Friday, September 26, 2008

111. LastPost

before raya...
so pocket, i have actually missed two moment today.
one is the moment in my last post 110. PerahSantan Pocket

another is the the last working day before raya.
now i know, most of us reads blog during office hour,
and with this long holiday, i'd say my blog will be full of sawang.
the only people who will goes on bloghopping would be
those in foreign country.
Zet... pocket akan makan kan kamu ketupat pulut dua keping:)

i'm suppose to put the light up for u guys to look at before u
guys gone back to jerteh or somewhere far away for the long
raya holiday. But i've missed the moment. most of u guys would only see my light up there
after raya.
tak besh laaa gini!!:)

Anyway, disini pocket menyusun sepuluh jari memohon
ampun dan maaf kepada kengkawan sekalian kalau ada
tersalah taip masa pocket mengacum kat sini.
dan pocket juga ingin mengucapkan,
selamat hari raya aidilfitri.
berhati hati dijalan raya.
cermat berbelanja,
ingati orang tersayang

Cant wait to read everyone's raya entree :) heheh

110. Perah Santan Pocket

'err, ya?' pocket was in the cloud when he was called.
Thinking about what he have done that day and what
to do tomorrow at work. Parking his EX5 nicely.
'abang, boleh tolong kami bukakkan kunci ni tak?'
says two girls in their early 20s, one is wearing
red t shirt with the selendang kinda tudung, strap
neatly at the chin with a small kerongsang. she was
wearing a white and red stripe shirt, somewhat a see
through cause i can see her black camy. (Oiihh!! posa oi!!)
Fair face with wide smile. somewhat like the ris withersp00n.
the other girls hair tip was just touching her black
t shirt by the shoulder, pan asian look, quiet all
the way, didnt make any sound. lets call her Cheryl
cause she does look like that Nescafe k1ck 0ff announcer :)
'i'm sorry?' pocket was still in the cloud,
'ni haaa... kunci ni tak nak bukak!' Ris said
holding the extra lock safely locking the front tire
of her N0uv0. cute and naive looking like a first
time stage debut of AF contestant.
'Umph, let me see' pocket was happy that something
out of the ordinary happen today. will this meeting
lead to a love story or anything? that is way beyond
the horizon. He's not thinking that far ahead. but
there's nothing wrong in getting acquainted with
some cute girl in their prime time of beauty:)
He was putting his jacket and helmet on a bushes of
bunga raya, ready to examine the girls issues.
It was then when the moment got stolen.
An old man came along asking..'kunci tak leh bukak yek?'
he squat down and taking the lock from Ris, Cheryl kept quiet.
Ris was somewhat forced to hand the key to the old man.
Her eyes then moved to me giving the look
'eh pakcik ni abang kenal ker?
the old man unlocked it without a fuss.
like there was no problem with the lock in the first

place. 'There u go'he said with his husky voice.
Pocket was like... 'WTF!!?'
and he went along like his job there is done.
acting like batman after saving a girl from some mugger.
pocket was startled, so does the girls,
'terimakasih bang!' at last i heard cheryl's voice
as i was taking my jacket and helmet.
'makasih yer' ris thanked me with a slight guilty look.
well, they have to thank someone cause batman already
running elsewhere. hoh!!
'uhuh' i just chuckled and stepped away. smile a
little like saying 'maybe next time girls'

huwaaaaa!! pocketeers!! my moment was stolen.
the girls must've been acting. pretending to have lock problem
to lure this tall black and handsome bloke to them. (hahaha! no i'm not and u know it)
what was their intention? only god knows (Perasan nya pocket ni kan?)
but baby, for u i'm game.. (Gilos punyer perasantan!!)
but!!!thanks to MrBatman!!
the moment is lost..stolen!! hoh!!
aaaaa!!! today is going to a bad day. huh!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

109. WhichGroup?

pocket percaya kawan kawan sekalian mesti pergi ke sekolah besh besh,
(well.. reading your english always makes me feel tiny, heheh)
tak kisah lah skolah asrama penuh ker sekolah separa penuh,
tak pun skolah tak penuh penuh... heh
pocket dulu pergi skolah tak asrama penuh dari tingkatan 1-3,
satu ragam jugak kengkawan kat situ.
then gi plak MR5M b*s*r1 sama sama ngan GaijinSann dan Fairuzniza,
biarpun di era yg berbeza, tp di dewan selera itu lah kami duk curi
daging burger ajer masa supper menghidang kan burger:)
memana skolah pun sama.. mesti ada kawan kawan berbagai ragam kan.. :)
heheh teringat plak zaman dulu. pocket pasti, korang mesti noti kan :)
so dalam kepelbagaian jenis kawan tu, anda yang macam mana?

