Wednesday, October 31, 2012

585. Laa.. 'Cuti' Lagi?

I wanted to post something else,
but instead of Copy and Pasting
what i've pre-wrote earlier, I chose
to let my fat fingers menggedik again.
Its a good exercise anyway..
hopefully I'll lose some weight.

I was blogwalking and I saw a few
bloggers was writing about how they
dont have anything to do and that
they're feeling so bored right now.
ended up they're letting time goes by
without nothing done instead.
Hey hey. i cant blame u...
I'd rather sleep my 'CUTI' days off
from dusk to dawn too.

Its just that if the 'CUTI' was for a day or two,
that is understandable, but if its for the whole 1 month,
why not do something meaningful? Productive or 'Masyuk'
Like buy yourself some power tools and start learning
to become a carpenter? yes stupid as it may sound...
but try to ask a few guys out there to 'nail' u a rack for
your pasu bunga... i dare to say 30% of them cant.
would be helpful if u know how, no?
Pisang goreng would be nice...
Nasik lemak in the morning pays nicely too.

I once went to a country where azan is only heard through
MP3 players inside our handphone's alarms. This friend
of mine went on and pick up those TV or old speaker sets
people throw away and fixed them during his free time.
He went on and sell them in AUCTION and earned a few
lunch and even paid his rent with it. COOL NO?

I myself did learned from him and started to joined
fan club for some cute girls who cant sing hoping fans
would still luv them tru their cuteness. By joining the fanclub,
I got access to the best seats in concerts and able to buy
them way before common people can. Selling those tickets
to a die hard fans is like extortion!!
the price would go nearly double!!
the thing ended badly, but that is another story...
i got cash alright... that is the bottom line.

My point is, we are given 530 000 hours to live,
we've used 10% believing ultraman exist,
another 20% thinking that Hang Jebat yang jahat.
lets use the rest in the best way we can ok :D
If its not for the cash, atleast for the knowledge,
but having some cash in the bank does makes the different.
atleast it'll be 11 days of nasik goreng for dinner
 rather then 11 days of nasik puteh
(Gas abih 19hb daaaaaa)

hey hey!! besok gaji, jom 
beli mesin potong rumput!
kot dapat kontrek padang 
skolah dipagi sabtu,
masyuk gak tuu :D

Monday, October 29, 2012

584. 'U...Marahkan I Lagi Ker?'

Pocketeers, Ari ni isnin,
Ini adalah post 'BERSALAH',
Ini adalah post berbau chinta,
yes yes.. tak semua orang suka baca post
tentang chinta sang empunya blog..
tapi pocket pung sesekali teringin gak
nak blues blues...
(Bukan selalu ker?)
Monday Blues lagipon kan...

She came into my life just recently...
it was a hectic period as I was struggling
with my debt and yet she still appear.
I came to know her in a hospital.
While tending my housemate who was admitted.

I dont have to describe her that day,
u guys have read most of my stories and u know
how bad I am in describing people, but I do know
this, the first time I laid my eyes on her,
she was not even looking at me but yet I still
unintentionally smiled. She's that beautiful.
On the spot mintak nombor talipon,
selepas karangan dialog yang panjang,
selepas jumpa dia dihari kedua ...
we became more than 'someone-i've-met-in-the-Hospital'

Setelah beberapa lama mengenali dia,
pocket terasa sayang yang bertambah tambah,
DIa adalah seorang yang pocket sanggup tak makan,
hanya kerana ada duit nak belanja pun sehelai not
RM5, dah tu nasik goreng dia pun dah RM3..
Teh ais lagi?
'Tak per.. i makan dah tadi, teman u jer okeh'

Dia adalah sorang yang membuatkan pocket
terasa nak beli tali gitar dan bunyikan rumah
sunyi ni kembali dengan nada nada cinta.
Hoping someday buleh petik senada dua,
mengiringi sajak chenta.. perghh!!!!

