Friday, October 31, 2008

122. Invisible Pocket

Have u ever heard the story about the king who asked
all the tailor in the kingdom to make him
an-out-of-this-world dress? and so comes a tailor
who produced an invisible dress for the king. Everyone
who looked at the dress cant see anything,
but they nod saying that its an invisible dress,
even quote 'only the smart one can see the dress'
Everyone nodded,
the king nodded because everyone nodded,
no one wants to be the stupid one, not even the king.
so every one say that they can see the dress.
Just like tok penghulu who can see the kambing dancing
with the lembu under the tree from NujumPakBelalang.
(Cant Get enough of P Ramlee)
And of course everyone fear the king.
for the king is the source or living.
without the king consent one cant even fart.
Once the dress is ready, the king wishes to wear
the invisible dress and take a stroll in the town.
The tailor lift the invisible dress carefully as if it cost a
million ringgit. (There's nothing actually, just angin la kot)
and put it on for the king.
He walked in the town, all the people looked and cheered
at him. well, he's the king isnt it? all the townsfolk was
murmuring how beautifull the dress is,
everyone dont want to be stupid. everyone feared the king.
Then out of nowhere,
come a little boy about the age of 3 or 4, too young to vote screaming
"what a shame! a naked man walking proud in the mid
of the town! and its not that big either!hahahah"
(OK, i add the 'big' thing.. heheheh cant help it^^)
and as the king hear this, he ask the guard nearby.
"is it true that i'm naked?" and he finally know it was the fear
and ego that makes people sees the invisible dress.
and the little boy was right,
an honest opinion fromsomeone who would
not gain nor loose anything either way.

Ever heard that story pocketeers? cant remember much
but i think that's about the point of the story.
(Telling the story took me half of my word count quota)
The thing is, have u ever wanted to say the thing on
your mind regardless of what people might say.
Voice it out just how u wanted it?
Just like that little kid from the story.
'i like u'
'i hate the merry go round'
'i like cofee'
'i dont want to move in with u'
but pocket, we usually think of people's feeling.
Foreseeing what may happen if i say this and that.
which is a good thing since all of us are adults.
and we dont want to be hated by our mulut celupar.
(There u go, i'm being adult again)
instead we kept on staying behind the bushes.
'umph, awak ok'
'i bukan tak nak naik, tp macam sakit perut la so..'
'teh pun ok, tp sini ada kopi tak?'
'considering the distance of my house and your house
to the workplace, and i have to take that guy for our
carpool, i think that it is wise for me economically and
hygienically to consider on postponing that idea till
next year, and we'll see'
well i guess we've grown up to be a good people.
WHo would think first before we speak.
(Or type for the blogging community)
regardless of how the outcome may effect us,
we tend to put communities harmony first.

So Pocketeers, regardless of what is wrong or right, let me hear what do u think:)
(Hey!! dah abih type dah teraasa cam dejavu,
bendul pernah tulih karangan yg sama dulu
honne and tatemae)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

121. Pocket and Soccer

pocket tak sukakan bola sepak.
kenapa? sebab pocket tak pandai main bola sepak.
kenapa? maybe sebab pocket dianugerahkan dengan
special design di kaki kanan masa lahir mengurangkan
kemampuan bermain bola sepak.

Have u ever tried!?
yes i've tried and i've tried so hard to like soccer.
satu tika dulu pocket pernah main dua tiga kali,
seronok sangat main satu position ni dimana
pocket kena pastikan siapa yang menendang bola
keluar dari padang dan angkat bendera bila bola out.
tapi terasa sedih bila dapat tahu bahawa pocket
bukan bermain untuk pasukan GooAr cmpdak HiSchool
tp utk pihak penganjur.
Teramat lah sedihnya...
pocket punya la tak pandai main sampai diorang tipu pocket,
layan pocket cam budak spastik jer. hoh!!
impact nya membuatkan pocket kurang dan makin kurang
untuk mengetahui apa apa pun tentang BolaSepak.
Sampai sekarang tak tau warna rasmi MU ataupun CHelsea.
Sampai sekarang tak tau MU dan chelsea tu dari negeri mana...

