Friday, October 21, 2011

420. Final Grave Digging

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yang sambung dari : 418. GraveDigger3
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The itik and ayam talked till the time
come for the itik to prep for the next
customer. Farid signal the time by knocking
on his wrist a few time and she understood.
Both of them properly get dressed and leave
the room that holds their secret.

Farid gave her 500baht for her time.
It was his fault for not realizing.
SHe was the victim. Daily target not secured.
It seems like she's targetting 5-8 customer
pernight, Farid was her second.

They got out of the room and went to the
counter where Farid suppose to wait for the
boss. To his amazement, all the other boss
were already there waiting for him,
they start to teas him as he was the
latest one coming out of the room. 'Two time ka!!?'
The lady just smiled keeping the secret
all for herself.
Farid did explained to them saying that
nothing happened, that he thought it was
the actual body tweaking massage, that he
did nothing but just talked.
'yer lah yer lah, kami tahu, kami pun sembang
jer tadii heheh' was their reply in their
broken english laughing histerically in the end
ohh how uncomfortable the feeling was..
not only the uncomfortable vibe from the bosses reply
but also from his unwashed body with the foreign
sabun starting to itch here and there. They left
the place with Farid waving his hand at the scrambler
lady wishing never to see her again.


There u go pocketeers,
I know its hard to believe but that was the
story from someone whom i know quite well.
whom i knew his juvy record and cases with the ladies,
i trust him, and his last answer kinda make me trust
him even more. listen.

I did asked, 'at first u didnt realize that u were going
to that place, OK fine, so u were tricked to go there.
But now that u are already there, what kept u from
actually doing the dosa-besar?'

His reply was nice.
'Those junk mail people kept on distributing
that shows picture of Aids victim and
Sex transmitted Disease did make me fear her.'
'ooooooo' unnoticingly i opened my mouth in awe.

'Fear to god and kursus kahwin lah kot pocket'
was the answer that i wanted to clap my hand and
hold his hand up high like u'r announcing a winner
from a boxing match.
'waah farid.. u are really something' i said.
dont u agree with me too pocketeers?
A strong guy like him are very hard to find...
although i wish that i will never be tested
the way god tested him. i still envy him.
cause i dont think i can top that.
he kept his silence for a while, looking into nothingness
like trying to picture something in his head. and he said...
'and of course, the scrambler lady is very much the cause,
if it was someone who look like lisa surihani, it would be a
totally different story altogether pocket.'

baru jer puji .. tarik balikk!! tarik balikk!!^^


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

kusus kawen?

tak pegi lg.


Akue Achik said...

wohoo..kalo mcm Lisa Surihani, kot2 x kuar post ni..haha

Fatin Mraz said...


'and of course, the scrambler lady is very much the cause,

statement jujur farid!

Dhiya Fariza said...

Hahahahaha i respect farid too but sicne the circumstances are like promoting him not to doit with the owner of biceps size hand. But then again i think he is quite strong withn (religionly)

Aemy Shamy said...

if it's really because of the awareness of religion thingy, then i'd clap for him...but if it's because of how the lady looks like, i'd go, damn it..haha. but at least he didn't do anything, that's a good thing right..haizz so suspen oh this story..hehe..

eman said...

when the writers saying dat he don want to be tested like de way farid being tested... im kinda things like...ehmm..okeyh... i will agree with the writers... not saying dat i will go beyond the boundary but i prefer to be far from dat kinda sin...hehehe

Saiazuan said...

tak jadi la nak jadi farid.. lol..

finally ends.. what will be next chronicles???


pandangkedepan said...

ahaha...yg part kursus kahwin x leh blah..tkut plak erh dgn aids...nice bro...aku start baca dari episod blakang erh...:P

Pocket said...

gi lah awal awal,
sebelum diorang susah kan nanti dimasa hadapan :D

maybe kuar jgak,
tp lain macam la bunyiknya :)

tu yang pocket rase cam lagi dan lagi buleh percaya kat cerita dia tuh :)

terasa kejujuran nya

He is,
because when it come to 'doing it' most man never cared about the face anyway...

yes it is a good thing. cause i think Scrambler Lady is not that hideous, doing that line of job really requires appearance.

yes, she's not lisa surihani type,
but she's definitely not fat, with face as hideous as captain barbossa
i'd say the credit to farid is still valid. its just that if the lady looks like Lisa, this story would end differently :)

because the stake is too high,
if i am to be tested, to win is great but if i loose, i'll be marked with a black mark that says 'man who fall for thailand ladies seduction' and that i cant live with for the rest of my life.

dont u?

hahahah, kamu memang jujur :)
next? chronicle of narnia dari filem nombor satu diceritakan balik!
(Mahu sampai 160 post baru abih tu hahah)

terimakasih lalu sini :)
lalu lah lagi,

yes! orang yang dok melanggan tanpa takut tu sunggoh berani lagi tak sayang bini. kalau bini plak yg terkena aids, camana la diorang nak maafkan diri mereka. ohh..

Saiazuan said...

haha narnia??? pnjgn bangat tu.. hahahaha

Adila said...

...pape pun phew!

hani said...

my fiance's name is farid he really adores lisa surihani, indeed.but has never been to thailand.that's a relief.. :)

p/s: am not going to say smthing like 'u had me at hello' or things like that, but yr blog is highly addictive. *lompat bintang* :D

Anonymous said...

adesss..dah agak dah!.man is always a man.

xpe la. at least dia dah tak terlanjur

rozeeta rashid said...

haha. alahai farid. baru nak puji.