Thursday, November 26, 2009

234. DiAgliTrus

There was this movie Kaserin haigel
and jerad batler as the main actor dat
i tot was too sexy for young blogger
like Chaa to watch without parental
(As if she's that young)

a hillarious movie perfect for those
sunday night time-wasting-movie
session. It was suppose to be about
we who are always afraid on how ugly
the truth is in relationship,
as we always prefer to look away to
a better answer.
a better excuse.
but in the end the conclusion was
love is never like math where 1+1 is 2
but more like sastera, where u might l
ike this poem, but i dont.

we always talk about how men are a Mr-fix-it that dont listen
and girls are always a listener who dont do anything.
Like my comment in IntanIzani previously about the toll gate girl...
and the same goes to Zara about the teacher who nag at her
in her post Palat.
there i was proposing a solution but i failed to listened.
Oh i listened alright, after i've understand the problem..
the next thing comes to mind would be 'what to do about it?'

well anyway, in dat movie, according to jerat batler,
men are simple and very appearance base minded.
So for girls to get men out there,
let it be for hubby stock, BF stock even for chicken stock,
LP Lum mentioned this in her post : StocKs sukA-suKa atAu StockS isTeri..
...improve your appearance.
How i think otherwise. Please let it be otherwise...

To make my point worth discussing,
let me spoil u the details. those who havent watch it yet,
here is the spoiler, proceed with full caution...
jerat and kaserin danced passionately and the luv god cupid
shot both of them with his notty luv arrow.The arrow stuck
on the left eyebrow letting an awkward feeling in the elevator
while going up to their separate rooms.
(They're suppose to be boss and worker so..)

But the hormon just couldnt be kept under the lid so they kissed.
instead of heading to the same room, they went on their separate
room hoping to re think about a relationship that may bond.
Jerat then went after to see kaserin, to pour his heart out to her.
Telling her 'i think i love u and please be mine' maybe...
(Terkulat kulaaaat, macam budak nak gi jumpa cikgu besar heheheh)
but she was with her Macho dentist BF,
a cat person macho who also owns a convertible.

kaserin came out leaving her BF in the room to talk to Jerat,
kaserin was facing jerat.. didnt tell him nothing, giving the look
hoping him to tell her to ditch the BF,
hoping him to men up and tell her that he wanted her.
But he didnt. Well i guess most guys wont...

do u girls would actually thought we men would say
'ask him to go away and come to my room instead tonite'
what if u are actually loving the BF?
what if the passion and love that i thought happened
just now was fake and momentarily kinda thing?
(Pocket memang selalu perah-santan so... macam kena slalu dah)
asking u to leave your BF and seeing u regret it the next day?
or asking u to leave him and get a slap right after.
i wont risk the relationship that we had until today.
Even if its just talking and no touching. But i luv it.
And by saying such thing may ruin everything...

so what do u think pocketeers..
do u really want us to men-up and lead the way?
Regardless of what may happen?
Previous posting 59. GonePocketGone was also related :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

233. Maaf yer pocketeers,

Pertamanya pocket nak kena mintak mahap,
mintak mahap kerana sebagai manusia pocket tak lari
dari kesilapan, tapi kesilapan ni besaaaaaaar punya!!
(Sambil mengangkat ikan tenggiri)
Pocket selama ni dok follow satu blog ni n dok ingat blog
itulah blog CikQemm, Pocket tak pernah pun gi blog
CikQemm dari link nama nyer kat komen area tu,
entah kenapa..
since pocket dah ada link kat tepi tu,
so pocket ikut jer la kan...actually silap!!
it was someone elses!!

n on the 6thNov'09 CikQemm menang pertandingan 111111 ari tu,
bagus lah, since pembaca pocket yang dikenali yg menang,
rasa happy lah kan, kalau mamat dari US mana nuu ha, dok tak dok
mai blog kita tekejut tegempaq tau kata dia menang,
dia nak claim jgak jgak... pocket memang bebetul nyer kasi
ketip kuku lah kalau gitu>:D
Anyway.. she deserved it.
(Pertandingan baru kat tepi tuuuu!! sila check(^0^)m
so pocket pun mintak lah alamat n antar la adiah nyer kat dia.
Dok check la jgak blog yg dok ingat blog dia.
Tak sampai lagi ker? kalau sampai mesti dia buat post tentang
adiah tu kan... hummm, risau jgak. Takut Pos Malaysia
menggagalkan pocket.
dok check...
dok check...
memang la tak dak kan...
dah tu silap blog damonnggg!!! aho!! kono hanakuso oyaji!!
(Cik AyaqMasak yg mengerti bahasa juppung sila translate)

n in the last post 231. Lempeng Lempang Kelempung
CikQemm commented:
n this time i've checked from the commentator link.
n i've realized that i was wrong.
all along!! ooi!!! She did the posting about the hadiah on the
Nov'18th 2009
sila check untuk kesahihan:)
so today nak mintak mahap la sangat kat CikQemm kerana
memollow anda di blog yg lain.. hahahahah
(Tak nama pollow tu)
N pocket janji akan buat log untuk nama betul n nama blog
pocketeers sekalian supaya tidak silap lg...