Dan titik yang membuatkan pocket bukan sahaja berenti
terus dari mendekati bola sepak... malah menjauhi
bola sepak sekali dan seterusnya adalah :

Narrator: and he's going for it, passing the
defender, what a great move by beckham,
a slick foot work there
and he shoot!... goooaaaallll!!! an accurate kick to
the corner of the goal, that's the third goal today
from beckham and bla bla (voice fading out)
Farid : gooooooolll!!! fullamak cantik nya gol dia.
Pocket: umph, international macam tu la, memang la cantik...
(Flipping a magazine about gardening)
Farid was still smiling ignoring pocket.
Pocket: padang dia pun cantik jgak, berbelang belang gitu.
tak macam padang skolah kita kan...

and by that i became the laughing stock for the
rest of the night. hurt me like a knife piercing
my ears as they kept on laughing.

now tell me pocketeers, is it my fault that i hate soccer?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

120. HecticWeek

19 Haribulan 10 : Came back from kon's wedding at 1130pm. how penat...

20&21 Haribulan 10
Went to work as usual,
Our TS satu nam smilan pat smilan
re evaluation audit is on wednesday,
work work work...

22&23 Haribulan 10
Flew myself to Thailand.. the usual,
went to a screw making company...
never knew how screw was made.
well.. now i know.
Audit ere and there...
japanese food all the way...
24 Haribulan 10
Flying back from thailand and met MrK!
(Remember QuaterPocketer story?)
Went to BurgerKing in SuvarnaBhumi airport.
This time i ordered chicken for him:) eheh
As i've landed in Penang, i got a call from the family to go for bowling.
huish!! penat nyer tapi keceriaan semua orang membuatkan lelaki ini
dapat jgak 137... sikit la utk orang yg bebetul main bowling.
banyak la jgak utk orang yg pegang bola setahun sekali:)

25 Haribulan 10
i still have to scan in at the company by 7am. worked till 3pm and i've went back for the preparation.
table to arrange,
pengantin's table to decorate,
kids to look after...
(More to teasing them around.. heheh)

26Haribulan 10
The wedding day. sunny day... the sky is blue, light piercing everyone's eye. Right after Zuhur prayer, the bride and groom arrived to the wedding ceremony. What a crowd. (But this time i'm the only photographer.. not like previous) all clad in their finest outfit. but i'm wearing a checkered shirt ahaaiii...

I have to say that i was not totally satisfied taking the bride and groom's photo inside the room. I have so much more pose that i wanna make em pose for me, but the time constraint and battery.
Or is it me who needed to demand more.
Lets hope kon himself comment on that :)

The night ended with me going to work again!! Night shift from 1am to 7am, aduhaiiii kasih aduhai. I am so out of shape till i've fallen asleep every 1 hour but i've managed to write a few post for my entry here...
a few audit report...
an e mail sent...

so starting tomorrow people, i will be posting more story
ere like usual:) got so many story to tell... question to ask :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

119. Kon's Wedding

Pertamanya ingin sangat lah pocket memanjatkan
ampun maaf kepada Pocketeers sekalian kerana
lambat update (_ _; ini kerana pocket teramat lah
bz nya kebelakangan ni. (Demam pun gi keja jgak)

Setelah kami memenuhkan tanki dengan petrol.
dan juga nasi lemak roti canai tempek untuk tanki
pemandu. Kami menyertai arus kereta di atas HiWay Utara Selatan yang caj melampau lampau punya mahal tu. Bukan la nak komplen banyak. Tp setakat gi SP selatan dari SP Utara tu pun kena singgit pat ploh. ku rasa kau cekik darah.

Ari ahad tu ada Sepang GT ker apo ntah. Pocket tak layan sangat so tak tau pun apo... tp yg pastinya perjalanan kami ditemani oleh Motor motor mahal yang terasa mahal lagi dari keter kancil, tapi diorang tak payah bayar tol. So unfair when they're doing 170km/h but not paying anything. huhuuu...

kami sampai di kl, lots of arrangement went on. in the end i have to drive the kids to the wedding place. dpt drive H0nda 0ddesey lagi! huhuuu.. bukan nak buhong la.. padan la keter tu mahal. heheh. tp pocket tak amik gambo benda tu... alahai. kena posing dpan 0ddesey tu baru besh. heheh.. tp sayang seribu kali sayang... sebab 0ddesey tu jgak lah tak sampai ontime. manoooo la pocket yg biasa jalan satuuuu ni jer nak reti drive kat KL yang berselirat ngan highway, tol, flyover and traffic light. sesat sekali kat plaza tol SgBalak ... dan gi pusing plak ke Plaza Tol batu sebelas.. hahahah...

