Sunday, December 18, 2011

480. NakSofa! NakSofa!

the rumours is out..
people are talking about it,
some even counting days...
cant blame them..
its a yearly thing.
once a year..
where workers like me are hoping for bonus.

some says we'll get 6month of bonus..
(ko ingat ko keja petronas ker aper? tipu!tipu!)
some says we'll get it by the last day of 2011.
(so that all of us can get drunk celebrating
new year? what is there to celebrate?)
some even say that there is nothing to hope for..
nil, nada, nahi, zit.. maner ade bonos wei!
(oh how we wish that this is not true)

however it is,
how much money even we're talking about..
when ever there is money promised to be out...
cant stop the people from forecasting and planning.

If we're getting 2 month, i'm getting that ALZA.
If we're getting 1 month, i'm getting a MyVi
if we're not getting anything, i'll update my resume.

some even made a list...
new sport rim for the honda is about 3k plus..
maybe a trip to langkawi with the family would be
another 2k plus, ohh.. tak cukup!
have to get there by car instead.

Oh how i would love to get me those Lorenzo's Sofa
that pass for three to sits while watching movies,
that enough for me to sleep on without my leg tangling,
and of course... one that will not squeak if u...
if u...
if u'r doing sit up on it. heheh

The best thing about bonusses is,
kita hanya merancang, tuhan yang menentukan.
after the bonus, we will still be seing those
guys come to work by his old iswara. oh i tot
u'r handing out your resign letter?
those trip to bali.. changed to pangkor.
those new white and soft leather sofa...
never made it to our living room.

As for me, let us be realistic, no sofa for me,
i just want to clear up my C card.
hoping that next year, i can actually pay for
those faster TM Internet subscription or pay
for the HBO. humm hummmm

What about u guys, done planning
your bonus already?


ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

tak kerja no bonus...hehehe

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

hrap bonus dri mama n babah ..sye pnganggur sejati ^^

pocket.. hBo n Tm? hmm.. dua2 same penting.. heheh

syabab said...

err syabab part time jerr xkn lah dpt bonus..haha.. btw squeak on sofa?ehmm..haha btw pocket duh umah sewa sorg2 ka ato duk ngn member??smpai nk beli sofa it sound like u get redy to be married or ru married?hehe

Pocket said...

heheh, post ni tak common kan,
utk student mana la korang kisah
pun pasal bonos kan :D

HBO buleh jadi obselete ngan TM yang laju tak hengat. download jer laaaa :D

Pocket said...

one thing u need to learn about being the ultimate bujang, sofa is a place so innocent that any lady would sit.
but sofa is also a place so guilty that anything can happen :D


hani said...

kalau dapat bonus 6 bulan?
renovate rumah buat nook

Juliet_iRa~" said...

xda bonusss!huuuu

belanjaaa la kalo dpt bonuss..heee


hanjila said...

it's always like that. finally, nothing happened after the bonus... (:

FH. said...

bonus? dah memang sah-sah takde for me T__T but, the sofa, sangat nice! putih suci !

Jue said...

Arghh dan aku antara org yg concern psl bonus. Tp dis yr for the 1st time aku xdpt weh!!frust thp super saiya. Sbb dah plan ni mharapkan asb ada hasil wuwu

Psat: iyo la sgt sofa tu nak wat sit up..jgn2 wat port tdo je nanti haha

Aemy Shamy said...

some people will go crazy when getting much money & end up buying worthless things. i hope u aren't one of those people. use it for something worthy..for example, take me out for dinner & eat seafood..hahaha jk!! :p
no la, for example....p la masuk meminang sapa2..hehehe ^^

littledolphin said...

i dont have bonus. T.T

and i hope my mum wont cut my allowance since im out of college residence.err.harap-haraplah masih jumlah yang sama hikhik

the sofa squeak?sound fishy :P HAHA

Fatin Mraz said...

hehee.. dah dapat bonus n spent..=}
tgu bonus lagi satu masa CNY kang..

Titisan Hujan said...

bgus punye plan ^^

littledolphin said...

hi,pocket! i would like to invite you to become one of the allowed readers for my other dolphin nak tak? actually i already reply your comment about W but i know you cant see it since it is private.hahaha.soooo wanna see? :D

dhiera said...

company saya tak pernah bagi bonus. dorang maju macam mana pun, berkembang dengan branch sampai indon dan satu malaysia, dorang tak pernah terfikir kebajikan workers~

jadi, senyap aje la~

littledolphin said...

can i have your email address please? hehe

i need it to invite allowed readers. :D

littledolphin said...

oh its okay pocket i already got it! (:

eLL said...

yay, hari ini gaji campur bonus skit, syukur. hehe

zonaku said...

none for me.......... pocket dapat nnti, belanja eh???

anamizu kaito said...

tak pernah dapat bonus jugak T____T

cik ana

Anonymous said...

sofa tu cantik.

so far aku keje kat company yang concern pasal bonus. dari start aku keje sini tak pernah lagi angka bonus tu turun. mesti better dari tahun lepas dan lepas.

tahun ni rezeki mmg unexpected. alhamdulillah.