Thursday, July 31, 2008

84. Diana II

Pocket...Sambungan dari last post : Diana I

...the empire become furious of his action just now,
it is so unwise for the boy to kick the ball showing
disrespect to the empire and most of all to Diana.
the empire then jumped down his throne

He walks ... briskly, fast somewhat like running,
He shouts dirty words so loud that pocket can hear
the curse word by word.
Diana, who was halfway from the court tried to stop
her father from becoming green,
tried to stop her father from killing someone.
Calling her father over and over again,
but the father didnt stop.
She failed.

she could only sit on the grassy field.
hugging her own knee, crying.
the father kept walking
kick the boys butt.
punched him in the face,
slap everybody in the group.
shake the boys head by holding to their hair.
Throwing the kicker to the ground.
diana watched the incident sadly,
stands up and runs the other way.
she runs to our side. towards me and past me. way past me.
way to the other side of the field.

How embarased she was of her father.
i'd say what the father did was merely out of luv.
and a pinch of his short temper.
untill to this day i think i can still see
diana's tears shines from the evening sunlite.
her father's act of luv humiliated her.

I wonder... will my act of luv be conceived as a
humiliation to someone i luv.
its just like when mama comb my hair during
a parent-teacher day in front of all the crowd.
it was back in 1946 when i was still a standard 5
did felt shy a little, 'oh! u dont have to do it here mama..'
but i do felt differently when i've met some of me friend
who only have their uncle, or their grandma,
or simply the PIC at their rumah anak yatim to come to the function.
'comb me hair again mama' with my hand messing me own hair..heheheh

*Edited* Wanted to put the pic yesterday, but blogspot are having those days of lembab nak mampus so, had to finish this today instead

Monday, July 28, 2008

83. Diana I

I was walking back from playing football,
we were just playing. not those kind of 11 on 11,
but just the simple 5 on 5 kicking it to the pole.

far away i saw Diana,
she was the only one who wears those track bottom with plastic type material.
U know.. the one with two line on the side.
Back in those days, that kinda track bottom is only for the 'mampu'.
Most of us wear the seluar nyonya... hahaha

Diana was playing volley.
am always impressed at how relax she is performing
in the court and how she makes the sport looks fun.
me? panic my self till i cant even catch the ball.
i can see her father was also there.
Diana's father is the discipline teacher,
well known as a rude and violent teacher.
he was the empire dat day
i can see he was smiling and laughing as he was
calling up the shots.
how proud he was of his daughter.

well who's not? a cute straight a's student,
good behaviour daughter.
Adorable to the seniors respected by the juniors.

We stopped. enjoyed the match for a few points until
the ball accidentally flew far away from the court.
Diana was running to get the ball.
The ball went near a few boys.
Diana was still far away,
the boys didnt realize that diana was coming to get the ball,

one of the boy was sure that the ball was coming from the court,
stupidly kicked the ball.
his intention was to return the ball of course,
It was a volley ball therefore it was design to curve
if u apply some twist to the kick. The ball flew not towards
the court but somewhere else instead. Big mistake.
Realizing this, the boy plead guilty and ask for forgiveness
by touching his palm together up high. smiling with guilt.
but its too late, the empire is already on his way now...
hahaha... seeing this i know that the boy will get it this time,
his guilty face was obvious even from the distance.
the others were laughing but ball kicker looks sorry for what he did.
kept the palm closed together. a sign of apology kut...

Ever been in a real deep shit where u dont know how to react?
i know i've been, The MarkingBig issue hahahahah!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

82. PocketWay

there's a song by lynn Anderson - Rose Garden
some of the wording was something like this,

U better look before u leap do water runs deep
and there wont always have someone to pull u out,
and u know what i'm talking about

i take it ...its about joining or doing something,
or trying something, u better learn the whole
thing first and be ready for the obstacle that awaits.

like blogging for instance,
u know u wanna tell people story.
opening your heart is always the best therapy,
(I guess that's explain why pocket never went amok before)
and having people react to your story is a plus.
at least to me it is ..for i find it comforting.
but before i've started to do this, no one told me that
one day i'll become sooo addicted to it, that without
streamyx line in the house, its just like no air.(not that its a bad thing :D)
and no one told me that one really tend to become
transparent and too transparent will make u fear
your secret will be well known to the blogging community.