DIa membuatkan pocket rasa macam nak idup lebih lama
(Ikut ketentuan ILAHI la jgak kan)
kalau pun hanya seminit dua, hanya nak tengok
dia sedikit lebih lama sebelum pocket pergi.
Terasa nak nak sihatkan diri,
kurangkan gula, garam dan minyak.
moga kalau ada jodoh, buleh tengok
anak.. cucu malah cicit kemudian hari.

Dia suka melawak,
merapu macam pocket jugak,
Joke dia kekadang sarcastic,
kekadang tak paham,
kekadang kejam,
tapi pocket gelak jugak.
Dia somehow minat 'Trajectory weapons'
macam baling pisau,
or just a simple pistol air.
Tak suka sangat actually,
takut kalau bebila pocket 'inevitably' bermain
kayu tiga... memang kena lari menyelamatkan
nyawa lah kan. Bayangkan kalau dia ada Firearms
licence masa tu.. tak kalut?
Tapi kebelakangan ni dia menunjukkan minat
dalam memancing, siap nak ikut lagi pocket gi
manching, terasa plak.. why not kalau kita usaha
sama sama.. it would be something that we could
do together kinda thing kan...
ok.. i'll search for any
archery club around penang ok sayang...

Gi mandi sungai dengan Dia raya aji bebaru ni,
adohlaaa punya la penat melayan memerang tak
pernah jumpa air nii... besh besh
on the way balik, kami makan nugget murahan
kat titi hayun tu. pergh!! best time of my life.

The thing is... semalam Dia merajuk,
Dia ajak pocket tengok samting,
tapi pocket ignore dia, iyer lah, pocket
pun dok kalut ngan kengkawan lain sama..
housemate pun ada situ so...
lepas dia ajak dua tiga kali,
pocket dok tak ikut jgak. dia terus menghilang kan diri.
Dia balik sendiri n gave me the silent treatment,
until today that is.. harapnya semalam dia tak la dok
baring kat atas tilam sambil nangis.
harapnya dia balik n ngan moody nya tu dok
nengok tv... dvd kesukaan maybe sambil makan
pocket tak la rasa kesian sangat kalau dia dok marah marah...
kesian kalau dia dok teresak esak kat bantal jer.

Tadi talipon dia,
Mamak yang angkat..
'Mamak kaa.. tanggichi apa macham la mamak?'
tapi Dia tak nak sembang...
Dia geleng kepala kata Mamak...
Mamak, jangan marah pocket yer.
pocket taksengaja. Ohh..

Pocket akan mintak mahap,
tapi kan, adik adik chantik manis sekalian,
kalau korang la..  biarpun dah maafkan,
luka dihati tu akan terpadam ker?
or berparut sampai tua?

N nak bodek dengan aper ni yer?
cuba sebut samting fancy yang 
wanita muda sekalian suka...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

583. The WILL


its raya's eve.. and here i am alone in my house...
my housemates is already in their kampung..
me? well lets see another two to three hours..
that is if i have the 'WILL' to pack up my things...

its nuttin much actually,
just the 'JORAN' and the 'LURE'
then there's the Handphone..
not to forget the baju melayu..
its nearby anyway...
about 70km away..

to FILANTERA who are now in Bagan Serai...
see u tomorrow yah bro :D

to BANJI who are now in SABAH...
hey hey!! makan payau buat rendang okeh :)

to u pocketeers,
even if its a soy milk drink as it would
take your concentration off the road .

PS: One request, jangan makan dagin banyak sangat ^^
kang demam plak...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

582. Muddy Road to Beauty

My father opened up a school,
it was a school for the gifted,
more or less like what xavier did in X-Man,
a school for the outcast, unique u might say.
it was only with less budget.

...or that is how he would describe it,
me on the other hand, would describe it as a school
for the less fortunate in 3 of the major Exams
teenager had to sit back then when Richard Marx was
still a hit. The SRP, SPM and STPM. Yes people,
our exams back then were 'Re-Seat'able.

