Sunday, October 15, 2006


So Pocket,
i have started a new thing, dunno bout any of you which have
started a new thing in your life.... hopefully we can survive the
We will prevail.
The thing is starting a new thing is sooooooo hard.
it's like memula posa.. the first one two day.
it's like memula diet... the first one or two food we say no to.

cam susah la jgak skrg...
susah to the hati,
susah to the daging,
susah to the brain,
susah to the pride.
but then again .. guys.. we will prevail.

I'm living on the edge. where one step can and will lead to
victory or total hazardous failure.
Need to think twice whenever i'm making the next step.

anyway.. to all pocketeers... have a nice monday :)