Monday, October 31, 2011

432. Best 11

the last time someone tagged me was like
centuries ago and he/she must have died off to
live in the permanent afterlife already.
ok that was rude for me to say right!?
ok i take that back ^^

anyway, thanks to Mya the lady from this post :
i was tag! waaahhh... well i guess its not
wrong for me to do this once a while :)
so here goes ^^

The Rules:
-No Retagging.
-To clearly state this rules when posting.
-Tag 11 people and link them
-make sure they know (Well of course kan)
-write 11 things about u in the entry.
-answer all the question from your 'tagger'
-produce another 11 questions for the next one
inline to answer.
-this is to know blogger more, and not to
matchmaking people or public profiling :)

11 things about the Pocket.
1)Blood type : A
2)luve milo
3)hate flying regardless of the frequent chance i have.
4)chocolate!! but make it daaaarrrkkkkk...
5)cant say i luv camwhoring, maybe if my body
look like hugh jackman, it'll be different
though. ohhoohoo
6)Rabun, so if u'r waving to me, make sure i
know who u are. or else u'll think i'm sombong.
7)having problem with remembering names.
8)get ticked off easily.
9)my work is effecting my daily life. i'm now a
guy who would complain if there's blood in my
nando's chicken and would insist for a
replacement. ohh..
10)not so good missmatching my baju seluar.
that guy with the long sleeve, cargo half pants
and sports shoe is me.
11)favourite criteria in ladies appearance
would be : short hair (Like previous post
lady), with obvious collar bone wearing long
is it too much to ask?

11 question to answer:
1) full Name : albert pocket kuruentulesque
(With the last name pronounced as kuruentuleski)
2) bakat terpendam?: i previously did played the guitar,
not very good though, wanted to play on the street,
but quit the dream as i dont know any original song...
3) what do i like about myself?:
hooh la.. what do i like about myself ya?
4) when and why did u started blogging?:
i started blogging from 2006, why?
well i got some story that i could not tell
anyone on my side. that is why i'm telling it to you :D
5) till when are the pocket going to blog?
i am not sure. but there are saying
'quit when u'r at the top' i guess
i'm still a long way there so ....
6) Blog whatabout?:
well my blog is about ideas and feelings people
kept in their deepest part of their heart.
7) Favourite Blog? : quite a lot!! but if i'm listing
them down, then it'll be unfair for those whom
i forgot to list down.
so best if i leave this one unattended :)
8) la la la la la ...
9) what do i think about Mya's blog?
i am not sure yet, cause i'm still in the
progress of stalking her :) heheheh
10) feelings when tagged? :
relief, oh i got something to post tonite!! :)
11) time taken to reply this tag:
about 3 hours!! cause the housemate kept on bugging me ohh!!

tagging anyone?
hummm... aaaa....
i guess i'll leave this tagging part for someone else to do :)
i'm just the one who do the tag, not the one who's taggin :D

how was your monday
anyway pocketeers?
having fun yet?


Akue Achik said...

is that ur real name pocket? it`s apparently very loooonnnggg..heheh

Pocket said...

taaaakkk!!! pocket tipu jer,
tak leh tulis nama betul kat sini,
kang clerk company nak stalker pocket, trus dia dapat by the click of the 'google' heheheh:)

syabab said...

haha poket xleh blah jap pic profile uh original poket ke ato ukan?hehe...kalo yer ofcos la clerk company leh stalk..keke.. my monday is bored fulled of muvie marathon.. a'ah i dont have class..err xtually ader tp claim diri start revision weeks suda..haha sedangkan tgk prison break..kih3.. jap nk tanya dr aitu g pocket engineer e?
p/s: xtually nk komen pape t kene tag.. hehe tp da printscreen so poket jgn gatal2 edit..haha

hani said...

my monday? ada 2 meeting yg telah melesapkan my lunch and my early dinner. uhuh..
camne nak gemok klu salu camtu??

