Monday, June 29, 2009

183. It Was Biiiiigggg!!!!

Well, as per mentioned there on the
I am going to see the TerensFome
last Saturday night.
Somebody went to the beach wit
someone and SMS'ed me,
I'd take it that she's jealous.
Somebody went to the beach,
recorded the sound of the wave and
sent it to Filantera...
now both of us are jealous.

The Movie...
...was big!! when u guys were small kids in
kindergarten or when your heights was
about 70cm, have u ever stand near
to a baiya jual roti and watch his huge belly
terrified by the beard hoping he would not
kidnap u?
Well the feeling is like that when u'r watching this movie,
The whole thing was so big that they cant crop it properly,
If they want to show MeganMushang face clearly then the
part of the autobot that can be seen would only be the shin.
and if they crop it so that the autobots is clear from head to toe,
then the human will be so small and insignificant that u'd think
it's dust on your contact lenses.

Hahah, pocket u must be over exagerating...
Well if u think optimis prime was big, wait till u see that
dirt eating monster!! hahahah.. ridiculously big!!

The Girl...
... was just a sugar coating on the cake, strawberry on the tip
of the slice, meaningless.. as if we needed the movie to be anymore
sweeter. (This opinion was filed from filantera actually)
She was nice!! Megan Mushang was
She was cute!! and not to forget bodylicious...
but in the end of the movie, it makes u think..
'eh ? tak der pun tak per kot?'
But then again... ada pon lagi bagooossss!! hahahahah (Pocket gelak jahat ^^)
bersih sikit mata inniiiii...The Action...
... was way better than number one!! atleast now Praim can
fight off five diseptikon to save the hero Shea lebiu... although...
(Aper yang although? aaa.. yg ni anda kena la tgk sndiri ^^)
But even though they've paid some good coreographer for fighting,
but since they're cropping everything, u still cant see the whole action.
That was what i thought a bit pity...

The Story...
... was good!! i like it when i cant guess the ending of the movie.
eh, mamat ni mati, camana nak ending nih!!?
aaa!! diseptikon dah dpt heroin!! camana nak wat niihh!!?
heheh, well, u know what i mean:)

A few remarks,
1) Yes Miss AyaqMasak.. d diseptikon girl is dang sexy even if she have 5 foot tongue.
2)Aper jadi ngan shard yg diorang amik dr dlm government facility tu yek?
digunakan utk idupkan 'batu karang' tu ker?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

182. Tiiiicheeeerrrrr....

...Pocket baling kamiii!!
Masa Kecik dulu, pocketeers sekalian
ingat tak apa yg selalu korang main?
Aci ligan, Polis sentri, tuju kasut (Adalah yg slalu pocket layan)
Teng-teng, toi, Galah Panjang(Adalah yg pocket tak pernah main)

Tp korang pernah main baling batu tak?
(Ini actually bukan simply usaha utk menyakitkan orang, a game for low level kids who still cant understand law)
mudah gamenyer, ada yg main sambil menyorok,
ada yg main berdepan macam koboi in a duel.
sapa tembak tepat dia untung gitu.
Basically u want to send damage to the other
side by throwing stones to them.
size is up to you, as long as u can lift
the stone but occasionally some one might
be crying 'tak acii!! hampa baling batu besaqq!!'
speed? well u can use all the force gifted
in your arms sending the stone at 130km/h
like those u see in base ball but ofcourse,
occasionally some one will be crying
'tak acii!!! hampa baling lajuuu!!'

so camana nak tau pemenang?
tak der pemenang, sapa yg kena teruk
n gi lari kat cikgu tak pun mak dia...
might as well be considered the one who surrendered.

Heheh, buduhnyer topik yg pocket nak bincangkan ari ni kan, I know!!
now the thing is, even now as we've grown up and nearing our retirement even,
we're still doing the same thing but in a slightly different version.

Its not stone, but word of luv.
all those candy u add at the back of your harmless sentence,
'tak per sayang...' or 'i tunggu u laaa, tp u tak masuk pun minang' or simply 'lebiu'
its not trying to hurt the opponent but to get his/her attention.
its not the damage aching the body but the love building inside the heart.
some still do it like the cowboy duel, in broad daylight,
showing to the whole people of kansas...
but some do it in secrets, so that no one else knows.
Some do it with a solid intention, to get to him/her.
some do it just for fun, just for the sake of the game.

