Sunday, April 29, 2012

550. U Rock Bro..

I have a friend who's got a passion into something,
and he's giving everything he got into it like the air
in his lung is depending on it.
I cant tell u guys his actual thing right?
he'll find this blog and know i'm talking
about him right away!

ok, lets just say that he climb walls or rocks.
when he was young, regardless of people's smirk
and jitter about him doing such dangerous sport,
he kept going on, spending most of his weekends
polishing his skills and going to tournament
here and there. waahhh!! the bujang life :D
scratches here, scratches there, a few torn
muscle and broken bones was never an issue
for him. He loves it with all his heart.

But then he got married.
His mother thought he would stop doing the
dangerous sport that only ask u one thing.
Hold On and live? or Let Go  to die,
but instead he kept going strong.
Even with the babies coming out, his fingers
is still stained by the chalk they use to
rock climbing and his baby's first rattler was
made from carabiner stacked in together.
Pergh!! a true man's way of living.

Then his life changed.

They start to call him up not for him to enter
competitions, but for him to do demo's or be
the trainer in places they're teaching SPM
kids who never care about rock climbing
or flying fox stunt.
He got payment of course,
and they're paying him generously...

He is now in his forties with memories of
climbing K2 kept in the living room by the
pic of him posing naked in the snow.
He is now arranging people for rock climbing trips,
giving training and demo's on safety features.
Lectures on how to be safe and gear maintenance.

He is doing good now,
still working in kilang like i do,
with weekends full of trips to all over malaysia
(Including nearby country like Singapore, Japan, Thailand)
His wife never complain much, as she got the trip
to all over the world as the bribe.

I guess I have to say that I envy him,
His hard work and passion finally paid off.

So what is our passion or interest pocketeers?
Are we doing good with it?
Are we good in doing it?
Any good doing it?

'Doing! Doing! Doing!!' the sound of me 
slamming my head to the wall... ohh

Monday, April 23, 2012

549. Mail Notification

there is this function in this blogspot that
allows u to know who commented tru your mail.

somebody commented in your post
and ting!! 'u got mail' notification arrives.

Oh why do we need such function?
well if u are the kind of people who cares
so much about others who commented.
Well u'll definitely be needing this.
post something in the subuh, by 10am,
u'll be gatal all over, sweating the cold water,
cheek twitching and kenyang over your own kuku.
just cant stand it to know how many comment came in,
did he commented?
did she commented?
She got offended by your post?
He got what u mean by your question...
'can i know your real name? your nick sounds funny'
well the usual blogger's fever.
(Anyway, u can call me 'abang' >:D i dont mind. heheh)

Or if u are the kind of people who let your
earlier post alive like those who gives
tips or nasihat. Then your 'three-years-ago'
post will still be alive cause people will
keep on 'googling' the word..
-how to get over him.
-how to get chewing gum off your hair,
-how to get that worthless bumm of your hair.

anyway.. how to do it?
well since i'm using the new dashboard,
then it'll look something like this,

settings -> mobile and email
(Minus the green background of course,
that was 'PRINTSCREEN' inverted using 'PAINT')

just put in any email in there,
separated with a 'coma' for multi-email add.
And u'r good to go!!
Did this with my office mail and it worked fine.

ohh.. yes, that is my mail add by the way :D

anyway.. what i really wanted to tell was that
on friday I got more then ten comment notifications,
it was the from the same person. she read my post
and commented in each and every one of them. Thank you!!
suddenly it overwhelmed me and i feel nice by it.
somebody is spending her precious time to read
more then 10 of your post!!
u gotta feel something right?

and I got to admit, some of those post are quite
long and mengarut. Yet she managed to read them
and comment like she read every little word I've let
standing in its own sequence creating what I thought
to be a meaningful karangan.
ohh terimakaseh.

To that sis whom i know she'll be reading this,
Thank you. Your blog rawks too and I will keep on
going to your blog more and more.

and of course, thanks to others too.
even with my absence, u still keep on coming.
hope i get along with this new job fine and manage
to blog again like i use to.

Cinta oh cinta, 
dimana kamu cinta?
Cinta berlari dikejar masa,
Masa ohh masa, 
berenti jap buleh?
buleh! buleh!! hai kaseh, 
sunggoh ku buleh,
buleh blah!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

548. Saturandom


This is a test,
kebelakangan ni nak post cerita tu macam lambat
sikit pasal keja pun susah, adaa jer benda nak
wat n balik jer umah.. trus tido. ada skali
sekala nak online pun.. tak Blogging.. tp dok
layan Homepage mancing or tengok video dlm youtube
cam contoh tengok Taylor Swift ngan Zac Efron
dok main gitar dalam satu talk show tu menafikan
hubungan diorang.
(sila taip nama mereka berdua utk tgk vdo)

