Monday, June 30, 2008

71. ThisIsMyFirstCard

bumph!! the taxi door was shut.
'mana cik?' asked the taxi driver,
'Inderawasih, dekat kentakki' answered farid shortly,
his heart still pumping,
regretting his mistake.
It was not that hard.
just take the name card and hand it to her,
and definitely farid's inbox will be decorated by
her mail tomorrow with the title of
'Hi!! salam pengenalan dari perlis'
From inside the taxi farid still can see her stuffing
baggage into her father's car in the distance,
pulling her hair every now and then when it get to the face.
Farid smiled saying to himself 'oh honey.. why dont u just tie em up?'

Her long and rebonded hair was straight.
touching the lower part of her back.
black as black as the night contrasting with her
white and fair skin. easily mistaken her as a chinese girl.
with her sleeveless attire, soft stretchable pants
and the big pointy eyes, light make-up
anyone could mistaken her for an amoi.

He chuckled silently as he reminisce the crossing point of him and her.
It was late and Farid was waiting for the flight back to penang when he saw her,
walking exaustedly, she smiled to farid...
vaguely like asking 'is that seat taken?'
and Farid smiled back, moving his butt a little bit like giving a sign
'by all means love... sit beside abang and make my day'
and so she sat, the first 30minutes was a mute, no sounds from both of them.
It was like gas flowing out of the burner but no sparks, and therefore no flame.
but who would have thought the sparks would be...
'alnari kanna faaya hu?'(Hell i dont know arabic... i just made this up, dont ask me what does it mean)
asked an arab guy to the girl and she replied back in arabic as clearly as Tun Mahathir talks in northern slang. There's a certain sense of acquaintance in between the arab and her, maybe they were on the same flight from Cairo or something.
'u can speak arabic?' ask farid awed
'yes, and i can speak english and malay' she said with a smile, trying to hide the exausted face she's wearing. 'Dan untuk orang melayu pertama yg saya jumpa di malaysia, nak la jugak cakap melayuuuu'
'ooo yaa kaa... mai mana?' and that was the starting of a get-to-know-each-other session by series of question and stories...
Now pocket i have to end this karangan and continue it again next post.
i'm sorry for doing this. my reason would be simply 'lost my word describing my memory'.

its hard to talk to a total stranger dont u think?
am never good to talk to stranger even i'm having
people sitting on me side every flight i've taken.
how about u pocket?
Any common ice breaker?

Friday, June 27, 2008

70. Kotor

kalau sebut kotor, apo yg kita pikir,
baju kna gulai hhehe,
buleh bawak smayang tak?
baju kna alkohol
(Perfume yg ada alkohol)
pun consider kotr jgak ke yek?
umph.. mudah la kalau nak
sebut definasi kotor untuk
tp camana plak ngan :
otak kotor?
heheh, orang yg sikit sikit lucah, sikit sikit lucah,tak mau komen banyak sangat tentang ni.

Politik kotor?
hummm...tak mau komen jugak buleh dak?

taktik kotor?
cam sajer je ngorat awek tu bukan nyer pasal suka sangat pun tp pasal nak sakit kan ati boyfriend dia. Skali awek tu sangkut la plak, alang alang sangkut. buat tak baik plak kat awek tu.
boyfriend dia punya hangat ati laa...

main santau santau dalam industry pemakanan,
hummm...apo la anak bangsa ku.

so camana ngan definasi kotor?
ado orang pernah bagi definasi berikut:
Sesuatu yg tidak sepatutnya disitu
seperti contoh, 'haa!! haa!! tak mau tak mau!! totoq totoq.. eeiii'
kata faridah melarang anak kecilnya memasukkan cicak ke dalam mulut

perbincangan tentang sex dalam kursus memandu adalah 'kotor'
tapi tidak dalam kursus kahwin.

guru yang menyentuh tentang politik didalam kelas tingkatan dua adalah 'kotor'
tetapi tidak dalam kelas perundangan.

gulai di dalam mangkuk ngan bendi dan tomato dianggap 'sedap'
gulai di atas baju pocket adalah 'kotor'

tte pocket ... ... hang ni pengotoq laaa...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

69. Sexocket

As if SexyPocket
How do u define sexy?
Well, u just take off all your clothes and that'll be sexy lah!!
hummm... i kinda have to disagree wit dat. That's naked, or simply pornographic.
I think there's a fine line between sexy and porno.
My definition of Sexy would be (Informally writing)

