Wednesday, February 29, 2012

531. U Jump, I jump

everybody kept on talking about campaign on
things that they believe or things that they
thought it was right. religiously, morally. do not smoke,
mari menabung,
sesudu sudah cukup,
jaga yang lima,

but what do we ever actually did about it?
Is it enough for us to do it ourself?
have u ever go out there and stop your
friend from smoking, buy him the expensive
quitting gum? no i dont think so..
hell i've never did so too.
I guess in a way i'm weak.
I dreamt of a wonderful world,
but I've never worked for it.
ohh.. menaip ini sedangkan kerja kat kilang
tu bertambun tak abih lagi agak menyakitkan
ati.. besok nak OT lah.. kearah pekerja cemerlang.

Enough of the intro, to the point pocket!
heyya pocketteers!!
here I am trying to change the world
one tiny step at a time :D
I am going to do a give away!!!
hoyeah bebeh!!
3 McD vouchers for grab!!

by the end of March,
I am going to donate my blood to a nearby hospital.
I am going to post about it. A wordless maybe,
a lengthy one telling how beautiful the doctor was
and how soft her hands was also OK :D

3 of the earliest comentator in that post
that also did a post about their recent blood donation
will win the McD voucher.
simple kan?

so in that post.. u can comment saying :
'pocket!! aku pung aku pung!!
sila refer post aku bertarikh bla bla bla... '
and if I find that u did donated your blood
in that post recently as u are one of the
three first comentator.
U'll win one piece of the RM10 McD Voucher.

1) Do a blood donation and post about it.
2) Place the campaign banner above in that post.
3) the blood donation must be a recent one.
March'12 punyer okeh!
4) the blood donator does not have to be the 
blog owner, u can seduce your hubby or place 
a knife on your BF's neck making him to do it. 
In case of this, a certain proof is needed for 
the relationship.
Even a friend of yours are also OK.. just dont 
make it a random pakcik  who has no relation 
with u but still u'r taking picture with him 
as a proof to this GA... that is simply keji ok :_D
5) u'll be needing some proof on the blood donation, 
pictures, the small red book with his/her 
name and date :D. Maybe a picture of u 
with him during the blood donation... 
anything that can be countable as proof.
6) Get the small red book will ya, collect the
sticker to become a datok when u've reached
200 donations!! (This is a lie)
7) iklan this campaign in your blog starting 
from now will ya, am hoping that we can reach 
40 blood donor on that day.
8) The winner will be the first 3 blogger that 
comment on my post about my own blood donation 
by late of march. 
(harapnya pocket pun sempat lah nak derma darah kan..)
9) The comment mentioned in no 8, must have 
an accurate description of his/her post about 
his/her blood donation above.
10) Of course, the penganjur have the right to
refuse or change any pembahagian hadiah as he sees fit.
(Dalam bahasa melayunyer.. ikut suka ati lah)
but I am doing this for a purpose,
I will put my best effort to make this happen :D

what else yer pocketeers?
disclaimers? sharat sharat?
do point out yah, this is kinda new for me :)
sorry for the underweight and those with blood disease.
this GiveAway is not for u ^^

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530. U niiiiiiii!!!!

Have u ever worn a uniforms?
oh yes of course, unless u'r self-educated and
your father is rich enough to pay for tutors to
come to your house everyday to teach u how
to sit for SPM...
Definitely u've worn a uniforms once in your life.

Why do we wear uniforms anyway pocketeerS?
well that is easy! to show people that u are a
Sekolah Menengah GUar Chempedak's student,
 or u are a pegawai kastam, policeman, pilot,
foot soldier.. nurse!!
i guess that is it about people,
they want to be recognize, if it was not by your name,
atleast by where u work, or by what u are.

Do u know that a serban is somewhat a uniform?
Wearing a serban will definitely tells people who look at u
that atleast u know 'Alfatihah' and that u wont go 'woo'ing
girls by the school corridor 'Pheeewiiiitttt!!!
and definitely u wont be standing in line to buy 'nombor-ekor'
I guess that is another use for uniforms,
to have self constrain.
A guy clad in policeman uniform should not be ignoring the
red traffic light can they? well if the sirens is on, ok lah kot.
Betul betul kejar penchurik ker nak gi makan lunch?