kena stalking balik nih :D

so that i can address u better and so that i wont be mistakenly
following my dearest pocketeers in someone elses blog..

malunya... (_ _;

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

232. Slap! pangggg!!!

my past post : 231. Lempang Lempeng Kelempung
was told differently from what really happened.
well yes there was someone who got slap from
poking someone else in the stomach.
Its just that it was not me...
Somebody told me that i should come clean to prevent
future misunderstanding should i accidentally refers
this story after. And to clear the misguided perception
the reader may have on pocket the all so innocent guy
who got slap. as if i am that innocent:D No.. i'm not

it is just not the same as the story i've told.
i was hoping to see how u react to the whole story.
A bit unfair to you guys of course for twisting
the words as such. But it is for a good reason and let me tell u why.
(Kalau tulis untuk report polis ni dah kena punggai dah kan^^)
I thought by telling the story as if i was the one
getting the slap would change your perception in the
whole story, i was fishing for your sympathy.
but i did make it a point that the person who got
the punishment was well punished for his crime.
Poking people when he shouldnt have.
Continue poking people when he was warned.

Clearly i have failed to do so with Hope, CikQemm,
sha, amy, ayaq masak, lieya, Kujie, and Lp Lum.
Or atleast they were the pocketeers that mentioned
my wrong doing of poking people too much heheh,
i guess they are those who know what are the message
i'm delivering. That i was wrong.. but in this case,
the guy who got slap was wrong...
ok now i mixed everything up.

Ok!! i was the one slapping, and farid was the one
from production poking me. there i've said it.
I was wrong for slapping him but u got my point right?
he was poking me when i was doing my job!!
what else can a guy do to make a point.

when u are being bullied,
Bullied here are referring to everything from the
movie from Afdlin SHauki to the act of letting
someone else pay for the food u just had with.
Even to the act of hassan's brother in Sergeant hassan...
'aku buang buku kau!'
'aku amik balik'
'aku buang songkok kau'
'aku amik balik' gitu gitu.
when u are being bullied,
what do u do to make a point?
after u've told them or give them a hint
that u hate their act of using your sabun too much,
(Sabun cuci baju pun nak kongsi ker?)
after u've told him for the 52nd time...
do tell me if u ever wanna use my leather
shoes laaa!! dont just take take...(Melayunyer english)

Maybe a slap would make it clear...

Monday, November 23, 2009

231. Lempang Lempeng Kelempung

a post with a title just like what MsCheryna Pirez kept on doing
at her blog recently, menu just like those in Cafe World.

'OOOiiiii!! hang check lagu mana ni,
awat dok mai lagi barang shining nii!?
check ngan mata ka idung wei!!?'Pocket was shouting
cause somebody else just shouted at him for letting
defective part gone into the production line.

now people, this metaphor of saying..
'hang ni check ngan hidung kot!!'
is actually saying 'hang ni anjing kot'
because dogs are a being that searches using
its smelling ability.
Quite harsh dont u think?

'sat sat Pocket, bagi aku check .. '
the guy who checked the part before was confirming
whether it is a valid reject or not.
Farid is a guy who joke alot, well he is also a friend
so that explained why both of us joke alot.
'haa tengok la, hang pusing pi la berapa kali pon,
tegha tu jugak.. shaining jugak... check lagu mana hang nih?'
half jokingly provoked. he didnt answered.
Yes we have a supplier customer relation,
when it comes to work, i keep my straight face
and do what i have to do.
keeping the pressure cooker hot.

since he was not answering, so i poke him on his stomach,
Poke! poke! poke!
he have those after married belly, the soft and bouncy
kinda flesh. the wife must be cooking him delicious meals.
'wei, sat la pocket.. aku nak konpom nii' chuckling smiling bitterly.
'nak kompom apa lagi, teghang dah..' n i poke him again,
Poke! Poke! Poke! 'wei.. jangan la wei, buat keja buleh dak?'
he is irritated with me poking.the smile faded
'elleeeh, buat keja konon, kalau hang buat keja benda shining macam
ni tak mai la, buat keja konon' and i poke him again.
Poke! Poke! Poke!
If there is a sound everytime i poke,
it'll be toing! toing! toing!!

'Wei wan, jangan la macam ni, jangan cucuk aku buleh dak,
aku tak suka la...serious nii.' it seems like he is nearing his edge,
i luv it like this, let him suffer, it is clear its his
problem and he is to be blame.

but i poke him anyway, poke! poke! poke!
'serious konon, pi mampuih la hang,
kalau hang serious buat keja, tak dak la...'
kena sedas kat pipi,cheh!! tak guna betul,
farid lempang pocket? buleh ka?
tak la sakit sangat, bunyi jer lebih,
tp malunyaaa!! dia yang buat salah,
Dia yang inspection tak betul,
pocket yang kena lempang?
adil ker?