yang satu group happy jer,
duk gelak ikut suka hati,
the trend maker, the head of fashion.
the boys wanna know u, the girls adore u,
the teachers fond of u,
the other trend-maker-wannabes hate u. heheh
Silk uniforms - Lev1's bags - slightly coloured hair.
heheh, the rich and famous!!
yang pendiam, ada kawan pun sorang jer,
selalu jalan sesorang, kalau orang tanya,
'ko ingat tak pocket tu?'___'err.. yg mana yek?'
'yg block c tuu'___'err, yg mano?'
'yg selalu makan sorang tu!?'___'hummm,tak kenal'
tak glamer kinda kawan^^ gitu gitu
heheh, yang huha!
tak lah ensem, tak lah lawa,
tp maki orang ikut suka ati,
sakitkan ati orang yg lalu,
konon nya happy go lucky,
tp sebenarnya annoying, hoh!! boring.
tp somehow this kinda type always stick with the rich and famous,
cause they're not rich. they're just famous. hahahah
The brain, these people have their own group,
they walk with heavy books with them.
these people usually are hated by most people,
because of their way of thinking is different.
Them: study is for better future,
the rest of the school: study is to score during exams.. hahahah
pocket is those who have two or three friends only.
The teacher knows him as the one who needs attention.
usually got picked by the famous, cause he never stand up for himself,
the rich never think much of him,cause he always dress lousy,^^
the brain never think much of him, cause he always repeats exam.
looking for his name from below in the list of student, sorted according to pointers.
hummmm... sad but happy moment :) hahaha

so pocketeers sekalian, korang dari group yg mana?
Heheh ^^
Suddenly i come to think that the story above is refering to the blogging community we are in,
just like banji's post 'Applying Basic Blog Tips To Your Life...'hummmm....
which makes me wonder ... but who is who? huhuuuuuuuu

Sunday, September 21, 2008

108. BegSyiling

korang pakai beg ni kan? cam beg kechik yg korang taruk siling.
we men dont use this, cause we usually use the lighter money,
those which can fly by the wind:)... and if we ever got shillings in our
pocket, we gave it to the poor and needy
(yeah right... macam betul jer kan..)
Just the other day i was walking in Jusc0 ere...
and i found a bag just like in the photo, i picked it up,
it was in a trolley with full of food and stuff, an old makcik was nearby
busy looking at the food ingredient, i dont think its anyone's begsyiling
so i took it and spent in on MP4 player... heheh...
Ok, end of my fantasy... i lied :D heheheh,
It was lying on the floor, and no one seems to be noticing it.
Pretend not noticing it for 4 minutes, but no one else taking any action
about it, so i picked it up. holding it fully in me hand.
i can feel that its full of money, felt like there's a few hundred in there..
or simply 8 pieces of 1 ringgit note :) heheh. i'll never know.
why? cause i choose to give the beg syiling to the urusetia counter there.
yes, if i took it, i'll be either 8 ringgit or 400 ringgit richer.
and having shawal just around the corner, i have to admit it that
i'm tempted.
but pocket, i remembered that time when my brother the filantera
lost his dompet in the TheCarnival of sung@1 Ptan1
by the end of the mandi session, all of us were packing. And filantera
just discovered that his wallet went missing. he was panic as hell.
i on the other hand was hoping that someone would found it and
hand it to the urusetia. i've went and ask. after a few questionaire to
prove that the wallet was filantera's, we got the wallet back.
Thanks to the good samaritan.
and remembering that, i choose not to spend the beg syiling i was talking about.