And of course, a uniform is a way to tell that i'm going to kick
this ball into the goal at your side. so stop me! if u can..

its for us to easily differentiate friends and foes.
Atleast the rules is there. Those who wears chelsea's jersey...
will have to work between those that wears the same jersey
trying to kick the ball into the goal of the opponent.
Let it be ManU's or the Harimau Malaya's.

lately i kinda hope that back stabber and true friends wears
jersey too! or like a name tag, maybe just a sign somewhere
just like how gay guys know each other,
talipinggang or left earing.
Cause its hard and life will just be getting harder if we've ever
spilled a secret to a backstabber thinking that he is a true friend.
He ends up telling people your deepest secret
till it comes out the evening news.
worst! he even took advantages of your secret to get somewhere,
to get this maybe...
to get that maybe...
and even to get her...

So pocketeers, what is your uniforms look like?
mine is blue shirt, with pants we can choose freely.
(Jangan suar pendet dah la kan)

Suka uniform MAS :D

Sunday, February 26, 2012

529. Cheese Cake

Its been a while, I have been busy.
The last few days was tormenting.
I go out in the morning to battle the
days work and going home after
winning or losing some fights of the day.
Sleep on the floor to wake up tomorrow
aching all over. Ohh housemates..
Roll this sack of meat to a piece of tilam
will ya.
Even a sejadah will do.
If it happens that I was not to wake up
the next morning, atleast people would say
that i died in my solat.

So how are u pocketeers?
Posting a lot lately? Blogwalking more and more?
Yes i have been commenting here and there
in your post. Ohh commenting with reading
would only take me 10-15 minutes.. i have
plenty of those. Waiting for Mr Big to finish
his meeting would give me 2 sessions of those
Commenting without reading?
Hell that would take a mere 24 seconds!!
'Like the picture, take it yourself?'
'i luve cheese cake too'
'salam lalu! datang blog i nanti yer'

so here is a short opening post after my long 'absence'
i'll post a few more good story tomorrow ya...
Hopefully i have the time :D

Another 3 to 4 days to end February,
Gaji gaji where are u gaji.. :D

Sunday, February 19, 2012

528. Independent

It was after SPM.
I took a job 28km away from my home town just
to fill in the free time waiting for my SPM
result. Working in a shopping complex as a
shoes promoter.
'lai lai!! beli kasut! mulah mulah!'

One day I got to know a lady that her name
got something to do with the sentence
'Dirgahayu malaysia tanah airku'
lets cal her IMA shall we, a general name
I always call lady character in my post.
She worked in the girls dress department,
kinda fit her well since she's those slightly
underweight girl who u'll definitely ask her
to take another serving of nasik during
lunch time. Her hair was like rihanna dancing
under the umbrella. I'd say her face was also
best described as rihanna too. Dark skin with
lips that looks like soft chewy marshmellow.
ish! gigit gak kang!

Ima was a runaway kid who didnt even gone tru
her SPM. She drifted her way from somewhere
south untill she landed herself in a friend's
house and living there for 6 months since.
One night her friend's family had to go to
some funeral somewhere west and they could not
leave a stranger in the house all alone for
the whole week.(takut si IMA angkut bersih,
abis perabut perabut dan apa jua benda yang
tak ter'skru' ke dinding ilang)

So they've asked her to find another
shelter to stay for the whole week...
My house was her only hope then,
me and my brother had to make the call..
'Mama.. ada kawan nak mai tidoq 
umah kita seminggu buleh dak?'
'oohh.. ok'
'aaaa dia pompuan'
'apphaaaaaa!!!' ala ala ibu mertuaku
jeng jeng jeng jenggggg

She stayed in my house the whole week,
Since my mother and grand mother was also home,
there was nothing notty I can do. I remember that
was the week our wooden stair squeaked and somehow
the metal hinges from the door also making those
creepy ghost movie sounds.
(Old school preventive action, they can make
wooden furniture and stairs squeak)

That was also the week that I've found out the
ladies short skirt from the Shopping COmplex
was actually a 'seluar' disguised as miniskirt.
Ironing them is not that easy!! oih!!

