Wednesday, November 30, 2011

461. Murder Weapon


sesekali pocket nak jgak menulis ngomelan hati
tanpa perlu memikirkan apa tujuan ku menulis ari ni,
tanpa memikirkan, lawak apa nak ku selitkan ari ni,
nak membiarkan jari jemari ku yg gemuk ni menari
atas keyboard lappy hausmet.

ohh.. talk about gemok, diet pocket pastinya gagal besok.
pasal besok pocket kena gi Shah Alam n Klang utk
business trip ke kilang supplier.
dah apa kaitannya kan?
well kekadang mereka akan belanja makan.
belanja makan tu bukan sikit sikit,
8 menu lauk, n diakhiri ngan bihun goreng.
gitu gitu... oh sure kantul^^

tapi tak per.. untuk dinner, pocket akan pura pura
ada dating ngan aweks baru kenal. n bagitau diorang
'i got another plan tonight, i appreciate the dinner invitation
and all but i really could not miss this appointment.
so do excuse me will yah..'

talk about dinner, dinner apa kamu tadi?
first time pocket makan subway. BeefBall marinara ker hapa
ohh.. subway memang lah besh, cuma subway memanglah jadi
makanan paling comot yang buleh kita senarai hitamkan kalau
nak ajak awek dating.
or atleast that is what other people is thinking,
but for me... best if we bring your awek to a place where
she can bring out her most honest self dont u think?
setakat fork and knife tu, sure dia belakun dari awal punyer tak?

ho ho!! Fork and knife!! went to ikea and bought myself some
plastic fork and knife, and it turned out the knife is actually sharp!
wah!! someone just got a murder weapon.. :D

okeh that will be all pocketeers,
hope i can BW and keep posting once a day
for tomorrow till weekend. Too many story
inside this head, my ears bleeding green goo.
Tata pocketeers, hope Concorde Hotel Shah Alam
got complimentary internet tomorrow.

460. ApaPasaiMurah?

A joke I got the other day...

A pakcik picked up his tabung and change
the content to a 6 pieces of RM50 notes.
He brought the 6pieces of paper to a
Gadget Selling shop and talk nicely asking
the uncle for a navigator system...
i cant remember what does it called,
but its rhyme with Vermin or was it cermin (Mirror?)

anyway, the Pakcik being sick of his recent
'lost' in the city incident thought that if he
buy a decent navigator system, then there
will always a girl's voice directing him to his
destination. and hearing sounds like that is
always pleasing as u'll know that u are not
alone in this world. There is an angel looking
over u.

'ni berapa ringgit ni?' the pakcik asked.
'ni ha kawan, yang ni murah sajaa.. 800!
siap pasang bagi u, ini haa.. ada lapan bahasa
buleh cakap oo!! itu bahasa kedah..
bahasa kelantan.. bahasa jawi pun buleh hoo!!'
the uncle explained. Before the pakcik could ask
him anything, he started to immitate the accent
that the machine can produce.
'mu rapak kighi, tigo ratuh mite lagi mu belok kighi...
redi, belok selalu!'

'mahal sangat la tauke, murah lagi tak dak ka?'
the pakcik starts to negotiate.
'adaaaa!! yang ni murah, satu latut lima puluh saja'
said the uncle proud.
'waaaa!! apa pasal murah sangat !!' the pakcik could
not believe his ears, now he can use the extra 3 pieces
of paper to change it for a burger king.
'ini haa.. mulah tapi lagi syok!'
'apa yang syok!'
'dia tak dak kona kanan punya,
semua turn left saja... '

pusing kiri jer, buleh sampai ker?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

459. 'BeatMeKindly'

Are u a kind person?
I bet u are..
well, people can be kind to each other
and yes, they can also be rude.
But how do we react towards people's
kindness ya pocketeers?
I think there are 2 type of person
in this world. (Talking about kindness)
Those who pay with kindness,
and those who take advantages.

Those who take advantage of
people's kindness is easy,
U do good to them, they ignore.
U pay em a visit, they forgot.
U cook something for them...
they throw it away.
after a few kindness, u start to realize
what kind of person they are.
and U start to create the space between
U and them. One day..their phone number
will be lost in your cheap phone...
and when u change your number,
u kinda fail to notify them the new one.
The End.

People who pay kindness with kindness.
This kind of people is so hard to handle,
they always look for a way to top up your
kindness ensuring u loose in that minigame
they call...
'Beat Me Kindly'

If u pay for his lunch,
do not have dinner with him,
cause he'll definitely be paying those
big and fresh fish right out of the sea
and have them goreng tiga rasa for u just
to top up the nasi goreng u paid.

If u bring them to jalan jalan in penang,
then they'll bring u to a better area
for jalan jalan, with light and show..
with clown juggling by the road.

Ohh dont ever give them a present,
u'll have a hard time to top their
present next year.
U give an i phone,
they'll reply with IPad.
U give a decoration lamp,
they'll reply with an LCD TV
(is somewhat a deco lamp too,
its nice looking glass deco with light
coming out showing nice picture)
U give them a simple water flusk,
prepare your house for the water heater.

Its like they want u to be happy,
honestly from their heart, wanting u to smile,
like your smile could cure their pain and
having u around would be the best medicine.
They dont 'bodek' u for any bigger favor..
as if u own a piece of land that they can inherit
if u die.
They dont care if u'r a miskin old hag
who live under the titi.
THey are just kind hearted.

What to do with this kind of people?
have them in your speed dials,
notify them if u'r changing your phone.
Hell i'll even notify them if i'm blessed
with and early settlement six feet under.
Tru dreams ..huhuuuuuuuu (Takuuutttt!!)

...cause Filantera, syahiela, bro Kon,
I cant even start to describe your kindness
towards us truout the trip last weekend.
I am thinking of a way to top those up..
but i guess u have max out by all the food
and the sight seeing. See u again okeh.
Thank you for the best weekend ever :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

458. Tangan Kanan


...ever stand for your right?
or in malay, its.. 'mempertahankan hak anda'
all of us are entitle for a right bestowed onto us.
The right to speak,
The right to drive-on when our lane is with green traffic light.
The right to park if we have paid monthly and our Effing Car
Number is marked on the effing parking box.
The right to stay in the right lane if we are going too
fast till the police patrol car also cant catch up.
Well basically all of the rights.
(Who agree with me raise your right hand!)

Now now.. I'm not going to talk about those big big 'Right'
like voting for the leader, or 'berparang' over a piece of land
passed down from your father to you.
Example was too big? then what about the right to vote for
your favourite bintang kecil by SMSing his 'code' to the number
appear on the TV screen.