Cheh!!bukan ada ka law about physical contact?
chilanat btul...

Friday, November 20, 2009

230. SahabatPenaKu...Wani

Pocketeers, i use to have a pen pal,
i got a hold of her address first in 1992
from a column in a newspaper. The funny thing was,
i found the newspaper cutting from a 'kedai gunting rambut'
an old surat khabar waiting to be used as a packing material
for the hair i guess. Sent her my first letter, and she replied
back a year later, (Or at least it felt like a year)
and we've been corresponding tru Pos Malaysia ever since.

i've lost her phone number when i came back from japan,
(Changed my phone number and lost the last sim card)
that was 2004, now its 2009 i'm starting to miss a portion
of love from this heart of mine. Her very existence as my penpal.
Hope she got married with the actor i heard she was dating with.

yes, it is my fault that the communication broke down.
I know that 5 years is a long time for someone to realize
that he's missing something, i'm not going to list down
all the excuse i have. (It sounded silly anyway)
But I am just going to ask for your forgiveness.
wani... will u ever forgive me ?

And so i've sent her a letter to her usual address she use to live.
Hope the letter arrived to her safely and calculating that she'll be
receiving it immediately, then today is the day she's suppose to read
this blog.
This is a scheduled post as i am now in thailand.
But sure hope she leaves a message in the comment area.

Since ayaq masak is saying that my post usually ends with a question.
She mentioned it in her post Sibuk la sibuk sibukkk
then i'm going to put in the usual ending here as well...
POcketeers, have any pen pal from your earlier days?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

229. Bii, apa mau buat biii...

Sambungan dari citer semalam , 228. Bii, apa mau buat biii...
Heavy as it seems, but i still need to spill it out. :)

'Maaaad, dengar cakap Appa yaa, malam ni jumpa bonda,
besok Amma buat paratha ya, Mad makan paratha Amma ya,
tp malam ni musti mau jumpa bonda tau' Param loosing
his control of his tears starts to lie to the poor boy,
planning on how can he send his wife's paratha to Mad
if he dont know to which family mad will end up to next.
Thinking of words to put to Sheila,
persuading her to let him take care
of mad just a day more,
just for a day more.

Listening to this lie from his father who took him in
when he was just a baby 6 years ago, Mad unwillingly
agrees to take his bags and approach the car.
His Amma is at the door now, so does Ganesh.
Param was escorting Mad to the car when mad realizes
that something is wrong, yes bonda sometime do come to
pick him up for a night or two, but she never come to
pick him by herself. 'something is wrong!' he thought..
he dont know what it is, but he thought it is best for
him to search for the best protection he have, his Ammaa.

He ran back to her who waited at the door.
Seeing him running, his Amma open up her arm, to hug him,
to soften his landing, to hold him even for the last time.
But as he was reaching her mother's hand, he felt a fast
tug by his collar and the next thing he know was that
he is on the driver's big shoulder, taking him to the car.
'ammaaaa!! ammaaaa!!!'
crying on top of his lung, but there's nothing the little
hand with only 3kg of muscle can do, struggle hoping
for sympathy.

'Tu la, kan saya dah kata, jangan bagi bapak dia mai jumpa,
tapi u degil param! u jangan salahkan saya dalam hal ni,
u yang buat ni pada diri u sendiri, Mad akan saya hantar
ke family lain, u tak payah cari dia. anggap saja dia dah mati.
elaun u jalan... u jangan risau, saya janji sampai 14 tahun,
saya bagi sampai 14 tahun' A lady stood in front of Param with
all the might of an authority character, suit and high heels,
coming back from work maybe.
'MemSheila, mem tengok la isteri saya saaanngggat sakit hati tu,
dia sayang sangat sama mad, kesian la sama kami mem,
kami tara perlu itu duit, kami cuma mau Mad saja,
tolong la mem, tolong lah' Param was trying his luck,
kneeling to Sheila. Showing his hand to his wife,
who are rocking on her bottom, foot touching each other,
crying her eyes out looking at mad being manhandled inside the car.
'u yang salah! besok Farid datang kan!?
u suruh bini u nangis lagi kat dia,
moga dia tau kesan dia datang jumpa anak dia disini.
Baru padan muka dia. huh!!' pushing the begging hand away,
walking boldly with her 4 inch heels, approaching the car.

And the car roll away, with a silenced silhouette of Mad
struggling in the car, trying to get out.
'Appa, mad mana pigi appa?'
'appa pun tara tau la ganesh..appa pun tara tau'
n he hug his wife who are still rocking,
striking her forehead, crying, cursing her life
for her beloved Mad was taken away.

Farid can only stood frozen like an ice statue with sadness the
next day when he arrived at Param's house to visit his only son
from a 'mistake' he made in his younger time.
The food he brought, the plastic truck he bought is meaningless
now that Mad is gone. Param is patting him on his back,
trying to calm him down, somebody please shut that old lady up
cause her wailing is freaking agonizing.
'ayyooo, ampun farid!! ampun!! kami tara buleh buat apa apa juga fariddd..!'