End of the story, here is the post.
I think I am independent enough,
I mean I went to MRSM when I was 16,
and started to wash my own shirt by myself
then.. money from my parent was never enough,
Not their fault, it was just me who wanted to
eat branch with the rich and famous.
So I'm selling maggi to pay for them.
Ohh I thought I am independent enough,
until I meet IMA. She ran out of her house due
to some family issue. Putting aside the thought
of running away from your family is a stupid thing
to do, I think I adore her strong will.
I will never be as tough as she is.

Being a young girl running away from parent,
sleeping in friend's house,
hoping that she is not the daughter
of some low standard pimp who would sell her
by the kilo. Then when a problem with the
current roof over her head arises,
she took care of her ownself by asking
a male friend if she could crash at
his place for the week, praying to god
that I'm not renting with another six boys
who would happily have her for 'dinner'.

My mother did talked to her, venusian talk.
heart to heart... and my mother too think
that she is a girl who know how to carry herself
in uncharted seas with strangers tide to rely on.

Dat movie songlap reminded me of her.
I wonder where she is now?
married a rich dato' I presume...
it was her dream then...

how about u pocketeers,
independent enough?

527. CintaPasarMalam

Jahat ker kalau pocket post cerita lama sebagai post baru?
jahat? macam tak der idea?
bukan gitu, ari ni dok baca balik
citer lalu, terasa macam besh plak.

so utk separuh hari (Till my next post)
pocket taruk post lama kat sini.. 
buleh la yer :D pocket suka citer ni
nak wat camanaa... maafkan lah yer^^

Pocket was walking fast,
need to be there as fast as he can,
a feeling of guilt and regret for sleeping
after work just now creeping his spine.
He should have known.. A guy who just ate 
a late lunch of nasi mamak wit kambing and bendi 
wont wake up on time. (Regardless of the alarm clock)
Blame it on the soft sofa he was sleeping in just now.
It was too comfortable.(Naak jugak salah kan orang)
'err tumpang laluuuu' he started to tap people's
shoulder trying to make way through the congested
pasar malam walk way,

The feeling of letting Nabilah wait was tormenting him,
kesiaaaan Nabilah.
he was thinking of all the excuses he can think.
Overslept at 4pm was a bit too pathetic he thought.
Traffic Jam? but this is Guar Chempedak..
There is no traffic jam since the Petronas was
bringing their new tank from Alor Setar to Selangor
back in 1990
What about hujan? now that's lame..
'your love for me is so thin that u left me 
to wait cause u dont want to get wet?' 
he wont have a chance anymore next time.
'Best that I blame jackie chan for making a movie along 
the way coming to this Pasar Malam GUar Chempedak. 
She wont believe me anyway so why not make it a nice bluff.'
He thought..

After a few jump and scary stunts like those action
U can see in Ninja Warrior.. Pocket arrived, panting, sweating.
Another ten step to reach nabilah's usual waiting location
he stopped. Took a deep breath, trying to speak in a proper
way rather then coughing or vomiting from those runs
he made just now.
'sorri lah!! lambat sikit la..'
'sorryyyyy!!! diorang belakon drama kat dpan tu tadiii!!'
'lama tunggu? I sengaja lambat, nak tengok U tunggu I ker tak..'
he was reciting his excuse trying to ignore the chest pain.
ehek ehek... pocket is not that young anymore U know.

But just to his surprise, Nabilah was not there.
This puzzles him cause she always wait for him,
and not the other way around.

Well there is always the first time he thought.. and so he wait.
'nugget dik?' an old makcik ask from a stall nearby,
'Tak per..' pocket put his hand up waving it a little.

A flash of red colour trigger his head to turn left.
There she was appearing from the crowd like
the sun in the morning. Bright and beautiful,
stunning in her own way, she look like the lady who acted as
Maya in that telenovela Adamaya but with a simple red tudong
strap neatly aroung her neck, fair skin with those japanese sepet.
Large in the middle with pointy tip.
'Sorry yer.. lambat sikit' Nabilah apologizes.
her soft voice was the only sound pocket is allowing to enter
his ear right now. Regardless of the noisy sound of people
bargaining in the crowdy pasar malam.
She went directly to the lady who asked pocket
if he wanted any nugget earlier. Taking out the apron behind
the counter, talking something bout toilet being crowded...
'err.. Nabilah..' stuttering as pocket always is,
'sayer' Nabilah turned towards pocket with her 
enormous eyes that could easily took 25% of her face.
'...' u know pocket with smiles right?
turned him to stone instantly.
'abang nak beli nugget?'
nabilah voiced out with her hand on her back tying the apron's strap.
Pocket just kept his silence letting three of his finger stands.
'nugget tiga...' 