I'm talking about small small right, like those cofee taking turn
at IKEA refills after you have spent 20second of waiting in line.
u have waited,
its your turn..
somebody gesturing to cut in,
u protect your right!
u push your shoulder in,
blocking the old lady out!

or atleast that was what happened.
a young girl that i dont dare to ask for her number came in and
hit my cofee cup out of the cofee dripping zon just to ensure an
old lady who was trying to cut in line from the left, failed to do so.
Oh the long haired sexy 14 year old adik won of course,
the hitting was so hard it almost spills off the cofee inside.
'eeeehhh... back of the line please' was somewhat she said.

come to think of it,
its not about fighting for your right anymore isnt it?
its about winning your mini game inside this big ridiculous
game we call life.

-Winning while driving,
-Winning for a seat at the bench when our feet is sore from
too much walking.
-Winning the seats in IKEA canteen just to eat that beef balls
in the lunchtime of a cutiumum.
-Winning in price haggling
(Just like what i've posted : 378. Sekilo berapa ni cikk?)
-Getting to see the movie of your choice when the Hubby
wanted to see another one. hummm
-It makes us feel special for an itsy bitsy milisecond kan?
'I have won today! from an old lady who cant put her
cup first because her left hand was holding the tongkat berkaki empat.

The question is, 'is it worth the broken heart, the pain we cause
just to win? Those car that we overtake? some old pakcik who
cant seat cause all of the seats are filled with youngsters who
cant keep their hand to themselves?
Your hubby wanting to see that movie...?

ohh!! There's gotta be more to life - Stacy Olego..
(olego koko..
minuman yang lazat...
sedia diminum..
eh camana lagu dia?)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

457. fit previous post

A short post.
Cant post too long,
My net connection is 'less'

last post was about blurting out
word without thinkin first.
Here is another sample that fits
previous post nicely.

Here I am waking up in the morning
of sunday 27hbNov, looking at the tv
that shows of maalhijrah n everything
Asking ...

'Maalhijrah? Bila yek??'


Friday, November 25, 2011

456. stupid

If u can buy a car that cost hundreds
thousand. Why bother bout the fuel

Asking about fuel consumption in a BMW selling centre would make u look foolish.

A couple who were married for 6 years
but never granted with child would
definitely felt sad n be working hard
to get one dont u think?
Asking the stupid question like...
'xrasa rumah u sunyi ke?'
'u tak try tanya doktor ke?'
...would make u look stupid no?

Think before blurting out question ok!
Even if we are stupid beyond comparison,
let us atleast appear intelligent okeh?

455. BuatPening...

Atau dalam bahasa orang puteh nyer... Buffered Earnings,
tak tak bukan direct translation!!
lebih kepada pantun... ataupun rhymes.

Yes, the nuffnang desk already told me about this and
i have read and reread over and over again their
explanation. I still not able to grasp what is the best
part about buffered earning. Its not that their
english or explanation is bad...
its just me who are not good in understanding them.
yes yes.. everybody seems to aim for it.
and i know for sure, even if one is granted this,
one can always lose it the next day.
So i have to work harder to ensure this stays.

so as easy as this may sound pocketeers,
anyone care to explain in the easiest explanation
what is buffered earning.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

454. ItamPuteh Logo

logo selalunya tak banyak details,
tp ngan tak banyak details tu,
maksud cuba diterangkan sepaham mungkin.
Contoh paling mudah, logo burger berpalang
dlm LRT... makna nya tak leh makan...

tp utk negara yg burger pung tak pernah jumpa.
sure orang tak paham kan :D well sama la gak
untuk logo 'musang melintas' kat jepun...

anyway ...
ngan separuh promosi blog,
separuh sendiri pun tak tau,
separuh rasa benda ni menarik...
(Eh dah tiga paruh tu?)
sila lihat gambar ni, logo paling kiri tu represents aper?

Dichedok pocket dari blog
kak saloma <-sila ke link ini utk paham keadaan.
A cabin crew yang hot yang amat sangat,
pocket cuba nak ngorat, tp tak dapat dapat...
tp bagus jgak tak dapat, baru lah pungguk ini buleh
terus merindu bulan yang tinggi kat atas kapal
terobang saner nuu.

okeh, back to the photo.
nak kater orang haji, memang nampak cam haji.
tp ngan tulisan siam nyer terasa mungkin gak tok sami kan?
tapi tok sami tak perlu nak duduk,
kan ker diorang tu tak kira umur,
yang muda pung jadi sami gak...
tapi pikir gitu, yang gi haji pun...
eh yang gi haji 70% tua tua :D

Any opinion pocketeers?

komentator kat blog kak saloma sndiri dok kater sami...

PS: pocket nak gi KL. 10pm kang betolak ngan ketapi,
sampai klsentral pagi esok 5am katanya.
akan try post dari henpon nokia murahan pocket...
kalau kita buleh 'stumble' upon each other kat IKEA besh kan :D

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

453. YangBaik...

Perginya senang.

Dah tengok Metro Online ari ni?
katanya masuk surat kabar,
pocket tak tahu plak.
pocket tak beli.
pocket nak bagitau sikit,
cik Ahmad Fauzi Ismail ni jiran.
Kalau balik kampung, tahu dah dia mesti disitu,
selang sebuah rumah jer ngan umah Maktuk.
kekadang kami saling nampak, angkat tangan.
kalau dia datang umah... kami sembang,
kalau pocket gi umah dia, kami sembang.

dari kecik pocket kenal dia, dia jadi alasan untuk
kami nak ngorat jiran dia.. iyer lah, datang lepak
ngan dia.. n sekali tu dok ushar lah cik adik sebelah.
One day pocket akan post gambar pocket ngan dia.
rasanya ada.. dlm desktop pocket kot.

Dia ni memang baik sangat sangat.
tak pernah merungut idup dia tak besh ker haper.
idup dia besh pun tak pernah membangga..
pocket ingat, pocket pernah gi nengok dia kat spital
admitted due to High BP. ceria nya dia tengok kami
gi melawat dia. kami plak yang sedih sedih pasal
dengar dia High BP.

tu lah, kata kawan cina pocket,
yang baik... pi senang.
Kalau ikut ke akhbar tu,
memang senang sunggoh la .
(Pocket tak kata tak sakit, just senang)

kawan cina pocket jgak kata...
'Makan kenyang kenyang, lepaih tu pi lah.'
well betul gak, dia memang 'pergi'
lepas makan nasik goreng.

pocket sendiri plakkater..
moga dia 'pergi' dalam iman.
dan roh nya dicucuri rahmat.
Alfatihah untuk Ahmad Fauzi Ismail
(Kami panggil banji tok pidah)

Banji Tok Pidah...
Malaysia menang tau! malaysia menang!
(Harapnya dia tahu lah result nyer kan... ohh)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

452. Lesson Learnt


How is the office with yesterday's big news?
happy!?!? sure of course,
but my kilang was different.
the indonesian lady was furious,
saying that we won out of luck.

coming back from work just know,
the weirdest thing happened. Both of my tire
punctured and gone flat at the same time.
heran heran..

and so i stop and call the guy who fix punctured
tire for a living. Lets call him Kay for i dont want
any racism issue afloat here in my blog.