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

228. Bii, apa mau buat biii..

'bii, sudah la tu bii, nanti dia bangun juga, nangis lagi,
susah juga mau bawak dia pi, hati hancur saya faham bii,
kita sayang dia macam kita sayang anak kita sndiri juga,
tapi bii, Mem dia kata hantar tempat lain,
hantar tempat lain juga kita mesti mau buat,
bii.. sudah la tu bii'
Param was talking as slow as he can,
trying his best to pacify his wife who are hugging Mad in his sleep.
Regardless of the sound of a weeping lady, he is still sound asleep
hugging his bear. Dreaming about his day maybe, running in the yard
with ganesh, the only relative he knows all his life.

'tada la aneee, itu MemSheila haa, mentang mentang dia kuturunan raja juga,
mentang mentang ane keja sana juga, dia boleh suruh ini suruh sana,
dia tarak kisah perasaan, dia tarak kisah anak dia sndiri, makan ka, minum ka,
nanti Mad mau pigi hantar mana pun kita tara tau, Ganesh rindu Mad nanti,
apa macam kita mau buat aneee? Bii rindu mad nanti, apa macam aneee!!?'
breaking into cries dat would hurt any man's feeling. sobbing like a baby,
a 4oyears old baby. Striking her palm to her forehead, making a low volume of
'pap!!pap!!pap!!' ignoring her husband who was trying to hug her.

A sound of car stopping by their front yard,
slow humming like any other high class car should hum,
'thump!!' Even the sound of the doors closing sounds different.

'Bii, jangan la buat Ane ini macam, Ane tarak buleh tengok la Bii nangis ini
Ane sakit hati la Bii, sakkkit hati nii Bii, sudah. Amik baju n mainan
Mad suma,
kereta suda datang tu..' a sound of fear mix with sadness in his voice.
'ammaaa.. apa pasai nangis, Mad minta maaf, apa Mad sudah buat ammaaa..?'
Mad woke up, eyes half in tears just by looking the weeping lady who have
been feeding him from the beginning of time.
'tara apa apa juga Mad, besok bonda Mad mau jumpa,
Appa sudah siap beg ni, Mad pi jumpa bonda ya'
'tamau! tamau! mad tamau jumpa bonda! Mad mau duduk sini, Ammaaa,
besok Amma janji masak paratha, Mad mau makan paratha Ammaaa'
cried Mad, trying to swindle his way not to meet bonda,
but just to his surprise, his Amma just shut up and ran away,
hiding her tears. Mad clinging on param instead, hoping for sympathy,
praying to god Param wont let go,

'dey Param, we dont have all night lah!!
get the boy in here or we will go and get him.'

an angry voice from outside shouted.

What to do param, one hand its the feeding hand,
another is the loving arm.
and here is a 'coma' for this story,
hope i can finish it before i'm going to thailand on the 19th.
Write u again yah pocketeers:D

Monday, November 16, 2009

227. K0ngkek!!

Tajuk diubah sedikit mengikut nasihat yang tua lagi berpanglaman.
how was your weekend?
i betcha u guys had a great weekend arent ya?

anyway, pocketeers sekalian pernah dgr nama semut kongkiak tu tak?
makhluknya seperti gambar dibawah.
kepalanya besor banyak dari badan,
keras cam ketam jgak kepalanya tu,
ada dua siung punya la besor!!
skali ketit mesti bengkak punya lah!!
Mama bebaru ni kena ketit,
ada tiga kesan 'ketit'an nyer n jadi
mengelembung with air bisa the next day.
siap demam lagi tuu!!
permanent parut kat kaki mama, kesiaaan mama..

so since mama hangin ngan kongkiak nii,
kitorang gi bli racun anai anai n start pouring in like no one else care.
we bought three bottle of the juice and poured it all over the place
till there was certain chemical smell in the air.

mama was soo irritated with the existence of this kongkiak,
till she poured the concentrated liquid onto the first nest we found.
50ml of the racun was suppose to be dilluted with 2 litres of water.
hahahahahah... the poor ant was dead the very moment the juice
touches the ground. Its like even the smell of the racun anai anai
killed them instantly.
after she finish up pouring the second bottle of the racun anai anai,
she despatched Filantera to buy her some petrol to burn em alive!!
hahahah, talk about woman's scourn kan.. :D

the flame was nice!! we never thought that soil can actually burnt.
n the smell was somewhat like ikan bakar!! i wonder what was the
delicious smell we inhaled.

Conclusion for todays post would be...
Ladies in pain and permanently scarred is Jenosaidal
(gi tgk kat link itu untuk makna, pocket tak nak taruk perkataan sebenar
takut lain macam punya orang plak yg datang blog ini ^^)

setuju tak?

eh kejap, betul ker nama makhluk ni kongkiak?
pocket tahu makhluk ni sebagai kongkiak...
certainly nama nya tidak seperti tajuk diatas...
pocketeers yg dari negeri lain...
korang kenal tak semut nii?