As a school, students come from all over the state,
and therefore a small Asrama was prepared for somewhat
30 to 40 young and vibrant girls.
I was happy of course, I can gesek gesek inbetween
the kakak kakak when they came to our house to watch
muzik muzik without the fear of getting caught. (I was 9!!)
One of them did tried to get naughty with me..
but that is another story :D

One of the problem in having Beautiful and seksi
'Kakak-Asrama' was that it was like keeping a bunch of hens...
the wolf is always out there keeping their eyes on the delicacies
 just in case windows of chances opened.

Some of them did went the whole shabang,
In the darkness of the night, with a dimmed torchlight,
they crawled their way underneath the dawai rawat,
across the stenched and soft mud behind our house.
lie on their back underneath the place where the
plates is left to dry...
hoping that they could see one of the 'Kakak-asrama'
washing and putting the plate onto the para-para in their
free hair and sexy mode. (Basically mengendap lah)
But of course most of them is free hair and sexy,
they're in their 'Coop' no? what is there to fear?

I did went and look at the location where they lie.
bwelkhh!! it was revolting.
1) the wall was full of dark green molds
2) the 'Floor' was holding water and mud
(Its the laluan kumbahan.. what do u expect?)
3) the dawai rawat was still intact meaning that
they're most probably be crawling on their chest
down on the mud. wow!!

I pity them,
I salute them,
They went the whole nine yards just to be able to
catch a glimpse of their freehair,
seeing them 'bra-less' would be a bonus,
naked would be a dream that will never come tru.
(Sapa nak naked dalam asrama ngan kengkawan!!?)

chenggini lah kot no?

Keeping up with the Mosquito without
the freedom of slapping them every now and then
(Yer la, kang dengar lah kan) hoping to see her
in her Camy maybe, or a sleeveless.
I guess the pain...  was well worth it.

and always keep on the watch hoping that no one would
catch them doing such honorable thing. With heart thumping,
listening to the girls voice all sweet and nice..
Hoping that they could hear something personal,
Like how they like their 'men' to be,
or how they like to get down...
anything.. everything.. something...

So there u go sis,
U venusian are such a beautiful creation that we risk
our health and geli from the molds and mud...
even kekotoran mutlak najis muqholadzhoh (Betul ker heja ni)
just to see u smile. Its like the very sight of your skin revealed
when u'r adjusting the knot from your kain batik would
expose some kind of vitamins keeping us alive.
Just to hear u humm your favorite song when u'r washing your plates...
The sound would seems like an oversize cottonbud tingling our ears.
we know we'll never be able to 'own' u as siapalah kami,
sang pipet bermimpikan enggang. But we kept on dreaming
and falling head over heels, risking everything just to 'SEE' u.
I'd say those Peeping Tom wont get that much action
every night, but for the sake of love and affections,
they did it anyway... and for that i hope u girls would
understand. Or appreciate us maybe.

so.. if ever anyone goes on mengendap..
Feel proud and pity him,  as he puts his health and
safety in danger just to see u. Drawn to u even if he
have to go tru revolting mud.
Pricking 'Dawai Rawat'...
and slithering creature
just to put his thumping heart at calm again,
as he is nothing... but mesmerized by your beauty.

Monday, October 22, 2012

581, Haaaa... Baru La Lawaaaaa :D

This post most probably be offensive
towards a lot of people, yes I am on my
devilish side today,not to say i worship
the devil, hell no!
its the dark force kicking in.
(khiiii.. Khooooo.. Khiiiii... Khooooo
the sound of darth vader breathing...)
hear me out.

whenever someone do something good,
everyone will give their compliment.
'ooohhh bagus lah.. kahwin pun kamu'
'yes yes, that is the way sis..
mak bapak perlu diutamakan'
'aduuuhhh!! cantiknya sheila hamzah bertudung!!'