Kay came after 10 minutes of waiting and start
to work on my EX5. He got a few problem handling
my EX5 so i helped him a bit.
Hold on the torchlight,
Support the EX5 sideways.
We talked, getting to know each other,
the usual stuff...

after a few kting, ktung, ktang and pissssssttttttt..
the job is done and its time to pay.
I handed him my last RM50 Note, but he dont have
any small change. so i asked him how?
He asked me to go to a gas station nearby and change
the big note to a smaller one.

'heheh, so we'll meet there? how do u know
i will be there ha Kay? how do u know i can be trusted?
i can always flee and u'll never see me again.'
I ask half jokingly, and his answer was the best.

'u malay are people with religion, sure u'll be there.
u fear the halal haram. Profit of RM25 and be cursed
by your god is not worth it.'

Of course his answer was full with his race slang which
if he was chinese then it'll sound like ...
'aiaaa laupan, u melayu ala agama punya olang,
mesti pi punya.. lu takut itu halal halam,
untung 25 linggit pun tuhan malah talak padan maaa'

and if he was indian..
'anee melayu, ada agama punya mesti pigi jugaa..
halal haram lagi ttakut dari untung 25 ringgit.
tuhan marah tada padan jugaa..'
interesting kan?
the perception,
the word,
the usage.
So we malay who usually are muslim
suppose to know the HalalHaram?
and fear god's wrath?
if that is the perception,
then we need to keep it that way pocketeers,

PS: ...and it doesnt have to be muslim only,
all other religion have their own belief..
and i'm sure.. the restriction is for the
best outcome of its follower.

451. HausmetTersayang.


seperti yang pocketeers sekalian dah sedia maklum,
pocket ada hausmet yang selalu bagi pocket pinjam laptop dia
untuk pocket apdet blog. somehow dia tak kisah.. setakat ni.
(Desktop pocket tgh rosak, terbengkalai kat dlm kotak.. ohh)

TV pun tv dia, so memang la dia ada kuasa veto keatas tv tu.
Ari tu dia kata dia nak tulis nama atas tv tu,
pocket ingatkan kat mana la dia nak tulis, kat skrin depan dia
taruk!! nasib baik la oblivious. kalau tak...
nampak nama dia cam iklan jer masa tgk dvd.

so semalam memandangkan bola malaysia lawan indonesia
final, pocket yang tak tengok malaysia menang dulu,
mintak la mintak jugak nak tengok bola. n dia bagi.. yang sorang
lagi tu tak kisah sangat pocket nak tengok ker tak, dia lagi layan
DVD dia jer... so kami pun tengok la bola sesama kat sofa 3+2+1
yang pocket beli second hand.. RM300. Murah kan? :D

The best part about tengok ngan hausmet
pocket is, diorang tak pandai sangat bola.
(Which makes me lelaki termacho lah kan)
Semangat tu terasa, tapi diorang tak pandai sangat.
Pocket pun tak pandai, tak der team nak sokong,
tapi tahu lah kater penjaga gawang dibenarkan guna tangan.

Cant blame them, less exposure would make a malay lady
with malay name sounds stupid speaking malay.
(Contoh lama sangat ker? ok laahh, pocket cari contoh lain)
Cant blame them,
Same as we who dont know 'PowerPlay' from ice hockey.
Cant blame them,
Same as we who dont know 'fumble' from Rugby.

Antara aksi hausmet pocket yang menarik semalam...

1) Diorang angkat tangan happy bila pasukan
jersi merah score goal last ten minute tu... 'Goaaalll!!!'
Indonesia score lah!
(nasib baik lines man call that one as off side.
kalau tak terasa pengkhianatan disitu)

2) 'player kita kuat kuat kan, kena tendang kat lutut
pun sakit kejap jer.. pas tu buleh bangun lari lari lagi kan :D'

3) 'Kenapa tak dak piala?'

Ohh Hausmet,
kita amik astro yang ada sports channel plak pas ni nak?

Monday, November 21, 2011

450. Camca Plastik


kata orang 'cerita' tu takkan jadi 'cerita',
kalau tak diulang berkali kali.
bila dah permanent terhias dlm minda ni,
baru lah character nya diingati,
baru lah event nya dijiwai,
berulang ulang kali... biar sampai mati.
lupa jangan sekali... sejarah pembikin diri.

anyway.. ini cerita maktuk.
untuk yang dok baca blog ini dari lima tahun lepas
sure dah baca... utk yang baru...
hey hey, layan pun besh okeh :D


'Aih..tadi aku nampak cam hang dapat camca
palastit?' tanya maktuk kehairanan.
'umph... dah buang dah ... ado lagi dalam
plastik sampah tu tuk... tuk nak buat apa?'
busy driving the KayBiPiThree'O'Five
'Laaa... yang hang pi buang tu buat apaaa...
simpan laa... buleh jugak buat cedok apa apa...'
'Berapa banyak la nak simpan tuk?
bukan nya nak pakai pun,
kat umah tu banyak dah la tuk'
maktuk diam sambil geledah beg plastik sampah,
mengalihkan tulang ayam, mengalihkan tisu tisu.
She took the white small plastic spoon and tuck it
nicely inside a layer of KFC tissue.

As if it worth something.
as if she's gonna use it soon enough.

Other day... Other occasion ...
'okeh maktuk .. nak pi kl dah... dekwan bawak
bubur maktuk ni na.. buleh jugak makan dalam
perjalanan kang'
'naa.. amik la camca palastit ni...
takkan hang nak langgah bubur ni kut..
tumpah satgi belemoih pulak baju hang...'
'umph.. bak mai...'
I can see a slight senyum at the corner of her lips.
'hummm.. nasib baik jugak ada aku ni yang duk
amik simpan camca palastit nii...tu la hampa.'

basically she have proven her action of keeping
those plastic spoon which u receive inside the
takeaway sauce n tissue pack
is right after all
is worth doin after all...

Ok maktuk, seronok lah tu!
terbukti kater maktuk betul tu..
seronok lah tu!!

tp memang maktuk betul pon.
pocket simpan 20 puluh jer tau,
kalau lebih pocket buang....

do you keep those packed chilli sauce
from KFC when u'r buying take-out?
Can use it for the biscuit u know :D

Sunday, November 20, 2011

449. Makes U Wonder...


Ari ni ahad yang patutnya pocket goro goro (golekgolek)
atas tilam sepanjang ari tapi somehow pocket dok busy
kesana kemari. Kepala paip rosak, tutup pun air dok
mengalir lagi..
Sama la gak ngan idung pocket.
Air dok mengalir jer..
kenapa la agaknya..
Petanda nih!

