Wednesday, September 15, 2010

314. Tak Pedas...

i went to eat at this place in the nearby jusco.
Its a place where u can eat ayam penyet for
6 ringgit per piece which is quite ridiculous
for such a petty recipe but what can i say?
that is the way it is.

There were twelve of us,
a few fathers,
a few mothers,
a few 'beauty' i would like to keep my distance.
(U never know when will this hand of mine
be 'lurking-around' on its own accord)
A couple of grannies,
and babies...

we sat, and come along the foreign waiter.
he took his time to pass us the menu,
one by one as he opened the menu and
carefully placing it in our hand.
Wahhh.. how neat and polite he was.

...and the father ordered,
the mother commented,
the father ordered anyway,
the 'beauty' was asking bout the oil used.
the babies were attracted with the cutlery,
me? i was fascinated with the pricing.
How an udang can cause 2 ringgit per piece,
when the size was not more then my forefinger.
(The table next to us ordered dat menu)

i asked the waiter then,
since there was babies around.
'mat, ada yang tak pedas tak?'
'tak pedas?' looking puzzle.
'tak pedas la untuk baby, ayam goreng ker..
sayur ker..' i insisted.
'oohh, adda adda.' with his foreign accent
that enhance the 'd' usage.
he took the menu i was holding
and start flipping the pages.

and atlast he found it.
'inni menu tada pedas abang, sesuai untuk baby'
he was holding the menu showing the menu with
his right thumb politely pointing at the dish name
listed there.
'mana mana?'
'sini abang.. nasi puteh.. tada pedas punya.. :D'

Patutkah pocket memelangkung kepala annay tu?
ohh, tuhan penuhkan dada ini ngan kesabaran..

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

313. SelfEsteem..

..going down and down.
mula la nak nyanyi lagu down - JaySean tuh..
ni semua sebab post lepas : 312. Haiyaaaa!! Farid..

Baca blog Najla, She's covering BSB for the song I want it that way.
alahai.. terasa yakin nya dia.. pocket langsung tak yakin ngan diri
sndiri nak promote apa apa bakat pun disini.
humm humm

then since i'm watching her singing in YuTiub,
i also saw this icon of a song sang by 6 identical person.
now why would anyone be dressing the same singing
a song? this is not the 60s..

well i've clicked to the vdo of course and found that this guy
is singing the whole song using acapella. Check his video guys,

It seems like everybody else in this world is full of self esteem
and high confidence in themself nowadays. How i wish i can
be like them .. humm humm..

..bila la nak terasa ensem balik nih.. hoh.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

312. Haiyaaaa!! farid!!

Farid is in a state where this raya will not be that much enjoyable
for him, someone issued a police report on him about some
underage rape.
(with the 'incidents' happen 3 month before her 18th birthday)
Now whether farid actually done it or not is non of my concerns.
I am his friend and i care for him, (We share the same birthday)
I just need to hear the actual story,
He stop coming to work right after the wife
confronted the lady. Hence i cant get the story
from him.

The lady who are also the mangsa manage
to come to work regardless of the issue,
and she's spreading words like wildfire,
burning everyone in its path.
selling her story like its a pisang goreng panas.

he's the scoundrel,
he's the unfaithful husband,
he's the lying man who dont keep his promise.
he promised her a marriage, but he denied her love.

hell, what i think doesnt matter.
i dont think he did it, but then again
i dont think the girl lied,

but if its true that he did it,
then i'll be sad...

sad not because he'll be convicted with the allegation of course,
Sad because i always longing for her but he got her attention first!!
how la abang!! u so good with ayat meh?

...and now i'm mentally intimidated.
self esteem just flown off somewhere,
i think i'm ugly

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

311. MusangHapi ni kenapa?

Korang pernah jadi gini tak?
nak wat camana yek?
ado cookies enable ker..
tak pun cabut kipas angin belakang tu ker?
humm humm,
jadi maleh sangat nak komen kat blog orang
bila stiap kali komen,
semua window closed!!

nak kena restore balik la pash tuu..

310. Ya ka Kaya?

adehlaaa.. sakit.

Pocketeers, korang pernah sembang ngan orang kaya kaya kaya sekaya tak?
yes mesti la pernah... alhamdulillah syukur untuk kejayaan yang diorang dapat. Memoga bila diorang di puncak istana sana, diorang tak lupakan ngan orang semekin cam pocket ni.
Below are some of the conversation i've had with them.

1) Kak teh kat kajang
'kak dulu beli rumah ni susah tak kak?'
Gatal pocket gi tanya..
'susaaah, nasib baik la kak dapat beli tanah ni dulu murah..
dalam 100k gitu, then kak upah orang buatkan..
kontraktor pertama tak mampu nak teruskan,
kena cari kontraktor lain plak.. ini pun kak kena tipu..
dah abih 400ribu pun diorang pakai frame tingkap kayu murahan.
100 ribu plak nak betulkan termasuk pintu depan n balkoni tu,
sekarang ni ok lah sikit, pelan pelan nak duduk.'

haaa apa dia?
berapa ribu langsung pintu depan kak?

2) A malay singaporean who works in a factory at johor.
'kat malaysia ni kalau kami singaporean nak beli properties
kena beli yg 500k keatas u tau'
'oh!! kerajaan malaysia taknak singaporean beli sangat la kot'
kata pocket yang buduh buduh alang ni
'humm, maybe kot.. or simply profit wise kot.'
'so cik rahim nak bli ker?'
'dah sembang dah ngan bank, duk tengah pikir nak beli satu ker dua,
one for me, another for my daughter, biasa lah, bila dah dgr daddy nak bli..
rumah nya cantik cantik!'

haa? apadia? dua!?

3) Supplier yang keja sebagai QA Manager.
'I nak beli rumah, tapi i nak bayar atleast 50% dulu harga rumah,
sebab baru la bulanan tak mahal sangat. in the end rugi kalau
u buat pinjaman 30 tahun n bulanan mahal.'
'oh, tapi mana la nak ada cash nak bayar 50% tu?'
tanya pocket yang masih lagi tak paham paham...
'oh i ada duit simpanan sikit, sikit lagi cukup la nak bayar 50% of my dream house'
'berapa banyak simpanan u tu?'
'about 300k'

haaa!?? apadia? so dream house u berapa?

yes, there was a joke that says,
rich people still eats rice, same with us the miskin one.
(Well maybe they're eating an RM50 per 10kg
while i'm eating beras nasional,RM16 per 10Kg)
so what is the point of being rich?

yes, but one thing for sure is the rich...
they eat their rice in a very wide dining room
with indirect light and chandelier.
dining table made of kayu nyatuh with stainless camca,
and the table.. can fit 8 people with dishes all over yet
still have space to put the decoration flower in the middle.

when i'm eating my sahur on the cold floor
with plastic and last week papers as my pinggan.
Sikit lagi kucing jugak tau tak!!?

adehlaaaa... bila nak kaya ni?