Mya said...

amboi pocket mengelat eh nk tag? heheh. anywayyyy thanks sebab buat tag ni =)))

Aemy Shamy said...

we're common for that num 6 & 7..hehe..what's your job? is it something like quality control? just curious. hehe.

is that really your full name?? cool! that's unique. ^^

maybe u can read my recent post about how's my monday going. :)

zonaku said...

type A???? reject from my list..................

of standby donor for me.

my monday??? spend it with my niece n nephew.... almost whole day! child labor a bit...........

zieyzain said...

the same thing about us is luv milo,..milo tebaek! ehehe..

Saiazuan said...

tag? haha i pass~

El-Janna said...

untungla ade org tag~~

Fatin Mraz said...

pocket dah buat dia nya part..
mm..ada gak kena tag tadi..tapi mood nak bw dulu.. hehee

pocket rabun ek..power byk kerk?
awat x pakai ceminmata ke lens..
so x der lah kang fm lambai x pasan..kan?

rozeeta rashid said...

dark choc mana sedap. haha.

i had the best monday in my life! =D

Yong Sofea said...

Gosh, I got tagged with the same "tag" programme too! LOL

Dhiya Fariza said...

I know your real name heheheh

littledolphin said...

that is not your real name.i wanna know ur real name T_T

My monday?err happy maybe cos i already submitted my photography assignment. ^ ^

and embarassing cos my friend cetuskan a silly scandal of me with someone just because of something remeh-temeh. =.="

Anonymous said...

i love dark choc too. yummy.

eh pocket ko ni chef ek?

pasal jue tu kan. kalo ckp jus jambu batu mmg dia akan straight fikir satu cara je.mmg camtu.

Pocket said...

yes, memang la gambar tu gambar sebenar,
tp still dia nak stalk pung tak la semudah
type jer nama pocket kat google kan.
daah takkan nak check satu satu icon pic blogger? heheh

movie marathon!!
pocket tak pernah wat lagi tu,
mini series marathon baru jer abih.
Friends season 9 and 10 :D

ooh!! ayat tu pernah nampak kat blog
hanieDew :D

tak besh, masa nak lunch la diorang nak ajak meeting pon, goreng la bihun ka ngan teh tarik skali kalu baru la besh :)

heheh, mengelat ker?
tang nama betul tu ngelat sikit :)

the rabun part is obvious sis,
With u and the spec and all :)

waah... u guessed right sis!!
(Punya la handal kamu nih)

alaaaa.. so tak leh la kita jadi blood brothers :) macam sedara sesusu, tp ni sedara sedarah. (Bukan sedagin)

pas tu minum sepanjang minggu,
trus berak pun keraaaasss jer..
ohh!! nakkena cari buah buahan lah gini.

kinda figured that already bro.
that is why i'm not tagging u :)

macam sedih jer tak kena tag,
nak pocket tag kan ker :)

quite rabun,
senang ceritanya dalam jarak 10 kaki,
buleh kenal orang lagi,
dalah jarak 20 kaki,
makcik pun pocket rase cam nak dare yg cun lagi begetah dah :)

dark chocolate la sedap,
manis manis tu bebudak jer layan :)
(I know, u'd say.. pahit pahit tu orang tua jer layan, chuish!)

hehehe, buat buat,
buleh kita kenal mengenal.

not only that, u also know my address :)

alaaa.. we have like a lot of time more to get to know each other.
in time.. u'll know my name too :)

everything started with the small innocent smile, and your kawan start to 'ecceecceecceeece' u until everything will end up u marrying the guy, or u'll hate the 'kawan' to the end heheheh:)

hehehe, jus jambu kalu,
nak kena blender.. ohh..
tp bagus jgak, atleast
kurang sikit preservative
n excess sugar kan :)

tak pocket bukan chef.
pocket keja kilang :)

yuyueyuliana said...

i prefer to call you pocket berbanding kuruentuleski. haha. lama gila nak pronounced :P