tapi kan pocket... itu kalau dompet, kakak tu buleh tanya nama
dan semak ngan nama kad pengenalan, kad kredit, gambo awek ker..
tp kalau beg syiling? macam la korang taruk pengenalan diri dalam tu kan?
so acaner yek?
better la kalau korang taruk keychain sket ker,
jahit some initial kat dlm tu ker , or else...
'err, ada sapa sapa sapa jumpa beg syiling sy tak?'
'ada, boleh kak buktikan beg syiling tu kakak yg punya?'
'err.. kaler coklat kulit, dlm tu ada duit ringgit ngan syiling sket'
huhuuu .. common nyer
which brings me to the question...
beg syiling yg pocket kasi kat urusetia jusc0 tu selamat ker?
harapnya dapat balik la kat tuan nya, pastinya tuan dia panic as filantera did :)
*hey.. Shawal dah makin tiba,
pocket pun dah mula menghias seseket...
tak der paper pun, gantung ketupat sket,
pacak pelita sket, gantung lampu gitu gitu,
Ok ker?:)

Friday, September 19, 2008

107. Miracle (PartTwo)

pocket!! did u saw dat?

We are only 'looking',
we dont do the whole lock picking and entering the girls room.
insufficient experience.
but they were legends that they've even entered the room and
feel the girls breath. (Why do u wanna do such thing anyway?)
u cant get anywhere nearer than that.
our view is not that clear anyway,
light off is at 11pm, so u can only rely on the dim light from the
walkway, but then again we do it.
(This explain my theory about the adrenaline rush,
we dont get much, but we luv the dangerous situation we are in)

that night was different, we got lured. one room was nice and another was nicer.
From room to room we moved. sleek and silent. no sound.
till we come to this special room, this room was particularly easy.
the lock was soft and soundless, the 'tingkap nako'was quite smooth
like someone put some grease on it. After opening the 'tingkap nako'
i was shocked with the stunning view...

I saw white clouds hovering in the air, there was nothing.
no room, no walls, no cute girl sleeping on her bed, no shadow,
no source of light,
haze? the other room doesnt have it,
drape infront of the window? why cant i touch it?
my eyes is playing trick on me? A is also seeing it.
i can see the table placed just by the side of the window sil.
I picked up a book on the table, got a name on it,
i didnt recognize the name, a long zarinatul-Shamira-zalini-hanim
kinda name. I wonder how do u put those on your name tag sis?
the name on the book is readable, meaning that its not that dark.
there was also books neatly arranged on the table,
meaning that its not a store or the toilet.
(Plus i can hear the fan spinning)
But why is it that i cant see anyone in there?
what freak me out the most was... there was
no wall,
no floor,
no ceiling,
no nothing.
except for the white fog like your neighbour is burning the dried
leaves on the evening. It was like i've just open a window to nothingness.
i did wondered, what happen if i open the rest of the window,
pry the metal bar in between, and jump in.
i'd say i'll be falling into nothingness lah kot?

i ask A, he agrees that its time for us to call it a night,
we went back in silent, keeping the question to ourself,
i did try to find the girl with that name, cute small framed girl,
shy but looks lively when she's with her friend.
Always wanted to stop her and ask..

what do u think that was pocket?
People kept on saying miracle happens here and there,
Anak derhaka couldnt get out of her mother's grave or Heavy jenazah
basically those stories u could pick up from that majalah M@5t1ka.
now dont get me wrong, i'm not saying that magazine is full of crap, cause u know the saying
'tak tumbuh tak melata, tak sungguh, orang tak kata.'

and if ever anyone told u to recites ayat kursi before sleeping
as a pendinding. Do it cause i'm sure of its effectiveness.
Cause i'm a person who have experienced the 'miracle'
first handed

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

106. Miracle(PartOne)

pocket!! did u saw dat?
To all my feminine reader. Excuse me, for the story
shows the naughty side of me, but i was young and
stupid. what do u expect from such a boy? and today's
story does not intended to arouse anger in any party
whatsoever nor it is meant to show any form of
disrespect to the ladies.

It was dark, heartbeat increasing.
Pocket was clad in black. So does @r1ff.
although both of us are newcomers in doing this,
but we're learning new stuff every time we're up
for a mission. the clock shows 230am, the walk way
was dark, walking briskly somewhat to the side
like a crab, imitating ninja move. the eyes kept
scanning the area, looking for any movement.
We stopped at the bushes separating Block F
and Block E. Block F was boys dormitory,
Block E was a two storrey dormitory shaped
like a donut with badminton court in the middle.
Block E was the girls dorm.