Ever stand in line to buy KFC?
Now its the tomyam crunch right?
I hate fusion food so i'll pass.
so there I was in the line at lunch time.
About 4 person infront of me and i'm waiting.
The indian guy taking nasik. Waaahhhh
The chinese guy bought a bucket.. wah waaaahhhh!!
The Malay pakcik was entertaining his cucu
with everything that she requested... how cute..

After the little girl got what she wanted,
the Pakcik paid and the cashier lady wave good bye
to the little cucu with her sweetest smile.
Sikit lagi macam dlm iklan tv jer.

And now its time for the cute lady in front of me to
approach the cashier, all three of them wearing weird
looking shawl with accent like they spoke english all the
time. Some how the 'R' is obvious beyond requirement.
'ummm, nak makan aper yer? amik lunch set larh! eh tak tak!!
kejap kejarp... hummm i nak makan pocket haper tuuu...bla bla '
which makes u wonder...

dari tadi tak nak pikir!!
punya la lama dok dlm line
hang dok sembang apa!?
nak jugak aku pang budak ni kang...
Tu baru sorang, by the time tiga tiga
orang tu make up their mind, Pocket dah buleh
senyum senyum kat cashier nama Husna yang
ada taik lalat kat dagu tu.
Sikit lagi nak mintak fon namber jer.

sabor pocket sabor, jangan 'PANG' anak orang.

Amik iktibar.
masa pocket tiba.
'Take away, 2 piece chicken, tak nak set, thigh and drumstick,
Original buka spicy, tak yah plastik, tak yah minum, terima kasih'
Senapas dengan dua jari diangkat tanda peace!!
n senyum sekali bagi kat cik Husna:D
kan ker senang.
haaaiiissshhhh.. or atleast that is how pocket doing it.
how about u pocketeers?

Gambar hiasan dari post dulu

Saturday, November 19, 2011

448. Curi Orang Punya!!

Yesterday i was bombed with a very disturbing
news, My brother's KayBiPiThree'O'Five was
missing from the parking site infront of
Pharmaniaga somewhere in kajang.

It was a wira SE black and the lamp inside was blue color,
the car audio was bought by me which was a SANYO brand
with blue illumination too.
It got a dent on its left rear tyre sport rim made by me..
who backed too much to a low stone devider infront of
SSF inderawasih.
A pic of the KayBiPiThree'O'Five, yes, yes the standard..
no tanduk or ekor or anything.

If the roof got a memory recording device, and playable
like a black box. It would show the most wonderful time
we had in it.
My housemate once was on that car and puked from
the heat of the 12 o'clock heat.
My Previous GF and I got notty in that car..
Although i didnt tell my brother about it,
I know he knows. Shhh... shut up and let the 'hanyut' ok!
We were just driving!!! (To tell u the truth, i cant remember
what happened dat day.. i do remember the back of a lorry
so near to us and we cant see a thing.. )

Along learnt her driving skill from that car.
She drove the car starting from she was 12 years old.
A police lady stopped them once when she's 16 and
the excuse for letting an underage lady drive without
her driving licence was that the actual driver
(Which was Filantera) had a medical situation that
doesnt allow him to drive. Somehow the police believed
them and let them go.

A lot of trips to the Batu hampar in Yan..
Filantera did ram the back of an iswara once
and had to pay RM800 just to recover the damage.

I hope he found the car again,
I hope the driver just borrowed the car
to get to seremban and left it there for
the police to recover.
I hope all goes well with Filantera,
Be strong bro...

Anyone got any ideas or any way of getting the car back..
The number is as stated in the first paragraph.
if anyone who know how to help.
please comment ^^

Friday, November 18, 2011

447. Curi Siapa Punya?

yes Hanie, i was busy...
but here i am, to make it all up to u guys,
tonite.. i'll BW like never before..
and i'll even watch you Vlog okeh :D

Today's post...

Situation :
THere is a house,
A big house by the hill with all the maid and the buttler,
with cats running all around the fountain trying their luck
to feast on the swimming ikan koi. with marbles floor for
the kancil, Estima and bentley to park.

well basically the biggest and luxurious
house imagineable for your mind ok.
Lets name the owner as 'Farid'

There is the water supply pipe from
the main pipe to the house...

...and there is the Pocket installing a pipe outside
of Farid's water meter stealing the water for his
own use. I dont know, washing his motorcycle maybe.

The question is :
This is called water stealing kan?
Is'nt this haram?
but think about it, this is water,
god's creation.. since when is using
god's given water is haram kan?
and ...
pocket is not stealing water from farid..
cause the water pipe is installed from
the main pipe before reaching Farid's
water meter.
Farid will not be paying for the water..
no one will.
But pocketeers, regardless of the reason,
I still feel that this is haram.
(I dont know the hukum or what does this
falls under which clause, i just think that this
is haram ok)


There is this guy who i met the other day told me
that he never paid for his internet for over a year.
It seems like he bought a device with funny looking
antenna that could 'sedut' other's wifi signal
regardless of the Password lock and use it to
have the line for himself.
Its like hacking the Wifi Modem itself.
'Will the owner be having slower connection then?' i asked.
'yes, but he or she wont even realizes it since it'll
just feel like your net line is used by 2 computer,
nuttin much kan..'

but pocketeers... i still feel like it's haram for doing
this and we should killthose who do it by piercing
them with a thousand needle.
ok.. not all but those who do it to you. agree?

remember how frustrating it is when your TM Streamyx
wifi somehow felt slow.. if u know that this was due to
some punk stealing your wifi, dont u wanna smack
him in the head and just simply report him to the authority?
Well i do...
cause lately internet is everything.
u pocketeers .... are everything.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

446. WW: Mentang Mentang Buffet

... kat Saujana Hotel.

... patut padan lah kan.
Tapi tak banyak poon,
ker banyak?

how was your sarapan today?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

entry cemas

Short post.
Tgh dok borıng gıla sekarang nı,
Bısnes trıp ke shah alam.
Tapı dıorang book kan hotel saujana
untuk kamı, Free ınternet koneksyen takdak

Harap mahal je, ınternet pun kena caj.
38 hınggıt seharı plak tu!
Dah la surroundıng tak der apa apa
yang menarık.

