Monday, December 05, 2011

465. Kangkang

as if sekangkang kera...


Money... is the source of all evil.
when u add money into charity,
the devil will step in.
When u add money into blogging,
the devil is already in.
when u add money into love,
then everything will collapse
for they are from two different
element that will burn each other.

Examples, lets say that back in the 50s,
Farid and me were buddies,
Somehow i got a bit more rezeki
then him, so i have come to own a few
piece of land that i grow prohibited
plant on them. Not much,
malay call it as 'sekangkang kera'
Since farid dont have
any place to live, all the rumah teres
and semi'ds is either taken or too expensive
that farid could not afford for so i
let him stay in my land.
i dont care... farid and me were buddies,
we ate from the same mangkuk,
and drank from the same cawan.
hell i'll be damn before
i ever go kedekut with farid.
he never did.. and so will i ...

but our friendship is bound by this flesh
god created us into.
We've grown old and rusty,
slept to god awaiting heaven (Hopefully)
Then the devil comes in.
u see, my daughter and farid's son will
never have the bonds like me and farid use to.
they just know each other as 'daddy's friend's children'
the problem comes when my future daughter
wanted to have the land farid's family
have been living for ages.
According to the will, the land belong to her...
inheritated from her late father.
which is me. so she'll be insisting for it.
No doubt.

Imagine the condition.
just because farid never asked me for the land,
buy it from me with payment
like a lifetime supply of his wife's
nasik goreng every morning maybe...
just because of that, farid's son will have to move.
leaving the old house demolished along with memories
and scenery of the late farid laughing hysterically
shouting 'brakes!! brakes!!'
teaching his son to ride the bike,

Just because of our friendship,
those picture of farid and his son
eating tembikai by the stairs will soon
be only picture. the stairs will be kayu api...
or somebody second hand pagar.

yes, we are friend.
we are brothers.
we are sisters.
lets keep the legal things stay legal.
the grey color to be black and white.
for we fear the future, that holds a lot of uncertainty.
money... is a bond breaker.

PS: nak tanya pun susah gak kan..
'err pocket, tanah yang aku dok duduk ni,
tukar nama aku buleh tak?' oooooooo awkward


AkuTaip said...

Nice. I like this post.
Money sure is a devil
friends could be enemy
siblings could be thorn apart

but money could be a blessing

up to us to interpret it~~

Syahirah Suhaili said...

duit memang kadang2 boleh buat kita da xkenang apa2 lagi dah..sbb tu ramai orang kdg2 sanggup buat apa je untuk duit..hmm..aiseh,tapi terpulang la pada kita lagi nak menilai baik buruk kan..

Kartini said...

:D nice !
eventho money can delightfully serve our needs. but the danger is when it serve what desire wants rather than what desire needs

zonaku said...

hal ni mmg sgt susah.
kalau hal duit, adik beradik pun boleh berbunuhan.

enough said!

Saiazuan said...

money makes people be evil.. huhu

leyaliyana said...


that situation is messy +_+

but i imagine if farid has money to burn he might be able to find an arbitrary way around this situation?

just my nonsensical thots =)

littledolphin said...

TO BE SAFE,it's better if we less depend on know,just in case this kind of thing happens.

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

Bersederhanalahhh !

Dhiya Fariza said...

did u ask farid to move? i know it is very hard decision, but when he ask for that land, i mean changing it to his name, i think that's a lil bit to much isnt it.

Anonymous said...

pernah dgr kan pepatah, money is not everything, but everything needs money. ada bunyik camtu la.

jangan sampai duit tu yg kawal kita. bila gaji sikit, tak cukup untuk savings, utk sendiri punya belanja bila gaji dah besar. pun tak kan cukup jugak sebab keinginan bertambah tambah besar.