beef steak
comparing to a 'bong kyu bong' cute chinese model eating a slab of beef steak
which one looks 'gross'ier?

or is it i am the skeptical one?
pikir yang bukan bukan

Saturday, January 19, 2008

16. Manager Kebersihan

bebaru ni kami duk kalut pasal kebersihan tempat kami...
desk suma orang kena kemas n hensem... puih!!
susah la utk diri ini yang malas.
so diorang lantik la ManagerKebersihan.
Kalau kutur, dia yang kena jawab ngan tuan director.
dan cik manager kebersihan kita ni ado hak utk nak
marah or shout to the kengkawan suma to get her
needed cleanliness.
so bebaru ni tengah duk kalut kna marah dek
manager kebersihan tuu... ado la kawan ni
dpt tangkap gambo yg menarik:D
dia gi sebarkan kat kawan kawan ngan komen dia skali...
just wanna share wit u pocket.

Tang cekak pinggang tu yg tak tahan tuu
tang kena denda tu yang tak tahan tuu
korang pocket sekalian pun ado kna cam ni jgak ker?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

15. Duit Poket

A friend of mine once spoken...
'money cannot buy everything, but without money... nothing can be bought.'

in a sense it is quite true.
Bendul once wrote money actually can buy happiness. I have to agree
(For certain condition ... yes, but not to all)

story one :
ali is coming back for raya... he couldnt afford the trip by flight so he chooses
bus instead. but he have a wife and two toddlers with him. would be inconvenient.
then why dont u come back by car ali? ask pocket...
well ... me car cannot go more than 200 km per day lah pocket... would break down to pieces.
Here money ensure the smile in his wife's face.
(ok... u girls out there would say that its not the trip dat would put the smile
in your faces but being with the luved one will... yess for u gals but not for us
men, we would be tormented inside every time we see u gal rubbing those
aching shoulders of yours smiling bracing the pain... would feel like dropping
on our knees and start promising that we will be working harder to buy us the
Honda City by next year)

Story two:
was in a car. a boy approaches, he was wearing dirty shirt and no shoes on.
beggars? i dont know... might as well be those scoundrels forcing kids begging
for money in the streets. the boy stares at me n say
'duit duit!!' while knocking the car window.
I opened the car doors so sudden that the boy fell down n i kicked his tulang rusuk
four times.
Ok that was a lie... i would'nt do that... wouldnt think of such thing...
poor him,
was he hungry?
was he cold?
or maybe he was just doing his job begging for money

Story Three :
yesterday i had a Prosperities burger for dinner... cant never get enough of those
blackpepper sauce. Yes hanachan... the drinks was not so nice so i changed it to
Milo Ais.
N by doing such thing... by indulging myself on such a nice feast...
i ended up having maggi tonite.
maggi kari without any eggs inside. how sad.

So pocketeers...
commit to yourself that we wanna put a smile to our luved one's faces
n to do so requires u to wake up early for work tomorrow and
get that fat bonus your boss promised
get that 30% raise this years (Most unlikely but we're allowed to hope)
then we can afford to pay for the flight ticket to go back raya...
then we can afford to pay for the honda city downpayment...
then the wife dont have to rub her aching shoulder anymore...
then our child wont be kicked at the tulang rusuk for asking money to strangers.
n most important of all... no more 'egg'less maggi

Sunday, January 13, 2008

14. Semak Sangat ke Pocket?

The other day, Mr Big (One of my company's director) came into our Office.
Basically he wanted to verify something n needed to find somebody.
In search of that somebody, he stumble upon my desk which makes him furious.
It seems like my desk was 'not tidy'
He then looked at others desk. well the result was better since mine was told to be the
worst. hummmm...
He ask the clerk to take picture of me desk n commanded me to clean it up by Monday
which is tomorrow. But i havent done anything on the desk yet.
He'll be coming tomorrow.
what will he say:D
actually pocket... look at the picture Kak Murni has taken.
What do you think? is it that untidy?
i think thats the tidiest state my desk always in. Believe me... there were worst.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

