Friday, December 30, 2005


As if in cencaluk ..heh..
Ere I put a pic that I think beautiful enough to show to everyone. Melaka’s pic.
Never been to melaka.. so it was quite interesting lah.. but this trip was a pleasure trip within a working trip. Where we need to rush it.. the rushing thing was not nice.. but get to see the scenery was quite a good memory for me to keep lah..
U need to enjoy life lah pocket.. then u wont feel the morning curse where u would say ‘loh dah pagi dah… tak nak gi kejaaaaa…’ heh^^;
Heh.. sori bebanyak lah pocket, kebelakangan ni kanari bz siut.. tak tau la camne. Kna la pulun sket..
Happy Belated Birthday lah Banji
... sorry could not sent you any message. it was 25th some water inside the handphone.:)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I have been damn bz for the past few days lah pocket… my utmost apologies for those who visited my pocket but found no update. Heh.. I’ve been flying with MAS for 7 times in 5 days. Not to brag bout my luck or that naik kapal teghobang tu besh sgt. (jealous ngan yan yang naik kapal teghobang kechik tuu..) but to ngacum to you guys that my life have been very penat lah lately..
16Dec Pegi : Bayan Lepas ~ KLIA ~ Senai (Johor)
16Dec Balik: Changi (Singapore) ~ Bayan Lepas
17Dec Pegi : Bayan Lepas ~ KLIA
18Dec Balik : KLIA ~ Bayan Lepas
19Dec Busy with the arrangement for another trip.
20Dec Pegi Balik : Bayan Lepas ~ KLIA ~ Bayan Lepas
21Dec Penat cam nak mampus jer bangun pagi..

Something like this lah pocket.. and my birth day was on the 17th, got sms from frenz and family at melaka… TQ lah : )
I think I luv my job.. gaji tak la mahal sangat .. keja langsung tak der kena mengena ngan minat.. but still… I luv my job.. why? Cause..
I get to know people (though I know they don’t remember me)
I get to go places (Though it was not that big deal.. setakat lalu jer tpi port Dickson .. huh!!)
I get to work with people
I get to taste foreign cuisine ( nashi goreng ikan mashin shingapore beshhh wooooo)
N I get to flirt all over Malaysia (Don’t tell her I said this..)
Hheheh… cam besh jerk an .. (actually tak la sangat^^; )
Anybody went anywhere lately?

Saturday, December 10, 2005


So today I’ve gone to see my Honda, and guess what .. its complete already.. heh.. after this can rempit again lah ..heheh.. can eat out in better place again lah..
But I have to pay like 300 ringgit more.. its kinda politic also.. like some prank on the kurnia…whatever.. I don’t care.. as long as the Honda is with me again.. and this I promise u pocket.. no more sleeping without tucking the Honda into her bed safe and sound.. huhuuuu
Datte… mou ikkai ushinaitakunai kara…
Sunmasenn nee Honda Chann :P

Thursday, December 08, 2005


So today I’ve got a wonderful news bout the motor, Kurnia already paid the workshop the money, but I need to go and see the thing before they can start doing the repair.
Heheheh.. heharapnya bleh la menunggang lagi.. cam dah lama tak naik motor .. cam dah lama tak balik kg naik motor..
tadi kna handle customer visit, huh.. cam ganas jer rasenyer .. takut jgak.. kali ni pun kna xplain bout little bit of this and that in Japanese.. huhuuu… cam takut jer .. pasal dah la jpun tu tak mau tau pun apasal ko gagap cakap jpun.. apo yg dia nak tau.. xplain bebetul kasi paham.. tak paham kalu .. bad impression.. hohooo.. takuuuutttt…dan cam biasa la kan ..bleh makan lunch kat restoran yg besh besh.. heheh.. like besh nyeeee… (walaupun tak sedap mano)
Then terpikir, korang tak pernah rase yg makanan yg orang lain makan cam besh jer .. kekadang masuk pantry n jumpa orang tgh makan maggi perasa kari.. cutting sket .. rase cam besh sesangat.. balik bli la maggi .. masak la same cam orang tadi tu masak .. tp tak sodap mana… tte pelik kan ..
Kalau orang tgh makan karipap… bleh mintak sket tuh!! Punyer lah tingin nyer .. tp kalau sndiri bli .. walaupun karipap yg samo … abis kan pun tak.. huhuuu…apasal yek?
Masuk restoran,order ‘nasi goreng ikan masin ngan bali ais satu’ n kawan kita plak order .. ‘nasi daging merah n teh ais satu’ … biler makanan sampai ..mula rase cam nasi daging merah dia lagi sodap .. tte nande nanda?
Orang memang tak bersyukur ker ?

Orang memang jeleskan orang lain punyer ker walaupun sndiri pun bleh bli ker?..
Orang memang tak nak enjoy sndiri nyer tp yg orang lain nyer memang nampak besh ker?
Hummm… tp kan ..manusia memang cam kambing..
pucuk durian muda yg dipagar tu lah yg nak diragut nyer ..
yg dibiarkan begitu saja.. bolayan..

Monday, December 05, 2005


Somebody told me that she looks like Crystal Kay
Come to think of it, she does look like crystal kay a little bit..
So I’ve surfed the net to find similar pic.. similar with her..
Looking at these pic.. anybody see any resemblance?
Heh.. I do..:P

Friday, December 02, 2005


I have a fren..
Dis fren have a very cute luv story. Lets dub them name.. Ron and Nor .. hahah…
Ron goes to school every day on this bus.. the pink minibus ..(KL) starting from standard one he have to use the same pink bus to go to school.
There Ron met Nor.. from an info from Ron himself.. it seems like Nor was the one who made the first move.. n they start talking.. n they start to sit together .. every day.. when it was intrakota time to shine.. they still sits together… being nice to each other .. n missing each other everytime the other cannot make it..
Till Nor goes to UIA.. they’re still together .. not on the same bus anymore.. but just simply hooked together..
As a matter of fact.. they’re still together .. even though Ron is already 23.. huh!!

Come to think of it .. there is nothing cute bout their story.. its just that her face is just like below.. n that is just kinda bug me .. of all the people u wanna to look like.. why UETO AYA.. why!!! Huaaa… look like gwen Stephanie.. look like Mariah carey.. but don’t look like UETO AYA..
But then again .. have to wish u congrats lah .. for havin a girl who look like a girl of the century..
Dengar katanya dia dpt anugerah senyuman paling manis 2005… huhuuuuuu
Heard that u look like a star also bb.. cannot remember the name ..
Along… if you’re reading this.. can you make your hair like this.. heh.. I think it’ll fit your looks.. heh:)