Tuesday, December 20, 2011

482. VlogDuluDulu...

A post triggered by previous post :
481. WhyDoWeNeed...

i am old.. i am so old that i lived
through the black and white TV, The
colour TV untill now its the LCD Tv..
CikBolat is so young that she only
knows LED TV which just came out
(Lawak jer tau!jangan la amik ati plak^^)

Back in our days, we use to have letters
as our way of corresponding with people afar.
sending it now would mean she'll be reading
it 4 days later (if she is still in malaysia)
and for you DhiyaFariza, it'll be another 2 weeks
till u'll be getting my surat out there in
al-mansoura. Its more personal sending letters,
your handwriting and smears of your sweat would
give a hint of existence. kissmark on the
habihlaa kami lelaki penasaran tak leh tido :D

Then someone who are bunga enough
in our MRSM come up with this brilliant
idea of recording his voice into a
cassette and sent it to his girl.
waaaahhhh.. i remember hearing the
reply for the first time. it was heaven.
Even though she was somebody elses girl,
i am still falling inlove.
She's putting some luv song at the back
as the Background music, talking and
chuckling her cute cute laughter..
sometime she even sing to the background
music.. ooii!! kasihanilah kami!!

She talks on, her sweet sweet voice just
would melt and send us to the diabetic
ward for our insulin shot. There were
interuption, seems like her younger sister
came bugging her and she treated her with
the cutest baby voice.
'ala dik ah tayang ni nak kena
gigit ngan mak cu ni!! gigit diaaaa'
Adehlaaaa... cut me up now,
and see my heart bleeding:D

He kept on sending cassette one after
another and she kept on replying.
The Background music changed, one that
made me choke myself was the sound of
the wave crushing over the beach. Oiih!
They went on i guess, heard rumours that
one of the cassette lost from his possession.
well what can u expect.
We're boys with different background >:D

So this is another use for a tape recorder.
Traditional Vlog.. not for Video Log,
but Voice Log.
People nowadays will not be having the same
adrenaline rush like we do.. just because
u guys got yourself handphones.

Hey hey.. lets start sending surat people!
i know the chemical will be different :D

Pocket pun nak kena belajar Vlog
cam cik Hanie&Jue jgak ker haa?


gedek! said...

kalau uncle buat vlog, agaknya orang muntah pelangi...


intan.maisarah said...

. rindu zaman surat menyurat/

sarah dulu selalu menyanyi rakam suara masa kecik2

missSenget said...

tulis surat xpenaah sampai..

semua masuk tong sampah..!

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

eh? nme bolat ke tu? hihi..

Vlog? apkah -______-"

pnah skali hntar surat kt bf first dlu =P

Juliet_iRa~" said...

haha...mn vlog nya?;p

hanie n jue sila ajar tomy..;p

Jue said...

ko nak surat? aku on ajer! hahaha
weh knapa pnulisan ko best2..smpi aku rs nak geget2 hahaha

smpat aje selitkan kitaorg kan! hahaha!

eLL said...

mana vlog pocket? hiks

klcitizen cikgunormah said...

menunggu posmen setiap pagi... memang manis. nasib baik tak jatuh hati dengan abang posmen

Anonymous said...

aku agree ngan jue. entry ko rasa "can't take my eyes off of youu.." >> kat entry ko la pocket. hahaha..

aku pernah ckp kat jue "aku suka olahan yat pocket dlm entry dia"

Jue : aku punnnn.. =)

littledolphin said...

saya rajin tulis surat tapi malas nak pos :P

littledolphin said...


I dont know how to send the invitation twice.so i guess you just sign in to your account and then go to the link above. (;

Anonymous said...

pegi penang free travel. xdak ikut plan pon. men redah je. hahahahha

Aemy Shamy said...

havent try vlog yet, but it's a trend nowadays, right. huhu. technology change, people change. eventually i miss the time when guys sent me a letter & flowers, chocolates, a teddy bear....now they just send text message with quotes from somebody, nice photo on facebook......huuhuuu..i want the old school back..

sha my heart said...

nice dude.. suka entri ni =)

zonaku said...

never try that method.... but we did try hacking the radio channel for our own use... was it hacking????

we made promises with the boys that we will listen as they became deejay for our own channel... those with digital walkman won't get a clear line though........

Fatin Mraz said...

saya ada gak. sy masih simpan surat yg suami saya pernah poskan kat saya dulu2.. =}

Saiazuan said...

haha voicelog.. cool name and better name i guess.. ;)

hmm prnah ke aku anta surat ek? tak rasanya pocket sbb tak de orang istimewa nak bagi surat tu.. huhu

Pocket said...

kalau ijau utk bayam,
kuning utk cheese,
then what will be for purple?
uncle makan apa?

heheh, if ever u became an artist,
sure recording to worth a lot to
your fans :D

tak penah sampai masuk sampul?
ohh kenapa, sila cuba hantar
surat kat pocket tengok:D

kamu of all people pocket nak tgk
VLOG. sila buat.

JulietIra, Ell,
pocket tengah study lg :D

meh kita lawan antar surat.
nak reply mail kamu ari tu pun
tekadak kadak.. heheh

penulisan bes?
sila gigit monitor anda :D

KL Citizen,
kamu tukar nama?
postmen selalu nya jantan.
so pocket selamat dari godaan itu:D

alaa.. kat entry pocket jer ker?
kat pocket?
kat pocket?
(Pandang pun nyampah.. heheh yes i know)

pergh bangga ngan pujian kamu:D

kamu yang minat menulis,
patutnya mudah:D

malas nak post tu tak leh nak tolong :)

yes pocket dah gi tgk. nanti pocket komen yer :D

hooh hooh!
please do a melancholy one with IFO
plucking his guitar at the back.
waaayyy back..
kang tak dengar pula suara kamu:D

thanks sis.

pernah sekali jadi gila benda tu,
tp in the end, jadi merapu sangat so..
u know when boys become merapu lah kan,

heheh, sentimental nyeeer:D

heheh, sikit lagi log kapten kirk dari USS enterprise jer kan hahahah

tak der orang istimewa?
try bagi kat afdlin shauki tengok,
sure tak dapat balas :D

SimplySeoul said...

hehe, a cassette to a girl is super cool back there.

syabab said...

woww pocket ex Mrsm studs?wahh kita familiy la...err.. haha penh antq surat...kt bhgian pendidkan daerah selepas UPSR semngt nk masuk sekolah asrama smpai antq surt pakai tgn jew..dulu syabab xde laptop..huhu.. haha siyes lawak bila kenang n surat tuu dorg balas..hee