Tengok video tu, pergh!!
Taylor swift memang la power benor main gitar!!
terus jari jemari ni gatal kembali nak main gitar,
dulu masa kat sekolah dulu ada la gak main gitar,
tak la pandai.. tapi buleh la nak bunyi gitar tu
kan... sedap tak sedap tu belakang cerita.
Suka Suka!! pocket suka!!
Dalam keadaan tak pandai langsung main gitar tu,
ku kumpulkan kekuatan untuk membeli gitar
yang agak mahal untuk beginner. RM400 gak reganya.
Petik petik, download dari internet guitar tab,
ada kedai tu jual plak majalah gitar chord.
beli buku..'guitar for the dumbest'
n somehow buleh la tahu yang mana satu A seven.

entah kenapa terasa macam minat tu dah menyelubungi
diri ini sampai bila tengok jer orang main gitar,
terasa macam hati ni bergetar seirama ngan tali
Bass E tu bergetar.
Tingin nak main balik,
Tingin sangaaaaat nak main balik,
tapi macam..........

Agaknya kedewasaan membuatkan kita lupakan minat
dan passion. kita terpaksa wat list.
apa yang penting, dan apa yang tidak.
n main gitar definitely falls down to number 16
in the list of necessity.
bila tiba ari sabtu,
kita terpaksa pilih,
nak gi keja n dapat wit sikit maybe cukup utk bayar
lektrik or bayar astro yang tak masuk beyond tu ker?


nak duduk rumah main gitar sorang sorang,
penonton tak der gak, maasyuk? peh maybe
pocket leh gi duk kat pasar seberang jaya
nyanyi sorang sorang guitar case terbongkang
kat depan kot kot ada yg terhibur dan bermurah hati?
hummm buleh la nak bayar lunch kan... astro?

so which one will it be?

I choose work. I have to choose work!
Ohh pocketeers, listen here to this rusted old man
who's his heart got washed off by the stream of reality.
His talk is no longer sweet cherries
with frozen yoghurt on top.
Working life is not a walk in the park,
if one did not prepare for it.

study hard! study smart! get those papers,
n work in a place that can still give u
weekends for free, maghrib in the house,
Bills paid on time. Or else... u'll post something
like the above when u've reached your mid 40s

Thursday, April 19, 2012

547. Pukul!! Pukul!!!

Vandalisme is a spirit inside oneself that brings
pleasure in him/her when he/she is breaking up
operational facility to the extend of 'useless'ness
-definition from 'Pocket-ikutsukaatidia'

It is always a problem when we want to use
the public phone but there is none available.
The only one that was suppose to be 'OK'
was without the gagang. Ohh my..
(This is only for those who were born before 1985
okeh.. those that was born after..
they know handphone already :D)

so how to prevent this from happening?
well according to some established country,
instead of killing the problem...
pacify the problem by giving them what they need.

Free condom and Syringe
for drug addicts to prevent aids.

Cash to the homeless to prevent
people getting mug on the street.

A baby nursery center that will
accept babies from outside of the wedlock
just to prevent kes pembuangan bayi.
(Iyooo lah sangat tu, lagi mudah nak wat kemungkaran ada)

so pocketeers, what about vandalisme?
I say, work with the police department or the
shopping complex management to allow people
with vandalisme sickness to beat up any car that
is parking outside the allowable area.
They must get approval first of course,
the whole picture taking and documentation.

by doing this, the vandalist can always get their
'kemuncak-shahwat' by breaking people's toyota camry...
without the fear of being hunted after.

plus!! cars will be parked in its proper manner
right after the effective date :D
there will no longer be any announcement that says
'kepada pengguna kenderaan bernombor pendaftaran
KBQbla bla, sila alihkan kenderaan anda kerana ambulan
membawa cik adik terseliuh pinggang jatuh tangga tak buleh
nak lalu'

why? cause i will definitely fear my car's safety then after.
Tak makan nando's kat jusco pun tak per,
tak yah la double parking. tak padan!

what do u think? :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

546. Apa kaitan!?

I havent been posting regularly
for the last few weeks. Am blaming
it on the new work. What can I say,
I'm not too well verse in the new job.
But like the saying say..
Alah bisa tegal biasa.

But a few changes are becoming obvious.
-i got frustrated easily,
-i can't focus, oh what is the relation?
-i got bored over things I use to enjoy.

Thinking back, I dont get it wit the 'kesan' of 'not blogging'.
 I mean what is the connection?

I mean I undestand about losing fokus or frustrated.
But getting bored??

The worst kesan was...
- I recently becoming sexually aroused easily by the simplest thing.
Adehla . Apa kaitan!!?
Kna start blogging blk lah lagu ni.