'jual yer..'

Saturday, February 18, 2012

526. Monkey

Pocketeers going to bukit bendera with the housemates,
seems like none of them ever gone to bukit bendera
yet? ohh.. i tot they're 'orang penang'?
their kad pengenalan did say they're born in penang.
ohh this is just like me who never goes up that
tower in alorsetar yet lah kot.. humm humm

Once i did told u guys about the monkey theory.
when we're working in the kilang, or in the office..
and even in the pelantar minyak...
we are given tasks,
'siapkan report ni!'
'kotak kat belakang tu susun tak lagi?'
'horlick dah abih, order lagi 4 carton'
now these instruction can be from the supervisor
or from yourself. as i know all of u are a good
and self initiative worker.
(Iyooo lah!! tak ketuk tak gerak gak pahat nii)

whenever this 'instruction' were given to us,
it's just like a small handphone size monkey
conjured out of the thin air lurking around.
this monkey when they're young... they'll be as
cute as any monkey u see out there. But if they've
become adult.. they'll start to bug u.
'oooiiihhh.. report bila nak siap?'
'kotak tu tau susuk lagi keeeee!!?'
'horlick! horlick! horlick!'
and eventually its not the monkey that is bugging u,
its the superior saying.. 'u are stupid la pocket,
i've given u a report last two weeks and till today,
its not on my desk yet!! what year were u born?
tahun lembu?'

so u got to solve the monkey.
give it to someone else is a great thing to do,
if u can... tell those bangla to susun the kotak for u,
or give the report to the clerk and pay her RM40
to finish it up for u... anything to keep the monkey
off your back.
Cause u know what? an adult monkey will
be ruining your private life, hurting your wife
and leaving their poo in your little baby's cradle.
... (masaalah keja terbawak bawak balik umah.. get it?)

ok that was the previous story...
i've notice lately that stories from your past experience
and secrets that u keep inside of u are also like monkey,
they're more like demons though... rattling your rib-cage trying
to get out. the need to spill it out to someone is tormenting.
and will the demon eat u up inside?
i guess it will... and u'll end up broken with hollow heart.
that is why we need a partner that can keep our secret i guess.
someone who can hear our story but never let it out running
in the wild.

That is why we blog i guess....
to tell stories from deep within.
To ajnabi who our secret are safe with.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

525. Bodigad 2011

I watched a hindi movie today,
It was as per all movie that
I have watched recently...
A known plot movie right
by the first few minutes of
watching it.
Ohh i cant help it, if u say 'eh',
then my thinking cap would
want to forecast what is your
next words will be....
its the nature

so this hindi movie was about a body guard who
have to protect a rich guy's daughter. Ohh telling
u this, u guys know the ending already right?
The same old plot.
To make things complicated,
The protected lady 'Divya' went on and call the
bodyguard (SalmanKhan) with blocked number
phone. Pretending that she is 'Chahya', a lady who
are having interest in the bodyguard.

Kept on calling him, teasing him here and there..
Adoring him how he looks, how the sunglasses makes
him look macho and all.
Like how the usual story would end, the bodyguard
fallen inluv with 'Chahya' even though they've never
met. While 'Divya' kept on making straight faces
whenever the bodyguard is around but she too are
starting to fall for him... secretly.

It has becoming normal already for people to fall
in luv in social networked especially when voices
are involved right?..
Other then the part where my voice is nice to hear
(Sila muntah...)
voices with intonation are far more interesting and seducing
rather then alphabets arrange in such sequence that the very
meaning rip your heart out and putting a pause in your breath.