Pocket stayed there for at least 10 minutes,
looking for any signs of movement.
should any warden is waiting in the dark,
they'd be smoking, so pocket need to be looking
for tiny red light and the smell of cigarette.
the coast is clear. as briskly as a ninja we ran
towards the Block E wall.
Now that we've entered the forbidden area,
the heartbeat is permanently thumping like the drum
of some african tribe warsong. 'Click!!' the sound
of the 'tingkap nako' lock breaks the silence.
No movement from me and A, It was easy, all u have
to do is equip yourself with the 15cm metal ruler
to slide it between the gap at the window to unlock it.
and the rest is open up and enjoy the view.

we were hoping to see some pajamas (Yeah right!!^^)that's all,
and of course how u sleep. Now we dont get erected by
looking at how u sleep though, its kinda stupid actually.
although i have to add that we do get lucky sometime.
some of the girls does wear sexy pajamas. heheheh,

The adult pocket who are writing this think, its the
adrenaline pump that attracted us,
the feeling that we might get caught by the warden.
the feeling that we are breaking the rule,
the story we can bring back stories to brag about how
'dangerous' we are.
is somewhat ... fun.

After we've open up this one window,
i was shocked with the stunning view
i saw... (Bersambung)

Pocket, this is another piece of my memory...
am not proud of it, just wanna tell u the story:) .
the miracle happens in part two.
i know u guys definitely were naughty too when u were young.
What did u do?
Tingkap nako tu yang buka ngan satu lever dan lapan keping tingkap terbuka ngan selarinya tuu...
dalam bahasa ompteh nya apo yek?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


‘aiyooo.. pocket, lapar laaa.. makan jom!!’
‘u mau makan mana K?’
‘mana pun buleh la pocket!!’
‘KFC jom!!’ we were in kfc area of KLIA,
‘boring la.. itu eden garden tu makan apa pocket?’
K eyes is dang good.
‘itu c1n@ punya makan laaa, lagipun mahal la K’
‘McD?’ K asked me…
‘U buleh makan McD ka K!!?’ I thought he cannot take beef.
‘kicik kicik dulu bapa kita ada bawak pigi juga la pocket!!’
‘okeh, kita makan McD jom’ said the pocket happily since he’s luving it:)
Now, do not think that I’m irresponsible or insensible
to K who are from a religion which prohibit him from
taking beef.
I did asked him, His answer was convincing enough.

‘So K, u mau makan apa? Ikan? Ayam? Or daging?’
‘pocket, K mau makan burger!!’ as if he never entered
McD before, smiling like a ten years old boy, witty,
jumping on his heels like its Christmas
‘ok, big mac!!? Double cheese?’
‘K tak tau la pocket, u pilih la untuk saya’
‘Ok then, two quaterpounder please! Set number 4’
I cant remember the McValue number now but something like dat.
Paid for the food and sent K to book a table for us.
K went on as instructed. He is my subordinate.
Sometime he just obeyed me too much I think.

‘aiyoooo, banyak sedap la ini daging!! Pocket thank you,
lama tak makan Burger. U memang baik la…’

‘umph, saya pun suka, makan makan!!’ pocket keep on biting
into the quaterpounder. It was its first debut, that was my
first time tasting it. I’d say the meat is too much for two piece
of bread but if they are any double quarterpounder… I think I might just try:)
It was another two or three bite and he’ll finish the whole burger when I ask
‘so K, u memang tak kisah la makan beef?’
‘eh pocket, ini beef ka? Lembu ka?’ he stopped chewing
‘ya la.. lain dari ayam ngan ikan, lagi mana ada daging lain!?’
‘ya ka.. heh heh, eheh’ he put down the rest of the burger,
tries to swallow the rest of whatever inside his mouth with the C0ke…
‘Sir, may I be excuse?’ he asked me politely,
I just nod.
A strange smell of vomit accompanied us throughout our way
back from KLIA to Penang dat day. I felt sorry for him,
it was my mistake, and the smell is the punishment.
I didn’t go away from him, inhaled deeply hoping that me too
might puke. But my perut is a tough one.
I should have asked…
Took my second quaterpounder yesterday after all these years.
And it reminds me of K.
And the sin I’ve done.
How do u ask a delicate issue like dat pocketeers?
Do u posa today?
Do u take Chinese food?
Are u gay?
Ketam Batu anyone?
Do u drink?
Are u loyal to your wife?
Can u take beef as if Cow or known in malay as lembu?
Hummm hummmmm…

