Sunday, January 22, 2006


Bai bai ila, hopefully u’ll be still visiting this pocket of mine and comment something just to know that u’re still alive and gengki:) u’re one most adorable fren, hopefully I’ll be seeing you again whenever I’m in KL. Gambare yo!!
Coretan seterusnya di curahkan ke bentuk penulisan pada minggu lepas. Tetapi tidak di ceritakan kepada mu pocket.. heh.. since I’ve been busy lah pocket…
I’ve went to this restaurant where u have to pay 5% for govt tax and additional 10% for service charge. Ate with frenz o mine for 5 person.. actually we were in a good mood .. since this fren was going to ‘berhijrah’ to a better place with better pay … I’ve particularly mentioned some requirement to the waitress on how I want my food to be served. It’s not much..
just a simple extra cutting..
this one is blackpepper flavor…
that one original flavor …
extra mayonnaise for the Indian fren…
less ice on the coke please…
but when the food turns up, they didn’t even try to fulfill my needs. Why? I’ve worked in a restaurant for 2 years and I’ve been trying to meet with any customers fussy order. But when it was my time to be the customer, why is it that no one even bother?huh!!
Then I’ve called the waitress, explained to her in the most polite way, with a smile in my face (like not showing my anger)
She listened,
She said sorry,
She went to the back and report it to the big boss..
They didn’t do anything bout it..
maybe just a simple ‘be careful next time’
Well I don’t care bout her carrier.. just bout my food.
Then came this ironic part bout this story.
I felt vain inside, why haaa? She was the one who fucked things up… I did tell her bout our requirement in the most polite way.. and when I tell her the mistake she just made, I’ve tried my best to tell her in the most orderly fashion so that she wont get hurt with my words…. Even smiled.. but why is it that I’m feeling this pain in this heart like I’ve just fucked things up? Why ?
Maybe there are thing best left unsaid…
Is it?
How haaa pocket?

Friday, January 13, 2006


On Monday I’ve taken my first annual leave, the mama is home for Aidil Adha. So took the leave and finished my work as early as possible. Got loads of paperwork done on sabtu and ahad, then balik kampong to mandi sungai.. on Sunday I worked until 2 pm, off I sped the Honda to the kampong.. arrived at 3 and went for a dip at the Batu hampar.
Me and the banji and the Adeque and the Jehan..
Jehan demonstrated a double back flip which land on the butt and we found belut sungai.. (?) quite an adventure kan:)

Heh nice time..
The next night, we had a bbq, huiyoooo.. cam sodap jer kan.. heh.. sumer orang kato sodap plak tu .. tu yg besh tuu.. heh.. the secret lies in the sauce (green fried chilies) kan yan kan..
On hari raya day, well nothing out of the ordinary la .. but we did watch SmallVille for like 3~4 series .. heh.. apo la gilo nyer kan .. mama masak laksa .. mandi sungai lagi.. hahaha.. malam tu kna balik awal… kul 9 sampai bagan dah… penat la pocket.. besok nyer gi melaka.

Hummm.. kebelakangan ni duk citer apo yg dah wat jer kan pocket.. cam diary jer … hummm.. datte.. nutting out of the ordinary came to me lately. Nak kata tak pikir sangat pasal life pun tak jgak.. nak kater tak der benda nak pikir pun tak jgak..
Maaa.. tak per la pocket.. sesekali baca lah bebenda yg tak berpaedah ni jgak.. nak baca benda berpaedah kalu .. baca lah surat kabo.. heh:P
Kalau ado photo baru kalu .. besh jgak nak taruk sini.. tunggu photo from banji lah.. photo of bewak sungai heh:)
Nak bli DVD baru lah.. small ville kut .. heh.. the whole series!!!
Nak bli comp jgak 27 nanti..
Nak bli apo lagi yek?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


So where did u spent your first day of 2006 pocket?
Me? I was at lata sedim jauuuhhh disana kulim hitech, heh.. the road was too far to even think about .. but it was fun. I have to pick up three Indonesian and some foods, we left our place at 6 in the morning, arrived at the Lata sedim around 10 o’clock. The road was quite nice, considering the highway and everything.. but damn far man… why do they establish waterfalls that far in the rural area yeh.. well .. maybe that’s just part of the package..
Once we arrived there, most of our person in our dept is already there. The food bearer is the late one yek .. hehe… so we mingle for a little while… then off we went to be boya sungai .. doing volley .. hehe.. I thought playing wit a bunch of guys only would be boring.. but .. I was wrong.. we had a good time … the girls don’t wanna join us playing wet volley.. maybe its because of the sexa thing kut.. hummmm paham paham..:)
Demo iinnn janaiiii .. keindahan tu untuk diamati dakara…

After a while, we got hungry.. the lauk ayam is already here (since I’m the lauk ayam bearer) but the nasi is late.. the nasi bearer had to attend her daughters school registration.
Hahaha.. we hantam the bengkang first .. and then the apple pie.. right after we finished the fruits… the nasi came.. hoh.. already full janaiiii… tapi hantam serupa jugak .. heheh^^;
After eating, we didn’t wanna do nothing other than lepakking inside the water, being kobau sungai pulak, heh:) eat some more, played tuju tin some more and off I went back to the nest.. it was nice lah pocket..
B .. nenanti kita gi makan ayam baker kat mana mana air tejun nak ?