Friday, November 13, 2009

226. Janda Baik punyaaa

i am panicking, never have i've seen adults confronting each other before,
and now both of them are in their offensive mode, if this is a boxing match..
i think i can hear the coach asking kak ida for a few left jab and one good hook. but this is not.
'kakak, saya tinggal duit sini yer' my effort to leave the crime scene,
'hang tunggu pocket, aku nak potong ayam sikit kat mak hang'
kak ida is loud and crispy, crispy voice is basically the opposite of
will smith's voice in hitch. (Lousy description as usual)
and so i waited in that restaurant. it was at the edge of our kampung,
started not much of a restaurant but since kak ida have made a
break through in her nasi ayam, more and more people come to share
the location. kak ida being the nice person she is allow
kasim to canai his roti in the morning,
malik to tarik his tea all day long and not to forget
PakMan to grill his sate in the night.

'masa abang seronok dulu abang bawak cek pi sana sini, bila dah bosan abang tinggai cek, tak dapat anak konon alasan abang, tapi pasai apa ngan pompuan tu pun tak dapat anak jugak!? la ni sapa yang mandui?'
'yang lepaih tu lepaih la, kita buat yang baru, abang ada satu port baguih punya kat ipoh sana, jom la kita pi sana bukak nasi ayam ida... mesti laku punya'
'tak mau!! ni la cinta ida, ni la peluh ida, ni la ayaq mata. masa ida miskin, abang tinggai! bila ida dah buleh juai nasi ayam sikit abang mai nak baik balik.. macam mana abang jumpa ida nii haa? sapa duk gatai bagi tau kat abang !!?'

ok!! domestic issue being shown in the public like it was a theatre,
kak ida was a girl in her late twenties. i never knew her as a janda before,
of course those particular item was never mentioned to a school boy like me.

Her nasi ayam was a hit. She was a hit,
Always kept her apron clean, and somehow if i would dream of her,
then i'd be dreaming her in loose kebaya, maybe she kept on wearing
those kinda baju all year long that i got the impression that she dont
wear anything that dont have any button upfront.

All the boys luv her, she's beautiful in her own way,
clean and neat with her pony tail and muka bujur sireh.
All the senior boys luv her too, a young girl holding a cleaver
as big as her face chopping off chicken is a sexy scenery:),
All the girls look up to her as an idol in succesful lady.
Single lady owning a car back in the 80's.. Akogarerunaaa...
All the makcik also loving her as a nice and polite girl she is,
regardless of the fact that their husband is actually flirting wit her.
'She is ok' was their review.
All of them love her nasi ayam, its delicious and most chinese like
nasi ayam with chicken cooked just a milisecond before well done.
but none of them know where she's from or who she is..
let alone what is her marital status...or at least untill that day.

'tapi hang bini aku, hang kena dengaq cakap aku'
the skinny man with the goaty spoke loudly trying to make his point.
imagine him as Na51r B1lal Kan ok..
'la ni baru nak mengaku!? 4 tahun dah abang tinggai la baru nak ngaku!?
selama ni abang duk mana? pi mampoih laaa!! jantan tak guna!'

'hang jangan kurang ajar ngan aku ida!!' he grabbed kak ida's hand.
Trying to hurt her. and then kak ida got a hold of her best friend for
the four years of chopping ayam.
Her cleaver.
And the spirit of 2490 chicken came to her when she held the cleaver
up high to Na5ir's face and say... 'baik hang blah... aku buat nasi ayam satgi'
and there and then talak was officially announced. she is now formally a widow.

The weirdest thing happen the next day n the week after...
kak ida is no longer a hit, her nasi ayam is no longer a hit,
the 'senior boys' always come to that place but eating in the
back side of the restaurant, as if dont wanna be seen.
the senior ladys are warning their husbands,
'do not eat her lousy nasi ayam anymore' they said.
n the girls are not saying hi to her anymore.
'pompuan tak pandai jaga laki' kata mereka.
i was there and i dont think so...

i am her nasi ayam fan, still go on having her nasi ayam and it tasted the same.
but she continue to bring back more and more of leftovers afters.
i dont get it.

now that people know her title, their perception has changed?
now that she is a janda, everybody is looking her from the corner
of the eyes cursing bad things?
what is it with a title? janda duda muda teruna dara?
'Nasi ayam janda' is not as delicious as it use to be?

There was no nasi ayam,
no cleaver no roti canai,
but there were kak ida,
there was a restaurant,
a janda who got unlucky
for marrying
a bum.
Poor kak ida,

Thursday, November 12, 2009

225. Attire to Change

This is a sequel from previous post.
the question of people would change spiritually / technically
if he's in a different outfit.