Things that makes the mind wander
(Explicitly of course)

but pocket what are the things that makes your mind wander?
what about :
Tulang selangka
Well this is just me, i'm fetish of collarbone

U know those shirt thats left hanging,
It doesnt have to show the pusat.
Just seing that its hanging also considered sexy
(Well at least for me it is..)
British Accent?
Found a lot of girls saying british accent is sexy but then again how does that stimulate the mind to wander off? well... i do think that british accent does have its own sexiness, and am trying to speak british, with the 'k' and 't' sound at the end just like i've mentioned in my 50th post with the title EnglishOriented, but i am not going to the extend of pronouncing 'talk' like 'towlkh')

What about scent?
Sexy working man have their own sexy sweat odour,
i totally dont think mine is...
been in an elevator alone with a young girl once,
cant help noticing her finger kept on touching her nose

and not to forget the usual things like:
Six packs,
Broad shoulder,
Jaw bones(?)

Many people with many opinion,
what about u pocket?
how do u define sexy and to list down one or two examples?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

68. Flirt III

now pocket...
u must remember the cat woman and her 'nak!' story right?
the story i'm about to tell u today happened before
her PettyCashForm story.
i hope this one is the finale but u never know...
lightning may strike.
there i was walking to the production floor.
Trying to get a completed car audio set disassembled.
reached the repair station and there she was standing there doing her work.
as far as i know her work would be
being beautiful.
being Cute
being deliciously attractive.
approached her, she smiled at me and i smiled back.
lets name her Ima, its easier for me to write.
'ima, ni nak mintak bukak set ni sat boleh?'
'ok, anything utk pocket, kasi ima tgk sat'
'umph douzo' i said handing the set to her, she verified the set and sighed.
'sorry ima tak leh bukak la, not authorized'
'lah yer ker, ima tak leh tulung bukak jgak ker, bukan nyer ado orang tgk pun'
'tak boleh!! nanti orang marah, ima tak mau bukak lah!!'
'alaaa... kalau ima tak bukak macam mana saya nak buat keja? Bukak la pleaseee.'
and then she caught it.
the whole conversation has just changed color to blue. But instead of stopping, she choose to ride the wave.
'ima bukan tak nak bukak, cuma tak boleh bukak kat sini lah' her smile giving more and more astraying message.
'abih kat mana ima buleh bukak?' pocket was so blunt, if he is a knife, u couldnt differentiate him from a block of wood.
'kat umah kiter buleh la, i can bukak, and stay terbukak, eheh' she paused and chuckled

'tapi kan...' she said with those husky and low voice.
keeping her voice down... half whispering.
Shrugging her shoulder placing her elbow on the table.
The elbow was near to each other.
One hand was supporting her chin and the other
was somewhat like caressing the table.
'tapi kan...' Blunt pocket just imitating her intonation.
'tapi kan.. u kena tanya husband i dulu!' smiling mischiefly...
'hehehe, kalau gitu sy cari cik kadir jer lah:D, dia mungkin authorized repairer kut :D' pocket said pointing both of his finger to Ima like Jerry McGuire.
Terrified. shocked. still smiling but with a slight grossness.
'OK Ima, daaaa...' pocket said as he was leaving.
Pocket left the scene of crime without even waiting for the catwoman to say good bye.
Praying to god, 'please dont let me stumble over her again' huhuhuuuuuuuuuu

There u go pocket...
the reason why i didnt wanna get involved with the catwoman,
u know those eerie feeling u feel on your neck after an encounter with a ghost or anything like it?... am feeling it right now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

67. Jerk

i was mad yesterday,
mad at the system,
mad at my office computer,
i was doing my report.
the report was 6 pages long.
the data i've collected
the pictures i've pasted.
the diagram i've drawn
it was a good report
(Or at least i thought it was...)

Mr Big requested me to submit the report yesterday itself.
i've been working for it the whole morning and afternoon,
data collecting the whole morning...
photo taking and i was about to finish it untill
the company system decided to do a glimpse of total electrical shutdown.
the light went out, and so does the computer.
i didnt save the report and therefore i am back to square one.

but instead of being calm and accepting,
i went mad.i was a jerk.
pounded the monitor as hard as i can,
grimming my teeth,
holding my breath,
(Not like my sketch overthere though..but u know what i mean)
well ... peoples perception towards me would change after this...
there's two case as far as everybody here has witnessed.
The staepler issue (The girl who said 'patut la gemok' took it in the kening)
and now the black out issue,(The computer took the beating)
I need to go for an anger management course la kut