I cant blame u,
I myself fallen for that trap once or twice already.
Twice with voices... once with writings.
Ohh.. not to forget, one with the 'brain'
she got the brightest ideas and such different
point of view that I found myself waiting for her
to call me. And if she dont, then unknowingly i'll be
menguis tanah, mengalihkan batu, menyelam sungai,
terbang di langit, menyelak awan.....mencari idea
just to throw it at her to have something 'intelligent'
to talk about. She changed her phone number and
stop contacting me... its for the best i guess...
or else its the tepak sireh maybe.

The question is : Is this true love?
I kept on questioning that love never exist between ajnabi.
Its just sexual attraction between different sexes that leads
to bonds that we human create (Ok.. akad nikah tu tuhan yg buat)
and further escalates to tanggungjawab and obligation that
hold our grandparents together until one of them sleep to god

Because as u can see,
those sexual attraction will never exist if
we've never met, I never see u...
how fair u are? how tall u are? big or small?
boroi or six packs? how black is your hair,
how blue is your eyes?
(I'm taking the movie example here)
And it'll be kejam for me to state this but....
Love will never exist if both of us met in
the class of 06' and I am a wheelchaired
boroi guy with head as bald as the desert
from that movie 'RANGGO'

Through phone or writings in blogs, we can eliminate the sexual
factor that attracts us. Then what is this feeling i'm having for
u sis? the hope of seeing your update,
the 'doki-doki' feeling when i'm clicking my post comments
asking to god.. ohh please let her comment in my post today.
For your icon will make my day brighter then any spring sunday
with the sun high in the blue sky, flower-dust make me sneeze
but that is alright.
Even if your comment was just ...'i pun suka cheese cake!!'

Pocketeers.. or is it just 'CRUSH'?
But will this be the crush that escalates to true love?
The crush by listening voices tru phone
without seeing each other ...yet?
The crush ignited by reading your
nice words without knowing each other... yet?

Now I am caught in my own definition of love. Adehlaa...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

534. Obey? Obedient? eh?

how far do u obey your woman?
(Ohh.. i forgot.. i got only but a few guys reader..
so this question will not be entertain that much.)

Ok then lets me make it more general.

How far do u obey your GF/BF?
...well i'm not sure..
none of my GF or BF (?? Huhu)
ever asked me to do major stuff
or restrict me from doing anything big.
Like quit smoking.. i dont smoke.
quit porn.. heheheh, iyoooo lah tu
Migrate from the deep jungle where
everything is free to the modern town
where money is needed even if u wanna poo.
No.. Never..
so i wont know!
care to answer this pocketeers?
What are the major things u did for him/her?

How far do u obey your mother?
... Ohh this is a trick question right?
anyone who want to comment,
would think about people's perceptions
of his/her answer. If u say..
'not to the cost of my happiness'
then what will others feel about that sentences?
its like u will not obey your mother if she
is asking u to stop singing and u'll be sad
the rest of your life.
Ohh.. if u are a good singer like mariah carey
or something, will u stop just because your
mother says so?
becoming a clerk in some Government Agricultural
office will make u happy?
I'm sure the pay will not.
So does the people around u :D
So i dont know!
Care to answer this pocketeers?
Following your mother's decision lately?

How far do u obey your self?
This I know the answer..
'Oh do not eat that nasik! 
we're on our 12th day of no nasik!! 
if u eat it .. we're back to square one!!'
heheheh that was me restraining myself.
what do u think happen after that?

'She is Farid's GF, i cant go ahead and talk to her, 
yeah.. i know she's all alone here right now, 
Farid went back already, he wont know but ... 
but i cant! farid is a good friend, and we're buddies.. 
law of buddies state that we cant make a move on 
buddies GF.. but she's crying!! I have to approach her.. 
as friends.. yes.. as friends i have to be the shoulder to cry on..'
end of monologueing inside your heart and ..
'err.. hai IMA.. u nangis ker? kenapa nii?'

Habih daaaahhhhh

So pocketeers?
How far do u obey your GF/BF?
Your Mother?
Your Boss?
Your Cat?...

