Tuesday, March 22, 2011

344. I'll Cut U Open

one thing i've come to realize after
a few years of looking and observing,
ladies have 'cut' different from men.
(Laaa sekarang baru nak perasan?
tumpul nya kamu pocket!!?)

and by having different 'cut' on the baju,
company uniform is always a pain on the skin.
cause usually they produce the company uniform
as such that it would fit everyone.
let it be the big, the small or the tiang lektrik.

and thinking back on this,
i would say that the punifore does look
better on girls rather then the baju kurong,
(we're talking all original made here of course)
cause the nice fit on the waist would
enhance the silhouette of the wearer.
Baju kurong is straight!!
from the bust to the hip,
no dimension changes whatsoever.

then comes the tailor, girls who have money
would invest in ammending the baju so nice,
so fine, so material removing...
till that lady who walk by the bustand looking
like someone who work in Air Asia or MAS is
actually walking to the school,
SPM is just around the corner...
talk about self confident ha?

along the way, come men who have their estrogen
slightly above the others would ammend their
baju too!!
tighter on the chest and the waist just so that
the torso and 8 packs looks more obvious.
I cant understand the purpose of this,
but lets admit it. for boys who have the cut,
they look good in those kinda baju.

anyway.. Today i'm auditing a company in shah alam,
to impress me, they went and bought themself
a company uniform. light blue with the
company name on the chest.
they just got the uniform 2 days earlier.
the men look good and nice since men dont
have that much cut to take care off.

But the girls... kesiaan.
-They're wearing baju so big and loose
that if u cut the sleeve,
U can see their lowest tulang rusuk
from the hole u just made,
-There is no more pinggang for them,
all look like wearing baju kedah.
and if they would go bottomless (As if no seluar),
they would look like that lady
who woke up in tony stark house
in the morning wearing his kemeja. Uuuuu seksi!!
-but since they're not bottomless,
they look like the cleaner aunty
who wears baju pinjam.
adehlaaa... langsung tak der cutting.
langsung tak der!!

oh this audit is not going to be a fun one... :(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

343. My Killing Fantasy..

Do u dream pocketeers?
yes i think u do, but do u do it in daylight?
while your eyes is still open, sitting on your chair, thinking..
how beautiful that handphone looks,
imagining her expression if u buy the phone for her,
work out an image of her, being excited harassing the
phone all over, looking at it so close that u'd think she's
trying to find any defect on the screen.
Ever do that pocketeers?

in other expression, it is called as fantasize.
Fantasizing me buying the phone for u,
fantasizing u being happy about it.
fantasizing u kissed me on the cheek out of happiness.
The same old stuff a kid would fantasize being an ultraman
saving people from danger.

The problem is, lately my fantasy is being hijacked.
I have'nt found the perpetraitor yet, but i know there
is something else inside my mind now.

lets give u an example so that u'd understand more.

it was night, i was alone.. looking out from my window,
i saw her coming back from work. She was alone and i
felt pity of her, trying to open the lock with one hand
while the other hand still holding the bihun sup.
Put down the bihun sup first silly.

oh i wish that i am an animagus, a sorcerer that could turn
into animal, i'd choose spider this time, after i've transformed,
i would crept my way to her.. walking slowly with my too
many legs, swinging from a branch onto her house with
my spider web of course, as i slowly entering her room,
i heard the shower was raining hot water.
oh oh she is taking her bath..
my chance to have a sneak peak :D.

thank god i am not a tarantula,
i'm just the itsy bitsy spider that legs
were smaller then a needle.
but reliable enough to bring this
hungry soul to her audience.

as i was entering the gap underneath the door,
i saw her ankle and clean white skin, i was standing up
as i wanted to look above when a splash of water come
rushing me like some tsunami and swept me off my
unreliable legs.

'Labah!! Labah!!' was the scream that accompany me through
my struggle from the tsunami, i saw where would i end,
the hole to enter the sewer. ohh!!
Her scream is not helping,
yes she is beautiful and naked but some one
is struggling for help here!!.. a little hand please?
and clank!! the sound of a metal lid covering the
entrance of the hole, now i'm trapped.

She proceed on with her bath,
which i couldnt see much cause
i'm now in the bottom of the longkang.

There u go pocketeers,
my dream, my fantasy.
i'm suppose to be dead but since it was all a fantasy
i'm having by myself, i'm still safe and sound in my own room,
looking out the window, trying to make out what is it that she's
doing after entering her house.

tell me pocketeers,
what kind of a fantasy that kills the hero in the end?
i'm the hero wasnt i? i should get the chicks!! but
instead.. i'm getting killed in my own fantasy.
Just how stupid was that?

oh.. when will this dream killer be gone.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

342.So... Are U?

once i've read somewhere,
someone wrote an 80 words karangan that

the bottom line was to say...'if u're married, tell earlier!!'
i got interested in the whole idea,
because i was thinking ...
how do u 'tell earlier'?

'hai.. my name is Nafishah.. i'm married'

...always comes out awkward in my ear.
and i've always thought...
what would the opponent would think being said so?
i wouldnt know, never flirt with someone's wife
soo obvious till she have to tell her status to avoid me.

today i was keeping my hand dancing on the keyboards
typing the report about yesterdays case. A light bulb fell
on someone's head and his face got scratched. oh pity him...

A young lady approached me with her eyes kept straight
on me starting from the point she stepped into our cage until
she came so near to me that i can smell the nice scent of
her perfume.
She have those mature look,
like that lady they call ziva from EnSiAiEs, tall and slender
with shirt so firmly ironed, u'd think she uses her lunch
break to re-ironed her shirt.