Celc0m 100 day 100 cars campaign.
i tot it was a cabutan bertuah,
answer 10 question and stand a chance to win a car.
number 11th question puzzled me,
i tot there was only 10 question?
and i've continued till 75th question.
(Thats RM5 per Question)
then celcom announced in national TV that it is not
a lucky draw but a race. who ever have the most
points of the day wins. now why didnt u tell me dat before!?
Well the blame is on me,
i was the one who didnt ask
i was the one who didnt check
i was the one who leap without looking.

goes the same with those EMWei, KosWei, Highway(?)
heheh and any other way that u can find.
so study first, know the lies first
do not be deceived
some of the lies are just too sharp.
Cuts your heart, stab the liver,
and puncture your lung so bad ...
u might not be able to stand up anymore.
(Some might end up having a leech sucking your blood till the end of life)
So Pocket... u guys ever tried any of the above?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

81. Obsession

'oi farid, hang selalu duk pakai henpon no, bill tak mahai ka?'
'tak dak lah, sikit jeee...'
'sampai blututh tu tak lekang dari telinga, dok cakap sorang n gelak sorang,
sikit lagi?'

'peh, aku pakai family pack yg celcom tu daaa... so free :)'
tte pocket, kalau la every freaking second
dia duk bercakap tepon ngan awek tu...
mesti dah tak der cerita kan...

'so...selalu ker dia call?'
'selalu sangat!! sampai naik bosan'
'huh!! ngan BF tersayang pun buleh bosan ker?'
'bosan siut!! sampai dah tak tau nak citer apo dah,
bila tak tau nakciter apo, mula lah nak melalut.
what i am wearing lah!,
what do i like to wear lah!
what do i do when i'm not wearing lah'
'hoh!! ado jgak gitu gitu?'
'what else do men talk in the middle of the night?'
'aaa... middle of the night as if...'
'dari kul 10 sampai kul 4 pg dia call... huwaaaaaa!!'
aduhai kasih aduhai sayang.
people... that is not love. that is obsession.

'u know how i love u right?'
'yup, and i love u like more then rain drop
last nite at BM'
'ok what ever... listen.. to love u,
i need to feel u,
i need to envy u,
i need to care for u,
i need to be mad at u sometime,
and last but not least,
i need to miss u,
and by having u coming to my house everyday,
calling me for a total of 9 hours everyday.
how in the hell can i miss u sayang?'
'it kills me whenever i'm missing u baby'
'well i pray to god hoping u'll go missing'
this was taken from a tv series back in 2002,
it was in japanese, i cant remember the title.
but the dialog left a scar in me.
Its just like those saying...
'sayang anak tangan tangan kan...'
'sayang bini tinggal tinggalkan...'

'sayang duit labur labur kan...' wahahahah!!!
yes i know all of us know about luv.
but luving too much might be the reason to hate... dont u think?

u know that song that goes...
'and i hate how much i love u so- '
it different for a friend of mine though, where she'll sing...
'and i hate how much u love me so.....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

80. Oooo Wise One

Pocket, A/S/L?

Idol :home page pencari jodoh tu buleh ker tak?
WiseOne : logik la buleh!
said the wise one gigling, his eyes looking to the ceiling like browsing his own sweet memories.
Idol : heee? mana buleh?
WiseOne :kalau tak camana la orang yang lemah semangat tak reti nak cakap ngan pompuan nak berjumpa ngan the right one.
idol :tapi muka tak nampak!.. orang buleh tipu, dimanakah keterlusan ?buleh ker..
wiseone : muka tak nampak la lagi baguih...
baru la cinta yg terbentuk tak berdasarkan
keindahan rupa paras... tapi berdasarkan
keindahan budi bahasa dan hati.. bila bila dah ok nanti, jumpa dan bercinta lagi
idol : o wise one ada jgak ka duk sms orang
yg tak dikenali?
wiseone : ada la jgak.. siap taruk love mark
lagi dalam sms tu ... bla bla bla...

that was a TV series where there got a slot for
some cute idol have to go and ask a wiseone
on any interesting issue.

hum pocket..
lain orang lain la pendapat nyer...
some dont care,
some despise any relation base on comunication technology.