The next day, matahari panas sangat.
and the wedding was fabulous. heheh
tgk la keter tu,
tgk la orang yang shoot tu.
tgk la Mamat yang panas tuu.

we depart back from there at 330pm arrived in Penang at 1130 pm, a little slow if u ask me, but i'm not doing 100km/h cause of the rain. and we've stopped at three R&R just to freshen up.
Seriously baru tau yg kat R&R tu ado tempat
mandi... pocket mandi jgak.. besh jer rase:)

so disitu lah tersedar...
maybe they're taking the bigger portion of our money, but with the effort that they've put. Ok la kot... tak gitu?
(Pernah singgah Bukit Gantang? cantik kan ^^)

Ehh!! tajuk nyer Kon's Wedding kan?
sekali promote HiwayUtaraSlatan daaaa...:)
last but not least... The Couple^^
Congratulation Kon...

Friday, October 17, 2008

118. KL Trip

i am so dang bz now... why?
its because i have an audit next week,
i have to go to thailand again 23rdOct
and i'm going to KL Tomorrow:)

Its Kon's wedding tomorrow.
Kon's engagement was on march and he's tying the knot
tomorrow night. heheh, one more bachelor tied down
to the ball and chain :) heheh

so pocketeers, i am sorry but next ngacuman from me would be monday morning:)
cant wait to show u the phot i'll be taking.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

117. ComPocketition

as if competition
pocket, ere in this company, i work as the CSI.
which stands for Crime Scene Investigator,hahahhah:)
well, my work scope also requires me to the same thing as
u've seen in the TV except for the 'Freeze!! bang!! bang!!'
'u have the right to remain silent, everything u say can or
may be use to againts you in the court of law.'
heheh, like those macho and handsome FB1 solving murder case.
For me it'll be more to solving problems with the production line.
so whenever people having problem with a plastic part,
'pocket pocket, masuk!!'
'pocket masuk dah laaaa'
'pocket ada problem in line 3, button stuck'
'pocket nak gi dooohhhh' walkie talkie berbunyi..
gitu gitu.
every problems is considered as one case.
My evaluation is based on the amount of cases i've
solved and the smoothness of the production line producing the product.
hummmm hummmm... well that's all about a bit of my work.

The Problem.
i have a colleague. He's good, not that i am worst
or anything but having him by my side makes me feel the heat.
The feeling that i need to solve more cases daily.
at least more than him.
The feeling that i have to ensure the production
line is smooth. At least better then his.
Like a race to the end. I simply want to be there first.
No Doubt that this is a healthy competition, but i hate it.

Why do u need to compete? u might ask.
it is all coming down to MrBig's approval.
a simple word of 'good!' by the end of any case.
Now we are having good competition ere in our kilang,
but sometime i do felt it that his good intention is somewhat...
'questionable' (Its normal during competing to have this thoughts)
and i bet he felt the same way with me too.
its like i'm feeling this vibe that he is stabbing me in the back
by doing this and that... (Of course he is not..)
and i bet he is feeling the same way too about me.(This i'm not sure)
but yet we are friends who sits in front of each other during lunch. :)
and i do believe that the 'back stabbing feeling' is just my 'sangkaburuk'

The question.
I bet u guys have your own competition right?
competition between two contestant (Usually its only two)
where u'd do anything to outsmart your opponent.
sacrifice some of your needs just to make sure its u on the
winning stand and not him/her. Now it doesnt have to be in work only.
There is always 'MrBig' in every situation,
Bapak and Mak, (Utk adik beradik)
Mak Mentua and Pak mentua, (Utk Menantu)
Ketua Kampung,
Ketua bahagian Permat@ng P@uh
Kapten Kapal Terbang, (But this is work)
Husband (Utk yang bermadu)
two men impressing one girl or ...
two girl impressing one man maybe?

how do u compete dalam aman yer?
how do u keep it straight? no back stabbing..
how do u 'sangka baik'? (Keeping the positive thoughts)

hummm... Care to share your story pocketeers?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

116. TheDayRubber TookFlight

Pocket.. remember the story TheDayPaperTookFlight?
Well this one is similar, but in another time with different character :)
Salty, he tried to lick the salty liquid, tracing the origin.
Its from the corner of his mouth. Wiped some of the liquid that
flowing out and found his hand drenched in red colored water.
It was blood. He is bleeding.
Realizing this makes his eyes watered.
Pocket looked up at Norasliza. She's still in silent.
Facing the ground, hand covering her eyes.
as if she's crying, although pocket knows she was not. huh!!

Everybody was looking at them,
pocket wanted to say his defensive speech but he realize that
its no use to tell the whole class why is he on the floor bleeding
and Liza was 'pretending' to be crying over there.
Besides, talking with an aching jaw is not that fun.
The word would come out wrong.
Aching so much, yes his jaw is.
In pain so much, yes pocket is, but...
is it the gum that causes the pain?
is it the lips?
is it the teeth?
might be his pride.