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

66. KaraPoke

luv singing pocket?well i do.
am so in luv with them that i think i wanna start auditioning for AF the next season.
But the problem is...i hate singing to others. I just luv singing to myself.
self obsession?
But pocket...
Karaoke would be the only place that i sing to others.
Friends and family only ofcourse.
No strangers alowed.
But what do u usually sings pocket?hummmmm...:
All Peterpan's collection
(Cause i think our voice is similar heh heh*definitely not!!*)
All BsB's collection
(always admired those kinda sweet voice)
especially dat song Drowning - BackStreetBoys
(Ounis duk pulun lagu ni dulu, somehow addicted)
heheh... end of 'syok sndiri' song list

songs that i want to try : (Although till this moment i dont have the gut to sing it)
Senja nan merah - Awie & ziana(I'm doing awies part of course, anyone doing Ziana?)
Sandarkan pada kenangan - JamalAbdillah&SitiSarah
Memori Daun Pisang - Iwan&Amelina
(Bueeekkkk... gelinyaaaa... tp besh utk menaikkan semangat huhu)

Special Song:
A whole New World - OST Alladin(always felt nice singing this song with SgYan back in 2000)
ManisNya Senyumanmu - Elite (Will definitely sing this song if danisha is in the house)
Ceritera CInta - JaclynVictor(Ehem... Ehem...)
Cinta - MishaOmar&JaclynVictor(Can u believe it that i'm singing Misha's part? huhuuuuu)

anyway pocket... what do u sing when u go to Karaoke?
Copy and paste below template and write your answer in between:D
Add in your comment too:)

Special songs? :
'MustSing'Song? :
AmGoodSingingThisSong? :

Ayaq, u have to fill in the song u'r singing in your shower:D
(Cause u told me dat u've never went to karaoke)

Monday, June 16, 2008

65. 1996Interview

'aaa... kat sini taruk nama la kan?'
'humm!!' farid just nodded while making that hideous sound.
'aaa farid, Employer tu apo yek?'
'tak yah taruk apa apa kat situ, pocket tak pernah keja lagi kan..' farid explained.
'Spouse's name' pocket was reading the word out loud hoping farid would take the
initiative to answer what's the meaning of the word.
'nama pasangan' farid still answering but with a slight sound of annoyance.
hummm, i think another two words more and he'll blow his top up ... humm..
have to choose then.

'health, hummm... yg ni aku tau'
pocket was thinking to himself.
'farid, violation or conviction tu apo farid?'
another one more question to go... eheh..
'ummmmm kesalahan undang undang!' farid said
a bit shouting.
'farid farid...last one..'pocket was begging..
'ok .. last one .. yes?' farid was happy since
it was pocket's last question.
'physical disabilities?'
'kurang keupayaan fizikal'
'ok' pocket have used up all his life line...
no more help anymore after this.
'race? lumba kuda ka... malay, chinese, indian,
etc... oooo... bangsa la ni.
taruk la portugese. eheh..'
'sex? aaa.. yang ni tau..'
'education? aaa ... yang ni pun tau la jugak..
jawapannya : Educated' heh heh

and the whole form writing process ended.
Now the interviewing process for a job at
the Shopping complex begin.
The Shopping complex was called 'ocean' located
infront of the jam besar Sungai Petani.
It was 1996 and everybody was still wearing
those GQ belt. the one studded with metal buckle
on the tip of the belt.
Of course pocket was still unable to converse
in english that well yet then.

'ok pocket, name... ocupation nil, ini kerja
pertama awak ya pocket?' the interviewer asked.
'aaa.. yes' pocket answered short and simple.
terified by the interviewing environment.
the interviewer scan through...
and then suddenly he laugh...
enjoyed the humour for a while
and he Called a nearby friend
and he too enjoyed the humour written there.
then after a while they managed to calm
'boleh tolong explain tak...
Sex : Normal tu macam mana?'

ya ya saya paham bahawa bahasa jiwa bangsa.
Tetapi kadar kefahaman bahasa inggeris yang
terlalu rendah boleh menyebabkan anda
dimalukan di khalayak ramai dan sekaligus
menyebabkan anda hilang keyakinan untuk
berhadapan dengan dunia.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

64. Tag from EpalC

EpalC telah menge'tag' POcket, oleh itu here it goes,
Bendul, begitu juga anda... sila sila lah ... eheh:D

Instruction : Remove ONE question from below and add in your personal question, then tag 8 people in your list. List them up at the end of this post. Notify them in their chatbox.

