Monday, February 23, 2009


'heheh, so hang duk buat apa tu wei? mengai ka?(Mancing ka?)'
I can realize Kak Azie is approaching my desk.
No, this is not The Azie, but the kakak who are
in-charge of measurement ere in Incoming.
'...aku keja la ari sabtu ni, memang kena mai,
nak wat camana, tak leh claim ka buleh ka,
belakang kira, barang aku tak mau NG. hahahah'
Kak Azie was standing near my desk now,
giving me the look, as if saying 'off the phone now!!'
'... ooo ya kaaa? Wei, aku tak leh nak sembang dah la,
kak azie duk kacau aku dah ni, nanti aku call hang balik...'
'Hoh!! kalau bergayut tuu!! langsung tak nampak orang dah.
Ni!! measurement tadi, check n confirm!!' She's upset now...
As i was checking the measurement.. my handphone vibrates
and the usual 'ring!!ring!!' breaks the silence.
'hello, yer..' It was ros, a girl i knew back in 2006.. a former housemate
(Believe it or not... we lived together under the same roof
but i didnt do anything out of the ordinary..
shame on you pocket!! shame on you...)
'oh!! u nak kawin? this month end? when is that,
let me put a mark on my calendar, 28th? ok...'
Kak azie is still on my side, listening, waiting.
'so, dier dari maner? mesti bukan calang orang punyerlah!!
i know u and your high taste, heheh:)'
i'm checking the measurement Kak Azie waited for,
signing on the end of every OK or NG values.
'Ok, u dont be worry, i'll be there with the best present for you yer,
babaiiii... see u then'
and as i put the phone down, the measurement was also done,
hand it to Kak Azie with a smile.
'Kalau jantan, kasar beno bunyinyer...
kalau pompuan berbunga bunga mamat KL celup nih,
naik getik aku, '
Kak azie pulled a fast one and i was speachless to her allegation.

Why? Yes i know that men talks differently to girls,
and for girls that we are fond of, it'll be icing and strawberry
with brown sugar on top.soooofffttt and sweeeeeeet.But why?

maybe bendul and banji's answers will be different,
wanna hear what Kon and adry sabry have to say too...
Filantera? kinda know your answer already.. hahahah

but as for me, my reason would be...
...because girls talk to me in such a way,
that i'm also talking to them as such.

but of course only to those who do the 'talking' gets the 'talk'
I mean i dont go to the post office clerk and
'Haaayiiiii, u buleh tolong i tak?boleh laaaa... boleh laaaa.... naa :)'
With my hand put together...
and with this reason, i'm blaming the girls for talking the cute talk.
Misguiding me to talk the talk.hahahahahahah

Can ka?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

149. WeChoose

Yes yes,
previously i've posted about this and here is the sequence.
It's just like those movie where they make sequal till its way too
rediculous to let an old hero to jump, punch, fight whipping his whip around in indianaJoned pat hahahahahah

previously its about dots resembling smiley face,
and its about our mind will be looking for anything fun
or pleasant to feel good about it. (yes i think u've read it below)

now here comes a more interesting question.
if our mind connect dots into shape,
and making fun of any interesting shape we see.

Then what about zodiac?
One day long long ago,
two bored man looked upon the star and saw 3 stars in a row.
'Hey!! that looks like a belt!'
'yes!! and the star beneath it looks like the skirt of a greek hunter!'
They connected the dots and Orion comes to our life.
And i think so does pisces, leo, sagitarius, scorpio,guys!!
that is just the same as what we use to do in kindergarten!!
connect the dots.
And after a few hundreds year of creative imagination and poetic literature,
men who were born in december is a sagitarius, a half stalion half archer with
great bod who happen to luv music, good looking, pleasant to be with,
a free soul who able to live out of his suit case and imaginative enough to find
the connection between smiley face and zodiac. ehehehehhe:)

Now people... How is it that a 'dot connecting game' can tell ones personality?
better yet... How is it that a 'dot connecting game' can tell ones luck?

hows my day today, tomorrow or the whole year?
its just like banji's post 'A Personal Letter For You' where its stated
'People are categorized according to their DOB with mythical creature as a symbol.
This subconciously had opened our mind that everything said about that particular
group (capricorn, sagitarius etc) is very true.
People sometimes follow the advice given by the horoscope religiously'
yes, we choose to make it our own.