Mcm bıasa,
Rındu nak balık,
Rındu housemet yg bısıng
dok tengok wınter sonata tu.
.(punya la lama drama tu)
Rındu nk BW mcm bıasa.
Rındu kamu ..pocketeers.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

444. Jiwa Raga

here is a strange thought.
remember that story about a father who bought
a 'raga' to bring the grandfather to the market place
so that the grand father can live there all by himself.
They were a family in poverty and could not feed
more then 3 mouth a day by the father's income.
(camana pun, ko ingat kuching ker aper ?
nak buang bapak sndiri kat market kan)

so the father put the grand father in the
'raga' and start paddling his bicycle leaving
his son and wife behind.
Then all of a sudden the son shouted..
'bring back the raga will u!!'
The father shouted back,
the son replied...
'so that i could use it to send u to the
market place when its your time'
(No need to buy, since the usage is like
once a generation, its a good investment)
oh oh.. kejam.

anyway... i guess the moral was...
how ever we're treating our father,
our son will treat us the same too.



So here is the strange thought.
if u ever felt like u wanna rebel to your father,
not listening to your mother, disobeyed them
by go out drinking, smoking and get yourself
a tatoo...

Doesnt that will mean that your father
and/or mother too was about the same
when it was their time before?
A rebel in the family burdening your grannys
by 'bending' the law.. and sometime breaking them.
so proceed...
its their turn to feel the pain.
serves them right for doing it
to their parent before.

if u are a good person, obey your parent
and even your future inlaws..
Then by all means, respect your parent
with your utmost respect for they were
good too with their parent before.

understand me pocketeers?
twisted kan.. ohh dont listen to me of course,
lets break the chain and be a good son and
daughter regardless. And hopefully our
next generation will come with the SIRIM
stamp on their forehead ensuring the quality
of the personality programmed from the factory.

heheh, That was the pesanan khidmat masyarakat.
but think about it, twisted but cant u see any
truth in there pocketeers? even for a lil bit?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

443. Survival Tools

I started working back in the 80s when the music
seems better and the colours seems brighter.
The roses seems contrasting with its green
background so much that u'd hurt your eyes
just by oggling at them.
And that song Isabella, was a hit.

Now its not so much though.
Its either the ozone layer is getting thin,
the inflation (That causes reduction in colour
pigment during production),
or i must be getting old.
(Hence my koklea cant vibrate that well
and the liquid in my eyeballs is ...
becoming 'milky')

Anyway, when I started to work,
there was this lady who was so nice
like a sister to me. About 5 to 6 years older.
Working in different department with a few rank
below me. A presentable lady with an obvious
waist line that if i hug, my left palm would
rest nicely on my right siku.

She brought cucoq to me,
she woke up early to fry some bihun to me,
she would say yes to anything that i asked
and even scold me if i'm doing something
wrong. As if she cared.

She even arranged a vacation trip for
4 ladies and me so that i could get
close to a lady i was targetting back then.
The room was small and the bed could fit us
ngam ngam, she insisted that she should be
the border between the men and the ladies...
thinking that i would be notty if
I'm sleeping by the side of the ladies.

As if I wont do anything to her kan..
well I didnt.. now thinking about it.
Rugi nyer, I wonder why?

One day she was having a problem and required
to get a personal loan, being the 'adik' to her,
I became the guarantor.
nothing happen okeh pocketeers.
she paid her personal loan right on time,
and 10 years seems so short.
The loan is fully paid.

The sad thing about this story was her statement.
On her wedding day, we were chit chatting
and the ayat was something like this...
'ooo hang kawan ngan si farid equipment manager tu?
bagus bagus, kawan ngan orang yang macam tu la..
besok ada guna tu'

Ohh.. '..besok ada guna'??
What about me?
Was i some card for her to use?
Some toolf for survival?
Now the whole cucoq, bihun,
honest advise seems like just an act.

Tak besh nya kan..
Kawan.. memang kena ada tujuan ker?
kalau pocket tak der apa apa,
kamu nak kawan lagi tak?

(Oh wait seminit, I remembered!.
I fell down from the katil and
continued sleeping on the floor..
That was why I missed the chance,

Friday, November 11, 2011

442. Meretun Terakhir

Sambungan dari 441. Meretun Keempat
(Pocket pun dah tak larat nak mengarang
dah ooiii ^^, tak larat nak dub dab dub dab)

... and the punishment goes on,
Maria cried and beg, trying to run she did,
but being invinsible just have its priviledges..
u can easily trip your victim and she'll land
right on her face.
let her be,
its not like all of her victims didnt cried,
didnt beg, didnt tried to run.
They were worst, they were terrified
of the 'unknown'. Atleast maria know
what is hitting her...
Her own hammer under her own cloak.

Her shirt is now torn..
She's bleeding here and there,
Her right hand shakes from the pain.
trying to keep her left hand still.
The bone in her left hand must be crushed now.
I did it just like how my school teacher did it to us
back then when we were taking UPSR.
When we were caught with long fingernails.
Titik jari ni! titik!!

'krak!krak! boommm!!!' the sound of the door
kicked down with police suddenly rushing in.
There must be 40 people coming.
Eh!! how do they know?
'sila menyerah! kamu telah dikepung!!'
They move in slowly with all the front guy
trying to fill in the space. Hey!!
they did their homework..
now even an invinsible guy also cant get out.

They aproached slowly and got the Pocket cornered.
Pocket smiled. here is his hero shot.
now he can tell the police what Maria
have been doing. The cloak is the proof.

'keteqaanngg!! keteng keteng keteng!'
he throw the hammer to the floor,
now visible to everybody else.
it was bloody.
it was freaky.
Hammer falling out of nothing is freaky.
The police was startled by this.
putting their gun even straighter.
They take one step... approaching the victim.

'toloong! tolong sayer cik.. tolong!' Maria
was trying to get to the police.
Her legs was not broken but yet
she's still trying to move using her
hand like those korean ghost movies.
ohh the drama...
wait seminit... drama ?
this ending? eh?

Bloody hammer with my fingerprint?
A girl as the victim just like all the victim before.
Me, a man.. cornered down by 40
policemen in a small laundry room.
Me, a man.. with my invinsible cloak.

Maria stopped halfway from the police,
acting like she could go no more.
The police kept on moving with their slow pace.
pointing their gun at 'nothing'

I walked..aproaching maria...
'u trapped me? how did u know?'
with her shaken voice and trembling lips.
'Linda.. she must have heard u...'
she paused to take her breath.
'...when u were warning me not to look at her...'
even though she was not facing me, i can still
see that she's smiling. Her pipi skin moved.
'u see pocket, the cloak only makes u invinsible...
but people can still hear u'

'thanks pocket.. u cleared my name.. ehek ehek..'
her drama continues with blood coming out of
her mouth. The policemen aproached her slowly,
making sure no space in between.
making sure whatever it was they
were cornering could not pass.

ohh... abis lah pocket kali nii..
abis lah pocket kali niiiiii...
aku yang patutnya jadi Hero,
alih alih aku yang nak kena tangkap^^

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE END xxxxxxxxxxxxx

so that was the dream pocketeers,
imagine how frustrated i was...
i was going to be the HERO.
But my sick demented mind
just wont let me... ohhhhh

Thursday, November 10, 2011

441. Meretun Keempat

Sambungan dari 440. Meretun Ketiga
i am sorry but i could not conclude
the whole story in 3 post.
it had to be more.
so here goes the fourth meretun...