Remember rambo? he can never go to war without
tying his shoelace, bandanna on the forehead,
and his rambo knife on the side.
If he dont do this ritual, he's as good as dead.
blown away by the simplest footman or a peewee
mercun raya. (Pop-pop yang baling atas lantai meletup tu)

well enough about baju, what about yourself?
hair, belly, shoulder? i definitely be going to the beach
more often if i have a six pack. now its just one pack..
one large pack..huhu (Lagi satu cerita pasal nii... nanti lah!!^^)

i Know a girl by the name
of susanti, she use to be
quiet a matured girl who
only smile with her lips
closed in together.
Tudong tidily tucked
under her collar.
tiny mole by the left lips
is like a lonely chocolate
rice on the cream icing.
Her spectacle enhance
the lady-look in her
making it hard for me to
ask her number. Adoilaaa...

But recently...
she coloured her hair red,
removed the mole, stashed the
spectacle over some light brown
contacts, either she requested
a smaller uniform or she amended it, but there is no room
between her baju and kulit anymore, even a semut will have
a rough time crawling in those tight spaces.
(I'm over exagerating, but u know what i meant lah kan..)
now that her appearance changed, her personality also changed.
ceria and upgoing, call me up from accros the hall
'abang pocket!! mangan yok!!'
in another word,
Dari dayang senandung yang serious memanjang tu,
ke fauziahGHouse yg dia jadi pembantu rumah dlm anak mami tu :D (Anak mami yek?)
Now... i dont even want to ask for her number anymore,
terasa cam too ceria till i cant cope up. hehehe

dgr dgr ada yg baru putus cinta?
apa kata tukar penampilan? potong rambut,
gi buang taik lalat kat maner maner,
tindik telinga? tatu ker.. (Jangan jangan, haram nih)
mengharapkan perubahan hati kearah positif
Moga kenangan pahit terbasuh hilang bersama rambut dulu,
moga ruang baru boleh tersedia for the next man in the que.
Good Luck!! :)

kepada yang bersemangat baru, keja baru ker..
apa kata tukar sikit samting insignificant just to
celebrate the new changes.
a new ring maybe,
a new tudong style?

agak agak buleh ubah perasaan dlm diri tak?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

224. Attire To Win

Once it was mentioned in SmapxSmap show that a
person will be influence by his attire either
spiritually ...(U'll felt like a saving the world wearing a batman suit)
and even technically,
(supposedly will perform better if u're wearing
the full ice hockey war-suit playing icehockey)
Well in SMAPxSmap version, they were trying to
play billiard wearing a famous billiard legend's vest.
Supposedly they should become better,
but instead.. all the same.
(Kalau dah tangan pengkaq tu hang pakai pi la
kulit billiard legend tu pun.. gagal jgak)
I believe this is true, when u'r wearing baju kurung,
u'll giggle less , Giggle kat sinih bermaksud mengediks.
(This is an overstatement, but u know what i mean)
An ustat who's wearing serban is less likely to be
caught standing in line to buy 4 digit coupon.
Leather overall with full face helmet?
I'll ride my EX5 faster i think... maybe 60km/j?

but that's spiritually, base on feeling.
I do feel superior when i'm auditing wearing a full suit.
regardless of the supplier who's wearing better suit.
(With cufflinks and silk shirt,
waah.. pocket tgk rase terancam.. nak la jgaak)
and when this superior feeling sink into me,
somehow the question that i inquire seems like an
intelligent question. i would know,
cause i'm not dat intelligent. heheheh
(Macam tekejut, wah ganas nya soalan yg aku bg tadi,
fuiyooo, tekulat kulat supplier nak jawab!! hheeh
sndiri perasantan^^)

so anybody agree with this theory?
i heard Ms Cheryna Pirez was wearing pink for october. (This post is better of posted last month i think)
or was it for the first of october?
how do u feel?

saw bendul's picture wearing snooker's vest once,
looking dang good and dandy. How do u feel bendul?
any different if u'r in a tournament wearing t shirt instead?

saw the unifor they wear downsouth once,
kept on imagining how Tny would look in it. She'd
definitely be a pegawai yang garang.

so how ya pocketeers? ada butui ka?

edited :
so that it would seems
less conspicuous.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

223. Hanya Utk Satu Senyuman...

ada la satu movie ni yg shahrukh khan belakon,
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
citer pasal Surinder ni yang character nyer seekor ulat buku,
keja pagi balik petang, button up macam nak pakai tie tu,
rambut sikat rapat ke tepi, spec frame tebal ngan talipinggang
sikit lagi nak cecah tulang rusok.. well u know the usual description
of a dork.
Suri kawin ngan awek ni, comei lagi indah,
rambut panjang ke pinggang, energetic and fun,
love dancing. basically the fun group u can easily
find owning people's attention in school cafeteria
with their beauty, Tani was her name, mcm jpung plak.