I guess we like to hope for the best,and by knowing that mid of 2009,
a sagitarius will find his breakthrough would definitely give me a tiny
light in this dark and creepy place i'm living in.
we see what we want to see,
we perceive the easiest,
we search for hope in everything(Even in dots)
For security, comfort, happiness.(Jadi tak pocket pantun?yea!!)
But people... from dots?
I know some of u might disagree,
let me hear what u think ya? :D

Polka Dots, Keriang Dots,

Monday, February 16, 2009

148. U Choose...

Back in august i guess, i've commented in Lindosh's
blog about a photo she took dat have a ghostly image
at the back.(Tried to look for the link but i cant, its not there anymore ... sorry yer lindosh)
My comment was something like ...
'alaaaa lindosh, dua titik digabung kan ngan satu lg titik
ngan kedudukan
seadanya memang nampak cam muka,
kalau tak , tak leh la kita wat smiley face camni kan...
:) :P :D :0 ...'
senseless or insensitivie? well maybe but that's the
truth about dots, u see them three with such formation, u'll see a face.
U see them two small dots, and one bigger oval dot, u'll see a face.
u see two small dots and a line, u get smiley faces :)

The mind simply choose what to see and perceive the easiest.

Have u ever got this e mail that show plants grow to the shape that resembles man and woman physical intercourse?
(Peh, nak wat ayat yg platonic tu susahkan, ker plutonic? tonic cap kaki tigaaaa!!!)
i have, its not only intercourse, but some other erotic
shape that i dont think its appropriate for me to show it here.
If u look at some of the image, u'll find that most of it is ridiculous. Why would one connect such shape with an erotic figure?
Here comes another proof of our mind loooove to make its own perception.
Getting erected by it? i doubt it...
just for the fun of it? i guess so...

now here comes a more interesting question.
If our mind connect dots into shape,
and making fun of any interesting shape we see.

Then what about zodiac?
we saw dots in the sky,
we connect the dots,
Walla!! there's a scorpion,
a half man half stag, TheSagitarius
Alif Mim Nun Wau = Sarkis (Alaaa, dacing tu lah)

I'm sagitarius by the way, U?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

147. PocketYgPatahJari

'Hello, my name is Patrick from TMNet,
is it available for me to talk to you Mr POcket?'
'Ok, any update on my internet line?'
'well, after verifying the condition at your place,
the soonest date that we can connect you
will be 30thMarch. Is it ok with u sir?'

Patah jari lagi pocket...
tak leh nak update cam selalu lagi pocket,
tak leh nak stalk other blogger cam slalu lagi pocket,
tak leh nak tukar background lg pocket,
terpaksa update dari CC lg pocket,

Saturday, February 07, 2009

146. TagDrFilantera

waaahhh!! kena tag dek dafilantera!!
heheh, dia sajer la tu, nak balas dendam tuu,
tapi akan pocket wat kan jugak!!

Tag dari Filantera: Kepochi Pasal Kerja

1. Apa jenis pekerjaan anda?
memastikan barang yg masuk ke dalam production berada
dalam keadaan yang sihat walafiat belaka.
jangan ada cacat cela, kalau ada sekeping dua yg tak
berjeneh tu pocket akan amik gambo dan antar gi supplier
yg buat barang itu, dan suruh depa betulkan.
antar barang baaaaiiiiik saja.