my pendapat would be...
kalau la jodoh saya sepatutnya ngan orang scotland
yang langsung tak reti cakap melayu.
Authentically traditional scottish yg tak mau pun
kuar melancong negara orang.
how does the spark can happen without any
medium in between?
then MiRC, Yahoo Messenger, Frendster, blog
would be the only hope of me stumbling with
her la kan...

so pocket... lets blogging :D heheh
i would be happy to be a medium for someone else s
luv story :)

Taipkan 'onCinta' dan hantarkan ke 999

Friday, July 18, 2008

79. DailyPocket

wahh! thanks to Lindosh,
i'm given this award
kinda hard for me to bear this cause
I'm not daily!!,
well trying to be though, but things just
couldnt go the direction i wanna head :(
always 'so call' busy ^^

thanks lindosh!! for this award,
will try to be a better 'daily blogger' nanti :)

wanna put some name of a few daily blogger down ere,
they are those who really do blogging daily,
(yang tidak di award kan oleh orang lain dah la setakat yg pocket tahu)
Banji (I always wonder where does he gets his ideas from)
Bendul (A new 'pulun'er, support everyone!!)
Filantera(THis one doesnt post, he just commen^^)
Ceera(I know somebody else must have awarded her but still am gonna put her name ere)
Amy (Luv reading hers)
Ayaq (She's in japan right now, duk pulun update jgak dr sana huhu!!)
and many more but i have to run to the shower.. or i'll be late for work.
Those who have their name on my right screen deserve to be awarded.
just because i've put some names here, doesnt means that i dont think
highly of them :)

jangan sedih nama anda tidak di atas,
bukan memilih, hanya menyebut contoh

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

78. MarkingBig

It was saturday,
There i was waiting for Mr Big to get his approval on a
button that have a slight shining colour on it.
Mr Big came out with a smile on his face.
Good!! he is in his good mood.
'Sir, here we have a button that the colour is a bit shiny,
here is the OK button for u to compare'
'hummm... let me seee... ok aaa... no problem'
'ok? then can u please sign down here sir,
this is as a referring sample for the inspector'
'umph.. ok.. do u have a marker pen?'
n then pocket handed him a marker pen lying nearby.
he tried to scribble his signature there but the ink just
didnt stick properly.
A dried marker pen...
While Mr Big was trying to use the dried marker pen

pocket took another,
It was a new one... wrapped inside its plastic
just to ensure this one will stick properly,
Pocket pulled off the pen's cap, tried it on,
shaked the pen,
shake it like u'r using a handheld fan.
shake it like si pembakar sate
shake it hard.

And then Pocket handed the marker pen to Mr Big
MrBig Signed the button facing down.
as pocket was saying thank you, pocket saw black dots.
The ink must have splattered all over the place.
Some of them hit Mr Big. hahahah
Bulls eye on the nose,
some on the cheek,
even on his shirt.
101 dalmation
the ink is light so u cant feel it hitting u.
pocket also hit but not in the face
(This explains why Mr Big Himself didnt realize any dots on pockets face)
Mr Big smiled and say 'ok.. go on with this sample'
'thank you again Mr Big' keeping a straight face,
Pocket went out of his office terrified of his sin,
walking briskly down the hall hoping no one would realize
but then...he could hear in the distance
'sir... your face...' clearly Farid noticed and pointed out to MrBig..
U dont wanna know what happened to pocket after dat.
Lets just say that the paramedics have to use
dental record to identify the body ..huhuuuu
It was the hardest thing i've ever did ...
keeping a straight face talking to a man
i respect with ink all over his face thanks
to my wrong doing!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

77. Men...

'hellooo.. yah, ya saya, aaa...ada. dia ada kat sebelah... OK'
said farid handing over the phone to his friend
on his left saying 'the wife'
'The wife?' still puzzeled
'who's wife? yours or mine?' mizi still confuse.
'yours!!' urged farid. He dont want to hold the phone too long,
seems like the phone is too hot. The loud and cheerful canteen
table becomes quite. Everybody listened.

'ya, timah? naper timah?' Mizi answered the phone,
his thumb and index finger are on his forehead now.
Massaging it even though its not hurt.
Someone is shouting in the other end of the line.
Shouting on the top of her lung too loud that Mizi
have to keep a space between the phone and his ears.
'yer... taaaakkk... tak der ... jangan la macam tuu... sori laa... sy tak tau ..betul!! sumpah!!'
The shouting voice turn to a lot quiter after the second period.
It has gone ... softer..
somewhat like a begging sound.
somewhat like someone is crying.
the sound when u suck up your hingus can be heard in a distant but clear...
'umph!! ok.. kang abang balik, abang explain segala galanya ok.
Jangan la macam tu yer, ok dah la ... ok .. babai...'