may I ask u,
are u genuinely complimenting?
or u'r just wanna say something nice?
as a moral support maybe to that guy
or girl who just did the good deeds.
Anak sulung who left his/her good job
just to take care of the sick parent
needs a lot of moral support no?

and here comes the bomb...
Are u genuinely honestly complimenting?
,,,or are u complimenting just so that
people by your side think of u as
a good person?
a good muslim..
or a good samaritan?

when u'r complimenting someone as beautiful
after she wore her tudong, do u really think
she's beautiful or u dont wanna say she's
hideous wearing tudong cause chances are
u wont be able to see the sun down as someone
will stab u near the heart saying that u'r
a devil in the flesh.

Are u sincere withh your compliment?
is she more beautiful wearing tudong?
Oh Oh.. i know u'll be protective in your
answer today...
then dont answer inside the comment area,
just a point to ponder.

Not only about the tudong issue of course,
alot more.. Tudong or aurat is one simple
example that I can put here, that i think
a lot of us can relate to..
my question opens to all other theme too...
Politik maybe? what about those hudud thingy?
Halal Haram maybe, 'lust in love',
or the very foundation of marriage,
anything and/or everything in between.

think about it.
are we sincere in our compliment?
are we sincere to ourself?
or we are just as hipocrite to ourself
like we are to other 'FURNITURE' god
created to walk this earth?

WOW!! serious post pepagi isnin beb:D
selamat berkerja :D lagi pat ari jer
nak raya beb^^

Friday, October 19, 2012

580. Ular!!!

Satu hari jumaat yang indah, pocket tengah keja,
pukul 530 petang dok tak dok, Mr Big suruh
buat translation report yang urgent diperlukan
pagi sabtu. POcket tengok report tu,
eleh.. selamba rock jer ni pocket buleh translate.
'Tak per MrBig!! malam ni saya hantaq!!'
dengan menunjukkan jari kebawah macam suruh
dia tengok seluar murah yang ku beli RM15.

So kul 6petang tu pocket start la translate,
ada 21 page powerpoint,
4 page utk tajuk (Senang)
12page utk graph (Medium)
5 page utk karangan (Susah)
siap janji lagi ngan housemate,
paling lambat pun kul 10 buleh
sampai la rumah ni. Belagak belagak..
kul 7 pulun lagi,
kul 8 pulun lagi,
kul 9 eh tak siap lagi...?
kul 10?
sekali translation tu tak siap siap
sampai kul 4 pagi!! pergh!!
masa keluar kilang tu dah start fening fening.
jalan ada sikit hoyong hayang. Tapi kita control.

Macam macam jadi masa kita ngantut ni,
yang paling ditakuti ialah otak auto-shut-down.
Kalau tengah dalam toilet or dah sampai umah ok lah,
kalau tengah naik motor, melintas jalan or juggling pisau?
(Kenapa ko nak juggling pisau plak pukul 4 pagiii!!! adehlaaa)

Pocket buleh rasakan, symptom symptom otak dah penat,
antaranya dah tak leh bajet kekuatan sendiri,
pulas kunchi motor tu rasa cam buleh pusing lagi jer,
tapi dah max dah. Sikit lagi sure kunci tu patah.
dan yang paling besh is, the hallucination
pergh!! memang nampak macham macham siot!!

kat sini pocket terpikir...
apa kata kita absorb semua halusinasi ni,
kita terima jer jangan tahan.
macam kita lepaskan kentut, jangan tahan.
macam kita muntahkan jer isi perut, jangan tahan.
macam kita nangis jer bila tengok hindustan, jangan tahan.

and so that was what I did.
I absorb. It took some time, but somehow I managed.
pergh!! bebenda pelik buleh nampak woo!!
nampak orang tunggu bas,
sapa nak tunggu bas kul 4 pagi beb?
nak kata berteduh dalam ujan pun tak,
homeless tido? adik free hair baju kurung biru muda lagi!