..was having the idea of punishing Maria
himself, thought that that was the best idea
he could think off. If he hand Maria to the
police, the cloak will be confiscated. tak ker rugi tu?

and so he went on to where maria worked.
The laundry area.
When u'r invisible, it was not hard walking towards
the laundry area even though its the middle of the
night, even though you are not suppose to be there.
u'r invisible, no one can see u,
and even if anyone see a door opened
by itself, there is always the wind to blame.

He opened the door and there she is..
working all by herself washing customer's
bedsheet filled with sweat from ladies doing it,
blood from pakcik scratching their kurap,
and vomit from the drunken abang who drink
too much. eeeuuuu!!!

Pocket didnt say much,
the hammer is in his hand, he swung one hard blow to
maria's left cheek and down she goes. She didnt scream,
she didnt see it coming. 'Siaall!! ko hamik baju aku!!'
she cried after, ohh that was fast thinking..
budak U.. memang gitu
blood coming from her mouth.
She spat out a broken tooth.
That one was for Fatihah the waitress,
hospitalized with broken jaw.
'Camana ko rase Maria? sekarang ko plak jadi mangsa?'
'Pocket? sial kau!! aku bunu...ngh*' she could not
finish her words as another hard swing to her rib.
That was for Azie from the kitchen.
Her siku broke and she had to quit.
the hotel just could not pay for
her paid medical leave.
More and more swing of the hammer
let loose by the pocket. let her rip,
let her feel the pain she so proudly let.

'eh maria! ko ok ker?' her colleague
who dont understand a thing came asking.
Someone came in and must have heard
her crying from the opened door.
No.. i'm not kantul yet,
she just came in,
she didnt see anything.
She didnt see me.
'ko cakap kater ko pening jer sikit...
jangan tengok dia!! kang kantul la mulut
tu darah' pocket warned her.
The punishment is not finished.

'aku ok jer linda.. peningm jer sikit'without even looking
Maria obeyed, she had to, the cold steel
of the hammer was touching her left forehead.
Linda looked puzzle, she looked left and right,
and leave the place.
Sound of foot steps leaving the laundry room.
Pocket checked.. yes, Linda is no longer there.
The door was closed.
This is better.
Cause after this, there will be
the sound of steel breaking bones.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bersambung xxxxxxxxxx

Remember that last pantun
from the post : 435. OK Dah Abaang.. ??

kinda fit this post too kan?

440. Meretun Ketiga

Sambungan dari 439. Meretun Kedua
what do u do when u'r seing something
awesome right infront of u and u are
allowed to anything (Within reason)
...with that thing?
U try it on!

Moto besor!
try naik nak amik feel...
keter cantik!
try duduk sambil pegang pegang stereng
Senapang sniper macho!
amik la belakon mcm nak tembak orang kejap.
awek comel! ......
try sembang je la kot..
within reason kan :D
dah tu takkan nak....

And so pocket tried the invisible cloak,
the material was thick with ornament design
that look like jawi writings on it.
it must be the jampi srapah.
the sleeve was longer with bigger
opening at the end. if the material
on the sleeve is a see through,
this cloak would pass for those
recent bride wedding dress everybody
is in craze about.
the button was awkwardly
normal for something magical
like that.
Big button for big holes.
Top button was up to the nose..

the lower portion was so long dragging
by the floor that the floor sweeper
would be thankful seeing u in it.
Cause u'd be doing his job instead.
Pocket was in amaze as he was wearing
the invisible cloak, the best part was
the hood. It was a hood u often see
movies describing necromancer.
A hood that elevates to the front
till its shadow will cast upon
your face blocking any light
from your eyes.
thus if worn in daylight even.
people cant see your face.
huiyooo!! sikit lagi macam purdah jee!! :D

Completed wearing this,
pocket turned around towards
that big mirror by the wall.
And all he can see was his background.
Since he is the one holding the hammer,
he might as well be the 'Invisible Hammer'
himself... ohh the power

Then the devil came flying by pocket's ear
and start whispering devilish thoughts.
Ohh.. i can do a lot of good in this cloak.
wah, i can be a super hero and help the poor.
i can stalk people more easily with this cloak.
and the final words were....
i can bring justice for the victim,
Hani's sister Maria can have a taste
of her own medicine with me in this robe..

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Bersambung xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Macam tu la bisikan 'lalat' tu,
munyiknya macam ikhlas jer,
then.. sedar sedar... dah pun
terlanggar border... ohh

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

439. Meretun Kedua

pocketeers, sambungan dari 438.Meretun Pertama
was the dream that vivid?
well no, it was just flashes of scenes
compiled by my sick brain as a story.
The whole 'me-stalkin-in-the-ladies-locker'
was true in my dream, but people coming
in and out changing to their uniform was
a total 'made-up'. Hey i'm allowed to put
some belacan in my sambal right?

After a few hot chicks coming in and out,
Pocket was also entertained by makcik's
from the cleaning and kitchen division
changing to their uniforms or the other
way around. Ohh my eyess!!
it buuuurrrnnnnssss!!!

Well what can he say,
stay the course!!
stay the course!!
Waiting for the 'Invisible Hammer' to appear,
all of a sudden, the door closed and u can
hear footsteps even though there was no one

The heart that never stops thumping
from the beginning of this stalking activity
just starts to thump faster..
oh when will this stop!?
Pocket was trying to make out where was
the foot steps sound originated.
The foot steps seems like wondering around
the locker room, definitely checking out the
area. I bet she'll reveal herself if there was
no one there.

And so she did, a locker miraculously swung
opened and there she was taking off her
Invisible cloak right by pocket's row,
from the reflection of the mirror,
he can see the figure clear enough..
but unlike 'Hani' the QA lady,
she was much shorter,
fair skin with small frame.
The cloak starts to reveal
its owner as soon as she
took it off from her body.
No, the invisible Hammer was not Hani,
she was Hani's little sister. Maria.
An 18 years old girl who just joined in.
she is from the laundry division.

She must be listening to her sister hate
story every night on their way home thus
she's taking action on all the person who
have been hurting Hani lately. Or atleast
that was pocket's theory that is.