All the curious audience stay silent.
Even though there's no voice coming out from them,
Mizi must have felt the question anyway.
'wife aku jumpa henpon aku yg bersms asing.'
The audience still didnt say anything. Listening to him...
"ayang tak mai keja ari nii?"' he said mimicking a girly voice.
'heheh, tidoq luaq pulak aku malam niiii' Mizi said with half joking
sounds of laughter breakes the silent.
jokes being thrown all around,
'hang mai la ghumah aku, sofa aku best sikit'
'takpa.. hang duk ya dpan tu, sampai bila sangat dia tak mau bagi hang masuk'
jokes some of the Taiko, not even symphatise with what happened.

They just dont care dont they?

Friday, July 11, 2008

76. 10ThingsInThePocket

well, i have been tagged by Mr Bendul
(or known by Ayaq as Bendi) on this tag.
Here it goes.
10Things i'm thinking right now:
1)what is it with Bendul who didnt put any pic athis BlogLog Icon.
i know he have been coming hereToMyPocket.
but i cant see his icon.. (As i wrote this, he put his icon up)
2)Ayaq, cant u do the BlogLog also?
Dafilantera, cant u do yours also?:)

3)where can i get 50K to invest in any FD haa?
THis part, i'm hoping EpalC to help me huhuuu...

4)There is so much of secret in me that i wanna blurt out,
but pocket is getting more and more terlus,
transparent or naked that it is hazardous for me to do so.
muiii muiiiii
5)nak tgk citer Sepi... tapi dia tak mau..
Hancock dah tgk,
HellBoy petang ni,
Sepi? akan ku beli dvd ori huhuuuu

6)OT need to aim for 50 hours, but according to my forecast,
i can only get 45.. ahai kena tangguh lagi la Headphone baru tuu huhuuu...

7)Why is it that one is sooo attracted to forbidden item?
Got so many forbidden item that i'm attracted to now,
but ofcourse cant say it out loud ere...

8)How is zafirah doing?

9)Dewi has been sleeping for quite a while,
wanna ask her to shoot something out side.
rindu la plak..

10)What should i write in my next post?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

75. What is Love ...

pocket, the wise banji have once written about this story. Not in lessonInLife maybe, but back then in ImmortalWisdom, regardless of what i think, let me hear what u pocketeers would like to say :D . The story goes something like this...
(i'm delivering it pocket style ofcourse)
'Aragorn dear, do u luv me?'
'Sure i do butter, am luving u soooo much..'
'How much?'
'this much!!' the Dragonfly said widening his arm like wanna hug a bear.
'that much, huh!! i am definitely luving u more than that Aragorn!' Butterfly smirking
Bear with me the 'gedik'ness...
'I luv u Butter, more that the spores in this whole flower field!'Dragonfly standing up spreading his hands like all the spores in the field will react to him.
'dats nuttin!!, i luv u as much as the count of my breath my whole life' Butter was touching her chest like there was a counter there.
and they kept on bragging how they luv each other more.
Childishly, but then again luv makes u do childish stuff...
'Ok, what if we prove our luv? this flower will blossom tomorrow, as the flower blossom, the one who comes first and waits for the other... is the winner. Which means luv the others more' Butter said like she's confident she'll be waiting for Aragorn tomorrow.
'and i am definitely will be waiting for u tomorrow my luv' add Butter
'oh ..dont be too sure now honey, cause i'm good in waking up early'
'yeah..we'll see' and off they went back to their own home.

the next morning.
'heh, there's the flower, its not even blossomed yet. definitely i'm the first.. i won'
The Dragonfly was happy since he's won the race of luv.
Cause she is still not here
and he waits till the dew from the greens dry, she is still not here
the sun is getting high, she is still not here...
and then
as the flower blossom, Dragonfly just couldnt believe his eyes witnessing the love of his life lying there cold lifeless, wrapped inside her own wings.
He holds her tight,
checking her,
hoping that she's just sleeping.
But she's gone
A slight smile on her pale face and Aragorn just couldnt bear his sanity anymore when he sees the scratches on the inner side of the flower petal.
'Am ere first, cant wait to see u tomorrow morning honey, luv u so'

Well that was the story banji, u asked for this story when i wrote the quote
'What is luv without the one to love'
as a comment in your post : 'Are We Defining Happiness Wrongly All This

I actually thought of writing this after watching Hancock. Why? well u have to see it for your self people... and tell me what do u think.
about Hancock
about above story
about above story with Hancock's

Changed the photo, ado orang kata tak simetri..hummmm...

