Thursday, December 29, 2011

492. We Got So Much Of That...

a joke i heard the other day,
Laugh out loud about it then,
hope it'll do the same to u:D

On a train somewhere in europe
there was a seat where all four
penumpang have to face each other.
An american guy sitting infront
of a malaysian guy,
a colombian guy by his side facing
a bangladeshian.

At first they didnt talk,
they just sat there minding
their own business. But the  colombian
started to talk about his country and
so does the malaysian, bangladeshian
and American... telling a bit of this
and that about where they're from and
where to head for a good charkoeyteow

But the colombian kept on and on talking
The american couldnt stand the boasting
and over the top 'my-country-is-better-than-yours'
story that he pulled a 100dollar note
and start flashing it infront of everybody.
Now that he got everybodies attention,
he crumpled the money and throw it out
of the train's window.

'We got so much of that, 
i dont mind losing one.eheh'
chuckled the american.

Seing this the colombian just could
not face defeat and so he pulled out
his colombian cigars. It was told that
Colombian cigars can sometime go as
expensive as 2000USD.. ohh. He cut the
cigars butt and start smoking it...
after 3 to 4 puff of smoke exhaled,
he just threw away the cigars..
off the train.

'we got so much of that,
i dont mind losing one.'
he smiled his cynical smile
looking at the american.

The malaysian and the bangladeshian starts
to look at each other and hastily searching
inside their bag for something expendable.
The American and Colombian just out of
curiosity, waited.
oh what is expendable in malaysia and bangladesh?

..and then the Malaysian stand up.
everybody looked up at him.
wahh so strong and healthy this guy is.
what is he going to do?

He grab the bangladeshian guy
by the collar and threw him
through the open train window.
fading screams acompanying
the malaysian macho face.
He didnt look back at how the
Bangladeshian land..

THe american and colombian was numb-struck
by this just looked at the malaysian,
hoping that he himself could explain
his action.

With his thumb pointing to
the back of the train he said...
'We got so much of that,
i dont mind losing one'

kalau ada bangladeshian baca ni,
jangan mara yer :D just a joke ^^


CekbOlat-bOlat said...

try lempar wrgaasing? kehkehkeh =P

zonaku said...

hehehee.... never stop me laughing everytime i heard about this.

now we can change abangla to vi*tname, n*pal n few others... esp *ndon

Finaz Jaafar said...

hahahaha..i've read a joke like this before..i really really really like it !! wee~

Chuu Muqhlis said...

hahaha kesian., jadi mangsa keadaan., but then mmg betol pon :P

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

entri ni mmg menghiburkan :))

syabab said...

hahaha.ini sgt lawak... leh dikongsi kt org ramai bce ni...hehe

Anonymous said...

hehehehehe...mmg logik pe lawak dia. cramp pipi gelak baca lawak ni pocket.

camana nak tambah metabolisme!?
ok. aku folo jawapan ni la senang sikit. hhahaha
"sila dengar lagu heavy metal ..hehe
(metal-metabolisme) "

littledolphin said...

main suka hati je campak orang..


hilarious! tapi kejam. :P

✿Dear Yayah✿ said...


have read b4 this but masa tu i read story ni in malay

serious ngekkkk betoi~ haha

sian bangla tuu :P

hani said...

hilarious lah pocket!

but true enough..

Anonymous said...

bukan tak besh korean tu. jue ni bukan girlish cam aku. dia macho sket. hahahahahha

Hanih Borhan said...

Hahahaha...good 1!... :D

Aemy Shamy said...

hahahahaha!!!!! honestly, & really, only malaysians could understand this. hahaha!! im gonna share this story to my friends! haha :p

Akue Achik said...

hahaa..pernah bca ni msa search crita lawak kt google dulu..wat the..haha

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

haha sure ada bangla baca blog ni nye lol abis la ko, smpai ke lubang cacing diorng carik

dhiera said...

hahaha... tak pepasal je kena campak keluar~

eh, dalam train boleh pulak smoking~

Jue said...

Ive read this bforw and yet i still grinning haha

✿Dear Yayah✿ said...

serius ke nak beli oven? haha

ain pakai jenama cornell, xtau la best ke tak sebab baru lagi beli.

try la survey dkt kedai2. heee :P

Hermin said...

hahaha.....died laughing

aswadz said...

hehehe... lawak2.