1. how do u define love?
- love is like Gardenia bread, 'enak kan dimakan begitu sajaaaa'

2. What are you doing during your free time?
- Definitely blogging!! wahahahah... :D

3. Have you ever felt stupid?Why?
- Yup, when i've mistakenly pat on strangers shoulder thinking . that he was my friend.

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
- Skrg ni tingin sangat nak balik kampung kat FUkui,Japan.
. Ayaq dah landing kat Kansai dah... jeles!!

5. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?
- Wah!! nak jawab bebetul ker nak jawab merapu?
. Merapu : nak jadi seorang rakyat malaysia yg berjaya
. Bebetul : kalau la buleh jumpa sejuta ringgit. buleh jgak
. pakcik kayo jap :D

6. Do you believe in seeing rainbow after the rain?
- Sebab belajo fizik dulu, memang percaya,
. memang tahu pun yang akan ado rainbow after the rain.

7. Do you like being who you are today?
- Yes! Luv my work,

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
- 200k fiks diposit
- 200k Ay Es Bi
- 200k buat beli pondok kat mana mana,
- 200k buat layan jejalan ke seluruh donia(Venice ker)
- 200k buat layan minat :
. Fotografi, computer kaw kaw, gerai sarapan nasi goreng :D

9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?
- Of Course i will, every minute if she allows it,
. But i think she prefers to talk rather than hearing me chant...
. i luv u, i luv u, i luv u,

10 Who are the TOP FIVE people in the world you wish to meet?
- Bob (Lama sangat dia tak balik, idup lg ker?)
- Emran (Dia utang ngan aku heheh)
- blogger blogger sekalian,

11.What are the requirement that you wish from your other half?
- Understanding in me

12.Which type of car you love the most?
- Honda. samo ngan EpalC.

13.Which do you prefer from your other half?Hugs or kisses?
- Semuaaaa... heheh, (Dont wanna elaborate more...)

14.If you have faults, would you rather the people around you
. point out to you or rather have them quiet?
- Depends,if my zipper were open, i'd prefer they point it out in
. private :D heheheh.

15.What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
- SOul.dah tu kalau tak der soul,kan ker jatuh trjelepuklifeless?

16.Are you a shopaholic or not?
- Am Definitely a shopaholic, or else how does my C Card went
. over limit wahahahah.

17.What kind of device/gadget that you would like to have?
- I Pod yg 16 gig tuu.. huhuuu.
- VideoCamera.
- PSP.

18. What is your favourite fragrance?
- layan bedak dashing jer :D

19.Are you in love?
- Yes! Am falling in love with u pocket :D

20.If you are given a chance, do you want to see your future?
- if i've given a chance, i'd rather change my past.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

63. PocketDust

'u know when I said I know little about love?
well that wasnt true, I know a lot about love,
I've seen it.
I've seen centuries and centuries of it.
And it was the only thing that made watching
your world bearable.
All those wars, pain and lies, hate.
made me
want to turn around and never
look down
But to see the way that mankind loves.
I mean u can search the furthest reaches
of the universe and never find anything
more beautiful.

So yes, I know that love is unconditional,
but I also know that it can be unpredictable,
and well strangely easy to mistake for loathing.

And...(chuckling and Smiling embarrassly)
what i'm trying to say, tristan is...
i think i love u.

My heart,
it feels like my chest cant barely contain it.
Like it doesnt belong to me anymore, it belongs to you.
and if u wanted it, I'd wish for nothing in exchange.
No gifts,
No Goods,
No Demonstration of Devotion.
Nothing but knowing that u love me too.
Just your heart in exchange of mine.'
/EndText> to make my point worth discussing,
i have to give u abit of the storyline. here it goes,
Tristan is from our real world, went to seek for a falling star
to fulfill his promise to victoria in exchange for her love.
The star falls in the magical world.
There, star are in a form of a lady,
a cute one i'd have to add.heh,
So tristan went to get the star, her name is Yvaine.
Tristan got to Yvaine by using a 'babylon candle' and
the adventure begins on the way return.

Pocket, i'm not going to talk about the movie ere,
i was merely attracted with the way she confessed her
love to tristan as written above,
so obsessed with it that i've rewinded the movie to write
the wording one by one. listening to it over and over again...heheh,
she have said it with her best expression as if what she said
actually comes from the deep of her heart.
And i was touched by that...
(OK, every now and then i am allowed to be mushy right?)
the thing is, lately love has been soo common to people
that after 24 dinners together,
trips to genting or pangkor together,
seeing each others parent,
the couple would felt like they understand their status together.
I'm going out with him, he is my boyfriend.
i love him, and i think so does he' ... and that's it.

