Friday, October 21, 2011

419. GraveDigger4


Sambungan dari : 418. GraveDigger3
yang sebelum tu : 417. GraveDigger2
yang asalnya dari: 416. Gravedigger...

...quickly wearing it regardless of the sabun
was still not fully washed away from his skin.
'aaaah suddah!'

The scrambler lady is now in her bathrobe
sitting on the tilam, clueless. she thought
she could do her job and get the money like
always, its usually not this difficult.
Everyone who's stepping their filthy shoes
inside the front door is with the same
purpose. well apparently for Farid it is

After farid got fully dressed, he sat on the
scrambler lady's side. explaining how stupid
he was for not realizing what he's getting
himself into. He suggested to the scrambler
lady that it is better for him to wait near
the counter instead but the lady stopped him,
begging him to wait a while more.
Seems like there was some kind of dignity
to be kept as no customer leave the room 15minute
after registration.
And so farid stayed.
To keep the attention off the lady who are still
very much sexy (Bathrobe remember?)
Farid was looking at the basket the lady brought in,
it was filled with lotion and 'protection kit'.
Farid picked up one lotion and ask in the most
simplest english 'who buy?'
'i buy' was her reply, the frustration was still
visible in her intonation, 'all i buy! 800 baht!'
'ok ok.. jangan la marah.. yer'
'and if u want drinks, i buy! this place rule u know!'
and the conversation continues with itik talking
to ayam in dogs language. ohh..
but farid understood,
that life is not easy.
not easy at all.

Scrambler lady use to be a petani, growing crops
and selling em in the market, It doesnt pay well
for her family so he came down to the city for
the promise of the 'good life' but life in the city
itself dries off her income from her day job till
there's too less of money to send to her son.
A friend introduced her to the 'night life'
All started with the innocent dirty dancing
inside the glass room. The whole thing escalated
so fast, the next thing she realizes was here she is
talking to farid in the room for 'massage'

She have to prepare all the material to please
her customer, she even have to pay to the massage
parlour just to stay there working.
she was early today, if she was late from her day job,
which was a shoe selling shop. she have to do 'this'
job outside. According to her, it is far harder
to get customer outside the parlour, as more customer
prefer the 'ladies' inside the parlour.
Their health was 'supposedly' more secured.

The itik and ayam talked till the time come for the itik
to prep for the next customer. That is if anyone would
prefer a lady with hands as big as a male biceps.



*SiRibenMerah said...

sambung lak..
siri2 neh geram nehhhh~

Anonymous said...

sambung lagi. best la pulak baca kisah si farid ni. mmm..farid memang a good guy. bertuah wife die.

dah kenal jue eh. sedap kan suara die. nak kenal hanie plak. tgk je la vlog kat sidebar tu..hehehehhe..

eman said...

laa xde ending lagi ka?igt dah end da... well pe la yg jadi kt scrambler girl ngn farid tue after 15minit... hehe

ninadw said...

Dear Pocket,

You are invited :)
password : ninajaba

Pocket said...

tu lah,
pocket nyer comp ada had perkataan,
(Iyeerlah tu!)

tu lah, bertuah wife dia,
umph!! nak kena kenal hanie plak pas nih :)

malam nih! malam nih!
pocket pung dah gatal nak tulis citer lain dah nii :D

umph! pocket gi :)
thank you for the invitation.

Saiazuan said...

aku bayangkn aku adalah farid.. #LOL (msti pasni hanie puji aku lak.. hoho)

tyra uyura said...

fuhh.. panjang cte dia .bila mau habis . ta sabar dah ni nak tahu ending dy. hehe

Anonymous said...

aku ingat dah ada GraveDigger5. hehe
kan dah kene demand sambung. sambung cepat!..

aku sgt setuju dgn ur statmnt yg ni
" G beli Uniform skolah n pakai ngan slambanya utk mendapatkan potongan harga student. Heheh" memang untung.

Finaz Jaafar said...

amboiii byknye sambungan !!!!haha
cpt settlekan !

Anonymous said...

Saiazuan perasan. lol.

rozeeta rashid said...

farid kuat iman. haha.