Pocket waited. she left.
After confirming she have left the locker area,
pocket went on and picked the lock from the locker.
There it was.. the invisible cloak.
It looked like a baju hujan covering every inch
of your body down to the tumit. The colour was
black with marking of somewhat jawi writing.
Pocket inspected the cloak. He could find
the heavy hammer in the hidden area inside.
ohh so this is the murder weapon...
blood dried up on the metal.

Ohh.. how could u do the thing u do.
some people love with hate in their gut.
and Maria's love got blood all over it.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bersambung xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

we love people and we show it,
some in the most pleasant way we could.
proud of it, taking picture as we should.
some is not so much we can be proud of.
secret we keep even from the one we love.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

438. Meretun Pertama

I had a the most vivid dream last night,
woke up at 4 just to write it.
plot wise, i tot it was nice story line:D
hence the pocket woke up to write it down.
my first draft was a failure,
so does the second one.
here goes the third...

Pocket was waiting for her by the pillars in the
Hotel Staff locker room, it was a bit dark from
where he was standing. His heart pounds like
never before, the fact that he is stalking the
'Invisible Hammer' was one thing,
the fact that this is the girls locker room was another...
oh please let there be no other girls...

'ktap ktap ktap' foot steps!!
Grasping breath.
benapas tu jangan bunyi
macam lembu buleh tak?
it was liyana from HR...
ok this girl i wanna watch >:D

After liyana went on with her uniform
changed skipping and happy, as happy
as pocket was all alone in the dark,
pocket is still waiting for the
'Invisible Hammer' lady to appear.
Yes, she will appear, cause pocket saw
the hammer floating out from the
locker room earlier, this time the
'Invisible Hammer' was not careful
enough to cover her hammer from
people's view. And pocket got lucky.

There were incidents lately of ladies being attacked
by an invisible attacker armed with a blunt heavy
weapon. And the hotel staff starts to put on nickname
for the character in the incident.

Hence the Invisible Hammer name.
Lets call her IH after this ok..
Tak larat dah pocket nak taip nama tu selalu.. ohh.

Words were that all the victims were related with
'Hani' from Quality Department, she was a mean lady
who managed to fill the entire 24 storeys building with
people who hate her, even the customers hated her.
But somehow she got an airtight alibi every time the IH strikes.

Basically she got away.. well not this time 'Hani',
cause u're going down! Pocket is here to reveal u..
at least after a few more staff changing to their
uniforms that is...
take your time.. its ok,
we have all day :D

xxxxxx Bersambung di 439.Meretun Kedua xxxxxxxxxxx

Yes yes pocketeers,
as usual, the pocket have
his quota of words to type daily,
and todays quota is up. Ohh!!

Monday, November 07, 2011

437. Kami Punya la Awal...

maktuk woke up early as usual,
she know its the eid adha morning so its
even more earlier then the usual.
no breakfast is needed this morning,
everyone have to eat after the eid prayer.
ohh.. all the cucu and cicit woke up already.
What a fine morning today is...
A God blessed morning without the heavy rains
that have been washing away any desire to go
out and about, leaving us poor soul wrapped in
our blanket to sleep ...even further to the land
of dreams :D

'haaa hampa jangan dok ralit, semayang raya
haji ni kena awai! satgi hampa telepaih aku tak tau!'
(Jangan leka lagi, kena awal.. jangan terlepas)

..and the cucu which is us, took our bath from
that ridiculously cold kolah of us and put on our
last year baju raya, hey hey, still looks good on
my so why not? :D
its 745... we're still looking for the butang baju.
some of us still brushing our songkok,
'maktuk ada tali dak?' asked the cucu that doesnt
know his way around sampin.
Oh it was hectic, the ladies are preparing their
sarapan and all of us couldnt even touch that
lovely ketupat maktuk was preparing from last night.

'cepat cepat! hampa lambat dah ni! ni sedekah kat masjid na..
nazar aku ni. jangan kat masjid lain pulak.. kat masjid guaq tau!..
sorang lima ringgit, balik satgi beli aih'
(Cepat! dah lewat ni. Korang sedekah utk maktuk ya,
nazar nii. Beli ais balik nanti)
This is a trick pocketeers!!
all she wanted to do was to make sure that the cucu
went to the masjid and not to other place boys could
go to, cause she know.. when it come to nazar...
most of us muslim take it seriously.
its about second to a dying wish.

all the boys went out finally,
'hampa dok kata pompuan mekap lambat,
hampa pun serupa jugak' was what i can hear
her last mumbling by the door. She went back
to the kitchen to prepare the garnishing on the
mee goreng and to pour in the rendang for the
ketupat. she know, those boys will be hungry
as soon as they reaches home with the ice for
the drinks.

The boys are back..
'awai nya hampa balik? dan semayang dak tadi?'
(Awalnya balik? sempat tak tadi?)

'daaaaannnnn... kami punya la awai tadi maktuk,
khutbah pun tak start lagi.'

'hummmm... tau dah, hampa tak pi dah la tu..'

'eh.. mana maktuk tau?'

pocket pun heran,
camana maktuk tau yer?

Saturday, November 05, 2011

436. Cuti, sila hati hati..

gambar ni diambil lama dulu,
tak kisah lah.. tp mesejnya sama.

Sekarang ni musim cuti,
sila berhati hati dijalan raya.
SMS sapa tu kak?
Abang, kalau la jadi apa apa,
abang selamat, kakak selamat, adik adik?
Nak kata orang,
sendiri pung entah gini gak nanti...

so student sekalian,
study bebaik...
kawin nanti
beli keter :)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

435. Ok daah bang..

I once worked in a posh indian restaurant,
where the nepalese chef wears high hat,
the crew wears tight skirt and the pay
is much higher.

we came to scan in by 4pm cause dinner serves at 5.
That day the owner's wife came working in too.
Its either she's worried about saturday's night
or she got nothing to do. ohh the great life of those
who are rich. U can choose whether to work..
or not.. wah wah wah!! lemak kamu!!

since the Madam of the floor is in the house,
i worked in a very much faster pace.
Well of course, she's the one who count our
total working hours by the end of the month,
have to show off and kipas a bit la kan.
the cabbage salad ready within the first 15 minute
of the hour, the carrot slice is extra fine today,
u can fit them in the needle hole. and the curry
is ready 15minute before opening.
All spick and Span ready to be served.

'kriiinnggg, kriiinnngggg' the phone rang.
distance talking in polite words.
'kletak' as the sound of the gagang
safely secured on the phone deck,
'Owner nak maaaaiiiii!!!'
shout one of the chef.. adoi! adoi! adoi!!
off we went rushing to the toilet,
clean everything again.
replace the toilet paper and fold it
to the redtangle shape u often found in hotels,
candle! where is the candle!!
Someone is wiping the floor with
cloth using her hands. The label was cleaned.
the rice was checked and then rechecked.
'jangaaan la mantah! jangaaan la mantah'

after everything checked and rechecked.
we sat down with 3 minute to opening.
Some customer was already wondering
around the entrance hoping that we would
let them in. oh no we wont!
with owner on the way,
we need all the extra minute to rest.