Tapi.. Apa kaitan!?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

545. Tampar

pernah penampar orang tak?
yang pompuan mesti selalu,
kalau tak pasal orang meraba sini sana,
mungkin pasal kantul dalam henpon dia
ada 'gambar gambar asing'

ada satu kali tu pocket penampar orang kat ofis,
post nyer kat sini... 232. Slap!Pangggg!!!

tp tu penampar manja.. mcm jari jer kena pipi dia,
yes bebunyi la kan 'pang!!' kata...
tapi tak la sampai mamat tu jatuh penin..
concussion ker haper kan.

so ada banyak jenis penampar,
yang pat jari tu jer sentuh pipi...
bunyi jer lebih sakitnya tak la sangat.
ada pergerakan macam tampar lalat sikit,
dia tampar, then bunyi jer tangan ditarik.
macam rotan budak kecik yang tak mau nak rotan sangat pun ada..
ada unsur unsur 'petik' kat situ.

tapi yang paling pocket teringin sekali nak wat is...
yang keseluruhan jari tu kena pipi,
sampai masa penampar tu landing kat pipi si mangsa tu,
pergelangan tangan tu lagi dua sentimeter jer la lagi nak
sampai gigi.
penuh berkuasa sampai bukan pipi saja sakit,
kepala pun pening sebab otak bergegar dek pusingan serta merta tu.

masa nak penampar tu,
tarik tangan kanan ke belakang,
shift berat anda ke kaki kanan..
then selari ngan hayunan tangan kanan tu ke pipi dia,
tolak dengan kaki kanan ke depan supaya kaki kiri bagaikan menapak
ke depan. timing kan masa kamu menghentakkan kaki kiri ke tanah,
masa tu jgak penampar tu sampai,
pergh!! mungkin dia jatuh...
n kalau rajin sikit, sila jangan lembutkan jari jemari tu,
jari hantu n jari manis, cuba 'hook' kan tulang rahang dibawah telinga.
(Kalau si mangsa tu rendah dari kamu, memang buleh mati nih ^^)

masa penampar tu landing kat pipi dia, jangan buat macam tampar lalat tadi,
teruskan jer pergerakan tangan tu macam keter langgar orang. 'DOM!!!' kata
macam orang smash badminton, teruuuuussss jer.
ada orang kata suruh keraskan ibu jari n cucuk idung dia dari sisi.
katanya kalau betul teknik, buleh darah idung dia.
pergh!! baru la ada kesan.
baru dia tahu!!

pocket ada sorang ni yang pocket teringiiinn sangat nak penampar lagu ni,
tapi tak leh nak wat gak.. dia orang penting.
tp one day... kalau tiba hari nya perlu utk u berdiri.
akan pocket berdiri ngan macho lagi take charge.
tunggu dia maki lebih lebih kang, ada peluang jer..
'hang kata apa tadi? ulang balik?'
dan tepat masa dia cuba nak ulang or nak explain...

so pocketeers? any more tips on penampar orang? :D

Friday, April 13, 2012

544. Help!Help!!

...Pocket tenggelam kat langkawi!!

hehe doa doa nya tak lah kan.
Housemate ajak g langkawi!
Tulung la tulung bagi guidance kat pocket yang xpenah g ni.

Mana nk lunch?
Mana nk dinner?
Mana nk skodeng?
Mana nk landing?
All the stuff u can put.
I'd be much grateful.

Iyer la kan, xnak la jalan jalan tapi dok kena tipu je memanjang.
Sdih gak wo!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

543. DemamRandomly

i was praying to be demam from the
last two week, cause i got so many things
to do and so little time afterwork to do it,
i tot if i got demam, then i can settle some of
the pending things i promised to people.
Well actually, I was in bad shape last week.
Demam, COughing, sneezing and even hallucinating
But i didnt took MC. There was a lot of  important
assignments to do and I sacrificed myself for it.

Then this week, today.
I got what i wish for.
I am demam today, been visiting the loo every 4 minutes,
headache from last night like i've hit my head on a moving
truck and of course... the sensitive skin.
I would cry even by the slightest hit of the table edge
on my waist right now. well the usual 'demam' symptom.
and guess what?
with this condition i am in,
all those things i was planning on finishing previously.
will still be left un attended. cause i cant even walk up
straight and go to buy me self the wrench to fix the
dripping tap.
Ohh... bill ayaq meningkat bulan ni.

hey hey!!
I see we got ourself a winner for the March Giveaway!!
Congratulation sis dari zonantaraitudanini won
the give away. Well she is the only one, i guess no one
want to sacrifice their skin just for RM10 of McD voucher.
Well pocketeers, think about it this way.
It is not about the McD Voucher,
It is not about the popularity or the post,
its about helping people,
blood is something needed...
and no manufacturers nowadays are able to produce them.
My GA is just something fun to do along :D
Lookout for my next GA will you!!!
It'll be for winner in June! I'll update the terms and condition.
Now!! everyone can win^^
So sis linda!! give my your alamat in FB for me to post u the prize:)

Hey Hey!!
its 8am and i need to sleep again,
my head is just hurtin me from last night.
Can anyone make me some chicken soup...?