I know damn well that 

u wont follow signs:D

Monday, February 13, 2012

523. Stokin...

... as if the english word 'Stalking'

What do u do when u knew someone by her/his full name?
U google her/him up of course!!

so the other day i was to know that i will be meeting this
lady by this name 'IMA', of course by me writing her name
as IMA, most of u would understand it already that any
lady name here in ToMyPocket is written as IMA.
Its like a common name in my story already.
Just like FARID!! :D

I was suppose to meet her and do a few discussions
on a few document and a few picture for the report.
Her boss assigned her to do the job and thus her name
was sent to my handphone with an instruction that i have
to book for her hotel in JB too.
Ok.. so full name and HP no!
wah!! what more do u need?

So i've googled her up,
found her FB Page first and
a few info later. (Scary kan FB nii)
Saw her pic going places, her profile pic
and a few others.. i have to say that she
turned out to be an interesting girl to know to,
considering her background and work exp.

So i kept her pic in my memory bank somewhere upstairs.
Went on with my visit to ShahAlam and met her in person
at her company. I was shocked upon meeting her, the pic
that i kept in my biological-memory-card doesnt do her
any justice, as she is far more beautiful in person.
And not only me who became interested in her appearance,
even the gay guy I was going about with also told me so.
so 2 plus points to her.

She is a small frame lady with tudung neatly tucked and pinned.
Am loving her voice so much as it was not like those gedik ladies
that I use to meet, 'Hai!! namer sayer IMA!!' with the tone too high
it would break any glass nearby. If u say nora danish's voice was
like the fiddle (In her happy days), and lisa surihani's was like the
guitar kapok...
Hers was more like a double bass guitar plucked on the lower E string..
Dumm dummmmmmmm.. Gitu gitu.

She wore a long sleeve small t shirt that was so tight,
i dont think anything can crawl underneath anymore.
but its not those sexy body revealing tights u know,
the fabric was somewhat thicker.

I kinda wondered though why is it her abs looked so slim?
Oh she had the other portion look bigger hence her abs become
more and more slim... good comparison techniques :D
(Baca dua kali okeh!! baca dua kali!!)

When I got the chance of talking to her with the guards down,
A slipped of my tongue let out this silly statement.
'u nampak kecik banding ngan gambar u'
'gambar i?'
and here is the point where i have to tell her that i've googled her.
she looked annoyed with that.. i somehow able to taichi the whole
conversation on other topic then after, but it bug me as well..

Yes we are free to google people up,
but we dont have to tell them we did.
ohh.. even better if we did not!
cause i guess..
being known before the formal introduction
is a bit frustrating right?
What about u pocketeers?
what if IMA was u?

....or happy that someone
actually took interest into
u that he looked u up the
net to know u?
Pocketeers? revenge of what i did, 
she might as well 
be reading this, 
google me up
landing herself here.
To Ima in reading,
I am sorry if googling
U up offended u in any way. 
jangan marah ya . 
i got nothing but 
love for u okeh...
nothing but love... 

Friday, February 10, 2012

522. TerimaKaseh

Pocketeers ...
Err.. Jiwang sangat ker?

Thursday, February 09, 2012

521.away again.


Wit my cheap 2006 mp3 player plucked in, and the housemate's lappy in the bag taking so much room till I cant bring any extra undies. Here I am flying to subang.

Oh let therd be beautiful stewardes,

Oh let this audit be a smooth one,

Oh let there be sunshine.

Cause in my life, its been raining since late 2011

Tata pipo. Missing u already

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

520. Twailait.. TheBrekingDon

its been 4 days of silence,
i was on leave.
No.. i was not on leave from my work,
but i was on leave from blogging.
Ohh the pain...

So last night i watched this movie, its an
old movie.. some of u did the review of
this movie earlier.. now its my turn. Yes
its kinda old already but what can i say.
i have to wait for the DVD to be 'Master Copy'
first before purchasing it for RM5..

No no! no synopsis in my review.
just a few comments here and there from
a sick perspective of the pocket.

1) I dont get it why bella luved cullen so much,
he's immortal. u'll have to love him a thousand
years and a thousand more once u've decided
to be with him. And as we all know..
Mortal men and women cant even survive
30years of marriage and u still wanna commit
a thousand years? Ohh.. sakit.

2) i dont get it why bella luved
cullen so much, he's pale with
make up! ohh i forgot.. its the
K Pop craze where ladies fall
for men with red cheeks and
plucked eyebrows.
Look at the wolf instead,
he' colorful! when i'm saying
colorful here i'm referring to
his healthy skin with
'melanin'full epidermis.