13. GelakJerLa Pocket

Dear POcket...
semalam kan ...kiter ado wat satu tag nii. From da watashii yang tomei tak patut. Basically lagu ni kan... walaupun kuar bahasa jpung. tp still terkena sangat ngan jantung nii, so rasenyer cam nak kasi la pocketeers sekalian dgr:D
'Waraereba' dari group ulfuls yang maknanya 'gelak jer laa'
(Lebih kurang nyer translation)
below is some of the translated lyrics from a partial of the song. hummmmm ^^;

murishitemo muchashitemo
kaerarenai omoi ga aru
soba ni itte
kono ore wo mimamotte kureru kai

pulun mcm mana pun, usaha mcm mana pun
ada niat yang tak buleh nak ubah
duduk la sebelah ni
support la aku nii

daremo ga minna itsumo
mitasarenai omoi wo
mune no oku ni daita mama

sapa sapa pun memang
ada cita cita yang tak tercapai
tetap didalam dada
meneruskan perjalanan

Tonikaku waraereba
saigoni waraereba
kotae no nai maenichi ni
ha ha ha to waraereba

apa apa hal pun gelak jer la
last last nanti pun gelak jer la
hari hari yang tak ada jawapan
'ha ha ha!' gelak jer la

Tonikaku waraereba
saigoni waraereba
nazakenai kaerimichi
ha ha ha to waraereba

apa apa hal pun gelak jer la
last last nanti pun gelak jer la
Jalan pulang yang pathetic
'ha ha ha!' gelak jer la

Tp somehow vdo nyer sangkut...
yg herannyer kat youtube nyer tak sangkut la plak.
so pocket... kalau nak tgk vdo ni ...
gi la tgk kat you tube sndiri dkat sini :P bweeekkkkkk

Monday, January 07, 2008

12. Watashi No Tag

Peh pocket. kiter ado sorang kawan ni kan...
actually tak pernah jumpa lagi tp kira banyak kali la jgak duk gi melawat dia kat blog dia tu.
dia ado la wat tag ni :D
cam menarik la jgak so kiter layan :)

What Does Your Mom Say When She Yelled At You
Clumsy - Fergie
Heh... acaner tu?

Your Dad Pokes You In The Head, What Does He Say To You?
The sweet Escapes - GwenStefani

You're Best Friend Punches You In The Arm, What Does She Say?
Bad Luv - Eric Clapton

Your Crush Bumps Into You At School, What Does She Say?
Retak - Ella
(Cam... 'eh!! retak!!' heheh... pelik nya suasana)

You Worst Enemy Walks Up To You What Does He Say?
Tegar - Rossa

You Are Walking Down The Street At Night When Stranger What Does She Say?
Mimpi - Cokelat
(kiranya cam 'Mimpi jer laaahhh!!' eheh...)

You See Your Pet, What Do You Say To Her?
WalkAway - MattMonroe
(Peh..camana plak lagu 30an ni bleh masuk dlm playlist ku?)

Your Favorite Teacher Comes Up To You, What Does She Say?
Welcome to the black parade - MyChemical Romance
(Kiranya cam ... 'abih la ko nyer idup lpas nii>:D'... huhuuu takutnyeeee)

What Song Do You Play When You Are...

No Promises - Shayne ward
(Nak kna dgr lyric ni nak tau apo la maksudnyer)

Waraeba - ulfuls
(walaupun lagu ni lagu jpun. tp still nak tulih sini since lagu ni memang lagu yg slalu didengari dikala pocket sedih. dan heran lagi bila tekan shuffle pun dia kuar lagu ni. so ado rase cam miracle la plak heheh....maknanyer : gelak jer laaa)

ThunderCats Theme songs
(Biar betull!!)

In love
Tak ada logika - AgnesMonica

Missing Someone
Alahai anak omak - AllyNoor & Mastura
(Eh.. bior bonar!!)

Having A Bad Day
MyFathersEyes - EricClapton
(Most unlikely...)

Trying To Go To Sleep
HinggaAkhirNanti - Alleycats

Really Really Hyper
SpongeBob EndingTheme
(hahahaha... memang hyper)

What Song Was Being Played When You Were...
Having Your First Birthday
Ikhlas Tapi Jauh - VE

Going Out With Your First GF
StarsAreBlind - ParisHillton
(Aduhaiii laa...Sexynyer vdo Clip)

Getting Proposed To...
KepadamuKekasih - M Nasir
(hahahahah... cam bonar jer ...)