Saturday, September 13, 2008

104. Do's and Dont in Curhat

the other day i've post an entry asking all ya fine bloggers Why do u blog?
well from the 27 comment, i can make a conclusion,
that most of us just want to CurHat
(this one got from lindosh which means Curahan Hati)
but then again, what do u tell about in your CurHat? hummm..
i'd say mostly about your feelings and thoughts to things around u,
Bendul have been telling about his Relationship Saga
Ayaq Masak with her struggle learning Japanese and German
Amy is quite busy lately,
AdrySabry, how is your qigong?
CherynaP ... perut is listed at the top of interviewer checklist.
Banji with his self improvement (This is not a curhat)
the list would go on!! (Excuse me for not going on with the list. i have to get to my point)
but Curahan Hati like...
Drove over a cat today, it died, i'm so afraid it'll
become a ghost and haunt my life.
then people will come and comfort u in your comment
column, and believe me, it is comforting to reads comment
from people even if u dont even know their first name.
1)hahahah, dont worry, cats have nine life, most probably
it'll just walk away from the incident!! unscratched
2) dont worry, we cats dont haunt u in real life,
(it was u!! u killed meee!!!bleaahhhgky%$#)
hheheeheheheh... joking joking (**)
Will definitely sparks a smile on your face :)

but there's also comment like this...
3)u 5tup1d lah!! who cares about your cat!!
why dont u go and kill more and more street cats
and feed on them!! Eaten any cat lately!!?
4)I luv cats too:)
5)Hey!! i know u!! we're in the same kilang!!...
i bet people will luv to see your blog tomorrow
TrueName!! i wonder what if MrBig sees this.
Give me Rm200 or i'll blow this top out of the sky>:)
would hurt u, tear u apart, would lure u to suicidal even.

well u cant blame them,
they might just have a reason for doing it.
and i think i've did it once. its like a sin to me now,
haunting me everytime i'm seeing her icon face in
mybloglog recent visitors pad over there.
i've learnt my lesson, i wont be doing it again.

question i have to ask all of u guys who are good in doing this.
What are the do's and don't in blogging?
any mistake i've ever done?(I know this one will be painful, but i have to ask)
any mistake dat 'bald king' done?
any mistake this blogger or dat blogger done?

and lets hope that all of us can make a teladan from this question:)
End of Blues Friday

Thursday, September 11, 2008

103. Pocketship

a quick post. have been not too well,
that's why have been hopping quite 'minimum'ly
but something happened.
And i have a question to ask u gurlz...

there is this three girlz, all of them
cute and young. working in me factory
in different production line. lets name
them Cam, Lucy and drew (Charlie's angel).
Right now the HR are having a problem
with the locker. the Charlie's Angel
have to share locker. well not much
of a problem, since they are friends
and from the same asrama even.
They're putting all of their personal
stuff in there from Money to handphone
(With much and much of sexy photo inside).
All of them hold a key each to the locker.
so that if Cameron is doing OT and Drew is not,
Drew can always open the locker to take
her stuff out.

one day... items inside their locker
went missing. Lucy's and Cameron's
handphone and some of Drew money.
Finding this three of them freaked out.
for the handphone owner they're afraid
of their sexy photo flow out to the
virtual world and of course their
handphone is not that cheap. For lucy,
the ammount of money was too much for
her to loose.well what do u expect happen?
they start to pointing finger.
'U took it!!'says the three of them
pointing their finger to each other.

After a fair bit of slap here and there,
adding with some hair pulling, they went
to ask the HR to look inside the CCTV
video. To finally decide who took it.
Verified with the CCTV they finally
understood that it was somebody else
picked the lock and take their stuff.
The Mat Pit took the punishment after
the guard found Cameron and Lucy's handphone.
inside his locker... stupid mat pit...but he got
the usual 24hr resignation letter only though.
Unfortunately drew's money have been
spent to buy joint. His salary will be used to
pay for the used money. good riddance.

Question: can u still be friends after the blaming session?
i mean pocketeers, friends should understand each other.
knowing that u would not steal from me and this might be
a mistake. instead of...
'i knew it, the other day cameron bought a new shoes in the
middle of the month... definitely using my money' says drew.
Aint forgiving and understanding is what friendship is all about?