Monday, July 07, 2008

74. Cebok (Or timba, or gayung)

'here u go sir, enjoy your stay'
the girl at the counter handing me the key card.
'Jom' three of us cant wait to go to our room,
not because it was the Grand Blue Wave which is
a 5 star hotel and none of the ladies with me ever
stepped in one, we're just simply tired.

After one whole day of opening and sealing carton
weigh about 5kg, letting kak shikin and kak maz
do their inspection for about 200 carton.
I just cant stand up anymore.
'ni kunci bilik kak shikin ngan kak maz, jangan bagi hilang naa,'
' laaa kunci macam mana ni, pakai cucuk kad saja ka?'
'tak pa.. nanti saya tunjuk bagi naa'

The job that we've done the whole day took my smile away.
My knees was just killing me. Kerusii!! kerusii!! kerusi!!
I went to their room first. SHowing them how to use the lock.
'okeh macam tu lah nak bukak kunci ni, nak lock balik tak yah,
pasai dia lock sendiri.jangan duk keluaq lepaih tu terkunci dari luaq dah la naa'
a simple briefing on the lock right after the light,
the tv ,the hotel shampoo is free.
Yes, it might sound simple to u pocketeers, but for those
who never set foot on 5 star hotel, they just dont know,
and i just dont wanna answer my door to two confused
late 30 kakak who says 'kami tak buleh masuk bilik!'
when i'm sound asleep.

'okeh, mandi dan satgi saya mai sini balik, kita pi makan'
and off they went into their room leaving me dragging my leg,
walking with my hand to my room like a ghost or a zombie u
often see in the movie.
(Ok, i was not that tired but u know what i mean)
after my hot shower and a little bit of medication
i went back to kak shikin's room.
They appeared at the door as soon as i ring the bell,
must have been waiting right behind the door,
came out all glitter and shiny, smell of the hotel shampoo lingers,
'okeh, lets go.. amboi depaa.. mandi dah?'
'umph mandi dah, pocket mandi dak?'
'oooiiihhh.. mandi laaa... dok pakai cebok cebushcebush tak ingat dunia, maklumlah..ayaq free'
i joked.
'ni pocket, kak kin nak tanya sikit, mana dapat cebok? kena talipon urusetia ka?'
'lah.. kak mandi lagu mana tadi? shower tak dak ka?'
'duk nampak shower tapi ayaq tak keluaq kut situ kami tahan la ayaq dalam kolah tu, tak dak cebok jadi kami mandi pakai gelaih yg depa bungkuih tuu la. nak cedok lagu mana lagi?
innocently replied.

tte pocketeers... jangan gelak!!
kesian kat kak kin, i was laughing inside.
Kesian kat kak kin, sorry i forgot the shower.
kesian kat kak kin, i'm telling pocketeers this story
kesian kat kak kin, cant blame her, she dont know
What about u pocketeers? Any first time experience?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

73. DisIsMyFinalCard

'ai!! nak beli barang utk orang rumah ker?
try chocolate ni, sedap!!'

she said from behind holding up a box of
chocolate to her chest.
Farid was shocked.
Thought everybody went off to the imigration already,
it was quite a while after they have landed.
but she waited for him. Why? she did say 'daaaahh'
like those indonesian girl did when farid got to his seat.
Thought that was the 'goodbye'

'lagu ni laah... nak balik kalau tak bawak sikit untuk askar
yang pat orang tu, kesian pulak. eheh'

replied farid.
The place is still open,
Most of the shopping area is in their closing mode.
and regardless of their tiredness,
they went on again.
talking like they were 18 again.
browsing the product like a pair of lovers.
Joking and laughing like no one cares.