No more confession ceremony. where u call him or her out,
The heart poundS like hell, u cant feel your toes, hundreds of butterflies in your belly, Coldness felt on the skin makes u shivers but inner heat causes u to sweat. its so sacred, that most of us terrified of saying the word. most of us just uses letter instead. just to say the magic word...
'pocket (Exhaling quite a lot of air... looking down to the toes and then look up to his or her eye and)
...i love u'
tte pocket without those...tak rasa rugi ker...

Monday, June 09, 2008

62. KungfuPocket

on last sunday,
i have watched kungfu panda,
i've went with my dearest old buddy zam
and naset. (not to forget their lovely wifey)
There was some misunderstanding during
the ticket buying process. No one's fault.
the condition just didnt fit.
well cut the story short. we got there late.
And for dat guyz, i apologize.
when we finally sat our butt on the Wayang
seat, the movie actually started.
but we didnt miss Jack black appearance scene. The Noodle Stall Waiter who's too fat to move
I actually felt the experience first hand
when i was working in a tight restaurant myself.

well... he took a role of a fat panda.
what else could he be.
Its a story about a fat guy who just wanna
live life like everyone else. Having dreams
striving for the dreams just like everyone else...
me as a fat guy felt his sadness.
but am still not to the extend where i cant see
my toes yet but ... well u know what i mean.
yeah.. living life like everyone else was his dream
but end up as a hero of the whole village.
dont all of us think dream dat way every now and then:D

now pocket... as much as i wanted to tell u guys
about the whole movie, the acting, the story line,
character and everything.
i have another important point that i need to emphasize.
the only feeling that stayed inside me after watching that movie was...
The aching muscles pain in my face from too much laughing.
am a bit disapointed with monkey didnt talk that much during the movie,
looking forward to hear JackieChn voices though.

all and all, it was the best movie one can enjoy laughing.
Go and see it, and tell us what u think pocket :D

Biggest spoiler of the day:
'there was no secret recipe to the secret recipe Soup'
I wonder how does KFC react to this? :D

Sunday, June 08, 2008

61. Naset's Wedd

today is Sunday and i am soooo tired.
First of all i've went to naset's wedding yesterday, they were all so beautiful clad in blue turquoise outfit. I dont have to comment on the bride and groom's look do i?
both of them were nice and handsome.

Naset's actual akad nikah was actually one week earlier, it was held at the middle earth of Malaysia, seeing how good looking they were on saturday, how they makes each one looks nice just by being together, make me regret my absence during their akad nikah ceremony one week ago...

Pocket, i have a confession to make,
I just love the bride's friends, why?
because they can help the bride to relax a little bit
and makes her smile as sweet as honey from the bee hide.
(Ok, i've never tasted honey from the bee hide but i'd say its supposedly dang sweet ^^)

me, naset and zam went to see the movie
kungfu panda.
(There'll be another post for the movie review)
It is my first encounter with zam and
naset's wife so i just dont know how will
they react to me. But to my surprise,
both of them were great.

We had a great time talking about the movie,
sings songs ^^ ,
hearing my frenz sings for the first time was a bit new experience. hahahah and during the coffee session, they were hilarious. well actually all of us are. my face ache from the laughter.
I guess if u can go along with a friend u can go along with the friend's wife also :D
My day ended with a very happy feeling inside but wit a pinch of sadness and pity.
It was a pity that Bob couldnt join us today.
It was a pity that i didnt took everybody's photo during Karaoke session
It was a pity that i didnt come earlier to the whole activity.

how was your weekend pocket?
with the Agong's day and everything.
meeting any old friends lately?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

60. Terciciaq Dari Pocket

'aaa pocket, mintak maoh banyak banyak la pocket,
tapi baghang yang pocket mintak tadi ter'ciciaq' la.'