And do not forget those far tougher bods to grop on!!
pergh!! hear me singing beyonce's song...
'If I was a girl!! even just for a day...
i'd roll out of bed in the morning,
kiss his photo by the door and then go..'

Plus!!! U can do doggy style in both forms!!
Human or Lycan
(Budak bawah lapan belas sila jangan baca dua
kali untuk memahami ayat terakhir tu!!)

3) Watching the movie made me realize
my responsibility as a concern citizen.
It is crucial for us human to donate blood.
if we're not donating, then what will
the vampies be feeding themselves on?
If they dont receive any donation, then who will
suffer? us human of course.. cause they have to
hunt the usual way once again..
so i have done my duties earlier this year.
Mentioned it in this post : 494. Kahwin Tahun Ni Jom!
when will u?
(Make sure u go ok, we're in great danger if we're not)

4) Watched the movie with my thumb on the FastForward
button.. Ohh how on earth did u guys watched it in cineplex
where u cant fast forward the whole talking scene.. adehlaa

5) The wedding was nice, Bella's baju was nice, cant understand
the alaskan connection though but that is ok, its not that important

So there u go pocketeers,
I got like another 3 points to say here but
i have to stop... a few of u are not 21 and above yet.
So go out and buy the DVD okeh. Would definitely
go nice on that 42inch LED TV of yours :D

Saturday, February 04, 2012

519. Cheapo?

Are u doing any sports?
of course u do, its just that if u'r not
serious into it till going for championship,
u might be doing it with friends and family.

So what type of sports are u doing?
Rock Climbing?
(No! net surfing is not a sport!)
(No! that is also not a sport!)

So when u'r first thinking of diving
into one particular sport world,
there must be one issue we need to
think about. Now i'm putting aside
other factors such as body weight
and strength cause not much discussion
there ok..
U cant do kick-boxing if u'r equiped
with an extra 'Butter' on the belly

Ok.. enough mengarut,
When u'r thinking of starting a sport,
u need to buy the equipment.
Some facility provides with equipment
to rent. Some need to buy.
the question is.. which to buy?
Basically a badminton racquet
only devided into two..
the cheap one,
where it is sold in sets of 2 racquet
and 3 shuttle-cocks, with pricess much
less then what u pay for your average
dinner and the material is so cheap
that it'll definitely bent by the
fourth usage.


the expensive one,
where the price can go up to quater of
your monthly salary and the racquet is
lighter then the shuttlecock with material
that will not bent even if u throw it
to the rambutan tree to retrieve the
stuck shuttle cock.

We will be comfortable to do the sport
we've never done before in our life.
It'll be a lot easier using the proper
equipment and chances are..
u'll be better in the sport in no time.
But pocketeers,
we dont know the game..
If we buy the expensive one,
we'll never know what sweetness the
money we paid for? THe lightness?
The swiftiness? we'll never know!
cause we never use the cheap and heavy
racquet that u need to use both hand
just to wave it around.

Dis one good one or not?,

ok fine.. then lets buy the cheap one
first just to start it all.
we'll upgrade it to the good yonex
or any other 'jenama' they have
to feel the 'sweetness'
The problem is..
chances are we'll never make it
to any pertandingan cause we will
lose interest by our 26th swing..
(Ko ingat baseball bat ker aper?)
and the cheap racquet will be our
mother's pengetuk karpet.

Not only with racquet u know..
Cheap fishing rod : RM14
Expensive Fishing rod : RM440
(Shimano, berkeley, abu garcia)

Cheap racing car : RM500
(And old Rear-drive Datsun)
Expensive Racing car : RM160 000
(Sylvia? mitsubishi? honda?
ohh i wont know the name)

Cheap shoes : RM 12.9
(Kasut penguin)
Expensive SHoes : RM319
( Adidas, Nike, and even bata... eh bata?)

So pocketeers,
if u want to try a sport, do you...
Start with the cheap one? then upgrade?
Or start with the good one..
and feel good excelling in the sport?

Hey hey! Pocketeers, its a 4 days holiday.. 
lets go out and do some sport shall we?