Tuesday, December 06, 2011

468. BrokeDown Pocket


Today I was told a 'sebak' story,
its not a sad story,
far away from those mushy tears tears kinda
story but its just a soft story about how
life is sometime not that yellow brick with
flowers along the way.
Thorns and puddle is also
there to make us happy.

She told the story all so nicely and I heard
every bit of them. Yes sis.. with your pic in
the computer screen, imagining u were talking
to me tru, I listen to every breath u exhaled
and even your smile seems so clear through that
cheap handphone speaker of mine.

Along the story there was this moment where she
told me about the main character healed from
his sickness and started to ask for food. Even
wanting to go out and about, going for boat
rides and singing competition...

The part where she mentioned
'There was i doing all the thing he wanted to
do .. Its nearly the same as granting someone's
last wishes.'

Listening to this, I broke down,
yes u guys know me, i'm the kind of guy who
would break in tears even at that movie 'real
steel' and armageddon.

I guess that is it with pengarah, writers and
a good story teller, they know where to rip off
our heart and tear it apart. Let u felt pity for
the main character and then they show u the
light from it all like Atom from 'RealSteel'
They let u feel pity with Malaysia playing
againts Indonesia, and they let the match end
with a heart tormenting penalty that resulted
in the hero's winning.
Oh wait seminit, that was real life.

...and that is what we need to be pocketeers,
we need to tell stories that could bring
tears of joy to readers. a smile unintentionally
sparkled by the end of the paragraph.
a wind of relief as the hero won in the end.
oh.. i'm not that good yet,
sure hope i can be one someday :D

PS: yes yes, its suppose to be 'her' story,
but i cant tell her story without her permision
can i? plus... even if she do ask me to write
about it, i dont think i'm that good yet ^^


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

her story supposed to be ur story.


Dhiya Fariza said...

ask her permission please? and maybe u could write them down. im anxious to know.

Fatin Mraz said...

sentimental pocket?

Saiazuan said...

and the story? arghh same with dhiya, ask her permission :D

syabab said...

syabab ase cm ade kaitan ngn si gadis nie byk berkorban tuk seseorg jer... hingga die kene luahkn kt seseorg luckly ade gentlemen cm pocket yg sudi mendgr..ehem2 itu instinct syabab la.. btw her sad story perhaps involve her personal lifestyle n relationship which can make pocket have glance of tears... ehmm... hopefully she will recover from wat she's facing... btw after litsen to her stoyry wat xtually pocket do to make her feel much better?hehe... syabab tertanya2 sal uh n her storyline uh kalo sudi citer kalo xleh pon xper yg penting pocket citelah pe yg pocket wat lepas dgr story die..hehe

ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

salam ziarah...

first time cne..heehhe

*SiRibenMerah said...

pocket nanges ke?
so sweet... :(

Mutiara Bernilai said...

hm? granting his last wishes?

aigo..mcm truja nak tau..

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

sape gadis tu?
mct bukan cekbolat.. hm okei..
anyway.. anda di TAg..


Aemy Shamy said...

awwww....i really really want to know what the story is... *curious cat's lurking around*
would u ask her permission after this..?? pleeease....
u got a soft heart, that's good..that's mean u're a kind of person who notices every fine thing... :)

Anonymous said...

oh.pocket ko seorang yang sentimental rupanya. dalam hati ada taman tengah tengah ada tasik. hehehehe..

Anonymous said...

pocket very sensitive people.

i miss real steel movie T.T

huuu. u shud ask for her permission and tell us! :D