Getting Married
MyWay - FrankSinatra
(nih pun omoshiroi gak... cam 'biorkan aku laaa!!')

When your Wife Having Your First Kid
2x5 - AhliFikir

Saturday, January 05, 2008

11. My Baby U

Pocket went to singapore on the 3rd ~ 6th on January.
This time i didnt bring along my baby love. She was too tired to come.
I didnt even put any effort to let her sleep n regain her strength even.
I kinda somehow set my mind on not bringing her along this trip and
now i'm regretting every minutes spent ere without her by my side.
I miss my Dewi
On the fist night after work. We went to Geylang Road. A road for the
bujang and those who 'Perasan Bujang'... We took our time finding parking lot.
After some ketam and Kangkong Sotong, We went walking.
The road was mostly dark and Gloomy.
No special Lighting to illuminate the roadwalk.
I think they prefer it that way. There were girls standing on the side of the road.
Chatting among them self,
Waving to catch customer,
Appealing their deliciously sculpted body to the browsing customer,
Cosmetically cute as cute as one can be.
Revealing skin as much as one dares to...
I miss my dewi...
The pricing is about 35-80 Singapore Dollar. There were two type.
One is the illegal one, which is those who are selling outside (On the road)
The other group would be the legal one. Which have their own shop.
We went inside the shop to browse our option.
The girls were sitting on a specially prepared stage with soft and colored lighting.
Easier for the customer to pick.
(Basically Product Presentation)
The pricing will be fixed by the shop owner which is usually 80 Sing Dollar.
I miss my Dewi...
It is always a wonder how deep they are in the shit hole of poverty that makes
them choose that kind of business to put food on the table.
Is it their interest of the business nature? Quite thinkable.
Is it their family business? Yes for the pimp, 'i dont think so' for the girls.
Is it simply one way to look for money? Easy money? hummmmm....
Whatever it is, i pray to Allah hoping none of my family nor any family that
i know of would even approaches the 'business'

Me n Mr Isaac went back to our hotel empty handed but with a feeling of self redemption.
No...Do not think i'm gonna layan those cheap kupu2malam pocket...
Cause i'm still not that bad. No regret for sleeping alone that night.
(Fainted with my socks on and the whole office attire till 6am)

But i do regret my baby luv Dewi was not ere.
Dewi, I'll charge up your battery every time u're flat next time and i
will make sure u'll be coming to all the business trip i'm going.
Cause ngacum dlm blog without any photo is too depressing :(

Bendul... Jum gi singapore nak?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

10. Ancient Pocket

baru balik dari kedah tadi. alahai penat nya badan nak melayan motor tu ngan kelajuan yang tak la mengancam sangat. well basically motor tu memang tak leh gi laju...
n basically orang yang tunggang ni tak reti nak gi laju laju...

bebaru ni kan pocket... kiter gi thailand.
cam screwed up trip actually since i am
suppose to audit this new production line
at me supplier's factory.

went there... the supplier asked...
'Pocket .. what do you heard bout the new line?'
'well i heard that the new line is running and making better quality control than the previous line.'
'about the better quality .. i'd have to say yes..we are targetting for better quality and better yield. but for the running part is not quite true. because...'
and then ternampak la line yang langsung tak siap lagi tu, alahai..dah tu apo yg nak audit nyer?

tgk sikit then gi lepak minum jasmine tea.
Pasal yang sorang lagi tu ado benda nak clarify pasal shipment.
Then diorang ajak la gi ancient city dedekat situ ... mungkin diorang rase cam tak bagus kut pasal dah suruh kitorang datang siam tp tak leh nak wat keja properly.

so Ancient City ni tempat orang siam mengekalkan sejarah diorang. basically hampir suma historical monument kat siam tu diorang buat balik 1/3 dari saiz asal... which is ganas bila kita bleh tgk bata yang diorang usaha wat 1/3 saiz sebenar heheh...

talk bout usaha nak mengingati sejarah tu kan ...
History teaches us on our scar and how did we got it.
History teaches us on our mistake.. so that we wont do it again.
History just simply bites when we reminince them.

Sejarah mase SPM dulu hampir hampir tak lulus.

So ari ni dah pun masuk '08
let this blog be a form of history log book
for me. n i'll try to remember some of the mistake i've made before...

Kearah masa depan yang cemerlang huhahuha ...