Yes, his pride is hurt, even a standard 5 schoolboy knows about pride.
Hurts him more when it was N0r4sl1za (Actual name)who pop it once to him.
He Likes her, but now she clearly hates him.Everyone watches them in aw,
what did pocket do to make him worthy of such punishment?
A knuckel to the cheek. Slamming any form of dignity down the drain.

'apa yang dah jadi ni?' asked an adult voice, a voice of authorities.
'semua jangan berkumpul disini, sila kembali ke kerusi masing masing'
Pocket is still sitting on the floor, soundless.
Ashamed of being hit by a girl. kept on saying to himself 'i dont deserve this'

Cikgu Ani moved the fallen chair to the side. Kneel down to pocket and ask,
'kenapa pocket? sakit kat mana?' POcket kept his silent.
The nice smell of cikgu ani kept him amused.
'laaa.. daraah, meh sini cikgu lap' and as Cikgu Ani was taking out her hanky..
'hiiiiiiiii...'liza starts to cry. Even with his blurry eyes, pocket can see that liza's
tear starting to fall down. (What? She have to wait for Cikgu Ani first?)
'laaa.. liza yang tumbuk, kenapa liza pulak yang nangis?'
Cikgu Ani tries to keep her voice unemotional,
trying not to step on any side yet.
handing the hanky to pocket like..
'do it yourself will ya!'

'pocket teghebeeee' at the top of her voice.
'pocket!! betui ka?' sounded disapointed.
'isk! bukan, kami tak teghebe dia pun!'
'betui hoo! dia teghebe kami dengan getah.. kuat!! sakit..waaaaaa'
liza was fishing for pity.
'dak!! kami tak salah!kami cuma teghebe bagi getah tu lalu depan mata dia saja, yang dia pi jengoih muka dia ke depan tu pasai apa!? padan muka kena mata! hoh!'

and Cikgu Ani hug Liza, calming her.
Looking at pocket with disapproving eyes.
Hoh! She's clearly on her side now.

pocket salah ker?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

115. TheStatePocketIn

Its Saturday, 240am..
Pocket's face is now covered with his own mukus,(Mukus ker perkataan utk hingus?)
He have been sneezing his nose off for every 4 second till he dont care to wipe off
the mukus anymore. Its painful, yes
try doing it for 3 hours straight! Its tormenting!
The clothes he's wearing is heavy. (When do u feel that your clothes is heavy?
for zet who are in Japan battling the winter.. yes u might)
but regardless of the thick clothes he's wearing, coldness surrounds him like a ghost trying to enter his body from dat ancient movie 'Gh0st'. Feeling it all over causing his spine to shiver, rattling his ribcage making him sneeze some more.
(Is it hollow in there filantera? cause i do hear a clicking sound everytime it blows.)

His mukus coated fingers are trying to type... but its two-finger typing now.
For he could not know what is it he's touching. Once a keyboard, seconds later its the leftover of the D0min0's pizza he had for dinner. No wonder the word doesnt come out right.
(I ate the Tuna thing proposed by NeM0, but this poor tongue just cant taste right anymore)

Yes, i'm demam folks,
I'd like to post about an old memory of mine, but i couldnt.
Ideas just wont come when its raining mukus on your monitor.
(will mukus make my monitor turn to blue lindosh?)
hummm, I might consider on getting a wiper.

So do come again on Monday morning.
If there's no post, call the 911!
Banji and bendul know where i live!^^
Sha... its 316am and i'm craving for ketupat (_ _;

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

114. Took My Pocket Away

The other day i was talking with a lady i am a fan off.
She's just an ordinary girl working ordinarily with great smile
and a chubby cheek dat U just wanna pinch till it bleeds,
and somehow I'm infatuated by her. Who is she?
Lets keep the lid on that one shall we :)

so we were talking about the phrase 'take my breath away'
I know u guys have heard it before.
But have u ever experienced it?
how does it feel like? when do u feel this?
hummmm, when yaaa? U'd say...
when U look at the stunning view of your lady,
dressed in her pure white outfit walking the isle.
gracefully walking like a swan gliding on the lake showing off her beauty.
(For those who's getting married in a church lah kan)

When a father first laid eyes on his new born baby,
looking all vulnerable, eyes closed, nose twitching
and even yawning sometime. alahaaaaiiiii tomei nyaaa:)
Now below is my interpretation of the word 'take my breath away'.
I'll try to describe it as near as it is... or atleast as what I'm feeling it.