'ter'ciciaq!!?, hampa buat lagu mana buleh ter'ciciaq' tu!!?
nak kata hampa hantaq pakai moto pun dak jugak,
nak kata lori hampa converteble pun tak jugak'

'laaa... oghang stor pi lupa nak boh ataih lori,
kami dah habaq dah kat depa, tapi nak teciciaq,
nak buat lagu mana?
depa dah hantaq dah pukui tiga punya delivery'

tte pocket...
ada la orang guna perkataan ni tadi,
ter'ciciaq' as if in tercicir?
Tanya la dua tiga 'kedah'ian kat ofis ni td,
ada ka perkataan sebegitu. katanya ada, cuma :
generasi muda sekarang ni lebih banyak guna
'jatuh kot jalan' daripada
'ciciaq kot jalan'

selepas perbincangan tentang perkataan ciciaq,
keluar la pulak perkataan lain seperti :
dan... 'sorok'

'sorok?' tanya cik taiping,
'macam menyorok ker... tak pun aci menyorok gitu?'
'err... sebenaqnya sorok tu maksud dia "sarapan",
tak gitu Cik Guaq?'
jawab cik kulim
'hooh hooh!' setuju cik guaq mengiyakan
'contoh ayat?' cik taiping masih lagi kurang paham.
'oooii guaq, depa menyorok ka dak lagi?'
'oooii kulim, menyorok dah!!'
'hang sorok apa guaq!!?
'sorok pulut ikan masin ngan nyioq!!'
'hahahahah' imi mo nai warai (Gelak yang tiada makna)
berdialog cik kulim ngan cik guaq buat buat gaya macam
jauh sangat jarak antara mereka.

korang acaner? mesti banyak lagi bahasa bahasa yang
ter'sorok' tak kita tau kan.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

59. GonePocketGone

Yesterday I've watched a movie about
missing child, GoneBabyGone was the title,
and here I am giving u the spoiler away.
(Cause I dont wanna talk about the movie anyway)

there was a little girl who's mother
was a drug addict. The uncle who
was concern of his niece's future,
arranged for the girls abduction.
Basically to ensure a better future
of his beloved niece. there was also
130K worth of money on the line.
The mother was devastated of course...
cried out her eyes off.
The child was not that sad though,
happy instead. running happily from
the porch to the abducter's arm asking
for a sandwich.
lots of smile and laughter, joy and happiness filled the air,
The abductor seems happy and so does the child.
U'll have to watch it for details.

The uncle loved the niece soo much,
soo much till he gave up the chance of seeing her ever again.
facing a situation where he might be convicted with the crime.

The question is:
to what extend will u go for your beloved one happiness?
How much would u sacrifice for your luved one?

condition like...
since my financial management is still huru hara,
its better for us if u marry dat guy, he's better than me,
by marrying u i'll suffocate u sayang, and I love u
so much that I think I cant bear seeing u suffer.
it will be better for u to sit on the pelamin with him.
Its for your own good sayang...
Now now pocket... this one hit my hidung right in the middle.
One of the pocketeers knows this so please shut up.
Might be hitting one of the other pocketeers too but
u dont have to raise up your hand.

condition like...
a photographer gave up his precious eyes to his beloved
hair dresser due to her eyes was permanently damaged from
a chemical spilled onto her face. Remember this korean Music clip?
How do u do photography if u'r blind?
Its for your own good sayang...

condition from the movie like...
To ensure his most beloved niece better future,
its best to take her away from the drug addicted mother's
and let her live with a stranger who can love her better.
cause the mother care more bout the next cocain shot rather
than the child's food.
Its for your own good sayang...

hummmmm... pocket...
dont 'you' have a say in who u want to marry?
dont the child have a say in with whom she wants to stay?
dont the hairdresser have a say before the eye transplant ?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

58. Pocket'sNiece

dah gi tgk niece nyer
ahai... terharu la plak...
nak la jgak satu,

we went to KL on the
Thursday evening,
arrived in KL by 4 of
Friday's Morning.
it was a slow trip,
we've stopped nearly
anywhere we wanted to.

took these pics during visiting
time friday afternoon,
the mother was still weak by
the operation.
Couldnt laugh dat much but
we kept on tormenting her
by making her laugh.
Sorry banji... :D for causing
the pain to your mrs(_ _;

dat nite we just slept away
to recharge the battery
for next day event.
Which was the

Eye of Malaysia!!!

Why is it that nobody told me dat the

gondola turns u round and round for
5 time!!? huh...

I am soooo sorry for just putting
point by point ere pocket. am still
a little bit dizzy with yesterday's trip.
just couldnt shake it off yet.

but as i've told in 57.Stupid's argument
comment area:
'A tight schedule indeed this past three days was.
Back with the same old pocket, this pocket now is. '
well... i might have to correct that,
'Back with the same old pocket this pocket will be :D'