And even if sometime this game is played for fun,
one might still get hurt. but its just a game so
even if u take so much damage till u cant barely stand nomore,
u cant go off and not be friends after.

ocasionally someone will always be run to the teacher saying...
'teacherr!! pocket baling candy!! kena mataaaa' a sobbing girl in her high pitch
'pocket!! kenapa buat nurul macam tu?' such soft but strict voice of authority
'bukan kami yang mula hoo.. dia yang baling kami dulu hoo' self defence of the pocket.
'whoever it is, just look what u have done pocket!!' a fierce teacher indeed she is...
'kami main main jer ticher' pocket with his innocent face. (Innocent ker?)
Or maybe it was the other way around?
and it was the pocket running to the ticher...
simply cant take any more damage... hummmm
Tte korang penah main tak ?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

181. SatuPerkara...

umph, dah pat ari dah tak post,
sorry, tp pocket kerantau abang...
eh silap .. ke perantauan. heheh
bertolaknya ahad malam.
sampai kat paragon hotel kul 10 mlm tu,
amat lah terpegunnya ngan ke'baru'an hotel ittu.
dan ngan company rate pocket dpt tido situ semalam
160 hinggit. kalau tak kampeni ret, tak tahu la
pocket.. tak berubah sangat kot.
besh nyer tentang hotel ini satu perkara jer la kot.
dkat sangat ngan pelangi mall.
tp apa ada kat pelangi mall tu? ada wayang ker?
utk orang yg pernah gi.. sila bagi tau pls.
pocket sndiri tak sempat nak gi jejalan.

sarapan nyer besh tentang satu perkara
jer jgak, the beef bacon!! heheh.. kenapa?
pocket pernah makan beef bacon ni dulu
masa kat jpung ngan DrYan kita,
hohoo.. kami bakar atas heater (Danbo)
huhuuuu, tang lemak banyak tu yg besh

keja nyer tak la penat sangat, biasa..
mencari salah orang, tp kali ni
supplier belanja makan durian!!
tp sayang sribu kali sayang,
tgn pocket melekit lekit nak pegang
kamera nak tangkap gambo so...
No Pic!!
sorry... utk yg 'nak-bau-durian-pun-tak-leh' tu
anda selamat dari melihat gambar pocket
berlumuran ngan durian:) heheheh

seperkara lagi, katanya Tny pun kat johor,
tp somehow tak leh nak jumpa..
(Schedule... distance... availability... n simply i dont have
any money to pay the taxi driver to drive me to her^^)

kat gelang patah, tanya la taxi driver tu..
tak jauh katanya, 50km jer..
Then i've learnt that,
kat johor, 50 km perjalanan tu tak jauh.
i've asked the local 'why do u consider 50 km is not that far?'
'because there's no jam nor there were any cars.. kalau kat kL..
5 km pun dah jauh dah!!'
eh gitu yek?
kalau pocket .. 20 km tu pun dah jauh dah.. huhuuu...
anyway tny,
kalau ada sumur diladang, buleh la pocket menumpang mandi...
kalau ada lain peluang, inshaAllah, pocket try jumpa tny.
(Eh cam salah jer pantun?)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

180. About a post...

i was introduced to FesBook the other day
and now trying to explore those world too.
I can see that a lot of pocketeers are doing it
soo frequent as if using em on their Handphones...
cant understand how does it work though,
but i've heard that it could connect long lost friend. (How about long lost father yer?)
and yes, i've found a long lost kakak angkat,
Mr Rentul who have been a dear friend,
Some of other names i dont think worth mentioning here.
(Sebut pun bukan nyer korang kenal...)
After running a few names on the search box,
i 'accidentally' typed the name 'siti mardinah'... (From the post 136. LosingAFriend)
and the lightning struck once on me left medula oblongata!!
as if that's her real name!!
which brings me to the reason on why
i was too mad at her for not telling me
her real name. But that's all over now,
(Padan la, dah jd mcm2 dah baru nak menyesal,
dasar lelaki!! eh macam pompuan plak duk komen sikit2 nih....)

Siti, if u've just told me your real name before
i may be on my way to sik now looking for u.
dont care if i'll be there tomorrow just to see u
with your hubby holding a three year old child.
its not like 'that' anymore.

fesbuk, u manage to hurt me tonite,
and i'm sleeping with blood dripping from my left rib ...
isk isk isk ...(Cause that's where the heart suppose to be...)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