Ever come across a sad moment in a movie?
-The moment when the astronauts son yelling to her
mom 'mommy!! the sales man is on TV' in armagedd0n.
-The moment when eve was crying wall-e's name when
he was blocking the metal thing from closing.
or the moment when jack was saying his last word in T1tanic
(I honestly didnt felt anything though, never liked deCapr10 dat much)
do u feel the sadness striking your chest like there's some kind of
hydraulic effect inside?
Breath taking moment is like that but in a loving way. in a happy way.
make u gasp the air for a while and exhale it with 'haaaaa...' or 'fuiyooooo!' eheheh

or have u ever ever got terrified listening to a bad news pocket?
like u know a member of your family is traveling
by air tonight and a flight is hijacked.
he might not even be in that flight.
but u still felt the blood rush and touches your
chest saying 'OMG!! hope he's alright'

Breath taking moment from pocket point of view
is like that but in an overwhelming way,
makes u smile right after. makes u feel glad.

and looking at your photo the other day
just took my breath away dear friend,
and dont let anyone tell u otherwise.

so pocketeers, any breath taking moment lately?
and how do u define yours?

in malay i'd say its 'sebak dada' happily huhuuuuuuu ... Can ka?

Monday, October 06, 2008

113. TalkTheTalk

'so mimi, whacha doing?'
'oh, nothing much, just got out of the shower, getting ready for my nap, u?'
'out of the shower ya? still with the towel?'
'nope, am wearing my sleep wear now'
'huuuu.. now let me guess.. a big t shirt only'
'ahaaaaaa, yup, eheheh'
'and do u have anything else under those big t shirt? something smaller maybe'
'huhumm, well....'

and the talk goes on ... to the extend that they're
talking about what lies under those 'something smaller'
bla bla... (U know what i mean^^)

i bet u guys have encountered those kinda talk previously,
or somewhere earlier in your life. For those who are still
in their late teenage life or in the twenties, u'r still not too late.
i dont know what is it called.
Pep Talk? i dont think so. basically those talk to arouse
the opponent s*xual feeling.

when a boy fell in love with a u, (Seriously or not, that is another thing though)
he's using those Celc0m 1+23 plans which allows him to be
able to talk 24/7 for free. Out of all those hours of talking,
there must be a time where both of u get naughty. (For boys, i'd say most of the time)
and u start to talk explicitly.

its a pleasure to the guys,yes..
but does it have the same effect to the girls?
i'll leave that to u gals to answer.

a friend of mine actually having a BF who lovs to talk 'the talk'.
She did told him that she felt uneasy about it,
uneasy about telling him...
...where does she like it, does she like it,
when the BF persistently asking her.
i did wanna ask her though, what did he talk about anyway? what did he ask?
but then i'll be the same as her BF are'nt i? huhuuuu (Have to keep my standard up)

so can i ask u fine pocketeers?
-do u get aroused by those talk? i mean, are u enjoying it as much as boys do?
-ever had any experience with this? how do u stop em?
-is it normal? and when is it ok to talk the talk, and when is it to early?

this post might be smacking me back right on the nose bridge (Batang idung)
but i take my chances. U may put your two cents with your name boldly written
on top or u may stay an0nym0us. but put in some initial so that i can adress
u during comment reply.

i'm posting this on my friends behalf.
u'll be doing her a great help by putting
an honest comment.
I wanna hear em too^^ heheh
(Pocket just being the boy he is)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

112. FirstPost

yes.. much to say, too many stories dat i wanna tell u,
i have to type them up before i forgot some of them.

Hari raya pertama, kitorang wat protokol biasa,
bangun pg, gi semayang raya,
then balik, bermaaf maafan:)
gi ziarah kubur ngan baju raya yg merah ang ang tu.
pulang dari menziarah kubur tu,
terus gi umah cikgu narimah,
teringin sesangat nak tangkap gambar yg ada kat situ
masa tu, tp teramat lah sangapnya bila pocket tak
ajak 'dewi' gi sekali umah cikgu narimah, hummmm..
nyesal nyesal nyesal tak abish lg nih!!

so pocketeers, tak der la plak gambo pocket ngan
kengkawan kali ni, Bob pun balik.
so raya kali ni agak special. tp teramat lah bodoh
bila tak ditangkap nyer gambo gambo mase pocket
bertandang ke umah cikgu n kengkawan.
kalau tak, buleh jgak taruk muka diorang kat sini:)

anyway, this is the family,
can u guess which one is the pocket?