'So pocket, todays audit is yours. our title for today is...'
and she goes on and on about the internal audit that
i was suppose to do. i dont want to...
i'm busy enough minding my own issue,
finding somebody elses issue would be the
least of thing in my mind.

cutting the story short, we went for the audit, me and her,
we talked along the way, get to know each other..
the usual stuff, that guy is bossy, that lady is tak besh..
(more commonly known as mengumpat)

in the end i had to ask for her name,
'...the name is Nafishah...'
gesturing her left chest showing the name tag.
'...i'm married to Farid' ..ended her introduction.
'...' and there was an awkward moment.
both of us walked in silence, and we end our audit with
the formal...
'ok, so i'll see u around'

then it come to me that i might be ...
...flirting with her too much that she
thought i was going to ask for her number.
...going to the direction of man and
woman courtship oriented relationship <-wah ayat!!
and by telling me that she's married,
she can put a stop to the progress.

or am i too PerahSantan?
what do u think?

another reason why she would say so would be because
she was falling for this old chap in rags that she need
to say it just to remind herself that she's no longer
available. heheheheeh:) <- this is perasan tak hingat :D

Friday, March 04, 2011

341. Meruah...

...adalah satu perkataan kasar yang orang utara
gunakan bermaksud 'buang air kecil'

Sebutan nya sebijik seperti hejaan nya,
dimana bahagian 'ru' itu disebut dengan
penuh kekasaran macam orang kedah sebut...


penggunaan nya lebih kepada ayat kasar.
'laaa kucin ni meruah pulak kat sofa kitaaaa'
'abah nyaa, baik bagi pakai pampers kat budak tu,
sat gi dia meruah ataih tilam, cek jugak yg kena basuh!'
'hang nak meruah, mintak kat tok nenek dulu,
satgi bentan satgi aku tak tau'

tapi tak leh la nak pakai dalam suasana romantik.
'abang, u tunggu kejap yer, i nak meruah kejap'

atau dalam polis report
'saya sedang meruah di toilet ketika
terdengar jeritan dari dalam toilet...'

persoalan nya,
dari mana perkataan ni asal yer?
pocket rase dari perkataan 'melimpah ruah'
keadaan dimana cecair memenuhi bekas sehingga tumpah.

so pocketeers, what do u think?

(Heheheh, bila dah tak der benda nak pikir atas motor
dalam perjalanan yg jauh ke kilang tu... kuar la idea
cam ni... adehlaaa... )

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

340. Anger within me...

yesterday's post did mentioned something about
typing dark dark thoughts. bringing out the hatred in me,
lingers on the negative source like flies hovering over
random adult poo on the side of the road. letting it in.

and i also mentioned that i dont wanna post my negative
thought here. cause bad feeling just contaminate the air.
and when u'r letting it into your system. It'll show on the face.
and i dont think anyone would like that.

but yesterday i got an SMS from an unknown number.
telling me to post it anyway. since i've dropped my HP
somewhere in the BKE the other day, (Butterworth-Kulim-expressway)
the number comes out without the name.
u who SMS, please tell me who u are...
Tried to call u but u didnt answer.

so here goes, my negative thoughts. copy and pasted.
one branch from the whole tree, not all. it can go worst.

'....and i hate u so much that if am to have supernatural ability,
let it be from heaven or from hell. I would ask for invisibility.
So that i can haunt u and get away with it.
So that i can poke u and enjoy your scream.
oh i can poke u good. oh i will poke u deep!

I would sneaks up a 6 inch narrow knife into your beautifully
decorated bed room and stab u when u'r doing it to the wife,
let her scream helplessly and look at u bleed to death.
feel your soul slipping away when u're still inside her.
Oh oh!! wait!! but that would put an end to your misery,
your wife would F somebody else after and forget u,
thinking that u've went to heaven and she should move on.
that wont be fun. What if i drag u into hell. A living hell!!

What if i poke your wife instead!!
or maybe slice her up bit by bit.
let the blood drench that white silk bed
sheet u were so proud about.
where was it from again? pakistan?
it'll be red and the stain wont go that easy.
and let u live on with the guilt and lost of love from that
meat u call wife...'

...and it goes deeper and more sinful after this. u who SMS,
tell me what do u think?
(Kamu kah Una? camana tahu no pon kita plak? rasanya tak..)

i was angry,
angry at someone,
it doesnt matter what he did.
he may said something wrong,
his word doesnt come out right.
his wife smirk hearing my bad day story...
a cat shit in my lawn..
whatever! i dont care..
i was just angry..

but i notice that anger makes the worst out of u.
its never good to be angry.
so gi amik wuduk pocket,
and bawak mengucap banyak banyak...
life is too short to be a cranky old man.
lighten up will ya :D

339. MalamYangPanas...

...Eh!! hari ni hari aper?

...tte tak der kena mengena langsung tajuk nih,
yes.. pocket dah lama tak apdet,
sorry.. my alasan would only be :
1) i was in a state of a near melt down.
got so much to do that i nearly forgotten to eat.
and for the pocket who's weight is in three digit
to forget a meal was a serious case.
i need to set my priorities right.

2) i moved again!! this time i moved to a house
that i dont have to climb the stairs first before
reaching my front door. The rent is high.. yes i know.
but now i dont have to buy chillis anymore..
i can grow em.
how do u grow beras yer?

3) i was... sick. Mentally sick. adehlaaaa...
i tried to type a few stories..
all end up with foul language and the worst description
of brutality. There was no humour, there was no 'sunshine'
the story was 'dark'. and i figured who would wanna read
dark dark story?
so i decided not to post it.

so there it was pocketeers,
my reason for leaving this blog unattended for a month.
this is my first post coming out of my dark room.
i hope tomorrow is sunny.

how are u anyway pocketeers? sihat?