They led a boring day each day, (basically suri is a boring guy)
untill one day Tani voiced out her interest on join
a Dancing competition. Suri without question handed
her the money hoping that the competition would make
her smile.

she went on the training for the competition where she
met Raj Kumar, who was actually her husband but without
the spectacle and the dorky outfit with hair standing just
like those in KodTen comercial. And of course,
a shaved face. Now how in the hell can one wife cant see
her own husband under the thin disguise is a little bit
questionable but lets just go with the movie will ya.

yes, u know the plot already, she then fallen for Raj
while coming home to her husband daily to be Suri's wife.
Will she follow the cool and fun Raj Kumar? (Who is actually her hubby, rediculous kan?)
Will she stay faithful to her husband, the boring Suri
She will find out who is Raj Kumar, then what happened?

The ending was... well u have to see it for yourself,
get the DVD, or daunlod or anything if u can.
A light movie just to fill in your sunday morning,
But i'll be watching Postman Pat of course :)

yg menariknya kan...
Kenapa lah satu lelaki yg ulat buku lagi tak macho,
lemah dlm sport, tak pandai sgt kat skolah, colour yg
dipilih untuk baju adalah coklat kosong, tiada fesyen
rambut untuk dibanggakan, tiada kawan yang hensem,
tiada keter atau motor ensem nak bagi wife dia bangga.
not to mention walk funny and always bullied in his
own group. Now why would someone like that...

...nak belakon macho, sebagai lelaki yg nothing like himself,
tight pants with colourful shirt, with 'club freak!'
written in labuchi on the chest, hair style that would
attract any body who's able to see the 12cm tower.
a fun and happy go lucky kinda guy who scream 'chalte! chalte!'
out in the open market, and someone who would stand on the
stool after he won an eating competition.

kenapa ya?

maybe kerana nak bagi teman diri ini bangga,
nak bagi si dia bangga nak brag to her friends,
'Girls! girls! smalam kan i dating ngan the pocket!!'
'Seriooouuusss!!! jelesnyaaaa!!! how in the world...'
hoping that all of her friends would be jealous.
nak bagi si dia happy ngan seorang teman yg presentable,
teman yg dia tak malu nak jalan pegang tangan dlm Jusco,
teman yg dia rasa cam nak gi jer tegur any office mate
kalau terserempak kat jusco pasal nak menayang teman dia ini,
Teman yang punya la menarik, pompuan lain duk perati diri ini
sambil si dia duk genggam trophy dia claiming her property.

Boleh pakai tak alasan ni?

Proud or bangga ngan something is also a feeling that would
cause a smile, hanya untuk senyuman itu, Suri pulun...
Hanya Untuk Satu Senyuman
lagu nyer besh :) pocket suka..
Sila lihat di sini untuk sambungan yiutiub

Friday, November 06, 2009

222. First time...

...i'm hearing this and i've fallen for this this song,
i luv the way she sings this song, i luv her crying face boo hoo
i luv her way of pronouncing the words.
can u hear the 'khh' sound at the end of 'Clock' from the first ayat?
...and guess what, when i've heard the actual song
jewel - you were meant for me
i didnt like it that much...
(Bendul.. look it up and make a link in your penuhmuaturun will ya^^)

She was Anna Raffali who sang it here in yutiub,
go on and view her for yourself will ya,
(definitely this vdo is too old that it is inside every malaysian who own a handphone dat can play vdo)

Well maybe the fact that she was soo dang
cute and witty.. and the original singer is..
well.. old:D hahahah (As if i am not)
or maybe because i've heard the cover version first.
and then only that i've look upon the original version? hummmm
u tell me if this theory is valid or not?

One will like the first thing better then the second same thing just because of the sequence.

i guess this theory will not apply if your first luv
was a futureless bum who ask his mother 5 ringgit
every morning just to have tea with u. hahahah, ('But he was so sweet' u might add...)

But i think it is valid for the story u hear in the news,
only one party is good, the other party is always bad.
the blue party making new bridge at some distant
kampung and the other party built a big bad
kandang kambing that caused foul smell to the
whole kampung...
regardless of how true it is,
the first story u hear will be better and considered as the truth.
i mean u dont believe in any of those story from
cheap flyers they pass around in permatang pauh recent
election even if the flyers denying all those misguiding
allegation were true.
A political point of view from the none political pocket.
makes u wanna shout out 'shut up pocket!!!' kan :) okeh okeh..

Ever be an ear for someone who just broke up with his BF or GF?
A wet story, cause for girls it'll be tears on the shoulder.
A smoking story, for some for its easier to pour out with Nicotine's help
However the story will be, the first story u hear from your dear friend
will always be considered the true one.
The story from her BF? well he's just lying to save his ass,
this is true isnt it? or dont u think?

even if u listen to the enemy side of the story then after,
will your ground change? i dont think so.. or at least i dont, (And i need to change this)
dunno why, i guess its my nature,
just like why i like Anna Raffali better then Juwel i guess.

so how about it pocketeers?
valid or not?