'kak... sepit rambut ni satu'
farid was pointing to a hair clip decorated with beads and crystal.
'uuuu cantik!! utk mrs yeh?'she asked. Farid stayed silent.
Paid for the merchandise and handed the hair clipper
to her tucked inside the paper bag.'Tak... utk u:)'
'alaaa.. u shouldnt have...'
'cant help noticing your soft hair kept on getting to your face, honey'
'That is my charm point u know, humph!'
making the pointy lips as if she was upset.
'thanks!! i like it!!' her smile shines again.
Farid acompany her to her baggage.
One of the last bag on the conveyor

Both of them departed before her family hugs her at
the arrival hall. Farid proceed to the taxi counter.
Watching her family warm welcome.
It was quite a crowd and she was lost in it.
he paid for the ticket.
hand the ticket to the taxi driver

bumph!! the taxi door was shut.
'mana cik?' asked the taxi driver,
'Inderawasih, dekat kentakki'

there and then it struck him,
'ow no!!i didnt even get her name Dang!! if only
i could hand her my card. at least... at least...''


Always hard to ask someone's name after
u've chat wit them for quite some time.
If u'r a business man with name card u can
always pull out your card and re-do the whole
card exchanging ceremony.
But if its a casual one.
its kinda hard dont u think?
well atleast for me it is,

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

72. DisIsMySecondCard

Farid's eyes was still on her,
even though he know that she can not see him,
but the thought is there.
The hope,
Finished stuffing her baggage,
she stood on the side of her father's car.
leaning on to the car's door.
looking into farid's direction.
In the dim of the light from that distance
its definitely imposible to differentiate
a man from an ape, Farid knows this,
but he allows his heart to feel happy cause
she does looked into his direction. Sepi...
Felt like she's looking at him. Sunyi...
The car stopped awaiting the other car infront moves.
And that was the last time he's seing her...

'hari ni kan bos, ujan laaaa, punya la lebat.
bos balik mana? ooo kl kaa.. saya dulu duk kl jugak
bawak taxi sat...'
bable the taxi driver. farid just answered shortly
in every question and story the taxi driver throw.
so short that sometime its just a sound made by
air flowing out of the nose.
'hmm' all the way,
only the intonation changed.

but it was not like that when he was with her,
she was simply intelligent and so does the
conversation she delivers.
Not a wonder considering their background,
no moment of silent ever occured.
If it was a badminton match,
the rally of the shuttlecocks one side to the other
just goes on and on from the first serve.
Non stop till the empire calls the match off
with an even score.
The exausted mask fade away,
smiles shone the dark and laughter broke the silence.
it was just like they were 18 again.
(Farid is 36 and she was late 20's)
'dipersilakan untuk penumpang dari tempat duduk 40 menaiki pesawat sekarang'
'Well i guess thats our call, since our seat is not dat near, i guess its good bye then'
said farid fishing...
'yes.. how time flies ha? i wish the flight got
delayed or something.. but i guess we're not
that lucky arent we'
she replies showing her sadness.
'Can i.. can i contact u in any way, fon number or e mail maybe?'
Requested Farid taking out his phone,
It was a long shot... but still it was worth the embarassment.

'aaa... ok, but aaa.. eheh, have to inform u dattaaa..'
elongated pronunciation.
a three seconds pause and a sort of guilty smile,
'i'm married' she said with a slight regret,
showing the wedding ring at her finger.
'and? so do i' farid blurted out things just to get even.
'its not like i wanna cheat my wife with u or anything...
to get acquainted with a wonderful person like u would
be an honour, even felt lucky'

'Am i? now i know u are trying to be nice u sweet talker..'
'no... its true, when else can i meet a doctor-to-be who got
a scholarship from Cairo just to ...bla bla bla... '

and they kept on chatting away to their seat
about her husband,
about his wife and the four askar
about her family,
about his son who also might wanna be a doctor

and by that farid forgotten his mision.
To get her mail address.
There u go pocket, another piece of the story.
n here i'm putting the 'coma' mark again.

Always respect woman who admit dat she's
married.cause we men sometimes does not.
But then again relationship does not have to be
forgotten just because of the wedlock.
Cause there's so much more then being a friend and
then love and then getting married.
Which for married couple would be getting married
again secretly.

For those who's unavailable out there...
do u announce your status whenever being asked
for your number?