Saturday, December 03, 2011

464. Am Blaming U


to whom should i blame this purchase to?

anyway.. last nite i was late,
the flight was at 2210, i reached the subang airport by 910.
which was suppose to be ok since u have to be there 45minutes
earlier. but the flight was delayed for about 20minutes..
so i went to the a kopitiam there just by the side of
palmsportsbar and had tea. They have wifi so what to do?
surf a bit, BW a bit.
(Hey!! i know the password to their WIFI!
free internet while waiting anyone?)

i didnt look at the time while BlogWalking.
This i'm blaming u guys okeh.. your writing kept
me in my own time less zone.
then, at 10pm the staff came to me and told me that its
time to close.. ohh.. ok, means that i have another 30minute
to board the plane right?.. good good..

and so i walked towards the boarding hall and
i saw this book on the shelf. Eh.. macam selalu
dok tengok dlm blog blog pocketeers sekalian jer..
And i remembered how u guys kept on telling
how good it was and everything,
pikir punya pikir...
pikir lagi pikir..
pikir pikir!! na na nannananana


leaving me with another 2 minutes to spare for the
body check and the long walk towards the airplane
that is already ready to fly... 'run forest! run!!'

the door closed right behind me after i board.
i was the last person boarding, when i'm trying
to find my seat, the cabincrew told me to sit
wherever i want. No one else is boarding anymore.
Ohh dont be so mean sis, u are beautiful enough
without your angry mask on ^^;

And i'm blaming it to you pocketeers :D
for the wonderful run i had last night ^^
beli kasut jogging lah pas nih.


Adylia Qarissa said...

lawat sini

Bashtiah said...

Ha-hah.. seriously pocket, sometimes 'you' too are the one to blame. you kept on posting like everyday that i just have to go online to check on it.

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

Untunglah kan ^^
say hi kt stewardess tu taw =P

Saiazuan said...

haha best tul leh dok mana2.. untong la dpt naik flight.. xD

zonaku said...

hehehee.. they should have close it in front of your nose and you can blame us all afterwards...

Dhiya Fariza said...

HAHA salah kita pulak sape suruh lost track of time :p

anamizu said...

-bestnye naik flight bleh dduk mane2
-your also d one who shoud be blame =P
-nasib baik tak kena tinggal..hehe

cik ana

myra azraff said...

thanks sbb rajin bgi komen di entry saya,sobb,,sobbb..(terharu)

littledolphin said...

saya ingin mengisytiharkan bahawa saya tidak pernah mempromosikan buku to kill a mockingbird. anda diminta untuk tidak menyalahkan saya .hehe

btw buku tu termasuk dalam list banned books in U.S.A tahun bila tah sebab bertemakan racism.but i dun think they realy ban it.maybe only in schools. eh eh dah terpesong lak.

nasib baik tak kena tinggal.HAHA

hani said...

good pick there pocket!
all time favourite saya tu :)
atticus sgt hebat!
and scout is surely one sweet tomboy!haha..

*let me know what u think of it once you've done ya?*

ciK LyndaWawa said...

nak pinjam..baca cepat..=]

Fatin Mraz said...

dear pocket,
no one to be blamed for this outcome.

...this was not a glimpse buy.. i believe u had a feel- like having and reading it long ago...


happy reading~

Kartini said...

so so so da bace lom buku tu ki3

Ayaq said...

I think I've told you before about that book kan? Haha. :P

Cha said...

Suka hati je salahkah orang lain. Nak kena ni

ahak! ( gelak gedik )


miSs aMaL said...

wah,,untgla..smpt x ngorat stewardess tu?haha

eh eh bku tu best ke?

syabab said...

blame the time dont blame the blogger...kih3... eneway sonok la dpt duk mane2..mcm flight xde org jer tuu...hehe

ciK LyndaWawa said...

dah bis baca lom..pos sini..=]

EZAN IDMA said...

ahhaha jgn salh kan we oll :p

Cik Pulau said...

last person tu..

errr..tak pernah naik flgt..huhuhu

Anonymous said...

eh pocket pegi mana naik flight. ikut ikut.ok.tak boleh. nak souvenir .souvenir .souvenir .

nak dptkan baucer tu, ko bole buat apa saja ko suka. hahahahaha..

nak tgk meja keje..nak.nak.nak

eLL said...

salahkan tuan kedai sebab bagi kamu password tu