179. Engkau wan!!?

pocketeers, korang ada kawan tak?
Mesti lah kan. apa la punya soalan.
banyak kawan, banyak jenis kawan.
kawan makan kawan,
kawan yg setia,
kawan yg annoying.
korang tahu mat tepet tak??
yg ni pun besh jgak punya jenis kawan.
apa pun dia tahu!!
kalau kita kata kita pernah makan peach,
'haaa... pic kan, aku penah makan, masam masam kan?'
kalau kita kata kita baru jer pas gi waterpark
'ko gi yg kat maner? aku tambun tu sampai bosan dah'
kalau kita dah pernah main salji?
'aku pernah jgak!! kat genting highland dulu, sejuk woooo'
kalau kita tgh citer pasal naik kapal terbang,
'abang aku dulu dia naik kapal terbang kan..
dia kata stewardess tu baik sangat kat dia,
bagi kacang n air oren kat dia..
huiyooo best kan naik kapal terbang'

Eh macam ko plak yg naik?

satu lg stail melekat.
macam dia tu tak leh nak cari kawan lain.
macam semua orang lain tahu yg dia tu ada weird interest in human.
dia cuma nak kawan ngan kita jer.
kita tengah jalan, jumpa ngan dia,
dan dia jalan skali utk borak,
lalu starbak, lalu memorilen
lalu kedai sukan, lalu pelita nasi kandar
sampai destinasi kita dan perbualan tamat.
dia pun patah balik ke memorilen.
Loh!!? hang jalan sekali punya jauh hanya nak sembang ngan aku?

pastinya dia ikhlas kawan ngan kita,
tp macam dia ada udang sebalik mee.
he always contribute everything,
be he seems like not gaining anythin.
he always helped me in everything...
but i couldnt remember helping him in anything.

he luv to hang out with me,
but i wish he have some other friends to hang out with.

know those kinda friend pocketeers?
do u have any?
cause lately i think i'm being that kind of friend,
the tag along, the spineless prick who
agrees with everything, the 'lalang'
i contribute alot but am not getting any,

Monday, June 15, 2009

178. Kerja..Kerja.. Kerja..

Pocket gi siam bebaru ni,
The post 177. Terbakar actually posted in
thailand using the free computer installed
in their waiting room.
Punya la susah nak guna bttn keyboard
nyer tuh. Tak leh nak guna all four finger
cause the button was somewhat like the old
typewriter that our forefather was using
back in world war II. Stiff n slippery.

Ok so i've went to siam for work of course,
not vacation or anything related to pleasure,
But one can always enjoy his work isnt it?
refer photo for a finding from my audit.
A girl who's using airblower too near to the product.:)
that's definitely could cause scratches :D

The first dinner there, they took us to this
japanese restaurant for dinner,
nuttin much... just the same old saba shioyaki
n hokke biraki, sashimi n of course chawan mushi.

The second day's lunch was at the canteen, alamak!!
i can only have nasi n telur goreng, cause they've
forgotton about me n ordered all dishes with pork inside. hek enneeee....
That night, i was left alone, all the other japanese from
my side gone back so no reason for them to entertain
this local guy right?
(Punya la tak besh.. mana la pocket nak tahu mana nak gi makan.. lapoo!!)
So i've tried to step my way to the nearest shopping mall.
It was carrefour!! heheh, got my dinner at this food court
for nasi n some kari ayam. (The place was marked with halal mark, so ok lah kot)

On the way back, i've found this location where people
were sitting on the floor.. ok let me rephrase that,
people were sitting on the 'road', having dinner like
having picnic on the seaside. heheh, refer to photo.
u can see the stall where the food was prepared
on the right hand side.
A light pole somewhat in the middle.
Glassware used for serving the dishes,
shoes parked outside of the 'tikar' area.
and just be amazed with the customer!!
kalau kat malaysia tu, dah kira full table dah!!
kalau awek yg pakai skirt pendek,
kena la ngan sopan nyer bersimpuh kan?
umph, i think that's the main idea:)

The 3rd day breakfast was overindulged.
I had nasi with natto
(kacang yg diperam)
some seafood goreng cabai.
(Ada ketam wooo!!)
and eggs!!!
But how do u eat when it is
served like this? ended up
with messy plate,
with messy lips and
my kemeja was messy
with yellow yolk decorated on.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

177. Terbakar

seperti yg anda boleh lihat..
pocket tdak berupdate lama sudah.
so not pocket like.
my reason wouldbe only one.

komputer ku terbakar!!
adoilaaaa... punya la hangin...
kalau duulu, takder net, bleh jgak draft kat umah..
bwk guna tamdraiv.. dan update kat cc.
tp skrg ni tok leh laaaa....


soo pocket akan mendiamkan diri kejap
untill the kedaii comp tu amik wit pocket
n pulamgkan comp yg siihat..
tomypocket will be under coonstruuction!!