2. Tugas anda hari ini?
1) Setiap kali supplier antar barang yang tak cukup sifat,
pocket akan isu corrective action report kat depa,
depa kena reply(Selalunya tak)
kalau tak reply.. kena kacau depa...
kacau kacau kacau
2) kalau ada production feedback kata 'barang ni buruk!!'
pocket akan lawan 'tang mana buruk!!?'
production yg jahat 'panjang sangat!!'
pocket yang hensem 'drawing kata 27.2+/- 0.15mm mari kita tgk siapa yg kena!!?'
selalunya pocket yang kena...huhummm(_ _;
3) pocket juga kena gi kilang orang dan mencari salah mereka...
'camana korang buat kulit karipap ni?'
'kami guna kayu ni dan gelek jer lah'
'korang kontrol tak ketebalan kulit karipap ni?'
'err tak la plak, kami rasa tak perlu'
'mana buleh tak perlu!! karipap yg kulit jer tebal inti cikit mana sedap!!'
'aaaa... okeh okeh, kami akan tambah thickness checker sebelum assembly'
but ofcourse its not always that easy. (Contoh jer karipap tuuu)

3. Fesyen yang dipakai ketika bekerja pada hari ini?
Pocket kena pakai uniform ...
boring boring... utk pompuan kena tuck in tudong,
utk lelaki kena pakai suar sendiri(memang la , takkan orang lain pakaikan kot)
kena pakai suar bli sndiri.
so ari ni fesyen ku adalah... uniform!!
4. Jenis kasut yang digayakan ke tempat kerja?
kasut standard satu kilang pakai.
tapi ada lubang .. kononnya ruang legar lalat la.
(Eh tak!! ruang udara tuuu)
so the only colour a girl can show is her socks. Boring kan
(Come to think of it, tag ni hanya utk wanita kot... lelaki mana la nak nayang kasut sangat. dan kasut lelaki tak menarik mana heheh)

5. Haruman yang dipakai hari ini?
Pocket ada bedak kat kilang,
pasal orang gmot gmot cam pocket ni cepat berbau,
takut plak nanti susah nak mengayat bebudak seberang
yg ramai sangat tomei tomei kat kilang ni.
so pocket pakai ini!

7. Adakah anda berjaya menyelesaikan tugasan anda pada hari ini?
yes!! ari ni pocket telah berjaya kacau depa sampai 11 report ter'reply'!!
memang besh.:)
isu baru punya lagi pat.

TIngin nak tau amy keja camana...
hanachan pakai kasut aper yek?
ayaq masak tak keja so tak leh jawab lg.
adry sabri...ko keja apa yek?
kak saloma!!!tingin nak tgk what do u wear to work.
fiona keja cikgu kan..
DrYan? anda bagaimana??
Mira dah kena tak lagi tag ni?
tidak dilupakan utk bendul yang mesti pakai kasut
lebih kurang pocket jugak tu.

sila jawab yaaa!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

145. AiDontWannaMissASing

'I could stay awake, just to hear you breathing,
watch u smile while u r sleeping, far away and dreaming,
i could spend my life in this sweet surrender,
i could stay lost in this moment forever,
well every moment spent with u,
is a moment i treasureeeeee
forever and eveeeerrr!!! (ending menaik macam penyanyi asal wat^^)

i dont wanna close my eyeee, i dont wanna fall asleep,
cause i'll miss u babe, and i dont wanna miss a thing.
And even when i'm missing uuuuuuuuuuuu,
the sweetest dream would never do
cause i'll miss u babe, and i dont wanna miss a thing.

Nananana nanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ...'(lagi ending menaik macam penyanyi asal wat^^)

'cuba hang meratip ka berzikir ka bagi kat budak tu.
baguih la jugak pada hang duk menyanyi lagu tak toghah tu,(Toghah = tentu arah)
nak kata dia tidoq dengaq hang rengkah nyanyi pon
dak jgak aku tengok. tu la orang zaman la ni,
bukan nya nak baca quran ka zikir ka, lagi dok menyanyi...
besok besaq masuk amerikan aidol.
menyanyi pakai baju tak senonoh... bla bla bla...'


baru jer nak layan erosmis, apo la maktuk niih!