Thursday, October 20, 2011

417. GraveDigger2

here i am trying to finish this story faster then the usual tempo.
Sambungan dari : 416.GraveDigger...

he just kept on saying ok and smile.
They walked their lazy perut off through
the alley of bankok until they reached the
massage parlour at the end of one dark road,
step inside and there was a counter with
an old lady behind it watching some tv show.
the front desk was full with vanilla scent and
some foreign ointment fragrance.

One of the bosses know how to talk in thai
requested the service for his friends.
4 japanese and one malay. After a few of
'cai mai kap, nong kap, mai dai mai dai'
in thai language which seems like price
negotiation. The boss asked him to pay up
300 baht. And so farid paid.

'ok ok farid, u pick first!' the boss instructed.
Farid being the naive guy he is, lead the group into
this room where about 15 to 20 girls sitting on
seats like u'r watching football in the stadium.
10 on the front row, the others at the back row.
All of the massuse puts their hand together and bow in a
very gentle manner. Farid being the guy who wanted
to get his leg bent and his spine step upon thought that
he should get the largest lady with muscular hand.
A lady that look like she came to work on a
scrambler motorcycle got his attention.
I actually dont know the proper name for that
motorcycle, the one charlie's angels ride in the
second sequel where Pink did her special appearance.
But in kampung, we call it as the 'motor-scrambler'

With a bit of jongang teeth up front,
long hair fit with her tall appearance.
her biseps was not as big as schwarnegger's,
but comparing to ladies on the same rows,
hers was the biggest.
'Oh this is my lucky day,
i get to choose the best massuse'
he thought. 'Number 47!' he ended
the other's misery by choosing his massuse.

As soon as he declared his number, the bosses
went on and shout out their choice of numbers.
'17!' like kids telling their father their choice of
icecream for the day. aa nak itu! nak itu!!
'22 and 13!' ohh!! what is this with two massuse!?
oh let him be, he got money. one to massage his leg,
while another to massage his head maybe.
Farid was happy enough with
his choice. The best one there is.
Scrambler Lady.


Adeh la fariiidd... adehlaa...

choose pocketeers choose but choose base on the requirement.
u wanna ride bicycle in the highway, choose the best one there is.
dont buy the dirt bike okeh... that is for the 'Off Road' :D

Adeh la fariiidd... adehlaa... tak dapek den nak nolong


K2r~90 said...

ohoo now i know people call that type of motobike are scrambler.. haha

*SiRibenMerah said...

best tau naik moto neh.. rasa tinggi je...

HEMY said... ngurut ni things yg paling last ni kalau nak cuba..ahahaha

Anonymous said...

kesian lak kat si farid ni. takkan la dia naif sgt kowttt...

voice award tu bukan nak sore sedap. nak yg kreatif jew.

Finaz Jaafar said...

tak tau bawak ape jenis motor pun..hoho

Pocket said...

rasanya diorang sebut juga nama 'OffRoad Bike'
tp pocket pung tak tau ^^

memang tinggi, sebab suspension nyer ajer pon panjang.. nak bagi kalau lompat jatuh tak patah besi besi tu :D

pocket dah cuba yang betul punya!
sakit!! tak padan ngan wit yg kito bayor, bukan lagi besh huh!!

err, yes..
first time gi thailand la katakaan :D

tu lah!
so sengau cam salim pung buleh lah yer ?

bawak basikal gi memoto,ng?
buleh kira bawak moto ker?
eh silap?

Dhiya Fariza said...

'cai mai kap, nong kap, mai dai mai dai'

this is funny hahahhahahaha.

Jue said...

Ok aku dah mcm buku aku nak komen jugak hahaha

seyesly c farid ni lucu giler haha msh single x?hahahahaha aku nak la bf yg naif camni..msti pnampilan cool je..aku rs la hahaha

Pocket said...
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Pocket said...

i was more amazed that the thai language was spoken by a japanese guy. how funny will that sound :D

nak wat camner,
blog memang camni,
kalau tulih citer bersambung,
memang la jadi terbalik.
people will read the finale first,
then only will they go to the intro:D

ohh disitu kamu salah,
penampilan nya macho tak hengat!
macam orang yg dah 'biasaaa' jer.
tp sekali... kurang pengetahuan nyaaa :)