Monday, September 08, 2008

102. Y Pocketing?

'wei hang tau, tadi kan aku kena marah ngan MrBig. ahaiii, boring betul lah..'
'biasa lah tu, dah tu lagi nak sembang kat sini? pi buat keja'
Loh.. baru jer pocket nak ngacum sket.^.^
'aku ada satu teori tentang cinta.. hang nak dengar tak?'
'tak mau...'
loh.. baru jer nak ajak ngobrol
'hari ni panas kan..'
loh.. there goes the ice breaker.

so kerana itulah pocket berblog.
kerana pocket tak der tempat nak ngacum.
kekadang tu citer yang pocket nak citerkan kat orang
..terlalu abstrak
..terlalu intelligent
..terlalu stupid
..Mostly terlalu stupid
..terlalu 'bunga'
..untuk orang orang di sekeliling pocket.
dan kekadang tu terlalu malu nak citer kepada orang secara berdepan. heheeh
so that's why pocket berblog.
untuk bercerita isi hati.

what about u pocketeers sekalian?
Why do u blogging?

Amy gave me this token of luv.
and i appreciate it very much... Thanks
luv going to your place too dear...

but i have to tell that its hard to point out
which blog i luv. well i'd say all of those in
my sidebar under the clause 'Pocketeers'
(Basically all of u!!)^^
am even taking the initiative to put the
blog tracker down below not to miss out
any updated blog. hummmm :D

so pocketeers... lets 'play nice'
lets make more and more friends
lets enlarge our circle of bond.
till its enough for us to make a rusuhan...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

101. Happiness Points

now pocket, this idea have been inside me for quite a few years already.
Which means that there are posibility i've already posted about this
three or four times in the past.
So for those who never heard of it yet, here it is, but for those who heard
it a few times already... i'm not re-posting the same post just because am
out of idea, something happened yesterday that makes me wanna post this ...

Okay, lets take bujang lapok for instance...
going out with cikgu murni on a picnic.
they're going out with happy feelings inside them.
But sudin is not happy that much, he wanted to go
to the beach instead of park.

Happy points :
ajiz 80
ramlee 80
murni 80
sudin 60

Now ramlee was driving, while he was driving,
another car was driving in the middle of the road
at the speed of 40km/h.
ramlee reacted badly, wind down the window and yell
'dey!! bodoh punya driver.. jalan tepiii daaa!!'
murni was offended by this, she thinks that all
her night school student shouldnt be swearing.
Happy points:
ajiz 70 (Ramlee shout affected ajiz too)
Ramlee 70 (The car makes him yell, he's affected too)
Murni 70 (student shouldnt yell like that!!)
Sudin 50 (I wanna go to the beach!!)

At last they arrived to the park, everybody is smiling..
'baiklah kawan kawan, rentangkan kain dan mari makaaannn!!'
said ramlee acting team leader.
'ajiz, mana kain nya?'asked cikgu murni..
'eh, cikgu yang sediakan makanan, bukan cikgu kah yang
patut sediakan kainnya?'ajiz said to save himself knowing
that he did forgotten about the sheet.
'tapi... bukan semalam sudah dipesan..' Cikgu Murni becoming
sad thinking how to sit on the grass without sheet.
'itu lah kau ajiz!! lupa!! bodoh!! sudin!kau pegi beli surat kabar ari ni,
kita duduk atas surat kabar sahaja' cried out ramlee still thinks
he's the team leader. 'Kenapa aku? ajiz yang lupa' sudin refuses
'sebab ajiz bodoh dan tak boleh diharap, kau pergilah, sekali aku...'
ramlee showing his knuckle, the famous 'aku lesing kang!!'
Happy Points:
Ajiz 50 (Scolded by ramlee turned him down)
Ramlee 50 (Scolding people turned him down)
Murni 50 (disapointed for being blamed about the sheet)
Sudin 40 (he needs to go to buy todays paper)

Now pocket, the passing mark is 60points and everyone is
below the passing mark. do u think the whole picnic will
be a succesfull one?
now, if ramlee didnt shout at the slow car
everyone still have +10points,

if ajiz apologizes, laughing and make joke about him
being stupid enough to forgot about the sheet.
ajiz might end up with 60 points because of the blame,
but everyone would still stay 70 points cause ramlee might
just say... 'dah!! pergi beli surat kabar buat lapik!!'

What do u think?

