Sunday, October 09, 2011

408. Syik! Asyik! Asyik!...

...asyik asyik nya berchintaaaaa....
Asyik = Obsessed

have u ever met anyone who's so obsessed
with something that talking to him/her
would be difficult and frustrating,
u cant ask anything to these type of people
without him turning the flow of the
conversation to the thing he is obsessed about.

'aku sihat la, tapi cik annuar kita nuu
tak sihat sihat jugak, haii bila la orang
kat malaysia ni nak perasan yang kita ada
PiEm yang korap dan terlibat dalam dosa dosa besar'
'oh, sihat la .. okeh, saya balik dulu yer!'

was his reply after just a simple
question about his health. Stupid no?

Its like he want people to change into
his way of thinking, and anyone who is not,
is loss in this world without guidance
to meet the creator. left miskin with rags
to cover from the coldness of winter,
titi to block rain and untreated river
water to wash the rag u slept with.

U know how we men are always competetive
in making money, that is why we dress u
the way we do, as a trophy for us to brag about.
Those shiny metal we bought u, show em off..
the more u show em, the better we look.
As the best Money Making Machine :D
But some are so obsessed in them that they
want everyone to make money like all those
meliyana do, or at least think the way
they want you to.

'oh u buat akuarium?'
'ader la 2 kaki nyer marine'
'u ni bodoh tau, buat aper taruk hiasan
yang menyedut duit kat living room tu?
baik u buat bisnes, u pandai pasal ikan,
aper kater u bela ikan hiasan utk dijual?'
'eh, i .. aaa.. macam tengah study lagi nii.'

Nah kena sebijik jadi bodoh. but mind u if u
ask him what are they doing?'adaaa lah sikit sikit'
after a few digging, u found out that he's one
of those who did forex and lost a few thousand in
that and now in the depth of debt. Hek Enneeee..

talking to people who are obsessed is no fun.
sometime i would call them stupid, stupid for
looking stupid infront of people,
bragging like he knows the politic better,
looking down on people like i'm not making money enough
preaching like i'm a mualaf, (I do look like a mualaf though^^)
questioning my action like i'm a stupid boy
who bought the wrong house.
stupid kan...

and i know, they think i'm stupid too.
stupid for not knowing who muhyidin yasin is,
stupid for spending so much in an aquarium
when i still have debt to pay,
stupid for... well i'm a bit malu already. shutting up.

oh obsessed people, who need u guys anyway.
i'll call u when i need advice ok :D


Mya said...

sumtimes obsessed people ni tend to be stalker! scarryyy

Pocket said...

Obsessed dgn kamu lah tu:D

anamizu said...

biarkan MEREKA.
we do what we should do..
prove THEM wrong ;)

cik ana

Fatin Mraz said...

to those unwanted advice.. mm

i've got sumting here, feel free to check it out..

ciK LyndaWawa said...


Dhiya Fariza said...

being obsessive in anything is never good. to me lah. my opinion.

rozeeta rashid said...

obses membawa padah. macam nak buat kempen anti-obses pulak saya ni. haha.

Mya said...

ahha. jangan obses sebab dengki sudahlah, nauzubillah. mintak dijauhkan.

cHeRyNa PiReS said...'s easy to say that sometimes a person might think that they are better than the rest. It's like...

"Eh, anak you doctor jugak kah?"
and when a man replied,

Then the person will start with...
"Tulah Pocket. Hang tak jadikan anak hang itu doctor. Tengok aku nieh...yada...yada..."

It was just to highlight that she was better than you, because your daughter was only a CEO and not a doctor. (well, of course, the logical thinking is cast usual!)

BUT...think about the other answer,

"Yes daughter is a doctor..."

Then Bibah will start to say...

"Yeke! Eh Pocket...ingat tak masa kita mengandung dulu...cara baby tu kick pon kita dah tau dia akan jadi doctor!"

Ye kan?

Cuz some people just love to celebrate the similarities...most hate to be argumentative or objective. They won't celebrate differences like we do.

Eh, don't we talk about this for hours last tome?

Pocket said...

Yes, prove them wrong,
kena usaha la sikit :D

I will check em after sis,
dun have the time yet :D

Mestilah dangdut dik,
abang kan 50an dah heheh:D

but being obsessed about a girl is good!
the lady would get anything that she want :D

in a weird and freaky way that is of course^^

katakan 'tak nak' kepada obesity!
eh! silap kempen!!

obses untuk menjatuhkan kamu,
aduilaa.. takut tuu ..

that maybe so,
but what about those that obsessed with relivious belief, making money or self-motivation?

they do compare,
but they luv if u are the same with them,

just like any tabligh guy who luv to meet another tabligh guy,
or a self motivation freak who luv to meet people who once fall but stand up once again from the deepest part of the hell by self motivation.

these people, they just want the world to change. and they're doing the best they can doing it.

iKhRam said...

semua orang ada keobsesannya yang tersendiri.
dan semua keobsesan itu mendatang byk persepsi yang berbeza. ada yang setuju, ada yang tidak.. terima saja..

kadang2 pada orang mungkin ada yang tak kene dgn idea kita..
tapi, kita yang obses, apa orang boleh kata..

p/s- dialogue pasal PM tu.. prejudis giler..!!

Anonymous said...

topik nampak je cam besa byk yg boleh dikupas. kadang beckap dgn org yg obses menyakitkan hati. baik jauhi. hahaha..

oh pocket. ko sgt pandai berpantun dan berkata-kata.

sunggoh ayu berbaju merah
gi muzium di negeri perak,
encik pocket janganlah marah,
kete saye tak muat nak ajak :D

littledolphin said...

those kind of obsession that irritates people are definitely annoying.

lari jauh-jauh dari mereka!haha

Dee said...

itu baru lah dikatakan..tya sepatah, jwb berjela2..hehehe..

Aemy Shamy said...

well, i think i'm obsessed with paramore..would i be excused for that? hehe. :p
though i know what's my obsession, but i never overreact when having conversation with people. because not everyone has the same taste as me, right?
yeah you're right..sometimes this obsessive brats are annoying.