Dengan kelajuan 50km/j,
dok blues tengok kereta yang jarang jarang lalu,
dok tak dok pocket brek menchakar!!
(hahahah orang kedah punya ayat ni, 'brek menyakaq!')
pocket nampak ada ular dok menjalar atas jalan,
itam lagi besor nyer ulor tu!! kalau langgar sure
kena patuk punyer lah!! kalau dia patuk motor tak pa
la kan, kalau dia patuk patela ku camana?
(Patela = kepala lutut)
lepas pocket stop, baru la nampak makhluk sebenar.
bayang bayang bendera ditiup angin dengan sumber
cahaya nya dari atas lah!!

Lebih kurang macam ni lah!! cuma melintang jalan... pergh!!!

Patung di kuil hindu berhampiran bagaikan menoleh
kan kepalanya kepada pocket.

Jauh didalam hutan kelapa sawit, ku lihat lembaga
bagaikan anney bersarong puteh terbang dalam
hutan menjual kachang.
Pocket rentikan motor, tengok!
oohhh.. kain banner iklan dipinggir utan rupanyaa.

Pocket sampai rumah alhamdulillah,
n went to be with a smile in my face,
how I enjoyed my journey home.
hence here I am telling the experience to you.

It was nice,
it was interesting,
a must try.
just let go..
let go of the truth,
let go of reality,
sometime u gotta let go..
and see the world from another point of view.
just let go :D
Tapi kalau berlebih tu akan membahayakan :D
pasal kalau ketagih ngan halusinasi ni lah yang
mula nak cari ganja or other prohibited meds

patutla orang yg tengah high nampak happy jer ^^;


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

579. U tak der komitmen laa...


Punya la pocket kebelakangan
ni dah jarang jarang post..
humm tiada alasan yang buleh diberi..
nak jer salahkan keja sekarang,
bukan hanya blogging sajer je yang tersekat,
pembacaan juga tergugat,
music life juga berkarat,
chenta juga makin 'tak-sihat'
sidia merajuk pun nak pujuk tak sempat,

rasanya disini lah persoalan komitmen.
dimana komitmen kamu?
ooh pocket terpaksa jawab
pocket komited ngan keja sekarang ni,
sampai nak sembang lama lama kat kantin
pun rase macam tak betul.. dah tu keja
dok belambak lagi, lagi nak lepak?
kang besok tak siap..
kita gak yg dipersalahkan.
And waktu rehat pocket actually
rehatkan minda.. tak gi canteen, just
duduk di kerusi ofis bergelap,
sikit lagi nak pelekat Cool FEVER jer
di dahi untuk sejukkan sikit minda yang
tengah panas, kalau la buleh jgak
Cool FEVEr tu dilekat kan dibawah tulang
rusuk kiri, nak jer ku lekatkan..
moga hati yang panas ni reda sikit:D

actually komitmen tu apa yer?
definition anyone?
pocket rasa la kan...
'tindakan dalam hidup seharian yang dilakukan
hanya untuk memenuhi satu tujuan'

buleh ker?
macam kalau commited to work,
forcing u to sleep early,
no more drunk on tuesday night,
no sleeping with the clerk,
even if the clerk is dang hot and available.
semua ini untuk memastikan kerja kita tak
terganggu dan sempurna.
(And the devil whispers...
'alaa ko kan pandai, tak per punyer,
mana nak sangkut keja? lagi pun dia comel woo!!')

commited to a hobby?
Commited to someone?
i guess the final recipe is TIME.
to spend time for Such commitment.
For work its easy..
u'r scanning in at 8 and scanning out at 5.
but for hobby?
for someone?
for blogging?

i need to sit down to write more.. aduiii
i need to own a smart phone to read your
blogs more.. aduuiiii
i need to call her more...
err.. maner phone number dia ari tu!?


'heloooo... err u kenal i lagi tak?'