A friend say this to me when i ask him
'scold them who are late today farid.. because of them, all our arrangement has gone haywire'
'heheh pocket, today is such a happy day for everybody that i choose not to :)'

Thursday, September 04, 2008

100th Post

Pocket, guess what?
this post is the 100th post after the '40Hari mencari cinta' campaign.
proposed by banji in his post '40 hari equals habit'
why did i've start this campaign?
well its because i wanted to do blogging as a habit.
a daily habit, but its hard to start something u know..
its hard to start a habit.
But i've made it till the 100th post.
cant wait till the 200th post:)
will u be there with me when i'm celebrating my 200th post?

and remember that story number 51. 10Cents?
guess what... i didnt do 10 cents but i'm doing 50 cents instead.
and see what i've got!! heheheh, anyone care to count how rich i am ?
duit rayaaaa !!! :) heheheh

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

99.The Day Paper Took Flight

'Heheh.. This is not that bad.'
Farid said to calm himself. standing at the corner
of the room, looking at nothing but wall.
Standing as a punishment for what he did.
Thinking how it sits in there
'Its not my fault actually, how was I to know the paper would make a right turn there I'm no aeronautical engineer and its not a plane!, its just a piece of small parchment of paper u fold and sling using a rubber band strap in between your forefingers and your thumb.' Farid smiles again
Not my fault, nuh-uh' He felt bad no doubt about it, but he kept on saying to himself that its not his fault over and over again.

'Now my aim was accurate. The first one did hit pocket.. what went wrong with the second one?' He remembers the whole thing in slow motion, moment by moment.
the 'lift-off', the flight, the 'easy-right', the hit.
thinking how it dropped in there.
Laughing the soundless laughter 'hik hik hik'
'Pang!!' a marker pen hit the window sill
'U shut up over there!!' Ms neela shouts.
'I'm not done with u yet!'
Farid hurt his face trying to stop smiling.
'Heheh, but it was nice. The moment the paper took flight,
Thrust to the air by the rubber band, went straight to pocket's bald
head, the launch was great, felt the power in me hand,
but as the paper took flight it took a curve away from
pocket's head... heheh, the curve was beautiful!!
nice curve indeed, Now.. how was I to know that Ms Neela is
standing there? and the missile hit it right on the
nice and soft target. The left one yes it was..
the hit was hard and strong, till u can hear the sound 'pik!!'
Hahaha, the missile even bounced!! and then landed inside the opening in between.'
then farid smiles...
thinking how it stuck in there.
Ms Neela kept on with her class regardless of 'the hit'
'huh!! how uncomfortable this feeling is, Whatever it is,
its poking my skin inside. Farid!!, u will get it this time,
u mischievous little brat. I'll make u pay. a good thing
no one realizes it. the hit even makes a sound, doesnt hurt
that much but does the skin turned red?' MsNeela steals a look,
pretending she's looking down to the staepler on the desk.
'Thank god its not red..' with a quick turn she stare at farid,
standing facing the wall. Hate, anger, stressed her from within
thinking how it sits in there.
'So how does it went?' Pocket asked half yawning from the boreness
of waiting for Farid outside of the class.
'well the usual nagging, got a slap to the cheek in the end though'
Farids smiles look weird with the half red face.
'haa!! i tot physical abuse is not allowed ere? u must have
said something terrible that triggered the hand'
'well the usual, i'm sorry. wont do it again...
regret the mistake i did,can i take it out for u?.. hahahahah'
both laughed.. heheheh
i myself smiled, thinking how do u take it out from there?A little piece of memory pocket have,
comes to me after seeing that Cloud9
where this boy was sending
a luv letter in a
paper jet but hit the teacher instead.

Monday, September 01, 2008

98. BuahLaih

Sebelum puasa,
Sorri lah pocket, balik kampung daaaa...
mestilah, datte.. cuti tiga hari damoonnn!!
ari jumaat bz sangat,
ari sabtu kena gi keja jgak... teramat la boringnya,
so balik la kampung pas tu,
bli barang barang utk picnic besok harinya,
dan besok nya kami gi Titi Hayun air Terjun.
Yeeaaa!! tp actually tak der la air berterjunan,
cuma air mengalir ngan deras jer...

The members was us and the relative next door,
they're not related but i'm soo used to having them
around that i come to luv them as if they're my own
sisters and brothers,
So that was how i've enjoyed my last day before Ramadhan.. hehehe, having picnic with grilled mutton and beef in black pepper and not to forget Chicken!!
Abg Annuar ado bawak nasi goreng and some sosej, the kids luved it, the pocket sticked to mutton only. Heheheh,

So how was your last day before ramadhan pocketeers?