'pocket.. semua dah ok kan?'
the owner's wife asked.
'ok dah cik' shortly answered.
'konpom balik ngan chef..
semua dah ok dah kan?'
she starts to tremble, her hand shakes.
her knee was kept together like little
child keeping her wee wee.
'cik... tak per cik.. janganrisau,
semua dah ok dah' i tried to comfort her
'satgi abang mai, tak dak apa lagi yang tak
buat kan..' her lipst was trembling like little girl
about to cry... sucking the
hingus that was not there.

and then she cried. with her lips now
forming the upside down half moon,
she start to cry.
Cried like little baby crying.
with sound that something like
'wahaaaaaaa.. wahaaaaa..
ohee daaaahhhh ahang..
ohee daaahhh' was what she was shouting
out loud. something that i thought sounded
like 'ok dah abang.. ok daah'
the hand gestures freaks me the most,
she was grasping them together like she's
pleading for her life.
somewhat like the hand gesture when u greet
a chinese guy 'GongHeeFatchoy!'
ohh... the chef came hastily from the kitchen,
hold her by the hand and start to comfort her,
hug her, lead her to a chair back in the kitchen.
they were talking to her..
i could not hear them as one of the other chef
was handing me towel to clean the pee left
smeared on the floor.
As disgusting as it is, i did it.

as i was wiping with my hand,
kneeling on the floor... i was thinking
what made her terrified of her husband
so much that she cried like that?

demon oh demon away u be,
let this poor soul alone and happy
we are nothing but weak flesh of soil,
burnt by your blaze that brings the blood to boil.

now human, now human, how far can i be,
when u hold me dear till i cant be free,
practicing what i do till my pride is empty,
of the devil in you that have no pity

434. Jobs

thank god i am still working,
well there was no reason for me to quit,
nor there was any threat of me getting fired.
oh wait a minute?
were there?
oi!! jangan bagi orang takut laahh!!

anyway what is your job pocket?
heheh, if anyone would ask me,
i'd say i'm working in a kilang.
then they would start looking down
on me and thought that i'm getting
low pay working shift without any
hey hey.. guess what!!? they are right.

i am working in a section that take care
of the supplier. Lets just say that our
company is making a 'karipap' to supply
to all hillton's hotel all over the world.
I will be the guy who take care of the
quality for the tepung supplier.
is the tepung white enough, light enough,
and a few more criteria people put in a
tepung just to feel good about themself.

whenever the production line complain to me,
'weh!! got lipas in the tepung laahh!!'
then it'll be my ass going to the supplier's
side asking for their weekly extermination
schedule, checking for any lipas in the
production line. all the action one need
to ensure that there is no more lipas,
not even their kuku kaki pun inside the tepung.

the best thing about job is, it changes people.
I realize recently that my job too did changed me.
I'm working in a place where the supplier need
to supply the best quality of part since our
company are paying for it.
and so does my attitude towards that air tebu
vendor even when i'm on my private time going
to drink air tebu by the side of the road.
if there is any abnormality in the air tebu,
i'll be complaining like no one else care.

'ni pakcik, ayaq tebu ni ada habuk ni apahai?
ngan rambut pun ada... cuci ka tak tebu tu
sebelum perah? mintak indication kat atas
tebu tu kejap, ni camana nak tau yang mana
dah cuci, yang mana belum ni??'
gitu gitu.

now if i went to eat nando's and i'm finding the
blood was still there, i'll ask for a replacement.
just because i think its the appropriate thing to do.
because i believe that if they are not informed
of this issues,
your beloved nando's will never improve.

i wont be eating the chicken though cause
i know the guys who were cooking the replacement
chicken will spit their green coated mucus on it ^^ ohh...
(Ok that was a joke, how i wish they're not
spitting in my replacement chicken)

so to u guys who are working or worked before,
any changes in your attitude lately?
Pilot please comment,
Stewardess please comment,
Architect please comment,
SecretRecipe Waitress please comment,
TM Complain-answering-lady please comment,
Celcom HR Lady please comment,
and others too :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

433. Teloq Hang!!

Farid smiling to himself as he walks home from pasar malam,
today he bought a slightly bigger eggs for the family,
Its nuttin much actually, the usual eggs he bought
for the family is those that sells for 260 per ten pcs.
Today he bought a slightly bigger one. 350per ten pcs.
His son's birthday is around the corner.
Bet this eggs would taste better in cakes.

Today he sold off his cendawan a bit more than usual
hence the extra money for the eggs. He started to notice
the big changes in his life after he quit smoking, extra
cash to buy popia basah for the wife and a whole chicken
instead of the usual half chicken he use to supply to his freezer.

After a while he heard foot steps stomping
the papan floor squeaking here and there..
'waalaikumsalam, abang dah balik,
awi dok main tunggu abang tadi,
dia tidoq dah. banyak jual ari ni bang?'
'habih! nii haa abang bli teloq'
'la teloq hari tu ada lagi.. eh popiaaa!!'
'heheh' farid is smiling from ear to ear,

he knows his wife Ima luv popia basah..
its nice to see her face shining with
happiness. Even if its just for 3 nights
per week. The pasar malam night
'bagi ima basuh teloq ni dulu sat na'
as ima finishes off washing the eggs,
she let it dry and arranging it nicely
in the eggs compartment inside the fridge.
And then she noticed..

'Eh besaq nya teloq?' the usual eggs falls
right down on the trays floor. This one floats.
'abang bli yg besaq sikit, buleh buat kek untuk awi'
'la selama ni abang duk beli yang kecik saja ka?'
farid hugs his wife from behind as she is
comparing from today's eggs and the one
from last week.

He couldnt face her,
hoping his hug can tell her something.
'hooh' a feeling of shame sinks in,
disgusted with his poverty.
'so selama ni dok kata duit habih,
tapi dok beli teloq murahan,
lebihnya dok simpan buat apa!?
abang duk melencong ke mana?
baik abang cakap!'
she turned around to face him,
one slap to the shoulder
'orang suruh beli teloq..
dok isap rokok lah tu!?
yang abang selalu beli tu berapa?
yang ni berapa? jangan nak tipu ima,
ima tau la! abang isap rokok lagi kan?

loh! kesitu plak?
Have pity for me sayang,
for i am just in love with u,
Forgive me sayang, for these two hands
earns only this much,
Believe in me sayang,
i'll even stop breathing for u,
Have faith in me sayang,
we'll work things out for awi...

...was one of the story a friend told me.
sedih kan.. life is hard people, maybe
not for us, but sure is for others ^^