The first time i've tasted mee kari my whole life was in japan
by the age of 20. A friend cooked it and it was a bit salty.
Till today my perception of mee kari would be..
kalau tak masin sikit tu, tak jadi lah tuu...
Haaaiiiihhhhh....Lapaq mee kariiiii!!!!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

221. Jodoh n Ajal...

...Tuhan tetapkan
yesterday i've commented in MizzAmy's blog
when she wrote something about jodoh.
About how jodoh is fixed by god and how we're
not supposes to be changing it. Or was it that
we're suppose to change it if jodoh turn out to
be something unhealthy?
Tapi amy, jangan salah paham yek, pocket just
tertarik ngan konsep jodoh tu... bukan nak menyinggung
perasaan amy dalam apa jua bentuk ok..

kalau la anda dijodohkan dengan seorang taik pit yang tak keja,
hanya kerana anda keja besor dan parent anda tak mau anda pergi
jauh dari kampung. korang nak ikut ker? pasal parent anda rasa anda
seorang yg dengar kata dan ngan gaji lecturer univ tempatan tu,
buleh jer nak tanggung mat pit tu.. gigi dia rongak from the excessive
tar of smoking and his hands are full of needle marks!!
by all means sister.. refuse!!
tapi jangan menderhaka.
would u rather curse your parent after their death for the
hell they've put u in? that's worst than two years 'refusing' right?

my comment for MizzAmy in her post ~jodoh itu boleh berubah
was partially like this..
...camana kita nak tahu yg dia jodoh kita?
up untill dah mati bersama, baru la buleh kata..
'memang jodoh yg berkekalan', tak gitu?

kalau bukan jodoh kita plak..
setelah kita usaha bercinta dari darjah dua sampai la 26, lash lash dia kawin jgak ngan pilihan mak dia... orang kata jgak :
'dah bukan jodoh dia' tapi sapa yg tahu kan?

so siapa lah yang buleh step up and say... dia jodoh mu? cupid?

jodoh n ajal di tangan tuhan,

yes!! and up until 4 second after our death will god the almighty
only be revealing the time of one's ajal.

it was 4 second ago. doktor jgak yg umumkan... (Kalau kat spital la kan)

tp camana plak ngan jodoh? 4 second selepas 'aku terima nikahnya...'?
tak jgaaakk...
selepas 50 tahun bersama? pat saat lepas golden anniversary jatuh talak..

pocket rase, jodoh memang ditangan tuhan.
kita nak berubah ker, nak bergaduh ker,
jodoh ngan Encik A tu tetap.

tapi siapa yg nak kata abang jual burger kat ujung jalan sana bukan Encik A?
Pocket ni bukan Encik A?

so kalau tak tau, tak tetap la tu!

and kalau tak tetap tu buleh la berubah n kita buleh la ubah kan... sapa yg tau pun!!

so my vote is, yes jodoh kita dah fix.
tetap dah, tak leh tukar tukar,
tapi sebab nobody know the name written up there,
we can always change it, maybe kita tak tukar pun,
kita cuma berubah dari jalan yg salah ke jalan yg betul:)
Pocketeers sekalian... what say u?

hari ni plak dgr citer pasal cinta dari 14 sampai la 22
tp still hati si gadis tak terbuka untuk mencintai siteruna.
(err, empunya badan... pocket akan edit karangan ini
adding your name and link if u say something in the
comment area)

hummm bukan jodoh? who are we to say 'yes'?,
n we definitely not the one to say 'not'

makin dibaca karang yg pocket tulis,
makin pointless rasanya argument ni,
tak nak baca dah karangan sndiri:) heheh

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

219. LamaNyaTak...

and how i missed u pocketeers,
Mintak mahap la rakan rakan sedarjah sekalian..
pocket memang bz minggu lepas...
selepas jer ahad yang pocket duk pikir nak tukar keja jadi cleaner tu,
it was audit day all week!!!!
so pocket amat lah tak sempat nya nak post...
'alah, audit nyer siang, malam pocket wat per?'
entah lah.. tp siang nyer pulun, balik makan nasi jer.. trus nak bum.
dah tu camaner?

so sebagai tanda mintak mahap,
pocket nak wat pertandingan...
kalau korang bleh tgk kat bawah tu ada icon ini
icon site meter yang menunjukkan sekarang ni dah
sepuluh ribu semilan ratus samting...
bila dah mencecah 11111 nanti... sila lah printscreen
dan antarkan ke untuk claim hadiah anda:)
jangan dilupakan juga alamat surat menyurat yer ^^

hadiahnyer aper? pengepit kuku!!!
tak pun mungkin juga stocking lelaki.
entah la, tak decide lagi nak bagi adiah apa...
tp pastinya bagi samting yg worth sending using snailmail.
kalau setakat karipap dua biji tu, korang pun tak minat kan :)

voucher ker? mungkin, senang nak post kan..

ttaaapppiiiii!!! sorang pun takkan dpt adiah kalau ada dua
pocketeers yg mengklaim nombor yang sama...
buleh jadi ker nombor 11111 tu dpt kat dua orang?
sajer je nak buat disclaimer cepat cepat sebelum benda terjadi kan:)

so start dari besok, izinkan pocket sambung cerita lagi:)